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In the lands of Shukumei, there exists a tree. A tree unlike any other, really, that provides the lands with all of their magic and life and watches over its inhabitants. This tree is known as Yggdrasil, and it is the center of all of Shukumei's existence. Though despite its powers, Yggdrasil cannot guard itself from all of the dangers in the world. There are dark magics even in Shukumei that provide a great threat to Yggdrasil's power and lifeforce. And so the great tree was forced to create a new defensive mechanism... twelve children who would be born from the tree itself and whose lives would be dedicated to growing into proper and powerful guardians for their maker.

And so twelve leaves were fashioned from the great tree and provided a little extra magic, as a boost... from these twelve leaves were born twelve children, in the form of puppies. After all, it was the wolves of Shukumei who had occupied and protected its lands for so many years. Each pup varied in appearance and personality, but all held a little piece of Yggdrasil's magic all their own. Magic that would help them with their eventual fate. These puppies were not yet ready to be released out into the world alone, however. And so the tree fashioned a tiny universe inside itself for them to grow in isolation and relative peace, a land where they could develop and, as they aged, have their abilities and will put on trial to train them for their future tasks. For one day they will be moved into the lands of Shukumei as they were meant to be; the guardians of Yggdrasil.