That important stuff

[8.20.10]Wow, I feel like its been forever. I'm glad petpage editing is back and I plan on adding plenty of new stuff in the next couple days. :)
[8.8.10] More affies and listers added today. I plan on working on requests for the next couple of days so that I can get caught up.
[8.7.10]Today I added one new userlookup, 3 new affiliates, and we were made 3 new buttons. :)
[8.6.10]We've gotten a few great affies today and one new userlookup
[8.5.10]Added another guild layout and we were made 2 new buttons!
[8.5.10]Added 2 new guild layouts. Still looking for affies! Neomail me. ;)
[8.4.10]I've added 3 new userlookups and 2 petpages.
[8.4.10]Hookah Premades was just made and we are looking for affies!


And all that blahblah.

Hey there, welcome to Hookah Premades, a brand new premades site. We'll try to have atleast a few of every type of layout(shop, petpage, userlookup, etc.) for you to use. Just please leave the credit so other people can use our layouts too. I'd love to have a good variety of layouts for you to use, so if you can do something that I can't, apply for staff! ;)

I make my layouts in firefox and thats what they look best in, although I do test in IE(even though I hate it). If you have any problems, comments or any of that stuff, just click the contact button and let me(Leannaxloser) know.

&&Frequently Asked Questions

If you neomail me when the answer is here I'll eatchu

1. Can you make me a layout? Look right up there ^^ It either says 'requests are open' or 'requests are closed'. If they are closed, then just keep checking back to see whenever they open up again. If they are open, click on the requests link and follow the directions.
2. What programs do you use? I use photoshop most of the time, but sometimes it acts up and I use an online editor called pixlr(google it).
3. Why is the site called Hookah? Because I'm a cool kid.

&&About Me

Because I'm a freak

So I'm Leanna. I'm 17 and I'm currently in my senior year of high school. I live in Florida even though I'm as pale as they come. I love making graphics, I'm hoping to get better. There are some amazing graphic makers on neopets and I'd like to be one of them some day. Until then, I'm taking requests in an attempt to improve. I'm extremely busy. I work, I have school and I'm addicted to neopets so that pretty much kills all my time.

I'd love to meet some epic people, so neomail me sometime. I'd love to hear anything you have to say about my site, even if its that you hate it(but don't be rude about it. ;p) If your interested in knowing anything else about me, you could always visit my userlookup


Break 'em and I'll get you. ;p

1. Simplest rule ever. Don't steal my stuff. I work very hard on everything I make, and I'm nice enough to let you use it, so please don't claim it as yourself.
2. Don't reproduce my work. Don't put my layouts on a site of yours, even if you leave the credit. Just leave the link back to here.
3. Don't use my css for your layout No matter how much you change my codes, they are still mine. I make my codes look complicated for a reason, its harder for you to steal.
4. Don't take off my links. I don't overcrowd the layout with my name, I usually hide it pretty well, its not distracting to you and you don't need to take my name or link off the work that I've made.
5. Don't complain about anything I've made. I made it for you to use, and its probably better then what you can do, otherwise you wouldn't be asking me to do it for you. If you don't like something I've made, don't use it. Simple as that.

&&Wall of Shame

People I have to beat.

This is where anyone I find breaking my rules will go. Right now there are none. Yay! :D


Because I can't think of everything

First and most importantly, look up. Does that little bar say 'requests are open' or 'requests are closed'? If it says closed, then I'm not accepting requests. I don't have a set time when I'm going to open requests, it's just when I'm not busy. Just keeping back every once in a while. I work and I have school and a life outside of that, I don't have time to constantly be making layouts. But if that little bar says 'requests are open' then keep reading to figure out how I want the request sent. ;D

Other important stuff;; I will not put your name, guild name, or anything else on the layout I make. The layouts I make are for everyone to use. I put to much time and work into my layouts to make one specifically for every person that wants one. Other then that, you can pretty much request anything you'd like. Whatever type of layout your looking for, theme, color scheme, even the picture you'd like us to use.

Requesting is simple, just copy/paste the little box below this into a neomail and send it to me(Leannaxloser). The link to my neomail is under the 'contact' link. If the topic has an 'opt' next to it, then it is optional.

Pending Requests

Ones to be made first at the top

  • Autumn userlookup for monkeypie105
  • Panthers guild layout for eclipsegaze
  • Fridge guild layout for _weirdcrazyme_
  • Musical guild layout for razorbean


Buttons are linked to credit.



Those awesome affies

If you'd like to become an affiliate of mine, just fill out the form and neomail me. (:
*note: not all sites will be accepted, don't take it personally*


Hookah Premades is listed at;;


How we rank in the neoworld



Thanks so much to everyone who has awarded me


Who did what

All graphics and css by me, Leannaxloser.
Images by neopets, edited by me.
All buttons are linked to their credit.


Everything I've made

These are all the premades that Hookah premades has to offer. This includes all the random layouts, and the requests, because requests that people make are open to all. Please enjoy them, and make sure that you read the rules before using them! Drag thumbnails to the tab for a larger view. ;D


Copy and paste to the edit profile section


Copy and paste to the edit your neopets homepage area

Guild Layouts

Copy and Paste to your guild description

Requests are Closed