I'm tickled pink
That things are rosy
And skies are blue once again
Let the bygones go bye-bye
No more will I
Sigh or cry

I'm tickled pink
The moon is yellow
I'm your fellow tonight
Soon we'll greet that red-letter day
When I'll pop the question
And you'll say okay
Say then we'll be married in the month of may!

Innocence Lost

in hearts and minds


It haunts the hearts and minds of every human in every corner of the world. A distant fear that always exists elsewhere, on the television, on the radio, in the papers, but never at home. Or at least, it's not supposed to.

That's why soldiers are sent abroad. That's why we buy war bonds and build factories and create weapons and airplanes and tanks. To prevent the terrors of war from becoming domestic, to stop them from entering households and destroying families.

But although we can stop physical harm from entering our homes, there is always the ever-looming threat of fear. One morning, the papers may boast of a victory overseas. The next morning, they deliver tragic news of another lost battle. That's when panic kicks in, that's when people worry if their soldiers are safe. And the worst part is, there is no protection against this fear.

There are no weapons to stop it, no shields to put up, and no one to protect them from these painful emotions.

At least, not in the physical world.


to my application

I was in no way tempted, coerced, or forced into creating this application. It was intentionally created by me in my own spare time.

Hello, Maria! Welcome to my application for Ixfu! You can refer to me as Mango.

Before we get started, I would like to point out a few things. First and foremost, I want you to know that I plan on changing Ixfu's gender to female. As such, I will be referring to him using the appropriate pronouns throughout this application.

Second, it is crucial that you know I will be nicknaming Ixfu as Bonnie. I know that Bonnie sounds nothing like Ixfu, but it is the name that I picked out for this character a long time ago and I feel that it would be quite difficult for me to change it.

Now that that is out of the way, let's begin the application! I will be starting with Bonnie's character and story information, and then we will segway into the more traditional sections of the application.

Thank you!

An Introduction

into the realm of dreams

Purity is a concept that is highly valued by all those that consider themselves human; it is something that separates us from the rough and wild animals that we live with, creatures with no sense of morality or compassion for anything but themselves. Thus, it is of high priority that we humans protect that purity at all costs.

Children are seen as the least corrupted of us all - their bright minds and imaginations fuel dreams of the impossible, things that could never really exist outside of the mind. But as they grow older, these dreams die down. They take a step back, hiding within the subconscious of every adult, leaving their minds more vulnerable to... intruders, let us say. While children can be attacked by fear, they can also imagine happiness to counteract the attacker. Adults, however, have a difficult time doing this. So who protects them, if they cannot protect themselves?

The answer lies within a spirit, one without a name or shape or even a formal existence, one that is unknown to most people. For our intents and purposes, we will give this spirit a gentle, recognizable and familiar name - Bonnie. And, while we're at it, let us also imagine a shape and a life for this spirit. Something soft and as innocent as the purity it protects. A deer, perhaps.

Now, this deer isn't real by any means. No, rather, she (she, as motherly figures are more comforting to us) is the physical manifestation of a simple idea. But it is far easier to use a relatable creature to tell this story than to describe a thought.

So, where were we, then? Right. There once was a deer (a doe) by the name of Bonnie that hopped around dark fields created by the nightmares of men....

Ms. Bonnie

bring me a dream

Bonnie the doe is a physical manifestation of all things pure, innocent, and dreamy. In essence, she is the spirit of childhood and imagination, protector of the youth and gentility that has died out in so many adults.

The idea behind this deer is the concept of distraction. Whenever something bad happens, we remind ourselves of the good times when things were rose-colored and happy. In doing so, we eliminate some of the negative emotions assigned to the present and thus become more relaxed and open minded.

Bonnie's story takes place in the year of 1941, in the middle of World War II. She is an American deer, and while her initial duty is to protect against foreign terrors, she is quickly forced to fend off nightmares on American soil once the US joins the war. Although her initial tendencies are to maintain the innocent and oblivious nature of children, the war quickly alters her duties into something a bit more helpful to the soldiers of the time.

It might be easier to imagine Bonnie as the Red Cross for mental or spiritual trauma as opposed to physical injury - her war is not against disease, but against less definite foes such as nightmares, fear, anxiety, flashbacks - anything that feeds off the negative emotions of the human mind.

Those fighting overseas are exposed to these emotions on a daily basis. Even when the battle is over, the war continues in their minds. So that's where Bonnie comes in - she helps these people protect themselves against invisible foes.

How does Bonnie fight these foes? In essence, her aura is the most pure in existence, so pure that it can eliminate darkness. Bonnie can manipulate her aura, aiming powerful beams and bursts of light at her enemies, eliminating him. Despite her abilities, if Bonnie faces a large amount of enemies, she will have difficulties defeating them.

Below I have filled out a personality chart for Bonnie. Please drag it to your URL bar if you feel like reading it!

The Everlasting War

an internal struggle

The human mind can be a frightening place - often times, it works against us in dire situations, creating fear, doubt, and uncertainty when all we need is confidence. Now, we are all familiar with our own nightmares. Sometimes they repeat themselves night after night, or sometimes they're a one-night occurrence. They might manifest themselves in forms of our darkest fears, or silly instances that are too absurd to be real.

In any matter, nightmares are nightmares. They are a part of life, and in time, we can learn to control them. And of course they are frightening, but at least they are familiar.

There are a few in this world, however, who cannot learn to control these dreams. Night after night they are plagued with fright with no form of relief anywhere in sight.

And if you think your dreams are scary, imagine how they appear to someone from the outside.


Bonnie knows things.

It's never really occurred to her how she knows these things, but it's always been a familiar part of her. An intuition, call it. Whenever there's an imbalance in the world, she can sense it. Whenever a battle begins, she knows she's needed. She responds.

Bonnie was always busy, but this was unlike anything she's done before. Too often she was alerted of the shadows, far more often than she could handle. They'd appear in one spot, and as she went to get rid of them, more would popup elsewhere.

Perhaps I should create a companion for myself, she thought. Someone to help me fight the good fight! Although the thought was comforting, Bonnie knew that no one would ever be able to help her. No, her work was solitary; the only aid she could receive was from the native creatures of each land she visited.

Those creatures, of course, are the natural defense mechanisms created by the minds of each person in order to fend off the shadow beings, the bringers of nightmares. In childhood, these creatures are large, and very territorial, with enough strength and ability to fend off even the darkest of beasts. In adulthood, however, they do not grow with the brain and thus are proportionally much smaller and weaker than they once were. This of course means that from time to time, they need assistance. Assistance that Bonnie can provide.

Bonnie awoke one fine summer morning with a feeling of dread in her stomach. They were out there again, and much closer to her homestead than they had been prior to now. It was going to be a long day. With a sigh she got up and focused on her instincts, letting them tell her where she was needed most.

The strongest call she got surprised her - an island in the middle of the Pacific, nowhere near her current location. That's strange, she thought, I have never been called so far away before. The war must have spread farther than she thought, which only meant her work would intensify in the days to come.

With a shake of her tail she bounded off into lands unknown, ready to face whatever fears awaited her.

Eventual Plans

for the future

This is the customization I have planned for Bonnie. Generally, my pets only have one customization that best fits their characters, and I rarely change it. This one has been created with gentleness in mind - the clouds represent dreams while the pink lanterns stand for innocence. Also, it looks adorable so that's a bonus.

Bonnie will not receive a special petpet. I am not big on giving petpets to my pets unless it is for character reasons. However, I assume Bonnie has had her petpet for a long time; as such, I would like to keep them together, although I will not be using him for any character reasons.

I love drawing, and as such I do want to enter Bonnie in the Beauty contest! I know words don't promise much, so instead I'll give you examples. These are all of my pets that I have won BC trophies for (please note, I do not own some of these pets anymore, but the trophies are still mine): Taafeite, Nukacola, x___Lupin, and GhostWarrior_.

Finally, Bonnie will receive a petpage and lookup, similar to what most of my pets have now. On her petpage I would very much like to expand on what I currently have for her. I did not have time to put this into my application, but I would like to put together a sort of book that details the various creatures Bonnie encounters in the dream world. In addition, I want to add a map of the dream world, and explain the different realms that Bonnie must enter!

You can browse my current petpages to get an idea of what I will do for Bonnie (and yes, she will get a nifty button too!):

So that sums up what Bonnie can look forward to in the future!

Meet the Applicant

an autobiography

I've already introduced myself as Mango, but let's delve a little deeper into... me!

I've been playing Neopets since around 2002, and I'm currently 18 years old, so much of my life can be credited to Neopets. I am very thankful that my friend convinced me to play back when we were younger, because without Neopets I would be following a very different career path right now. In the old days, applications were an enormous undertaking - you had no chance of adopting a draik if you weren't the best artist or writer on site. But I tried anyways, and because of those high requirements I really flourished in art and writing. Neopets gave me a reason to draw and create characters, and because of that, I am aspiring to become an animator now!

I create characters in my spare time. My neopets characters can be found using the icons I linked in the previous section, but I have far more characters than that. Most of them are not used in any way but for my entertainment, but I still love them as if they were family.

I also love riding horses, reading, playing video games, and overall just relaxing! Oh, and I'm also a huge theatre junkie, even though I don't sing or act. Instead, I work backstage!

That is a great general overview of my life, but if you want, you can read more about me on my about me page. I have a more in depth bio for myself, descriptions of all my pets in case you just feel like glancing over them, as well as my art and links to all of my accounts!

Why Bonnie?

an origin story

I would like to tell you now what inspired me to apply for Bonnie in the first place, so that I can show you how dedicated I really am to her c:

Bonnie's physical form has gone by one other name, that belonging to another UC faerie ixi that was up for adoption quite recently. Now, before that point I had never really like ixis at all, even the unconverted ones... until I realized the potential for a character.

Back then, Bonnie was very similar to what she is now, but not quite as fleshed out. She, much like her character, was just a simple idea in my head. But before I could really start developing her, the ixi was unfortunately taken down from adoption, something that I couldn't help. But I didn't give up on Bonnie - since then, I've been working hard to elaborate on her character because of how much I loved her already!

Then Ixfu came around, and the rest was history.


created by me

All the wonderful pictures I've drawn of Bonnie. Please drag them to the URL bar if you want to see the entire image c:


Created for you

Here I have created a set of adoptables for you to take home. All I ask is that you link the image to my account!

Drawn by others

fanart of sorts

Au Revoir

et bon chance

Well, Maria, it looks like this is the end! It has been an absolute pleasure writing and drawing for Ixfu, and even if I am not chosen as her new owner I will still look back on this application process as a great one. I have learned a lot along the way and have grown very attached to Bonnie, but from here on out the rest relies on you.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, and I wish you good luck for your future, wherever it may take you. I know you'll pick the best owner for Ixfu, and whether that be me or someone else can only be told by time.

I would also like to thank my friend Dorothy for helping me fix some of the coding issues in this layout!

Goodbye, and hopefully you will come and visit soon!

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