Oh my, looks like The Bakery is back from a ten-month-long hiatus! Welcome cooljack990 to The Bakery, a review site run by Madame, which opened on August 15th, 2011! The Bakery offers helpful reviews along with a side-order of delicious food such as fresh-made breads and exotic desserts.

The morning is warm, sunny and the sky is free of clouds on Krawk Island. The birds of the island are chirping a cheerful melody and the water nearby is splashing as you browse around the shops. The line-up for Krawk Fashions is growing rapidly, but as you walk near you discover that it actually leads past the store and into the neighboring bakery instead. A huge sign hanging on the door says Opens at 9:00 AM. You take a quick glance at your watch: 8:59. Just a few more seconds and...

The door opens and the crowd rushes in. You follow them and a pleasant scent of chocolate and fresh-baked bread fills the air. A brown usul welcomes everyone in. Once you get seated, she wanders over to your table. Welcome to The Bakery. I am Tessa and I'll be your waitress today. What would you like to eat? She smiles softly as you answer, What do you have? She hands you a menu. Take a look at that and I'll be right back, she answers and walks to the next table.


August 6th, 2012
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August 5th, 2012
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We are now listed at Legendary Directory.

August 4th, 2012
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August 3rd, 2012
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August 2nd, 2012
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August 1st, 2012
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(Warning: the toppings can only be used onto the Ice Cream or the lemon cake!)

Whipped Cream: First and last impressions of the site.
Almonds: Comparing your site to other sites in the same category.


1) Please request only if requests are open! If requests are closed your neomail will be rejected. No exceptions! If I rejected you, you can try again in a week.
2) You may choose only one topping per review.
3) Please link back before and after your review is complete.
4) I review all sites in Google Chrome but if you ask I can review yours in Firefox. Unfortunately, I can't review in any other browser. Put 'yum' anywhere in the form if you read the rules.
5) I will not re-review your site unless it revamped.
6) I will neomail you when your review is finished. I'll do my best to complete it as soon as possible. If you read the rules, click "c" in "continue" below.
7) To receive a review, your site must be established (offer plenty of content based on your site age) or open to the public for at least a week.



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Title: TB Review

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1. Jasmine | Visible Sketches (Lemon cake & Almonds)
2. Nikki | Infinity (Lemon Cake & Whipped Cream)
3. Skye | Bittersweet (Lemon Cake)


Date: 08/04/2012
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Pumpkin Patch

09/25/2011 | Google Chrome | Brown Muffin
  • First thing I really liked about your site is the layout it has a nice and matching color scheme and looks adorable. The image matches your sites theme very well but you could really work on the background. The orange blurry trees on the background look great with the orange pumpkins. The size of the layout is perfect for a type of site like yours. Your sub title has a pretty font as well.

  • Second thing I really liked about your site was that your updates are easy to read and look quite organized, the date stands out and it's easy to read the content of the text box. The border of the updates looks neat and matches the color of the sub title. You have spaces between every date which makes it easier to read.

  • Your headers are neat, the dashed underline matches the border of the updates and the color of the headers look nice with the other colors of the layout. The font is okay too but I recommend deleting the exclamation mark from the welcome header because it takes out more space and is unnecessary.

  • Your navigation is rather poor because it is small and hardly noticeable, if it was moved to where the updates are located and the updates could be moved to the main page than the navigation would look better and more noticeable. Also since you added too much text some of the content covers some of it. Here is how it looks when scrolling:

  • Your bold text is green which does not look so good with the colors of the layout. You could use orange (which would match your headers), red (which would match the colors of the trees and the title color) or black (which would match the face of the pumpkin and the other text). Below are the two colors I recommend using, choose any:
    #FF6103 or #3D3D3D

    The orange color I do recommend using more since it's your theme. Try both on your layout and it could look nice.

  • Your sitely could looks rather messy because its organized inconveniently. I recommend you to center the buttons and making the section titles (such as affiliates and listers) stand out by either making them bold or using image sitely headers from TLB's resources. You also have too much spacing between the "reviewed at" section and the credits. It adds more scrolling and appears unprofessional. You can remove it by deleting some of the br's from the coding. Your link back should also be placed in your sitely on the very top instead of the column. Counter can be placed below the credits because this information is not important for the visitor to know.

  • Next very important thing is that you should never center large bodies of text, especially your introduction because it makes it harder to read and looks rather messy. The text should be aligned to the left instead, it makes it easier to read and look at. But your awards section should instead be centered because it contains graphics. Most graphics should be centered and most text should not.

lemon cake


08/05/2012 | Google Chrome | Lemon Cake

First impression: When entering your site the first thing that came to my mind seeing the layout is that Infinity would be old movie themed and that seemed creative but when scrolling down I was disappointed realizing that it is not Infinity's theme! The homepage was half blank which was also not a good sign. The updates are well placed under the navigation yet you put the read more link too early. There is a lot of blank space below it so I would recommend either making the updates box smaller or adding longer updates to it! My first impression was not very exciting and rather disappointing. I definitely recommend you choose a theme and stick with it to make your site more attractive and interesting for the visitors. (0/0)

Layout: Let me start by saying that your layout is very creative! You used nice and not common fonts for the title, sub title as well as navigation and updates titles. The colors are constant so the background, images are text all match. There are some minor negatives about the layout though. Let's start with the since 23rd of July, 2012 text on the banner at the top of the layout! Your introduction states that you opened on the 24th of July, not 23rd so it is rather confusing. Also the text is really tiny and looks messy so I recommend completely removing it because you already have the same exact fact in the introduction. Next, you should remove the neopets bar above your layout by using a removal code from CSS Guide! Next issue in your layout is the navigation, the text is barely readable and harsh background is unnecessary. You can try changing the background to bright brown and text color to white, with this code:

When you hover over the navigation it will turn the same color that your links turn when you hover over them so the colors match! If that doesn't work I suggest even making image navigation that glows when you hover over it. That's it for the layout. (22/30)

Introduction: First of all, your homepage is almost blank. Just a short introduction at the beginning so it looks rather unattractive. You can add a two to three paragraph story before the introduction. As I said earlier I recommend choosing a theme and sticking with it! Also instead of having to copy and paste the link in the textbox I recommend you make a direct link and mention the reader to title it "Infinity"! Here is how I would re-write your introduction:
Welcome to Infinity, a button and petpage layout request site by Nikki. Here I will provide you with high quality petpage layouts and buttons! We opened on the 24th of July, 2012. If you have any questions, comments or anything at all, feel free to neomail me!

Doesnt that look much neater? Direct link instead of copy and paste textbox code and a few minor changes. Okay so that is it for the homepage, let's move to the quality of content section! (10/15)

Quality of Content: I reviewed your homepage in the introduction section so let's move to the rules page!

Your rules page is well organized! Rules are listed with bullets and in-depth description. I did notice a few errors! In your second rule you said For a button, it's three days. For a layout, it's 10 days. Why did you say for button it is three days using letters and for layouts it is 10 days using a number? Choose one! Either write "For a button, it's 3 days. For a layout, it's 10 days" or "For a button, it's three days. For a layout, it's ten days". Got it? Rule number three is not very descriptive and rather confusing, here is how I would re-phrase it:
Try to be very specific! When the form says colour scheme please include several colors and preferred hex codes. When I ask for size try to give me exact measurements if possible. Giving me lots of details will ensure that I will make the exact button or layout you are looking for.

Rule four you start with Yes, I make buttons and layouts for neo and non-neo. I recommend removing "yes" because the reader is not asking a question yet! Instead of "for neo and non-neo" I recommend writing "both neopets and non-neopets related" since those a are the common terms. Same goes for rule eight, dont start a rule with yes! Lastly, in rule ten you wrote Do not claim anything I make you is your own. There is a typo! Change "is your own" to "as your own". Let's move onto the request page!

First thing I notice is that you have three headers right next to each other which looks very un-professional. My suggestion is that you remove the buttons header but add "button" in front of headers for borders and animations! (button borders and button animations). Lets start with your borders! Your turning pages border has a rather small fold on the side, you should make it larger in order for the border to stand out! Your foremost border has a rather small space for text. In case the text will require two lines it will look squished on that border, so I recommend increasing the size of the front box. Now lets move to your animations! The glow animation is very hard to see, try increasing the size of the glow of the brightness. Your waves and one at a time animations are too quick. Slowing them down would help concentrate on the image below it and will make it easier to read the actual text. Lastly for your request page I recommend linking the neomail me signs straight to your neomail form automatically including "Layout or Button Request" as a title! Lets move to your pickup page.

First thing I notice is that five buttons would fit in a row, not four! I recommend either adding an extra space for one button on each line or removing one of the lines. Also you should include something like this at the top of the page:

Your button or layout will be removed from the pickups page after one week! They will be placed in the portfolio, so if you forgot to pick it up you can view it there.

That would state a certain time of how long the graphic will be located on the pick up page! That's it for this page.

On your extras page the links are small and the page is almost blank so to increase the size of content I recommend making "portfolio" and "about me" headers! Also in the description for the portfolio you say A portfolio of everything I've made which is really not helpful is a person does not know what a portfolio is! I would say A page with all the buttons and layouts I have made in the past. By the way the page only features your buttons and you have no layout examples whatsoever. I recommend at least adding Infinity's past layout images to it! Next dont forget to center the back link on your about me page as you did on your portfolio page. That's it for this section!(13/20)

Quantity of Content: Sadly you dont offer a whole lot of content! You offer layouts and buttons with a wide variety of animations and borders but the rest of the content is not a whole lot. Your extras are small! You can add a previous layouts page featuring all the layouts Infinity had in the past and even rankings. Something other than what the usual request sites have! (15/20)

Sitely: Your sitely looks okay. You have three link back buttons, which are not all that good. Now I will comment on each one of your buttons.!

This button is the absolute best of your buttons. The image is well cropped and chosen with a nice border. The text's grey color is not matching! I recommend changing it to red or yellow to match the color of the gnome. Also the animation is quite fast, the viewer will probably not be able to read the text that quick, so slow down the animation.

This is not a very good button although you can edit to make it one! Let's start with the text. The font is a good choice but the grey color is, once again, not good on that button. Making it green to match the color of the tree tops would make the text more attractive! The glow around the text is too harsh, so I simply recommend removing it. The vertical lines and sparkles look great though.

This button is not very well done. The font is hard the read and has a poor glow around it! You should change the color of the text to blue to make it stand out and match the rest of the button colors. The animation is far too quick, so the text is hard to read. Lastly the border is unnoticeable, changing it to slightly rounded would make it look much better.

You have a small number of affiliates so I recommend checking out other sites and applying more often. You have a decent amount of listers, no problem with that. Last recommendation. You gave a link to your lookup three times in your sitely, I recommend removing "apply?", "have you listed infinity?" and "neomail me" and instead simply putting one link on top of your sitely between the title of the page and link backs! (Example: Want to apply for affiliates? Have you listed us? Did I forget to credit you? neomail me!) That's it with the sitely. (8/15)

Last impression: I was not entirely satisfied with the site. You offer great buttons yet you don't have any layout examples or any very useful extras a side form the portfolio! You dont update the site very often or advertise it a lot so I definitely recommend that to improve your site. Also adding a specific theme would be a huge improvement! Best of luck! (0/0)

Total score: 68/100


Visible Sketches

08/03/2012 | Google Chrome | Lemon Cake

Layout: Well, first off your layout is perfect for your site's theme. The title suites your site perfectly, the glowing effect when you hover over your navigation is also quite charming! The fading background matches the colors of the layouts very well. I can say that the sub title that says where creativity and great sites begin does not suite the other fonts very well and is rather squished below the title inconveniently. The colors of your layout are very soft so the ribbon behind the title is rather too harsh on the layout! Considering that Visible Sketches is a site focused on site names and does not require lots of reading, the size of the textbox is perfect! Overall the layout is great and only needs minor changes. (26/30)

Introduction: Your introduction is not very well written. Welcome should be the first word so the hello is completely unnecessary Here is what I recommend using instead:
Welcome to Visible Sketches! I am Jasmine, the a founder of this site. I am here to help your site find the perfect name! If you don't see a name that suites your taste I am always happy to help you out! You can also submit a name and it'll be posted on the site. There are currently 190 names here at Visible Sketches, and much more to come!
Above I made some minor changes to the introduction such as removing the hello, replacing "a name that you like" with "a name that suites your taste" and a few more to make your introduction more attractive.(8/15)

Quality of Content: Quality of your content is quite impressive. The site names are creative and all spelled perfectly. Lets stars off with your homepage! After the introduction there is a voting button linking to EverAfter, which is inconveniently placed in the middle of the page and below is the same button linking to Asura Topsites. They take up a lot of space so I recommend putting them into two columns instead next to each other! Below is a code, that would make your buttons look like this:

Vote for us

Rate & comment us

Pretty much everything else on your homepage is neatly organized and spelled correctly. I do suggest you decrease the height of your updates box because since you usually make a small update once per say such a huge box is not necessary because it cases more scrolling! Lets move to your rules page now!

The first thing that I noticed on your rules page is that Rules or guidelines should be rules and guidelines. No need to capitalize rules and replace or with and! Also you mention the word rules in every single sentence so it gets repetitive. This is what I recommend you to write instead:
After Anne left, you walk up to a brown pedestal. Then you notice that there is writing on it that says rules and guidelines. You have to read it before going on! So you glance down and read the rules.
Another major change I suggest you adding is making each neomail me link to your lookup, for the convenience of the reader. In rule #4 make inform me link to your lookup! The rest of the page looks good, and your rule #6 is really smart, it ensures that the requester read the rules completely! Lets move onto the names page!

First thing that caught my eye on your names page is that your textbox is not centered! Simply use center tags around it so place it properly. Lets start with the first row of names! Short names are considered to be good site names and I dont see many of those. I do love Motivated, Triggered, Tempted and names like those that are considered very high quality. Some site names that are not very high quality are Krazy Graphics (because it is long and rather not creative), Secret Giveaways (because it refers to giveaways that are banned by TNT), Prized Buttons (because prized is often considered to be paying and paying for graphics with np or items isnt allowed), The Marshmallow Bakery (because it is a long title that would barely fit on buttons and other graphics), The Delicious Goodie Box (because of the same reason I told you above) and Satisfying Pleasantness (because of the same reason I told you above). I do highly encourage you to write short one word names with a creative theme! Some of your names are simply amazing such as Single, Blow, Time and Voice! Let's move to the extras page!

Your extras page is well organized and there are only a few things I recommend removing/editing. First of all I dont see the point of the brainstorm center if you already have a similar one on your names page! Secondly I recommend you make a few simple rules to submitted names to ensure that your names are not bad or repetitive. Last recommendation is that you center your Awards, gifts & achievements section as you did with retired buttons. That's it! (14/20)

Quantity of Content: Over 190 site names a lot so you dont struggle with providing a big variety of content at all! You just have a tiny amount of submitted names so I recommend that you encourage your friends and visitors to submit more! You have a big variety of great extras which is definitely great for a Visible Sketches! Your wide variety of content is the key of your site so you get a perfect score in this section! (20/20)

Sitely: Your sitely is well organized. Starting with the link back buttons, then a sister site, then the affiliates, then the reviews and listers at the end! You have a good bunch of link back buttons although I do recommend removing the following...

The first button, it's animation is too slow for a long site name like Visible Sketches! Also the colors of the button are blurry and the text barely fits with that border!
The second button, there is no proper animation. Also a part of your site's name is clearly on the top of the other one and the text looked squished next to each other.
The third button, the image is very poor quality. The original image is a completely different color and there are unclear areas. Also the animation is way too quick, it has to be at least .5x slower.

Here are a few of your best buttons:

The first button's animation is unique and prefectly timed. The fonts and colors all look great together and the button overall is a big success.
The second button is unique with it's image. The colors are neat and the border suites everything very well. The capitalized letters look gorgeous!
The third button has two good animations together and nice coloring. The text is easy to read, the animations look really pretty and it is cropped just fine.

Moving onto your sister site! Remember one simple rule, never center large bodies of text! It looks messy and is hard to read. Your sister site's description is centered, so I recommend aligning it to the left. Also I recommend instead of making the name of the site owner bold, making it a link to her lookup. Now, going to affiliates. You have a big amount of good affiliates even though most of them are not site naming. For your reviews section I recommend you adding all scored in when you hove over a button of whatever site you requested a review from! You can easily do it with this code:

Yes, as simple as adding title to the image code! The rest of your sitely looks great, well done! (12/15)

Almonds: Now, comparing Visible Sketches to other sites in the same category your site does well! Unlike most others you enter it in nearly every SOTM competition which is definitely a good way of advertising it to others! I recommend posting news in different directories to get even more popularity. For example submiting news in The Shelf's Newspaper, posting a shoutout at Akakosui's Directory and posting on the Bulletin Board at Plethora! About advertising, that is pretty much it. Comparing to other site naming websites yours is okay but the name count is not the highest. Let's take your sister site, Short & Sweet, for example! They have over 600 names which is more than three times what you have. You should definitely work on more short site names in the near future! That is it for your review, I hope you found it helpful! (0/0)

Total score: 80/100
Not/Almost/Highly Recommended


Morgan's CSS

9/20/2011 | Google Chrome | Strawberry Cake

Layout: When I looked at your layout I though "how beautiful and simple". It looks great, nice color scheme and an image is cropped and located properly. But one thing that really bothered me was the background. It was rather unappealing and does not match a lot. Something bright pink would work better. Another thing is that your navigation on the layout isn't so good. The color of the text is unmatching and the link leave encourages visitors to leave as soon as they entered. You should remove it. The layout as well does not scroll if needed. One last comment on this section, your site is called "Morgans CSS" and your layout is not CSS but is more image-based which leaves a not professional thought to the visitor who came looking for CSS (6/10)

Introduction: The introduction was not very pleasing, you start pretty well by saying Hello and welcome to Morgan's CSS. which looks good but then when you list what your site offers instead of features I recommend writing has or contains. Then when you introduce yourself you write This site was created by me, Morgan (nevershoutmorgan) I recommend first of all deleting the me part and secondly make your name link to your profile instead of writing your username in parentheses next. A good introduction is a key to win the visitors good first impression. What bothered me once again was the green link text. All of your bold text is green, which does not match the layout or the color scheme in any way and I recommend using one of the following colors: #EED5D2 or #DE85B1 which would match the image's colors. (3/5)

Quality of content: Lets start with the lookups. Style one's lookups look simple and good but a bit cramped all together. I suggest making the about me box wider and the navigation not as wide. Next is the font, it is mixed and is placed un-properly. You should make bigger letter spacing in the code and not make all of the text bold. Having transparent signs and a shield could be good too.
Style two looks pretty good to me except maybe having it wider could make it look more organised. Style 3 is definitely one of the least in quality. Top parts have poor shades, your headers have not matching font and color and the text is squizzed a bit again. Style 4 is one of my favorites, simple and organised. All other lookups are pretty fine but the last one, style 10 has distracting backgrounds, they are too bright in my opinion but the idea of having an anchored lookup is brilliant.

Moving to your petpage layouts. Style 1 would work great with simple things such as applications or notes and has a good color choice. In style 2 you might want to remove the diagonal lines on the background of the text boxes because they distract from the content. Style 3,4 and 5 are easy to customize and work great.

Moving on to your pet lookups. Style 1 could use headers which could be like white colored. Style two has a distracting background, you could make it look better by changing the size and color of the text box and making the background more pale. Having a border around the image of the pet would look good as well and would grab the visitors attention quickly.

Moving to your requests page. Your requests are closed sign is unappealing and small. You could find bigger and better signs at TLB's resources. Go to we resources, then open/closed signs and you could find better ones such as the glowing or the grey colored ones. Your requests box is too small. Make it bigger. I suggest removing Just fill this form out and neomail it to me: part because it has no purpose. Instead you could put a "neomail" sign below the form and center the form and the sign. Favorite requests section could be made smaller for easier navigation. (8/15)

Quantity of content: You have quite a big variety of content to choose from. You have enough lookups in my opinion but all of their styles are similar. Try using textures to have prettier backgrounds and placing the boxes elsewhere to make more creative ones. Your petpages are all quite similar as well, try using different navigation styles and different headers.

You dont offer many pet lookups. There are several ways you can get ideas, first of all try making more image-based lookups with more colors. Or if not make a rectangle box at the top for a banner. (11/15)

Sitely: Your sitely looks pretty well organised from the first glance, all the necessary sections are located conveniently and places properly.
But lets start with the high quality link backs:

Button is cropped very interesting, has a fast and simple animation and easy to see text and image.

Very nice font and image used and they look great together.

Here are the low quality ones that I suggest removing:

I suggest removing this button because the animation is poor, it moved slowly and makes the text highlighted in white which does not blend with the button's colors.

The text is rather hard to read and the background is too bright for the eyes.

Next go your affiliates, you have a decent amount of good affies but affiliates such as Delicious Pie Directory and Circus are rather lowest quality of all of them.

Next are listers, just a notice that the following are closed and should be removed: The Faerie Compass and Zebbarl's links (affected by filter and does not work).

In the reviewers section the following sites have closed: Cafe de Lis, Sweet Pea Reviews, The Looking Glass and The Deli. And please dont forget to put The Bakery's button there as well. Otehrwise your sitely looks great. (3/5)

Score: 31/50 or 62%
Recommended | Not recommended

Magic of Disney

9/03/2011 | Google Chrome | Strawberry Cake with Whipped cream
First Impression: When I first entered your site I liked it, the colors of the layout look great together and very welcoming. Your updates on the top of the page though look bad, updates is not the most important part of your home page and should be placed on the bottom of the page. The site from the first glance looks like it has not much content to offer because the navigation is small and no different than any other graphics site. You have lots of updates which tells the visitor that you are a very active site! That is all about the first impression...
- 1 point for incorrect updates placement(4/5)

Layout: Your layouts colors match and look great altogether but your title is located at the bottom and is hardly noticeable, always remember to put the title on top, especially if you dont have a header that says the title. The image on the layout is well drawn and put together. The red hair of the girl on the image does not look good on the layout because it is the only red thing I see on the layout. If you do like the red hair you should make something else red such as the title or box borders because red looks very random and plain on the blue layout. The background is bright, looks brilliant with the design. Overall the layout is nice and convenient but you could use more textures and change the hair color.
-1 for title placement, -1 for red hair color. (8/10)

Introduction: Your introduction lacks professionalism and is not so good. What does Ma chère, Monsieur or Mademoiselle mean? Most visitors will be very uncomfortable with these strange words. Instead of it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you to my site I suggest writing "It is the deepest pride and greatest please to see you. Welcome to the site!" It would be more welcoming and is a correct use of punctuation. After you say as I proudly present you write your site's title, and have an unnecessary space below. Remove the blank space below Magic Of Disney by deleting a br below the word in your code. Next part says Bonjour and welcome to the Magic of Disney, which is run by interl. This site specializes in Disney graphics, which includes User Lookups, Pet Pages, Banners, animations and much more! it tells the visitor what your site offers but has some things that have to be changed. Instead of "This site specializes in" you could write "This site offers". And instead of Pet Pages you should write petpage layouts. You do not need a link to your userlookup again at the end of the page, so I suggest removing Owner: interl part because it is just a repeat of what you already said in the introduction. Everything below it looks fine.
-1 point for strange words, -1 for incorrect space use, - 0.5 for repetition (2.5/5)

Quality of Content: Moving on to your next page, Graphics. Your rules could be improved more by using different words to not sound rude. Instead of Do not steal any graphics or claim them as your own. you could write "Please do not take any of my graphics and claim them as your own, it will be considered stealing." because this sentence describes what is considered stealing and does not sound rude. In rules 3 and 4 instead of no... write do not... because no is just one word that needs something to hold on to, such as do before it. No editing sounds like you wrote the sentence in a hurry without really describing what you mean. Id changing the size not allowed also? Explain! It is very convenient that you decided to see an image in full view. Your user lookups are look very nice, great banners on top and circles in type 1. Under type 3 your first user lookup is quite poor quality, the background is plain boring and your textboxes have a bad shade. All your other lookups under type 3 have the same problem with background choice and no textures. Especially second layout under type 3 that is yellow, it is hard to read the text on that layout and there are no textures or a good background either. I have no comments about your petpage layouts except that most of them are too blurry or bright. Your pet lookups are okay, even good, very creative and nice color choice on those ones. You have a ton of great animations but the ones below are not so good:

On the first one you cant even see what is happening, too dark. On the next one I see nothing unique, some person walking, and what is so good about that? Animations have purpose but the walking second one has no purpose at all. Your animations are so creative and very nice, I just absolutely love them! Your icons are great as well, great textures. But you could use more text on the icons. The shield below is not so good, just a plain image with no colors and a normal shield behind it.

And I also think you can do animated or glittery shields, they could looks fantastic. I see no problems on your requests page but instead of smashing everything on one page why not make clickable signs that would link to different requests? I like your extras page. I suggest making 2 columns for your likes and dislikes instead of just listing them like that.
-1 for incorrect rules use. -1 for poor userlookups under type 3, -1 for shields (7/10)

Quantity of Content: Wow, in this section I could give you full credit, you have so much to offer that no other site can. I recommend advertising more and improving your user lookups and petpage layouts and then your site could offer not only a big variety of content but also high-quality content. (10/10)

Sitely: This section of your site is rather poor, lets start with your affiliates, instead of no off-sites write "I do not accept of-neopets site" because it is more detailed. Your reviews are organised rather bad, use columns because you have such a big waste of space, lots of scrolling and blank space. Same with awards section. Below are the low quality link backs:

The first one if hard to read and the background is rather plain boring to the side. The second button has several errors, a talking animation is one of them. Talking animation without sound does not look good. Your third "link back" is too big, the vertical lines on it look rather bad with the colors of the layout. The border is cut off to the sides and the text's animation is not so good, too slow.
- 1 for bad link backs, -2 for reviews and awards organisation, -1 for space use (1/5)

Last Impression: I was not very impressed with the site at the beginning but your graphic content is amazing, so now I am pretty impressed. You could definitely improve more over the year and learn more about making graphics. You have a lot of content, now you should start improving the quality. Try using programs like GIMP for making user lookups and petpage layouts and icons maybe. Organise your site some more using the tips I gave you earlier and you can turn your site into awesomeness.
-1 for lack of lookups and shields quality, -1 for space use(3/5)

Total score: 35.5 from 50 (71%)


4 Corners Gimp Tutorial

8/25/2011 | Google Chrome | Sugar Cookie
First Impression: When I first entered your site I did not feel very welcomed at all, the colors of the layout are too bright and the layout is a premade with no image at all. You could use some more colors, at least a small image and I suggest you request a new layout all together from Nienke's Premades. Next I do think that the bright text color is hard to read especially for people with vision problems, because the colors are very bright on the background. Here are the codes to colors that would might look better on the layout: #8B2323 or #6F4242 What I did like in the first impression is a feeling of freshness, the red color of the headers looks very nice and neat and it is easy to navigate. (11/20)

Content: Lets start with your introduction, I did not really like some things, first of all it is the welcoming header. It says Hello friends with a heart, you could change it to Welcome, it would be simple and short.If you do want to keep the header like that, add a comma between the words. The introduction was not very well either, try using what I've edited for you below:

The first things I changed was Hey there cooljack990 to Hello there, cooljack990 because your older version did not have a comma and a hi sounded like you already know the visitor, hello is most common and good to use in an introduction. I did change some grammar errors and added missing commas, feel free to edit the introduction any way you want. I also changed my name's Grace(xxloveholic) to I am Grace because it is a simpler version of what you said and links to your lookup if you click Grace instead of xxloveholic. Now I will review your navigation.

Your navigation has a wrong title, instead of sidebar write navigation because a sidebar is not what sites call their links, a sidebar usually has news or site's updates. Next I suggest moving the sitely to the bottom of your navigation because the person that is reading it is most likely interested in the tutorial more than in your sitely. As I earlier said, I recommend requesting a petpage layout but if you do want to keep your current layout you could make it anchored. (The Bakery's layout is an example of an anchored one) Or at least make the navigation scrolling with the page. I love the effect of the text when you hover over it on the navigation, bright and a good border! Another suggestion, your counter on the bottom of the navi is too bold, you could use a counter base and other good web resources from TLB's resources. Now lets move onto the tutorial.

Starting with your updates, I love how they are organised, very nice color choice and easily readable. In your Symbol Key & Contact Information section I noticed the first paragraph says Mail me! Message me! I absolutely LOVE receiving mail! So go, go. Go choose what type you want to send ^^, you should absolutely delete it edit it because it sounds childish and does not have a point. Also you could add Symbol Key it bold letters above the key so that the readers know what they are now looking at.

Next is the gimp help & resource sites, this section is very poorly organised. You could rank the sites you listed in their categories (example: #1 - deviantART) and add spaces between the links. Your keyboard shortcuts are very nice, they are organised a lot better and look fantastic, with the bold and italic text.

Next is the actual tutorial, since I do not use gimp much I cant really grade it but I will quickly inspect it. You have too much images, they look overwhelming and it is hard to find the text, you could make more space around the text or make the images smaller. Under the first section, Clear Lines AKA Scale lines you made a grammar error at the very end, you wrote finsihed, change it to finished. That is the end to this section! (26/40)

Organisation: Your site is not organised very well, it is hard to get back to the top, you could use a button "back to top" under each section, which can also be found in TLB's resources. Getting to your sitely, these buttons I suggest deleting:

First button from the above has a hardly readable text. Second button from the above has a poor animation and an image that does not relate to your site. Also at the end you wrote && Come back soon delete the second &! In your sitely you also forgot to mention affiliates, example is in my sitely. (14/20)

Last Impression: I was not very satisfied, the tutorial is quite good and has a few helpful tips I could use in the future but the text is hardly readable and too much scrolling. I suggest requesting a custom petpage layout, editing what I listed above and of course, improving and adding more content. (10/20)

Overall score: 61%
Recommended | not recommended


The Site Club

8/29/2011 | Internet Explorer | Custom Cake

First Impression: The first impression is very good, because looking at the amazing layout the person is very attracted to the site from the first glance. The updates section shows how active you are which is very good placed as well. When I scrolled down and reached the content box I was dissapointed, the two buttons at the top of the page look very unorganised with the color of the layout because the colors do not match at all. Also the navigation is quite poor, I will talk more about it in the organisation section. (12/15)
Content: First when I read your introduction I am not very attracted, read what I wrote for you below and see if you want to add it to the page:

I noticed that you capitalized several words that should not be capitalized and have many punctuational errors in the text. Please spell check your introduction if you want to improve it. Next is the advertising section.

Your ads column look neat, the text in the boxes is easy to read as well but I suggest centering the button with the text box. In bold blue letters you wrote get advertised but the blue bold text does not looks really good with the other text, you could change the color to maybe white. Also you could center it. Instead of writing the text you wrote you could erase it all and just put a neomail sign or envelope that would link to your lookup. (you could find those at TLB's Resources) Moving to the membership center!

The membership center looks good from the first glance, but too much text. After the rules you can add a "agree" and disagree signs or text and agree would link to another page where you can post the form as well as the other text below the rules. Instead of submit your application to cubscout30 you could use another envelope or neomail sign. Rule #3 is, I think, poor. Most people would not like to post the button of The Site Club everywhere. And if you do want to keep the rule you should still remove the but we don't go around checking everyday. part. Moving to your SOTM arena.

You started pretty well, the word arena already attracts the visitor. I like everything until I reach the rules. First rule states that he site must be established, why? I dont see any reasons why a new site cant complete. If you'd like to keep the rule I suggest rewriting it and telling the visitor what you actually mean by established. Rule #3 says that if you get the most votes you might not win, why? Another, in my opinion, quite silly rule. So does that mean that you pick the SOTM, not the people who vote? If so, state that in the rules as well. I though think the rule is unnecessary, people might not want to join the SOTM for that reason. Also the rule about cheating does not explain what you mean by cheating, you could add that too. And the very last comments about this page, the pink Enter the arena sign looks rather bad because the color does not match anything and is totally random. You could change that to white or something...

I am skipping the broom closet becaue you told me to, so this is the end of the section, you can read about the good bye desk in the organisation section. (22/50)
Organisation:The site is not very well organised, the rules do not tell much and you have many spelling errors, run a spell check. Now I will review your good bye desk. After the why not take a royal card... sentance you should add a question mark, because it is a question. You missed many commas and punctuated many words that should not be such as again at the end of the paragraph and you at the first sentance. All of your buttons though are very good. My favorite one is:

Because the image is very nice and bright the font is curly and pretty and the animation is simple. (11/20)
Last Impression: I was impressed by the variaty of your content, the site is very creative and I just loved the idea. Grammar and punctuation errors and some very weird rules did not look fine though, for that I lower the score. If I was a visitor I would visit again for sure, but only if you update often and add more content. (9/15)
Overall Score: 62%
Recommended | Not Recommended




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