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The Revolutionary

Reykavik is a penniless but determined Russian journalist. He owns a small print shop in St. Petersburg which is an undercover center for subversive and revolutionary publications, many of which are written by Reykavik himself. He lives in constant peril of being discovered and arrested for his work, but persists out of dedication to the wellbeing of the nation. His writings denounce the tyrannical czar currently in power and encourage a people's movement to take the country for themselves, the penalty of such ideas being, of course, death. Rekyavik lives in a world where the price for producing artwork and speaking your mind can be grave indeed.


The New Arrival

Krastev is a new addition to the family. His character is coming soon!


The Spy

Arivez is the eyes and ears of the royals, the main informer of Scipia's Queen Jaeihe. However, as with most informers, he has no qualms in selling information to the highest bidder regardless of their allegiance, and is as a result extremely influential and dangerous when it comes to the affairs of the kingdom. He essentially runs the country from behind the scenes, manipulating the court with a few well-placed words and acting as one of the queen's most instrumental advisors.
However, it is always difficult to tell where Arivez's allegiance lies, for as a man that flirts with lawlessness in his own dignified way, he is wont to act for his own interests instead of the interests of others. Self-sacrifice is not in his vocabulary, and he rarely makes any gallant attempts to preserve any but his own honor.


The Musician

Kookaburra is a strange little bird who plays cello and travels the world searching for his perfect home. He does not possess what one might call a talent for the instrument, and has been run out of every place he's lived for causing too much of a disturbance among the other animals. His only friend is a smaller bird named Mungo that accompanies him with equally discordant song. Kookaburra is so enamored of life and the world that he is quite unaware and unconcerned about his unbelonging, but he still finds himself searching for something he cannot seem to find.


The Mother

As a rule I cannot stand keeping pets that don't have characters, but reraha is the one exception to this. She was the first pet I ever created and the first pet I painted by myself, and has enormous sentimental value. I never created a character for her because I just wasn't inspired and didn't want to force myself to create something halfhearted, but I intend to paint her Plushie one day since I always dreamed of that for her. I consider her to be the motherly figure of the family.


Sombra Sol

Soleistra is new to the family and doesn't have a character yet. Check back soon!


The Queen

Relentless, or Queen Ellen, is the ruthless and unforgiving queen of Travaltar, a kingdom bordering the sea with Rawlence and Scipia that seems to be on the verge of war with both. Ellen has spent her entire reign striving to carry on her father's powerful legacy, and she refuses to go down to Rawlence, allied with Scipia or no, without a desperate fight. She trusts no one and confides in no one, her pet Crokabek and the success of her kingdom the only true comforts in her life.


The Mystery

Dodereyu is new to the family! I'm still deciding what to do with her character, so check back soon!


The Guard

É Arach is a military scout on the team of an energy-harvesting starcruiser, charged with the task of defending the vessel and its workers from any alien life while they mine the energy resources of the latest discovered planet so they may be transported back to the busier sectors of the universe and sold at a staggering profit. Every new conquest is a three-way battle between scientists and explorers intent on preserving the natural state of the new planet, the companies like the one Arach works for that see the value of new worlds only in terms of investment, and the inhabitants of the planets that find themselves caught without a say in the conflicts of their invaders. But when Arach's ship is destroyed by a freak electric storm, she is left to face the dangers of the world she has helped damage- however passively- and the anger of the scientists who see in her all that is evil in Ashlitech.


The Haughty Faerie Prince

His Royal Prince Masar Segit Abdelhak, Second of His Name, Master of Royal Finances and Supreme Sovereign of the Fissian Islands, has an ego to match his title. Bitter with his brother for having preference over him for the crown and bored with the tedious duties of the responsibilities his father has given him as what he considers a consolation prize, Masar prefers to spend his time irritating the fustier court members and hosting loud and eventful parties at great expense to the royal coffer. However, Masar is also responsible when he chooses to be, and has a great head for strategy and manipulation... advantages which he soon plans to put to the test against his inferior standings with the royal family.


The Just Tsar

Eskendir II Nikolaevich is the Tsar of Russia at a time where the future of the country teeters between returning to the backward and traditionalist ways enforced by Eskendir's father, or progressing onward toward Westernization that was put in motion by Eskendir's idol Peter the Great and continued by Catherine the Great. Alexander wants to follow in their footsteps, but if he executes the policies he wishes to put forth, including the unheard-of idea of freeing all the nation's serfs, he risks putting his position on the throne and his very life at risk.


The Adventure Traveller

Hafjorg is a nomad and an adventurer, traveling the land with only the companionship of her beloved and treasured bow. She longs for change and can never stay in the same place for too long, but something within her is troubled at her lack of dedication to any one friend or place and the need to move on after too long even from the good things in her life. However, she is generally content to wander and gain information and experience about the movements and intricacies of the web of nature, so as to better weave her place in the world with the lives with which she shares it.


The Blind

When Tallanvor was young he ran away from home to join the crew of a pirate ship. An unfortunate turn of events resulted in the loss of his eyes, at which point he discovered his rare and uncanny ability to remotely inhabit the bodies of others. He travels the sea and land with his faithful orange bird Zaré, who acts as his eyes at all times, and his assassin companion Terence. His mission is to right the wrongs and injustices done by others to the natural world, which has earned him many bitter enemies.


The Dreamwalker

Torres is a member of the fylgja, a type of faerie that exists to raise and nurture children in their dream states. She exists only when her human, Jared, is asleep, and for her his dreams are a reality, and her entire waking world. However, Jared is beginning to outgrow his childish innocence, and his dreams are beginning to threaten her in ways they never have before as his psyche fights toward adulthood. It is all Torres can do to continue guiding him when the struggles of his dreams threaten to wipe her out.


The Artist

Zoon is actually a personification of myself (what a surprise), but as with reraha she really only has a nascent character. I consider her my official account representative, as she hosts my personal page. She is an artist and a bit of a madwoman, and really loves to clean things that aren't necessarily dirty. She is addicted to all kinds of tea and paints a different pattern on her face each day. Her main job, which she does very well, is to keep all of the other pets in the family organized and in line.


The Outlaw

Anedai is a mysterious and unusual young man. He was part of the rebel party that overthrew the previous king of Scipia and a close confidant of Jaeihe, who due to an unfortunate mistake took the throne in his intended place. Soon after, Anedai left Scipia with the best of the rebels, but is beginning his return years later to an end that only he seems to know. He is a volatile and dangerous man, due to extreme changes in mood and whim, but fiercely passionate about what and who he loves.


The Rebel Queen

Jaeihe was a member of the rebel party that overthrew the former king of Scipia, but in an unforseen change of events she took the throne in place of her companion Anedai. Unprepared and unsuited for rule, Jaeihe governs the kingdom of Scipia in a rather unorthodox manner, provoking both love and rebellion from her court and subjects. She is a warrior at heart and is uncomfortable with holding a throne, and in her heart she hopes that Anedai will return to claim his right so she can return to being who she truly is. But as diplomats arrive on her shores and war brews between Scipia's neighbors, with no sign of Anedai, Jaeihe may be plunged into a world of political intrigue that she cannot escape.


The Djinn-Kar

Riyada is a member of the djinn-kar. All djinn are bound to earthly objects and may be manipulated by the owner of that object; the most well-known of the djinn are the djinn-kul, who have the ability to grant wishes when they are summoned. The djinn-kar, however, are a warlike strain of the djinn species and may be summoned only to fight or assassinate an enemy of their owner's choice. But like all djinn, Riyada is temperamental and tricky, and will do anything to manipulate her owner into releasing her from her bond to their object. She has a deeply ingrained hatred and disdain for humanity, and loathes being at the beck and call of what she considers to be vastly inferior beings.


The Mushroom Spirit

Aziam is a guardian and caretaker of the mushrooms, a creature that generated during a year of terrible drought to ensure that the mushrooms in the forest would survive the dry season. But, when the rains came and the mushrooms no longer needed him to grow, Aziam found himself lost and purposeless in a world that didn't seem to need him anymore. Finally, he set out in search of a new forest in need of his help, and spends his life traveling the world and searching for somewhere where he can help and be useful as the magical code by which he exists demands.


The Fry Cook

Moose is the result of an unfortunate gene fusion experiment gone wrong, the result of extinct dinosaur DNA fused with living moose cells. For much of his life he was a novelty and a display piece, poked and prodded by scientists and gaped and shouted at by little children in the little display cage where he was kept. Finally tired of all the nonsense he was forced to put up with Moose broke out of the cage and half flew, half walked to Utah, where he easily found a job in a small desert town as a fry cook at a local fast-food joint; everything's much more laid back out West, and his boss doesn't care how his employees look as long as they can make a mean burger.