Friendly. Professional. Prompt. Tired of criticism and rubrics? Then The Gift Site Consulting is for you!

What Is Site Consulting?

It means that I will work with you on how to improve your site. The great thing is, it's on your terms, not mine. This is not a review site - I do not provide any rubrics, only suggestions. You can accept or reject any of my ideas. However, it is it is appreciated if some of them are incorporated into your site design, as my input is intended to help your site become as professional as possible.

What help will I be getting?
Suggestions on how to improve your site, which will be posted under "Current Consultations" below. This ranges from input on grammar to comments on your site layout and content. My input is quite thorough, so make sure to read the entire message!

What don't you offer?
I do not make graphics myself, so I can't help you too much on that front. Also: please be advised that I can only give as much CSS/HTML help as my knowledge allows. If we hit a roadblock, there are a number of other sites I can give you with more extensive advice. :)

Got another question? Neomail me!

1. Please be courteous and open to suggestions.
2. Linking back after the consultation is appreciated.
3. I do not consult guilds unless they're public.

Current Consultations

None at the moment. Apply to the right. :)