You've certainly stumbled into the wrong place, friend. No one with any brains would be caught DEAD in a place like this. If I were you, I'd mosey on back to whatever little hole you crawled out of. You don't want to mess with me.

Who am I? Why, I'm only Neopia's most brilliant lupe, you nitwit. Not even AAA's smarts can compare to my genius. But I wouldn't expect you to recognize that... most of Neopia is so ignorant of those around them, that no one is even aware of how beautiful my mind is. But you're here now. Hm. Here's an idea. Let me show you a bit of what I know, then I'll let you back out into the world where you can tell everyone about me and how amazing, incredible, handsome, and smart I really am. Okay?

Here's how this is going to work. I'm going to ask you a series of riddles, and you're going to have to solve each one to advance to the next stage. For each riddle you solve, I'll tell you a little bit more about myself, which I know you're just dying to find out. But, if you answer incorrectly... well, that's it. Game over, bucko. So, shall we begin?

▷ You nod in agreement
▷ You protest loudly and begin to walk out

The lupe growls as you begin to walk out.

Oh no, you're not going ANYWHERE! Get back here or you'll regret it..

▷ You turn around and oblige the lupe.

Since I'm so lovely and considerate, we'll start easy. Here goes:

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

Go on, I'll give you time to think. Get this right, and I'll give you a little bit of an autobiography.

▷ Cupcakes
▷ Fingerprints
▷ Money

The lupe laughs

Really? Out on the FIRST round? You know, you're not much, but even I expected more of you.

Game over!

▷ Try again?
Congratulations! You're smarter than I originally anticipated! So, here's your reward... I'll tell you a little bit more about myself.

profile here

So, ready to move on? Answer this right and you'll get another prize...

Born at the same time as the world, destined to live as long as the world, and yet never five weeks old. What is it?

▷ The Moon
▷ Dinosaur bones
▷ The Weather

Round two is farther than most people make, I'll give you that. But still...

Game over!

▷ Try again?

Ah. So, you managed to figure out that one as well? Hmm. Well, as I promised... your reward. A story about yours truly.

Story here

You may have solved two of my riddles already, but I promise they only get harder from here. Shall we go again?

I am born in fear, raised in truth,
And I come to my own in deed.
When comes a time that I'm called forth,
I come to serve the cause of need.

▷ Lies
▷ Courage
▷ Wolves

I commend your efforts, but you've given the wrong answer. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Oh wait! Yes I do!

Game over!

▷ Try again?

The lupe scowls as you answer the riddle.

Alright. Alright. So I may have underestimated you. But that doesn't mean much. These are some of my easiest puzzles and anyone would be able to solve them, so don't pat yourself on the back.

Sit for a minute. I've got something special to show you. Guess what! They're portraits. Of me!


I've only got a handful of puzzles left to show you. You're nearly out of the woods...

No head has he but he wears a hat. No feet has he but he stands up straight. On him perhaps a fairy sat, weaving a spell one evening late!

▷ A Carriage
▷ A Statue
▷ A Toadstool

A valiant effort. Such a shame. I know, I'm clever. That's one of my favorite puzzles. Too bad for you!

Game over!

▷ Try again?

The lupe beckons you to follow him.

You know, you're not so bad. Really, you aren't. Here, follow me...

He leads you into a very strange room. The walls are plastered with newspapers, and there's shelves upon shelves of all kinds of toys. Upon closer inspection, you realize that the newspaper headlines are all about him...

This is where I display some of my finest work. Puzzles I've designed, as toys, as heists, as anything you can imagine. I'll let you take one, if you'd like.

You're drawn to a small shelf in the corner of the room that's filled with different plush toys, all crudely dressed to resemble the lupe you're with.

Adoptables here

Ah. It's been great fun, hasn't it? You've truly done quite well with this challenge. Color me impressed. You know, you might make a decent minion for me one day... are you up for one more puzzle?

We're five little items of an everyday sort; you'll find us all in 'a tennis court'.

The lupe smiles expectantly, and so do you. This one's easy...

▷ Tennis ball
▷ Vowels
▷ Numbers
▷ Languages

The lupe looks disappointed.

You know, I really thought you had it that time... you managed to solve all my other puzzles, but this is the one that stopped you. Hm. I really am a genius!

▷ Try again?
The lupe laughs and gives you a round of applause.

Very good, very good, my little friend! I've grown quite attached to you, you know. You'd make a good puzzle master yourself.

A promise is a promise, though. You've successfully beaten my little game, and now I ought to let you go free. Don't forget your end of the bargain, though - tell your friends about me. Come back soon if you want to play again!

▷ Play again
▷ Leave
▷ Credit

Neptunely for letting me reference her page to make my own.

Sanam for the base of this coding. She edited the base CSS from here, with layout inspiration from Liquid.

Puppeh for adopting Riddle out to me.

And you for visiting this page!!

You stoop down and scoop up the blanket. The baby looks unfazed to find a stranger carrying it. Despite yourself, you feel a blooming sense of curiousity and protectiveness. Who is this child? Who does it belong to and why did they leave him here, alone, in the forest? If not for you, the child surely would not have survived. And these woods are so obscure, so empty, it was pure luck that you found him. Unless... it wasn't.

▷ Could he have been put there for you to find?


Use the links below to go through chronologically, or skip around using the links above. Some of the pages scroll so make sure you don't miss anything!
I promise I was not forced, coerced, or otherwise enticed into making this page.

▶ Name: Koda
▶ Nickname: none, unless designated by his current owner
▶ Age: unknown
▶ Gender: male
▶ Traits: loyal, protective, nurturing, sweet
▶ Markings: pale, goldenrod eyes; heart pads on bottom of feet

▷ Koda

The protector

Koda comes to those who need him, and him them. He is a guardian, appearing to people who are in times of stress, fear, or depression. His cute outer appearance of a baby elicits nurturing and parental instincts. By caring for Koda, his owner's former negative emotions are slowly replaced with positivity and fulfillment. Koda forms a symbiotic relationship, as he thrives upon the care and love provided by his owner. Thus, Koda protects his owner while allowing them to protect him.
When both Koda and his owner feel that the time is right, Koda will leave to find a new person to comfort.

▶ Abandonment
▶ Mean people
▶ Cold baths
▶ Loneliness

▷ Aesthetic


These will be Koda's permanent customizations. I like having multiple customizations for all my pets because I can swap them out whenever I feel like a change. The first two show Koda in the forest where he is found, while the last two show him in his home. Each has a different vibe and colour palette to it, which is why I like swapping them around. I think that they all match him character while also allowing him to stand out and be the focus of attention.


I've selected a woodland Juma and a Pinchit to accompany Koda. I've always loved woodland pets and the theme fits well with Koda's story, and the Juma has a cat-like appearance that resembles its owner. I chose the Pinchit because with its pastel colouring and huge eyes, it reminds me of baby pets and Kougras specifically.
As you can see, I love matching my pet's customizations, petpets, and P3s with their characters. I know captchas are a pain right now so I put all of my pets with their characters, P3s, and other information here if you'd like to peruse through them.

As well, I will create a couple of matching font and avatar sets to talk on the boards with Koda as my active pet. I spend a lot of time talking in the AC and Art Chat as well as my guild so having a nice font is really important to me. The Kougra - Baby avatar is an obvious choice, but it seems a bit too obvious to me. So, I think avatars such as Neomail Addict, Top Gamer, and NT Star match his colours nicely.

If you go through my pets' lookups , you'd see that they all have the same coding, just with different colours to match the pet and its customization. I will do the same thing with Koda, because I like the uniformity that using the same coding provides. As well, it's the perfect code for me because it shows its petpet and P3 and BC trophies. It also provides me with enough space to write in the pet's character and display its art directly on its lookup.

▷ Art


I love drawing my and others' pets. I never thought I was a great artist until I found Neo as my muse. I've since earned 28 BC trophies, 17 of which are gold. I plan to enter Koda into the beauty contest and goldban him as frequently as possible. If you're interested in more of my art, everything is here.

Art by me

Art by others
Hover and click for credit!


▷ Inspiration


As lame as this is, I've loved UC baby Kougras for so long and knew I wanted one. I almost always base my characters off of their appearances, and since I'm a Child Studies major I thought it would be so fun to write a character who was a baby. I tried a few times to write something from Koda's viewpoint as well as other stories, but everything felt forced and nothing clicked. Then, my friend Liquid showed me his page for a UC halloween Zafara that used the create your own adventure style. I immediately knew that I wanted to use that format and everything fell into place. I ended up writing Koda's story over only a couple of days.
It was originally much longer (about double the current length!), continuing after you find him. But, it was super rambly and I didn't feel that it fit with the character or his appearance, so I cut it all and saved it for another character entirely.
I chose the name Koda for this story because the part of the story that I cut showed him as a forest sprit. Koda is a shortening of Kodama, which are Japanese spirits that inhabit trees. I was first exposed to them in the movie Princess Mononoke and fell in love with them. Even though that part of Koda's character didn't work out, I loved the name so much that I kept it.

▷ About me


After making you slog through this entire page, I may as well introduce myself! I'm Dayna and I'm a child studies student with a minor in linguistics. I'm interested in speech pathology and the theoretical conceptions and constructions of childhood.
Off of Neo, I like country music, Doctor Who, Undertale, and sailing. I'm also a big reader and writer, especially of poetry.
On Neo, I've been playing since 2004, when I was six years old. I'm a bit older now and also don't have access to that account. I love talking in my guild, drawing my pets and doing art trades, avatar collecting, and adding to my gallery. My gallery has animated items in it because I was absolutely captivated by them when I was younger.
My main account is neptunely and I have one side, awakenly. I know there's not much going on on my side, but that's because I focus all of my time and energy into my main account. I mostly use my side account to house some of my permie pets, who are all linked on my lookup and the other pages listed below. I've worked incredibly hard to earn 324 avatars and 55 trophies, including being published in the NT 11 times.
These are my pages if you're interested in learning even more about me!

Sandy's page
Vic's page

▷ Thank yous

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