November 5th

by everyone

Constance and Mari have rejoined council, while Massey has left. From here on out, the four copresidents are Constance, Mari, Zach, and Ainsley. Sorry for being a little confusing, but this should have everything sorted out.

October 29th

by Constance and Mari

I am sadend to say that Constance and I are no longer able to run the guild, we are having alot of RL troubles that come first. we have transferred ownership over to Zach, Ainsley, and Massey, we know they will do an AMAZING job, we love each and everyone of you, and will continue to be in the guild running activities (ie, Fanfic)
Thank you for being amazing guild members and citizens, may the odds be EVER in your favor

♥ Mari and Constance

October 13th

by Constance

We are temporarily public due to some mass silencings.

October 6th

by Constance

^Thanks for listing us, Robbie!

The reaping has happened!! Get excited, tributes!

September 30th

by Constance

The Outlyers have won the first term!

September 21st

by Mari

New activity! check the activities page for more info! Apply for council at /~rebellionguild#council APPS DUE NEXT SATURDAY

September 16th

by constance

I just wanted to post an update, that we are officially Tri-Owners. Steph, Constance, and Mari!

September 14th

by constance

The Rebellion is officially private.

September 13th

by constance

Dang, we are horrible about writing these. Much better about sending out guild mailers. ;D

This weekend, we WILL be going private. So we will be more exclusive and only accepting through application. Also, an application for council will be available for everyone to apply.

Make sure you read thoroughly though everything if you do plan on applying.

September 1st

by constance

Hello citizens of the Rebellion! Just as a note: you CAN start earning tesserae today! I will be looking out on the boards for citizens advertising as well.

Also, check out the member cap page - as well as the earning tesserae page.

Next saturday we will have a theme day! Neomail Mari with ideas!

Thanks! ^^


to The Rebellion

Welcome to The Rebellion. We are a new HG guild on the block. We are still working on getting everything together at the moment, so bear with us. You must be full of questions right? Well off to your left, we have a few links that will tell you the deal and idea for the guild.

Read the "About" section to learn the setup of the guild. Our history has been written by the lovely Mari. Go ahead and check it out (yes, it has book 2 and 3 spoilers.. beware!). After that, read the rules and fill out your registration form.

This page will contain dated updates for the guild. :) Thanks everyone for your help and joining us!


Know everything about us...

I'm sure you are wondering what the concept for the guild is. We are actually set up more like a Harry Potter guild than a Hunger Games guild. We have four groups of the districts: The Careers, The Techies, The Outlyers, and The Rebels. Each citizen will get their own district, which determines which group he or she will be in.

In these groups, citizens can work to earn Tesserae. Tesserae can be earned through activities, classes, advertising, and even chatting on the boards. As well as hosting a class or even a club. Are we different than the usual HG guild? Yes, because of how we are set up! We do indeed still have our own games!


Can I have council?
Oh the inevitable council question. The answer right now is no. We have not decided which positions will take council.

Can I lead a group?
yes! now you can! Neomail Zach, Massey, or Ainsley about the activity you would like to host!!

Can I lead a class or club?
Yes! Head over to the training center and sign up to do so.

How often will terms end?
Tems will be once a month. Beginning and ending at the end and beginning of the month!

How often are activities updated
It depends on who is running them.

Have a question that would fit in this section? Neomail it to Zach, Ainsley, Constance, or Mari.


Warning: Book 2&3 spoilers ahead.

Please note: this story does contain spoilers for book 2&3. If you have not read and do not want anything spoiled, please proceed to another page.

Background Story

The Rebellion

You have been running, running away from Them . They are chasing, chasing after you. You try to hide near boulders and in caves as best you can.. but you know if you don't reach your destination soon, they will catch you...

After some time you stumble across a clearing, in one corner you see a dilapidated fence, looking up into the sky you decided its safe to check out whats behind it. There are warning signs posted at intervals along the fence saying warning toxic air . but you know thats a lie

you are now entering

district 13

Just as you are crawling under the fence, you spot a capitol hovercraft headed your way. you run to an old abandoned building in the distance and hope you make it in time. Just as you are reaching the entrance, you see four figures appear and without a word pull you inside. They smile at you and say in unison "Welcome to District 13 we hope your way here wasn't to unpleasant."

They introduce themselves as Presidents Zach, Ainsley, Constance and Mari, and they welcome you to District 13. They congratulate you on making it all the way from your home district, and ask you to come inside.

You follow them down a long hallway that ends with one single door, and you wonder "where does this go?" You soon find out...

The door opens and you see endless steps going down into the earth. Tentatively you follow, unsure of what to expect, after walking for five minutes downward your path changes to another hallway with doors along the side, when you realize you are Underground You get a bit nervous knowing there is only one Exit.

pretty soon your guilds lead you into a brightly lit room, they hand you changes of clothes and some other objects in a package they say you can open later. When they ask if you have any questions, when you say no, they show you to a big room you will now call home.

When they leave, you think about all the loved ones left behind, you think about how much you miss them, but in your head you know you made the right choice... An intercom crackles to life and says "welcome to your new home, please check out all District 13 has to offer and please don't ever hesitate to ask questions"

The Newbie Guide

So much going on!

Yes, there is a lot going on and so much information! Sorry about that. So thanks to Meredith's suggestion, we now have a newbie guide. Check it out.

The first thing you want to do is send in your Registration. This can be sent to Zach, Ainsley, Constance, or Mari.

Next you want to go ahead and introduce yourself on our board. We want to get to know you.

Of course, reading the rules is next. Very important. ;)

Want to know more about how we operate? Read the member cap information and earning tesserae pages.

The last thing you need to do before you start with activities or anything you want to do in the guild is to fill out your citizen registration.

And that's it! Thanks for reading! Have fun with activities and all we have to offer.


so you want to join us...

Yesyes, the Rebellion is now private.

So why did we do this? We have reached or are close to our member cap. Sometimes a guild can get TOO big, so we want to push our limits. We also will be more selective on whom we accept into the guild. We will be looking for members who will be active and on the literate side.

Another reason we will be going private is to keep our secrets. We will be starting planning for our own Hunger Games. Members will be trusted to keep out secrets inside the guild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an age requirement?
A: No, there is not an age requirement.

Q: Why was I not accepted?
A: It may be one or more of the following reasons: We are at full capacity. We do not think you will mesh well with us. You are not literate enough. Or other reasons.

Q: Do you ever have public days?
A: Yes. We do. On these days, anyone can join without applying. Even if we are at full capacity.

A peek inside...

Past layout looks... drag to your URL bar to view larger. We do not display our current layout here.

The Application

Send this to Zach, Ainsley, Constance, or Mari. Choose one and go for it. We suggest asking on the neoboard who is online_ to ensure the fastest response. Note: We may need to discuss you. You will receive an answer within 24 hours. Enable your guild invites.


Fill it out!

Send this to Zach, Ainsley, Constance, or Mari. -pokes links to the left-
You should hear back within 24 hours. Make sure you say hello and introduce yourself on the boards. Name:

Favorite HG character:

What is your favorite color?:

You have four choices; Quick pick one!
Valley, Forest, Village, River

Copy and paste it and fill it out or copy it from this textbox:


let's just get it over with

Well hello there! Every guild has a few rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly. So please read these over really quickly!

1. Just be nice, plain and simple. We like a cool, friendly, and drama-free environment here at The Rebellion. (Isn't that ironic, huh?)
2. As far as posting, try to refrain from simple, one or two word posts. And no more than three posts in a row. If you accidentally double post, don't worry, someone will come along to clean it up.
3. Be semi-lit! No one likes to see excessive bad grammar and chat speak. Smilies and occasional chat speak is fine, but keep the OMG LOL UR 2 KEWL to a minimum.
4. USE SOME PUNCTUATION. It's NOT that hard to put a period on the end of your sentence or capitalize the first word, right? 5. No spoilers!!! Not all of our members have read all the books or seen the movie, so we want to keep the element of surprise and mystery alive for them.
6. No begging for a council spot, admin privilege's, or other positions of authority. It's annoying.


how are the groups set up?

The Careers: Districts 1, 2, and 4.
The Techies: Districts 3, 5, and 6
The Outlyers: Districts 7, 9, and 10
The Rebels: Districts 8, 11, and 12

Member Cap

how many members will we accept?

Yes. We do have a member cap. At this point, the guild is private.

Currently, our member cap is between 55 and 60 members.

So with a member cap, comes member sweeps. We will be doing member sweeps every two weeks. Most likely on the weekends. This means if you are not active on the boards, you will be deleted from the guild. IF you are on vacation, you will be excused from this rule. Make sure you neomail Ainsley and let her know. Your name will be posted below if you are going to be away.

Earning Tesserae

How can you do it?

Earning tesserae for your group is very important. Because who doesn't want to win a friendly competition? So how can you do it? Check out these ways below:

Doing Activities - Varied between 1T and 15T
Training - Up to 5T.
Being a Trainer - 10T every two weeks.
Referring a Member - 5T
Caught advertising - 1T
Running a Club - 20T a month
Making a page based on fanfic/magazine, etc - 20T initially, 5T a month for keeping it up.
Making graphics - Varied


Coding and image by Constance (southernlight)

Thank you for listing us...

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