Neopets Restocking Guide by Kipchipotto7

QUICK DEFINITION: What is Restocking?

Restocking means buying items from the main neopian shops (not shops run by users). These shops are found in places such as the bazaar. Every 8 or so minutes (its COMPLETELY random though), these shops fill up with new items. A restocker tries to buy an item that can be sold for more neopoints before anyone else buys that item.

Above is a picture of items from a restock in the bookshop

This is an image of the page where you buy the item. You have to enter a number close to the price (this is known as a haggle). I will explain haggling later in this guide. Afterwards, you have to click on the neopet in the image.

If somebody else beat you to the item, you will be presented with a screen that looks like the above.

If you managed to beat everybody else to the item, you will see a screen that looks like this one.

Now we look up the items price on the shop wizard. We can sell this book for around 3,000 neopoints, which is a profit of 1500 neopoints.

Now that you know what restocking is, if you want to learn how to restock yourself then continue reading this guide.

I have never restocked before. So how do I go about restocking?

To restock, go to one of the shops. A shop I would highly recommend is books for a learner. Make sure you have enough neopoints on hand so you can buy things. having at least 20,000 is ideal for the bookshop.

You need to refresh the page every 2-5 seconds. Most restockers usually have one finger on the F5 key, and by pressing F5 the page refreshes. You can also refresh by clicking on the shopkeeper.

The following is a guide of what to look for in the bookshop:

Books that are exactly 2500 NP, or 5000 NP (or 10,000 NP but they are very rare and valuable) are usually very good profit to buy. You will have to be quick as everybody is trying to get these books.

The second best type of books to buy are books that stock in lots of 1,2 or 3. Sometimes these books are a few thousand profit.


Once all the better books are all sold out, try and buy as many as you can of the books that stock in bulk for less than 700 neopoints. These books are a few hundred neopoints profit and you might be able to get 2-4 of them.

Make sure you are paying attention while you are refreshing the page, because eventually the page will refill with more items all at once. As fast as you can, find an item to buy. Click on the items image, and press either space bar or enter to get past this box that comes up and looks like this:


Then you should get taken to a page that looks like this:


Click in the box next to"Your Offer:" The shopkeeper will accept an amount of neopoints close to the price of the item. You do not need to get rid of the "0" that is already in the box, doing so only wastes time. You can go a little bit above or below the price. The faster you are at typing in your haggle, the more likely you are to get the item. That's why restockers use combinations that are fast to type in, such as "2222" "2424" etc. for a 2500 NP item. Later in this guide there will be a section on haggling in great detail.

Once you have entered in the haggle, click the neopet in the box, and hope that you were fast enough to get the item : )

once you have bought an item (or gotten the SOLD OUT page), go back to the shop and see if there is anything else you can buy. If you click on something else straight away after buying something, you will get a page that looks like the following.


If you get this page, just press the "F5" key to refresh the page, until you see the proper haggle page.


Alright, so you have bought some books, great. You don't make neopoints unless you sell them so you need a shop. When pricing all your items in your shop, search that item up a few times on the shop wizard. Then price yours around 1-100 NP lower than the lowest price you saw on the wiz.

Items do not sell instantly. It make take a day, or a few days for something to sell. If the item is still in your shop after 1 or 2 weeks, you could check its price again on the shop wizard and make sure if yours is the cheapest.

The best way to learn restocking is by actually going out and doing some restocking. Head off to the book shop and try making some neopoints. Once you have gotten the hang of restocking, you can come back and read the rest of this guide.


There are a hundred or so different shops in neopia to restock in, and each of these shops has their own characteristics.You may want to try other shops besides the bookshop. If you want to try a different shop, take a look at our shop guide (coming soon). You will be most sucessful in earning profit if you choose a shop that suits your skill level. Don't try shops such as magic if its only your first day! Its important you find a shop that you feel comfortable in, I quite like books, garden and battle magic myself.


Haggling is probably one of the most important parts of restocking. It is something you need to practise to become a faster restocker.

There are many ways of haggling. You can use either the numberpad or number row to haggle. I prefer the numberpad, because all the numbers are closer together, but I have seen people just as sucessful with the number row. It is important you choose the one that suits you best. Restockers all have preferences in the types of haggles they use.

So what are the different types of haggles?

the first is repetition. A repetition is where you repeat a number. Examples of repetitions include "444", "5555" and "85555

Repetitions are a fairly slow way of haggling, but their main advantage is that they are very easy to do.

The next main type of haggle is an alternation. An alternation uses two fingers. One finger is placed on one number and the other finger is placed on another number. Examples of alternations include "757", "2424" and "32323

Alternations are faster than repetition. If you use the numberpad, alternations are very useful as all the numbers are close together. That makes a lot of combinations of numbers possible to use.

The third main type of haggle is a row haggle. This type of haggle uses 3 fingers. The fingers are placed on 3 number keys next to each other to use this haggle. Examples of row haggles include "456", "32132" and "123123

Row haggles are even faster than alternations if you are good at doing them. You can be creative with a row haggle, for example you could haggle diagonally down the numberpad for a haggle such as "753". It is possible but tricky to use 4 fingers to haggle on the number row, and make haggles such as "1234".


when you haggle, try to keep your haggle close to the price of the item. If you haggle too much under or over, your offer will be refused. For an item costing 500 NP, you will be safe if you haggle somewhere between 450 and 550. For a 5000 item, a haggle between 4700 and 5300 is reasonably safe. The more expensive the item, the more below and above you could go. You could haggle up to a few thousand less or more and get an item costing 90,000.


When you are restocking, you will need to constantly refresh the page. There are two methods of refreshing. The first is pressing the F5 key and the second is clicking the image of the shopkeeper in the shop. I use the clicking the shopkeeper method as the page seems to load faster. How often you refresh is up to you. Some people refresh about every 5 seconds, some people like me are a lot crazier and refresh at around once every 2 seconds. The faster you refresh, the more likely you are to get a restock ban.


A restock ban is when you are unable to see any items in the shops. When you are restock banned, all the shops appear empty even if they are not. If you are unsure if you are restock banned, you could check shops such as tiki tack and merifoods which almost always have items in them. If they are empty, you are most likely banned. A restock ban is similar to a wiz ban. It is caused by refreshing too many times in the shops. The faster you refresh, the more likely you are to be banned. If you refresh every second, you will get banned after a short time, if you refresh once every ten seconds, you will hardly ever be banned. Most restock bans last between 18-24 hours. Sometimes they may be shorter than that, my shortest ever ban was one hour. If you get restock banned, it does not mean you have broken any rules, it is merely a limitation like a shop wizard ban. There is also no such thing as being restock banned from one shop, a restock ban is from all of the non user shops.


rs restock
rsing restocking
rser restocker
rsed restocked
ub unbuyable
rfed refreshed
ets easy to sell
hts hard to sell
gh got haggle
mh mishaggle
sw shop wizard
ssw super shop wizard
#k 1000 (eg 50k = 50,000)
mp morphing potion
r# rarity (eg r95= rarity 95)
gj good job
tp trading post

OMG!!! I restocked an item and its not on the shop wizard!!!

Congratulations! You restocked an unbuyable. An unbuyable is an item that is worth over 100,000 neopoints. They are called this as the maximum you can sell an item for in a shop for is 99,999 so unbuyables have to be sold through the trading post or auctions.


Every item has a rarity index. This determines how often that item restocks and in what quantity. Items between r1 to r100 restock in shops, where as items r101 and above come from other places.

Items with low rarity (below 70) restock very often in large numbers, these items are usually not worth buying but it depends on the shop.

Items with rarity between 70-85 are still fairly common, but do not restock in as large numbers as items below r70. Whether or not these items are profitable or losses depends on the shop. In some shops such as bakery, items with this rarity are usually a bit of profit.

Items between rarity 85-90 are much more uncommon. Some of the items of this rarity are not worth getting, where as others are usually small or medium profit. A lot of items of this rarity stock for exactly 2500 NP. They usually stock in groups of 2 or 1.

Items between rarity 90-95 are much rarer. Depending on the shop you are in, these could still be losses to buy or maybe nice profit. A very small amount of these may be unbuyable. These items usually stock for exactly 5,000 NP but not always.

Items between r95-r99 are even rarer. Quite a lot of these are large profit. Be careful, some may still be losses. These items could be unbuyable, especially r99s and r98s. These items may stock for exactly 10,000 NP in some of the shops.

There are a few r100 items. You dont need to worry about them because you are more likely to be captured by green people from space than to even see one of them restock.


For items below 100,000 you should sell them through your shop. The best way of doing this is to check the items value on the shop wizard a few times, then price yours a tiny bit cheaper than the lowest. If items do not sell within a few days, check the wiz again.

For items that are unbuyable, you should sell them through the trading post. It may take a lot of time before you find a buyer for these items, especially if the item is hts. hts stands for hard to sell. The opposite of hts is ets which stands for easy to sell. Items in high demand, such as a paintbrush are ets as you will find somebody willing to pay full price fairly easily. A lot of other unbuyables are hts, I still have some of my unbuyable restocks that have been sitting around for a month or two without yet finding a buyer.

When you put your item in the trading post, you can make a price in the wishlist. There are several strategies of selling. You could put in a price just below the trading post price for that item and wait for an offer. You could also write something like "willing to sell cheaper than the lowest trading post price" as your message.

If you want an item sold faster, you can sell it at a very low price. You could try selling it on the trading/auctions board. Most of the people will offer very very low for your item, but you may find someone willing to buy your item cheap, but not ridiculously low.

If you want extra help about restocking, maybe look for a restocking guild or talk on the restock boards on the battledome chat, help chat or other places.

Thanks for taking a look at my restocking guide. If you feel there is anything incomplete about this guide I should add, or any other comments, feel free to neomail me.


Food Store (#1)

Reccomended Skill Level:intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium
Reccomended NP on hand: 50,000+
Profit:Many items of a few thousand profit, some more profitable items and occasional unbuyables

The most profitable things to grab from this shop are most types of neggs, or anything at 10,000 NP. Items with 1-2 of them in stock are often profitable to buy too, however STAY AWAY from anything at exactly 2,500 NP or 5,000 NP unless you know it is profitable.

Magic Store (#2)

Reccomended Skill Level:Very Experienced
Amount of competition:Very Crowded to Insanely Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 350,000+
Profit:Mostly unbuyables, some high profit buyables.

Most morphing potions are great profit. You have to be really quick in this shop however, as it is usually the most crowded shop in neopia. Once this shop restocks, you don't have much time to pick and choose what you want to go for. Due to the amount of competition in this shop, magic works best to those who only restock in 1-2 shops at a time and have reasonable internet speed. I do not reccomend this shop for beginners.

Stay away from all basic gnorbu morphing potions, all basic ogrin morphing potions as well as green uni and green kyrii morphing potions.

Toy Store (#3)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate to Experienced
Amount of competition:Medium to Very Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 180,000+
Profit:Buyables of varying profit, some unbuyables

Anything at 10,000 is usually decent to buy from this shop, as well as pinatas which award avatars. Keep your eyes open for faerie dolls, these are quite valuable.

Clothing Store (#4)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium to Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:Buyables of varying profit, some unbuyables

Many wearables are profitable, so you will learn what items are profitable if you gain some experience by restocking for a while here or by paying attention to news about wearable items. Items at 10,000 NP are also likely to be very decent buys.

Grooming Store (#5)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Hardly any
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:Some buyables, an occasional unbuyable

This shop does not seem to be a very profitable shop, and it is mostly filled with junk. An item at 10,000 NP is probably worthwhile however.

Book Store (#7)

Reccomended Skill Level:Beginner to intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium to Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:A large amount of Low Profit buyables per restock. Some medium profit buyables. Unbuyables if you are lucky. Constant Profit

When the restock comes, try and spot a book for 2,500 NP or 5,000 NP (or a 10,000 NP book if you are lucky) and go for it. Afterwards you might be able to buy a couple of books that stock in amounts of 1-3 and are a few thousand profit. Then pick up as many of the cheap books between 300-800 NP as you can until the shop is sold out.

Collectable Card Store (#8)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Low
Reccomended NP on hand: 150,000+
Profit:Some buyables, Some unbuyables

This shop is a reasonably slow shop, and often it may not be worth restocking in it because it is often completely full with no space for new items to restock. Higher rarity cards are different colours. Watch out for gold cards, these are the rarest. Some black cards are profitable, but others aren't. You might have enough time in this shop to quickly search the black card on the shop wizard to see if it is a good buy.

Battle Magic (#9)

Reccomended Skill Level: Experienced to Very Experienced
Amount of competition:Medium to Very Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 600,000+
Profit:Lots of unbuyables, usually HTS. Some buyables.

Battle Magic is an extremely difficult shop to learn, as there are no real "rules" as to what is profitable and not profitable. The high rarity items mostly stock anywhere between 10k-100k. MOST of these items are huge losses, and a few are profitable. If you want to learn what is good to get or not, try visiting the shop often, taking note of what items are junk that is hanging around the shop. Accidentally buying items that are huge losses is a normal part of learning this shop. If you buy an item that is a loss, you learn to not purchase that item again, so everytime you make a loss you gain experience. In your first few months, you may lose a few hundred k on junk items, but that fee to learn battle magic will pay itself off quickly when you are experienced at this shop.

Defence Magic (#10)

Reccomended Skill Level:Experienced to Very Experienced
Amount of competition:Low to Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 500,000+
Profit:regular HTS unbuyables, a few buyables.

This shop is very similar to battle magic, except with even more junk, but (slightly) easier to learn. This is because many of the unbuyables are full pet armours, and these armours stock for around 90k.

Garden (#12)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium
Reccomended NP on hand: 50,000+
Profit:buyables of a few thousand np profit, some higher profitable buyables, occasional unbuyables.

Items at 10,000 NP are often unbuyables or high profit buyables. Items at 5,000 and 2,500 are sometimes quite profitable, but sometimes a small profit. Other items that are over 3000 np are either profitable or not profitable, so you take a gamble if you decide to buy them. Experience in this shop will help you in knowing which items are good profit.

Pharmacy (#13)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:Medium profit buyables. "cheap" unbuyables.

coming soon

Chocolate Factory (#14)

Reccomended Skill Level:Intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium to Crowded
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:Buyables of varying profits. Many that are 3k-10k profit.

See the description for the bakery as this shop is very similar.

Bakery (#15)

Reccomended Skill Level:Beginner to Intermediate
Amount of competition:Medium
Reccomended NP on hand: 30,000+
Profit:Buyables of varying profits. Many that are 3k-10k profit.

Bakery is a great shop for a reliable profit. The items that stock in numbers of around 1-3 for 500-2500 NPs are regularly a few thousand NPs profit. You can usually get at least one, if not more from a restock. Stay away from 2,500 NP items unless you know they are profits. Items at 10,000 NPs are extremely rare, but most likely unbuyables!

Merifoods (#56)

Reccomended Skill Level:Experienced
Amount of competition:Medium
Reccomended NP on hand: 1,800,000+
Profit:Hopefully a draik egg after waiting patiently for hours!

Merifoods is where draik eggs restock. The blue, green, yellow, red and ice eggs stock for around 90k-150k. The darigan draik egg restocks for an enormous amount around 1.6-1.7 million! A lot of people seem to believe that draik eggs only restock around once a month and only the best restockers on neopets are fast enough to get them. This isn't completely true. Draik eggs restock around once or twice a day, or more or less than that due to chance. I have even heard from two people who have seen two eggs in one restock! However you do need patience in this shop, as you will probably not see one for HOURS. Also you don't need to be the best restocker in neopets to get one, but you should be a reasonably experienced (Such as being at the level of restocking in medium to expert shops) as if you want to try.

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Restocking Questions Asked by Neopians
I recently read your restocking guide. I bought a bunch of stuff and it turns out the prices in the shops are typically a lot higher than what an item can be sold for. It seems crazy to buy from a shop. I noticed the prices in your shop seem to be too high to be sold. Can you shed some light? At this point it seems silly to restock from the shops in the Bazaar.
Most of the items from the shops in the bazaar are actually overpriced and junk that's not worth getting. The stuff that is worth getting in the shops usually sells out fast, which is why you need to be refreshing the shops constantly, and go for an item as fast as you can. It does also take a bit of knowledge to know what items are good or bad to get. Some shops are easy to figure out, like books. Others are much harder. As for the prices of items in my shop, that is completely unrelated to restocking. The reason as to why my prices are like that is because I mall with my shop, which involves upgrading a shop to a large enough size to be in the marketplace, then using this advertising to sell things at a higher price.
I just visited the Magic Shop. There was an item, Tornado in a Bottle, listed at a price of over 5,000 Neopoints. I went immediately to the Wizard and found the item for 600 points. I've found this to be true for many items in many shops. How can I trust any of the prices in the shops without checking on each item first. I've gotten "burned" on several items already. Don't you get "burned" as well?
yes.... I've gotten burned a lot of times. It does take time to learn what's good and what's not in each shop. When you want to begin restocking at a certain shop, It's good to look around for some advice from somewhere about what types of items are usually good to get before diving into that shop. It usually takes time to know a certain shop well, which is why lots of restockers have a few shops they specialise in.
In your guide you said you can haggle a bit under or over the price. Why would you want to go over the price when haggling?
The reason why someone would haggle above is so they can use the fastest haggle possible. 50 or 400 NP doesnt really matter when you are buying a 30k profit item. Since I am trying to be as fast as I can, I use the first haggle that comes into my head, whether it is under or over the price.