the kittylin's Neopian F.A.Q
(Frequently Asked Questions)
Brought to you by Roi_Felin.

Hi! My name is Roi Felin (Wrah feh-leen), which is french for Feline King! But you can just call me Roy.
I'm here to answer any and all questions I can about The kittylin, so here are a few questions Lin gets all the time. You don't have to read the entire thing, so don't worry, we'd just appreciate it if you read the question that applies to you.
If you ask Lin a question that I already answered here, she will not reply, as she gets too many of these to answer them all, and she kind of likes having a life apart from Neopets.

It is rather long, so if you need help finding your question faster, press crtl + f and type in a key word from your question.

Also, if your question is related to how to play the site itself, you need to use the little search engine at the bottom of your menu on Neopets, or The Neopets FAQ, or The Neopets Help Tutorial, or the Neopets Help Section, or the Help Chat message board, or this page for Neopets technical questions.

As a general rule, please do not ask Lin for special favors or about anything that is not related to the comic. She is just another player, and not a free service online help center!

Hope that helps!

Thank you for reading carefully.

Q. Will you be my neofriend?

A. No, Lin has blocked Neofriend requests. This means she doesn't want to get neofriend requests. Because of the comic, they were getting out of hand, so we were forced to block them altogether.
If you ask, we will simply delete your message. Thank you!

Q. Can my pet be friends with your pet?

A. Sure! Miles, Seth, and Suzer love making friends. That means If you want to link to them from your pet's page, or wherever, and say they are friends, you're prefectly welcome to, but she will not do the same. It's unreasonable to ask her to do this just for you when she cannot do it for everybody, so please don't ask.

If you pester her about it, she will block you.

If you want to say more than that about her pet, make sure it's accurate. However, Lin does NOT role play her pets as she gets too many requests.

If you have a Baby pet and would like to join the MilesFoxx and Friends Neocircle, feel free to contact us when neocircles are restored, and we will make you an honorary member right away. :)

Q. Hi! Wanna chat, or RP?

A. Sorry, Lin doesn't randomly chat with people, as she gets too many of these requests, and it's unreasonable to please everyone who asks. Sorry 'bout that!

Q. Can I Have (or borrow) Your Baby Paint Brush?

A. Lin does not have a Baby Paint Brush anymore. Paint Brushes are a one-use-only item, and once you paint your pet, it's gone.
She cannot go out and buy you one either, they are very expensive! She doesn't even have enough neopoints to buy another one herself!

Q. Can I Have (or borrow) Your Laboratory Map? Can I have a piece of it?

A. Lin does not have the pieces to the laboratory map anymore. Map pieces are a one-use-only item, and once you've used it, it's gone.
She cannot go out and buy you one either! She doesn't even have enough neopoints to buy another one if she wanted to!

Q. What is the lab ray? Where do I find it?

A. The lab ray is a secret ray, hidden away in the home of an insane genius scorchio. Once you have gathered all the pieces, you can use it once a day, and it can change anything about your pet, from their BD stats to their colour and gender. Lin gained access to the secret lab ray by purchasing all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, and taking them here.
However, once you unlock the page, all the pieces vanish from your inventory and you cannot do anything with them!

Q. Can I Use Your Pets For __________?

A. NO.
Lin's pets are not public property! You may not use them in your comic, story, or any other kind of competition on Neopets or anywhere else. That is considered a violation of intellectual copywrite law. It is illegal, and will cost you your account on Neopets.
If you want to create original artwork, stories, comics, or anything else you intend to submit anywhere for credit of any kind, You will need to actually be original, -not steal ideas and characters from others.

Q. Can I Use Your Art For __________?

A. NO.
Lin's artwork is not public property! If you submit it to the Picture Gallery or Beauty Contest, or anywhere else, you are trying to take credit for it, and that is a violation of copywrite law, and you're lucky if you only lose your account on Neopets.
If you know how to upload pictures to your own servers, and use the artwork somewhere it will never be entered into any competition of any kind, and you state Very Clearly on that same page where you got the picture from and who did it, and that you do not take credit for it, that should be alright.
If you use my artwork and fail to do these things, you will be reported.
- And I really wish you wouldn't use it at all because I can't guarentee my fans won't report you anyway.

Q. What about JellyBrina?? How was she painted before she was born? Why wasn't she born right away? Are you keeping her? Is she your foster lab pet? Can I have her, PLEASE??? Will she be in the comics?

A. JellyBrina is a neopet Lin is creating in honor of her new baby girl due March 28th. Lin purposefully didn't hit the final "create your neopet" button because her new baby is not born yet!
You can do many things with your pets even if you don't click the final "create your neopet" button. This includes feeding them, playing with them, putting them in the neolodge, and even painting them with special paint brushes.
Yes, I am most certainly keeping her, she was not a lab pet, and yes, I intend to put her in the comics some time after she is born.

Q. Now that you have JellyBrina, how will you continue the Foster Lab Pet Program?

A. She won't. Sorry if you were hoping for one of Lin's foster lab pets and never got one, but having room for the new baby was more important.
Here You can find a list of other Neopian Adoption Agencies. Good luck!

Q. Why can't you do the Foster Lab Pet project on a side account?

A. That would require Lin to go out and buy all nine pieces of the secret laboratory map all over again, and she cannot afford to do it.

Q. Why haven't you answered my neomail???

A. You probably asked Lin something that I already answered here in the FAQ, or you asked her for something that was unreasonable. Please do not be inconsiderate and flood her inbox asking her things I have already answered right here. If you do, she will block you.

Q. Can you help me with______?

A.Lin is not employed by Neopets, she is just another player like you.
So please be respectful of Lin's personal life, and try to figure out general site questions and techincal problems on your own like she does.

Lemme put it this way:
how would you feel if everybody who reads the Neopian Times decided to treat you like their own personal: 24 hour free service online help center, for graphics, for codes, for graphic design programs that you may or may not even have, as well as their personal: Healing Springs, Soup Kitchen, and Money Tree?
(That means at least more than 100 people every week, and even more when a comic is published!)
Yeah, not fun.

Q. How do you make your: petpage, or lookup, or pet's lookup, or picture, or guild layout, or blog, etc...?

A. Lin does everything little by little and it took a lot of work. Don't ask people for their hard earned personalized codes or artwork, it's lazy and rude. A little ways down the page, I've added some helpful links for you to create your own petpages, lookups, layouts, etc...

Q. Can you teach me how to make my personal: petpage, or lookup, or pet's lookup, or picture, or guild layout, or blog, etc...?

A. No. All over the internet are places where web designers have spent hours and months, and years writing out tutorials to teach people this stuff. It was very nice of them. It wouldn't make any sense for Lin to write one personally for everybody who asks, especially since she knows from experience that you remember things better when you figure them out for yourself.

Remember and be considerate of the fact that Lin has her own personal life to attend to and it's unreasonable for 100 people a week to ask this of her. If you ask her this question, she will delete your message. If you are persistant, she will block you.

Q. Will you make me a personal: petpage, or lookup, or pet's lookup, or picture, or guild layout, or blog, etc...?

A. No. Lin gets too many requests, and if she did only some personal favours for people, it wouldn't be fair to other players. Try to think of it this way: If she can't do it for everyone, it's not fair if she does it for you. However, there are a lot of really nice pre-made lookups, blogs, and other things at
For help making your own petpage or pets' lookups, or guild layout, Neopets has created a nice little HTML Tutorial.
For your own lookup, check out the petpage of CSShelp, the kougra.
Also, Neopets has been creating some really cute blogs on their own servers that you can put in your shop, or your petpage, or wherever.

Q. How do you get your comic in the Neopian Times?

A. Lin uses this submission form.

Also, you can read this Help Section article written by The Neopets Team that includes tips on getting into the Neopian Times.

Q. How do you make your comic? / How do you colour your comic? / Where did you learn to draw?

A. Lin draws her comics with paper and pencil, then she scans them in, and adds text and colour on Paint Shop Pro 6. If you're looking to buy an art program, Photoshop is much more professional, Lin is just more familiar with her program.
She learned to draw by practicing and admiring other people's work.

Q. How do I make a comic or Beauty Contest entry when I don't have a scanner or Paint Shop Pro??

A. I have seen some really well-done artwork created with Microsoft Paint, which should be on your own computer under "Accessories.
If you can't find it, ask someone you live with for help.

You can read more about the weekly The Neopian Beauty Contest in this help section here.

Q. I found someone who stole your artwork!!

A. Eeek! If it's in the Beauty Contest, we probably already know about it, and we'd really appreciate it if you would help us out and report them. There should be a "Report this entry" link just under the vote button. If it is not in the beauty contest, Lin says by all means, let her know! In either case, we very much appreciate your help!

Q. Can we do an art trade?

A. Lin will only consider this if you've had two or more pieces of artwork published on, where we can see the artwork, and your username with it. This is the best and safest way to prove to us that you did the artwork. So if you're asking to do a trade, you'll have to message her, asking from the account you got published on.

("Published" means it's been in the Art Gallery, or the Neopian Times, or won a trophy in the Beauty Contest, or appeared in the Pet Spotlight, the Site Spotlight, Petpet Spotlight, or even the Random Contest.)
Even then, don't be offended if she says no.
(DO NOT spend your time creating a picture of her pet for an art trade she never consented to!)
However, if you just want to do some fan art of Lin or some of her pets, that would be wonderful. :)

To share your work, please post fanart temporarily on your petpage, and neomail kittylin to let her know about it.

Q. Will you make me a picture or lookup, or layout, or petpage, etc... if I pay you with neopoints or items?

A. No. That's in direct violation of the Neopets Terms and Conditions, and could get you both frozen. Lin loves her pets dearly, and will not risk losing them for any amount of neopoints or items. If you offer to pay or bribe her for anything, she will block you, and likely report you.

Q. Will you put my pet in your comic?

A. No, it wouldn't be fair to the people whose pets don't get to be in the comic.

Q. Can I write a story about your pet? / Can I make a comic with your pet in it?

A. If you just want to write a fictional story, or draw a picture, or write a poem, or whatever about Lin's pets for your own personal petpages, or userlookup, or pet's description, and you do not submit it to any competition of any kind, and you state clearly at the begining that it is a "fan work" and did not involve kittylin in any way, this is fine.

However, if you want to use Lin's pets for stories and comics and other things to submit to various contests on the site, that is a violation of intellectual copywrite law, it's against the Terms of Service on the site, and could cost your your account on Neopets. If you want to create your own original work to submit, it will have to include your own original characters.

Q. Can I have your lab pet when you're done with him/her??


The Foster Lab Pet Project is finished. It had a good long run. Thank you to everyone who adopted one of our 71 foster pets into a good home.
If you're curious, you can still see the list of previous Foster Lab Pets and who adopted them here.
Here You can find a list of other Neopian Adoption Agencies. Good luck!

Q. Can I talk about your pet on my pet's page, or on my pet's lookup?

A.If you just want to express your opinion about Miles, Seth, or Suzer, (Example: I think Suzer is pretty/stupid/friendly, etc...), or say simply that the pets are friends, or if you want to mention something Lin's written in her petpages or lookups or comics, that's all perfectly fine. If you want to make up something about her pets, you must state clearly at the begining of the page that you made it up and Lin was not at all involved.
Otherwise you may get some angry messages from other fans.

Q. My pet really likes your pet. Can they be boyfriend and girlfriend?

A. No. Its against the rules of the site, Bina is just a baby, Miles is 5, Suzer is only 12, and Seth doesn't like girls who are forward, and he is sort of a loner anyways. Sorry!

Q. How did you get all those paint brushes for your pets? / How did you get [enter whatever here] ?

A. Lin has been on neopets for more than 5 years. She bought both Seths and Suzers paint brushes years ago, when the site was just starting out, and things were much less expensive. As for Miles Baby Paint Brush, well, the first time, she bought it as soon as they came out, and they cost 300k. I'll leave it at that.

Q. Can you give me a Baby Paint Brush? / Can you give me your pet?/Can you give me your old account?/Can you give me [enter item here]?/ Can I trade you for your pets/items/accounts/etc...?

A. No.

  • 1. trading neopoints or items for pets or accounts is against the rules and can get you both frozen.
  • 2. No one can afford to give away stuff to everyone who begs her, let alone stuff so expensive. If Lin has a trade lot open, go ahead and bid, but she will not trade for items of lesser value! It's not fair! Likewise, she will not answer neomails asking for certain items in return for items of lesser value. She probably doesn't even have the item you want from her.

    Keep in mind that Neopets is a game, and just like any other game, you have to work to get really good at it. Giving you everything you want is unfair to her, because she earned it herself, and it's unfair to you because you don't learn anything about the game by mooching off others.

    Q. What are secret avatars? How do I get them?

    A. They're just avatars you gain very much the same way you find new Battledome Challengers. The avatars are the little icons you use on the chatboards. For more information on this, you really need to ask somebody else, because the only avatars Lin and I have right now got there on accident, and we don't really use the chat boards regularly.
    Here is the help section Neopets has written on avatars.

    Q. My pet is sick! Please help me, and give me the medicine right away!!

    A. If the medicine is expensive, we don't even buy it. Lin takes the sick pet every half hour or so to the Healing Springs, and it may take a couple visits, but it will eventually heal him, which we think is more realistic anyway. When people get sick, it takes a little while to get better.
    As a side note, if you feed your pet something healthy like Bananas, Pears or Vegan Cheese, and groom them more often, they will hardly ever even get sick at all.

    The Neopets Help section about the Healing Springs can be found here.

    Q. Can I join your guild?

    A. Sure! You can click here to get to the main page. Glad to have you!

    P.S. You should read the guild posting rules here before diving right into the message board.

    Q. Will you join my guild?

    A. No, we already have one.

    Q. Howcome you've lost so many One Player Battledome matches?

    A. Because Lin used the lab ray scientist as a Battledome Challenger to change her lab pets gender at will. Neat, huh?

    Q. Howcome Seth lost so many battledome matches?

    A. Seth thought at some point that there had to be a 'low score table' for the battledome, but it keeps looking less and less likely, and Lin was concerned about all the fighting. Personally, I'm sure The Neopets Team wouldn't want to hurt peoples' feelings with a low score table, and Seth finally agreed and stopped.

    Q. Can I join baby Miles' Neocircle?

    A. Neocircles have unfortunately been removed from the site. For the time being, the code still works, linking the different petpages of pets that joined in the past, however we are no longer able to accept new members, or even edit the ones who are already members.
    Lin asked the Neopian Times editor if neocircles would come back to the site. You can see her answer in the editorial for week 141
    (Hint: It's the second question under the blue draik eggs.)

    Q. If Miles likes meepits so much, why don't you give him one as a petpet?

    A. Miles never wanted a meepit for his petpet, he just thinks they're neat. Not-A-Meepit Bill, the Tyrannian Doglefox is his best friend, that was given to him by his dad, Miles Foxxer, who doesn't really play neopets much at all, but he is very proud of Baby Miles. Baby Miles' dad and Lin got divorced back in December of 2002. They parted on the best of terms.

    Q. Is Miles Foxxer Seth's and Suzer's dad too?

    A. No, Seth was adopted from the pound when he was about 12, and Lin adopted Suzer when she was just a tiny tiny baby.

    Q. Who is JellyBrina's Dad?

    A. JellyBrina was created in honor of my new baby girl, and so her dad would be my husband. We were married in May 2006. He has appeared in the comic a few times, and plays Neopets a bit. You can find him here.

    Q. Howcome Not-A-Meepit Bill has a Vernax?

    A. Because Miles is a rambuncious little guy, and is too busy encouraging Bill to chew up things and hunt babaas to bathe him.

    Q. How do I equip my petpetpet to my petpet?

    A. To equip a petpet pet to your petpet, keep the petpet pet in your inventory, and refresh until it disappears. Make sure your active neopet owns the petpet you want to have the petpet pet. (whew!)

    You can read the Neopets Help Section about petpetpets here.

    Well I hope that clears up a few things! If your question is not answered here, if it's not a question that belongs on the The Help Message Board, if you are not asking for any special favors, and it is related to And the Meepits Outgrabe, feel free to send us a message, and Lin will get back to you as soon as she can.

  • Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.

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