Screenies of DOOM!

About Screenies of Doom! and the oddball behind it

Yes... YES! I knew somebody would come. CACKLEHACKCACKLECOUGH! My name is Amber and these are my screenies.

I started doing screenies maybe a year ago. When my previous computer crashed, I lost all of them. Oh, how I mourn their passing. Now I simply have a handful. I don't capture the moments everyone does. In hopes of making them unique, I have only a few.

Please look through them and tell me what you think! I would love to have your feedback! But please note that I won't screenie you if you beg. What's the point in that, really?

11.26.06. Started screensite and added first batch.
12.03.06. Added more screenies
04.14.07. Added more screenies
08.13.07. Added screenies
08.14.07. Added screenies
04.03.08. Added screenies
10.13.08. Added screenies
10.15.08. Added a screenie
10.16.08. Added another screenie
11.08.08. Screeenie time!


I had just bought a potion to heal my pets. It was frustrating. u.u

It's screenies like these with such horrible drawings that make me think maybe I shouldn't draw on them.

This is me looking up an item gotten from Gormball.
It took a while to sell, but I was happy when it finally did! ^-^

I've since gotten 1k more. I'm not very lucky with that game.

I hate spiders, but Spyders are cute, pixel-y goodness. Now, if in real LIFE...

It took about two months of having a Zytch in my inventory for it to be stolen by the Pant Devil. (I'M STILL ANGRY!)
The first sign of him again caused me to panic at the loss of my Fire PetPet Paint Brush.
He just wanted a piece of wood.

I never win anything on Neopets! This made me SO happy!

My neopets are slowly building an army of Spyders.
I've been a bad mommy, haven't I? ;-;

There's no cute little drawing for this one.
I've just never gotten this reaction.
It amused me.

I used the SSW to search for an item for a quest I was doing.
The other items were too expensive, but I had to grab this find .

I got this on my side account in 2 days of existance.
I don't have it on this account in 4 years.

Yet another avatar I fail to have on my main but popped up on my side. *sigh*

Most. Useless. Random Event. EVER!


Can you tell that this is my first plot-related trophy? Over 4 years on this account, and that's my first plot trophy. u.u;; I look like some blond and tanned nut. ;x I'm just getting used to PSP (I have 5 more days left on my trial... Eh.), so the colors are all weird. My hair used to be black, but Im growing it out and it's blond underneath. And I'm not really that horribly, orange tanned. I'm pale. I was just too frustrated to fix it.

I loooooooove dice-a-roo. :D

I did a job for the Faerieland Agency. I THOUGHT that it said I had to get 21 tan blushes. When I hit around 14, I went back to check. Oops. I only needed 6.

I did a Snow Faerie quest, having to get a Snow Sandwhich, Dirt Pie, and Fizzy Grape Lupe Drink (pictured). The drink was a deal breaker or maker, and I got SO lucky that somebody priced it so low. If it had been any higher, I wouldn't have done it. Out of the quest, I got a Poisonous Snowball, Eeyrie Meatloaf, and over 2k. She really pulled through this time! :D

True, it wasn't a spectacular reward, but GEEZ! The quests have been CHEAP for me today. I spent only a little over 1k for Taelia and got back at least 3k, and now Edna only made me spend 99 NP? I hope this luck continues!

Well, maybe if she noticed me, SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN! I hate REs that don't do anything. UGH!

YAY! That's all that I've got to say. :D

Can you tell that I don't win very often? ^-^

I mean, the biscuit looked pretty darn good...

Would it hurt him to just let me win once?

This is Miss Uhrie on my new side account. She...wasn't very impressed with the newbie pack.

:3 Yay for finding things on the ground!

And then...I mispriced is. 1k =/= 10k. :(

I MAY be a vegetarian, but I didn't want to upset Turmy. Ahem.

Yeah. An account I haven't used in over a year. PSHT.

I WAS saving up for a lab map for my side account nerdly, but it was taking too long.
I decided to zap pets from the pound. Weee!

D: I have to SAVE that food!


Neopian Times Stuff

A short comic I submitted about the boards.
I don't know why it wasn't accepted.
Perhaps because of the computer. Perhaps because of the font.
I still like it and will, therefore, post it for your enjoyment!