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counter base from ambers pixels

CafeBerry (pixels)

Hello there, my name is Katy and I am the owner of this site, CafeBerry! This site was started some boring day in July 2009. I had always wanted to run a pixel/graphic site, so voila! This site was born. :)

Affiliate requests are always open, neomail me here.

I do not take requests, sorry! :(


Oh hey, look at that! 4 new pixels. I know, I got so original, right? I stole a mouse from my mom so I should start pixeling again. :) If anybody even visits here anymore, hah! Keep checking for a new layout, I'm getting tired of this one.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates and pixels. I've lost a slight interest in this site and in pixel-making. I was never really good to begin with, nor am I original :p I don't have a mouse either, so that contributes to the lack of pixels. ^.^

How to use

Step 1: Hover over the pixel you like and write down the name. Example, when you hover over the pink seal it says "pinkseal".
Step 2: Highlight the code with your mouse, right click & press copy. ( Or, press CTRL+C. )
Step 3: Where the code says "PIXELNAMEHERE.gif", replace "PIXELNAMEHERE" with the name of the pixel you want.


Step 1: Highlight the code in the box below, copy & paste it wherever you want. Step 1: Right-click the pixel you like and click "properties". Look for the code, which should say something along the lines like "photobucket". Highlight that and copy it.
Step 2: Go back to the original code you copied and replace "http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b185/horsecrazy56/pixelnamehere.gif" with the new code(the pixel code) you copied.
(if you get confused, neomail