Welcome to the Renegade Webbie! We're a private, chat based, literate guild. If you've stumbled on this page by accident, our application to join can be found here.

So, what does this mean? Well, private means that we screen our members. We're semi picky about who we let in, because we're a bit of an odd group. We're only allowing so many members in at a time, as we're trying to maintain a neo-family feel.

Chat based means that we're mostly here to talk. We do have some activities, auctions, and occasional role plays, for those in the mood. What we're not about is free stuff, schemes, or people coming and going quickly.
Literate means that we talk in sentences, and well, we make it look pretty good. We expect a certain amount of maturity (and spelling and grammar know how), but do not have an age requirement.

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Guild Preview

Since we are a Private Guild, some people find it helpful to see a preview of the guild.



As of 8.25.14
Page Views: 865723
Members: 27
Founded: 05/22/2011

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You can't know where you're going, until you know where you've been."

Renegade was founded by Trish (Kiwi1986t), Wolf (Lt_d_wolf), and Katie (kacaring15) in June of 2010.
It is now run by Bri (Bri_twk),Trish, Katie, Kai (snobrdr3) and Mimi(thewavesinmotion).

All four girls originated from another guild, where they found they were unhappy. The guild leader in that guild was often careless, and at times even cruel. You can read a more full history here, if you are interested.
The guild has decided to move away from their old roots, and make a guild worth participating in. It encourages member involvement, and activeness. If you are here from the old guild, we welcome you, and can't wait to see you on the boards!

New Members

If you've made it into the guild, first of all, Welcome!! *hands out cookies*
Now read over this checklist of things to do now that you're part of the Renegade family!!
  • Enable Guild Mailers (while we often use personal mailers from our Communication Team, in a pinch, we do use guild mailers. To make sure you stay up to date, enable these in your settings!)
  • Read the rules!! Before heading over to the boards, make sure to read through the guidelines for the boards.
  • Jump over to the "Introduce Yourself" page, and send in a member log. Then, if you'd like, take a peek at our Member Logs, and get to know us a bit better!
  • Introduce yourself on the boards, then stay for awhile and chat!
  • Check out the portal for more fun things to do.



We tried to be laid back at Renegade, but have found that having a set of rules helps keep everything running smoothly.

  • We are a Literate Guild. This means that we expect you to use correct grammar and spelling when at all possible. (We will not ban anyone from the guild for mixing up their, there, and they're, just avoid intentional misspellings of words.) We ask that you speak English on the guild boards. This means no chat speak, or "l33t" speak, either.
  • No Spamming. Do not post more than three times in a row, all posts must contain at least 3 words, and should be in sentence format. Posts that do not continue the conversation, are considered spam. "What are you up to today, Trish?" "I like Jelly, my feet itch"(NOT OK).
    ADDEDUM: Posts that are less than 3 words, but continue the conversation, are allowed. An example of this is: "I'm ok!" (acceptable) "Lol"(Spam). We would prefer you respond: "I'm ok, thanks!", but understand that two word posts DO happen.)
  • No Advertising! Do not ask people to buy from your shop, check out your trades, or bid on your auctions. You may ask people to vote for you in Neopets contest by posting the link in your siggy, but do not fill the boards pleading with people to vote for you.
  • Follow all of TNT rules. If you break a TNT rule, you will receive warnings from both them, and the guild. We do not want to have the guild warned.
  • We are a chat guild. Because of this, we require that all of our members maintain a level of activeness. To not be deleted in the monthly member sweeps, you must post 1/week, or 4/month.(Requirements have been relaxed for the school year)
  • No Bullying! We have zero tolerance for bullying on the boards, and in the guild. If you have an issue with another member, NM the_guild_account101, or one of the online council members.
  • If a council member asks you to stop talking about a subject, do so immediately. If another members says they are uncomfortable with a topic of discussion, please stop posting about that, as well.
We want Renegade to be a safe space for all of our guild members. Please follow the rules at all times.
Read below to find out the consequences for breaking the rules.


If you are found breaking the Renegade Rules, you will receive the following consequences, in this order:
  • First Warning: This is a board warning, where you are told to stop what you are doing.
  • Second Warning: You will receive a NeoMail from either the_guild_account101, or an online Council Member. If you have blatantly disregarded the first warning, you will be suspended.
  • Third Warning: Three strikes, you're out. You will be banned from the guild indefinitely. No one will be banned for something as small as accidentally mis-posting three times, but you may be banned for purposefully flaunting the rules and spamming in a malicious fashion.
    The Council and Guild Account reserve the right to Suspend or Ban members at any time, no matter the amount of warnings, if they feel they are a danger to the guild.

    We have zero tolerance for bullying. If you are found bullying another member, you will be banned immediately, without any warning. Online bullying is a serious issue, and we will not condone it.

    Suspensions and warnings may be discussed in private with the council. Anyone discussing warnings on the boards will automatically receive another warning.
  • Ranking System

    Renegade values loyalty, member contribution, and of course as a chat based guild, chatter. This is reflected in our Ranking System! You are in charge of keeping track of your own rank, don't count on anyone else to do it. When you're awarded an Emblem you should save the image to your own computer or host it somewhere on Neopets (like a petpage, your UL, or even a pet lookup) because we won't house them for you. When you want to rank up present your Emblems Page to a Council Member and they'll double check that you meet all the requirements before moving you up.


    The Ranks will be renamed soon, so for right now we've just numbered them!!
    • Coffee Bean: This is the level you enter the guild at. You're officially a Renegade but you're still figuring things out.
    • Frosted Cupcake: To advance to Rank Two you need 2 unique Emblems, 500 posts, and have been in the guild a minimum of 1 week.
    • Tootsie Roll: To gain this rank you need 3 unique Emblems, 1,000 posts, and have been in the guild 3+ weeks.
    • Soda Pop:You're doing awesome, to get this prestigious rank you need 5 unique *awards*, 5,000 posts, and have been in the guild 4+ weeks.
    • Rank Five: You're as high as you can go! To be a Rank 5 you need 10,000 posts, 7+ unique Emblems and have been in the guild for 8+ weeks! (You'll need that to long to get that many posts anyhow!)


    Here is a list of all the Emblems you can earn, and how to earn them. Keep an eye out, as we'll add more as we go along! Never ask to be nominated for an Emblem, that is not how the system works. Your fellow Renegades and the council will nominate you when they feel you've earned them, not when you've asked for them!

    Welcoming: Welcome new members into the guild in a welcoming manner, or be considered welcoming on the recruitment board. You must be nominated by another member for this award.

    Staff: Hold a staff position at one point. You can apply for a staff position here.

    Recruiter: Recruit new members into the guild. Quality, not quantity, count for this. We will reward this to members who are consistently bumping the recruitment board, and found using a discerning eye to find unique members for the guild, not just recruiting like crazy.

    Participant: Participate in a guild event, such as a Mafia game, a tournament, etc.

    Narrator:Narrate a Mafia Game.

    Cookie: You deserve a cookie! Going above and beyond somewhere in the guild. You are nominated for this award by a member.

    Cake: This is like Cookie, but you're nominated by the council for this Emblem because they believe you've gone above and beyond within the guild!

    Advertiser: Have a Renegade Advertising Graphic on your UL for 2+ weeks. We have a page of fun usable graphics and buttons here.

    Chatter Box: Have 15,000 + posts! This Emblem is for the truly chatty!

    Writer: Write for an article for EAO while not being on staff.

    Artiste: Submit a graphic while not holding the Graphics Maker staff position.

    Member of the Month: Be the Member of the Month!



    This is my testimonial about how much I love Renegade.
    When I came back from my hiatus, I was interested in making some new friends. My first destination was the Guild Boards. I quickly found a guild, but they weren't very welcoming and ignored my posts completely. I quit a few days later, of course. I mean, who likes being ignored in a guild that's supposed to be welcoming?

    I came back to the Guild Boards, determined to find a nice guild. I searched for a few days, and came across The Neo Project. They weren't too friendly, and my application was rejected. Discouraged, I was hesitant to continue my search for a guild. But of course, I did.

    I had took a few days break before returning to the Guild Boards, and searched around for a while until I found Renegade's board. I looked into it, read their webbie, and I was very interested. They seemed much more welcoming than any other guilds I had looked into. They were a lot like The Neo Project, but much more friendly, and they didn't have ridiculously high standards. I sent in an application, and waited.

    Obviously, I was accepted. But once I had joined the guild, there was the hard part. Introducing yourself. I was surprised to find that I wasn't ignored or considered as just a newcomer, but they were very welcoming. They let me into the conversation immediately. I felt welcomed, and my first impression is that they would be very friendly.

    My first impressions weren't wrong. Throughout my first week, I became much more involved in things, and had already friended most members I had talked to. But of course, I didn't truly feel like I was part of the guild just yet. I had only been there for a week, afterall.

    But I soon found out that they didn't really care about how long you've been in the guild, they considered you a part of the family as soon as you joined. I found out that it wasn't just a place to talk about pets and neopoints and blah blah, but that they understood real life, and if you didn't get to post too much, they completely understood. I would recommend Renegade to anyone who is looking for a friendly, welcoming guild that loves to chat.


    Friends of Renegade! These are the guilds we know and trust! If you don't find your home in Renegade, we urge you to check one of these out!!

    Cardboard ~ A game board guild, private and literate. Run by Gen! Webbie

    Luminosity ~ A fun, literate, welcoming art guild for art lovers of all types. A great place for those who are creative! Webbie

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