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Adopt a Pea by Guiro
***Temporarily taken down*** Check out what Guiro has created here. It's fantastic.
Kougra Adoptables by Rion
These are really cute little Kougras!
Lupe Adoptables by Rion
Cute Lupes, also by Rion.
Uni Adoptables by teera_misu
A colorful assortment of Uni's
Zodiac Adoptables
A small assortment of Chinese zodiac adoptables. Scroll down a bit.
Pitty's Glitters
This has a complete set of neopet glitter adoptables. Be patient while it loads.
Adoptables by videl_rules
15 different icon-sized neopet adoptables to choose from. Scroll down a bit.
Liannadu's Gelert Adoptables
A colorful assortment of Gelert adoptables
Adoptables by i_love_lemon_sporks
Some tiny little poogle adoptables looking for a home
Zorathix and Zorathir's Usuki Eggery
Cute little Usuki adoptables
Annoying Little Aishas Adoptables by Plaid_Love
Some angry looking Aisha adoptables
TNT's Fun Adoptables
Adoptables for you from The Neopets Team.
Scribble Adventures
Some reallllly cute hand drawn "scribble" adoptables! My favorite is the cupcake. ^_^
Iceh's Slorg Adoptables
Dozens of adorable slorgs! Well done art, too.
Faerie Adoptables
Many of them are coming soon, but the ones up now are really nice
Petpetpet Adoptables
A huge variety of very cute painted petpetpets and petpetpet PB's!
MiXeD Up Petpets
Cross-species petpet adoptables! Cool! And adorable, too.
Adopt a Unicorn
An assortment of aminated uni stick drawings. Cute and funny. ^_^

Adoption Agencies

We Can Adopt Painted Pets Too! A guide for under 4 month accounts who want to adopt.
Pet Adoption Guide
Defines all the acronyms, gives advice, and more. Great for adopters and givers
Magical Menagerie Adoption Agency
Some pets with Harry Potter related names and pets that can be adopted by accounts younger than 4 months
Hearts to Homes
A random selection of pets
Happy Endings Adoptions
This is an all painted pet adoption agency. Some pets for users under 4 months
Quasalan Dreams Adoptions
Nothing to do with Quasala, this page has tons of really cool zapped pets
Lending, Borrowing, and Transferring
A great guide to transferring and lending pets
Lost and Pound
A list of Neopets stuck in the pound because they cannot be seen when you click 'Find a Pet at Random


Guide to the Petpet Battledome
A Neopian Times article illustrating the Petpet battledome
Garmfry's Battledome Guide
Everything on equipping, fighting, and defense, and more.
A guide to all the battledome weapons
Battledome Challenger Guide
A complete guide to battledome challengers
Newbzilla's Guide
This guide is advanced. It is aimed at people with 100 million neopoints or more.

CSS and HTML Help

Code Help
TNT's Basic HTML Guide
This is a very simple HTML guide written by The Neopets Team. Great for basic coding
Kaxian's HTML for Beginners
A really thorough guide to HTML and CSS that's great for beginners
CSS Help by _space_freak_
A bunch of different codes for different things, including music, backgrounds, image removal, and more.
Roni's Pet Lookup Tutorial
A personal favorite. It explains which parts of the CSS code are which for easy customization. Works for lookups and shops (with a bit of tweaking).
Neopets Code References by ???
A more advanced and thorough guide for CSS codes and HTML
Petpages by Kitty
Some great petpage CSS help and some premades at the bottom
Wizzney's Help Page
A simple copy-paste guide to HTML and CSS
Frequently asked coding questions

Color Guides
Neocolors Color Guide by rain_mercury
Need the code for a color? This lists a few of the most common HTML and CSS colors
Hexidecimal Chart by dawnbugs_sideaccount
This is an awesome color chart but might take a minute to load. It's really elaborate. Any color you can think of is here.
Another color guide if you didn't like the first 2


Wearable Clothing Guide
Complete list of species specific and non specific clothing, Neocash and Paint Brush clothing and what they will look like on your pet
Dressed Up Pets
If you want to know what your pet will look like in a certain item, click here
Wearable Backgrounds
No longer being updated, but it's still useful for now
Twice Painted Pets
Love this page. A great guide to double-painted pets
Beauty Contest Basics
Everything you need to know about how to enter the beauty contest and what to do
Basic Guide to Customizing
A basic how-to guide for newbies. Includes a tutorial
A wearables guide! Yay!
The Neopets Closet
A really well organized wearables guide with over 2200 items listed. Neopoints only.
Wearables FAQ
A simple question and answer page about wearables. Everything you want to know is here.


Kissmoto's 100K a Day Guide
Without a doubt, the most popular dailies guide in neopia. Also an HC favorite.
Neolinks, Hidden Worlds, and More by rain_mercury
A dailies page with game recommendations and links to hidden worlds and hidden games
For the Busy Neopian by tycane
Includes: dailies, game guides, avatars, and more
Stormy_333's Dailies Page
A great text-based dallies page complete with descriptions of what's what
Bare Bones Dailies
A nicely organized list of dailies with little icons for each!

Earning Neopoints

Pheo's Guide to Quick and Easy Neopoints
This guide is broken down into sections so you can maximize your earnings easily. Earn up to 100K a day.
40K in 1 hour by davefanclub2
I haven't tested this one, but give it a go!
Respecting's Game Guide
Lists games with their cheats to help you earn big NP fast
Kissmoto's 100k A Day
Also listed in the dailies section.
Crystal Moonbeams Quick Neopint Games
A great guide to the games that award the most neopoints with little to no effort

Fun Stuff

Waterfall Screenies
Originally Kat's Screenies. TONS of screenies
Amusing Nonsense
It's a combination of various random things: jokes, fun and unusual facts, funny icons
A little virtual therapist who always listens!
Jerry's Screenies
A few neoboard screenies....yep
Cartooning Basics
A cool guide on how to draw cartoon people when you're bored
A large collection of fun quizzes for when you're bored
Funniest HC Topics of the Day
Any butty want to send me pant brush" and more, lol
Secrets of HC frequenters. Some of these are hilarious and others will make you cry.
Sneeze: :a fact that is completely useless. Nobody needs to know it, but everybody wants to anyway.


A complete guide to everything about every map
A Cheeseroller Guide
Lists all the cheeses and tells you how to play!
The Game Room by garmfay
Provides guides to over 500 game guides. Wow.
Evil12's Altadorian Plot Guide
A basic Altador Plot walkthrough. Good if you're good at plots in general
Altador Plot Guide by instant_karma
A fairly thorough guide with excellent image guides to help you out.
The Trophy Room by garmfire
An awesome page on how to earn those neat trophies for your profile
Hannah and the Pirate Caves by middle_rose
This is a great guide and walkthrough for Hannah and the Pirates Caves
Black Pawkeet Slots Guide by lil_rocker70
A 100% fantastic guide to Pawkeet Slots
Petpet Lab Ray FAQ by angeldraven
A simple guide on how to obtain and use the petpet lab ray, and the results you can expect
Maps, Maps and More Maps by _perpette_
Everything map from Lab Ray to World Challenge
Lab Map + Lab Ray FAQ
Everything about the lab map and lab ray
KeyQuest Guide Directory
Everything anyone could ever want to know about KeyQuest can be found here. Yay!
Andy's Kadoatery Guide
A guide to the lingo, foods, and feeding process for the Kadoaties
Aerials91 Guide to Whack-A-Kass
A geat guide to getting a high-score
Raiders of Maraqua Guide
A level-by-level guide. Nice.
Cooking Pot Recipes
Complete with pictures of items and more.
Respecting's Game Guide
Lists games with their cheats to help you earn big NP fast
The Ultimate Turmac Roll Guide
The most extensive Turmac Roll guide I've seen
The Petpage Directory
A guide to game guides. How awesome!

Images, Images, Images!

Lisa/Snook's Christmas Blinkies
Decorate your petpage for the holidays!
Slorg Blinkies by Dingbaticus
Looks like someone loves slorgs!
The Glitter Guide by expiring
A neat guide on how to make your own glitters
Pitty's Glitters
This has a complete set of neopet glitter adoptables. Awesome!
Icons by Aashni
Scroll down to the bottom for some cute icons and other images
Free Blinkies!
Aww, aren't these cute?
JinJah's Graphics
Blinkies, Glitters, Backgrounds, Cursors, and more
Sandshaven's Glitters
A bunch of larger-sized glitters
ThunderNeo's Glitters
Alphabet glitters for some cool decoration and text for your page!
Aliwyn's Glitters
Hundreds of glitter pets and shields and items. And she takes requests!
All About Glitter Page
A not-too-crowded assortment of very nice glitters.

Icons, Blinkies, and Pixles
ahwhatababe's Icon Page
A bunch of icons of all sizes. Be patient while it loads.
Vista's Graphics
A whole bunch of icons, all neo-related and all different colors.
Social Couture
All sorts of randomly themed icons that are pleasant and fun
If you want some goth-themed icons, this is the perfect place.
Social Vintage & Co.
This is the best place for fashion and celeb themed icons. Pretty!
A fashion and celeb themed page with icons and other graphics!
Jack's Lament
(aka Ameda's Icons) An extensive icons, backgrounds, and banners. Also taking requests!
Alyssa's Graphics
Yay icons! Everything from people to delicious looking foods and more
The Pokemon Eggery
Dozens of little pixel images, some animated, all pokemon related and all super cute!
Pixel Parfait
Dozens of images for any webpage. Images from Baby Chickens to Flashlights to Instruments and more.
The Pixel Field
More pixels! From Drinks to Umbrellas.
PIXles and blinKIES, hence the site name!M

Backgrounds by Aashni
Scroll down for neopets related backgrounds
Lanalor's Backgrounds
A cute assortment of neo-related backgrounds
Graphics Page by friendofmine_2004
A bunch of background codes for use on neopets only
Alyssa's Graphics
Yay backgrounds! Some of them are glitters
Pepsojr's Backgrounds
Hundreds of backgrounds and a little html help on how to use them!
Neopets Backgrounds
Hundreds of neopets themed backgrounds. I love this page.
Izzy's Graphics
Backgrounds are just one of the many pleasures of this page.
VCGirl714's Creations
Graphics to put on your user lookup, shop, gallery, pet pages, or practically anywhere.

Banners and Shields
Altador Cup Banners by ulitrexx
Some Altador Cup Banners for the die-hard fan.
Not UFT Banners
Tired of people asking if your pet is up for trade? Add a banner to your petpage!
JubJubLuv53's Graphics Page
Faerie shields and more!

Button Bay
Custom or non-custom buttons just for you!
Juicy Buttons
A button request site

Other Images and Variety Pages
TNT's Pet Sketches
Sketches by TNT for your own use anywhere. Just include copyright info if it's a non-neo page
The Melancholy of Haruhi
Inyuasha themed icons, glitters, blogs, and banners.
Amy's GIMP Tutorial
A guide to making your very own graphics!
Jubjubs Graphics Requests
Fun! An art page with a requests link for you.
You Just Lost The Game
Click here for images about the game, and how to lose it again.
TC Graphics
This neat neopian takes graphics requests. Yay!
Dixie Graphics
She has everything, and takes requests too. I couldn't list her under every category, so she's here.
Kitty's Gimp Tutorial
Love this page. It got me started on GIMP
Izzy's Graphics
Backgrounds, Shields, and Blogs
Cream Beach
This page has all sorts of graphics, including: pixles scribbles, layouts and collages
Artwork by Annette
This page has awesome hand-drawn neopets, and she takes requests!

Item and Pricing Guides

Item Pages
The Paintorium
A great guide to all the paintbrushes. Just click the navigation bar at the top
Plushies Galore by summer_surf0483
A complete guide to plushies for your pet
Maps, Maps and More Maps by _perpette_
Everything map from Lab Ray to World Challenge
Potions & Tonics & More
A comprehensive potions guide. Very simple text only
Guide to Transmogrifation
This is a fantastic guide to all the transmogrifation potions, complete with pictures and prices
Complete Booklists by serenitysmiles
Wow. If you're looking for a book, this has it all. ...Wow.
HerRoyalHighness's Guide to Stamps
A nice guide to stamp collecting, complete with prices
The Negg-O-Pedia
Another comprehensive negg guide with pictures and rarities, etc
Lilkramit's Guide to Gourmet Foods
Trying to get your pet the gourmet food trophy but don't know what to do? Click here
All the jellies
Lilic's Krawk Directory
Everything Krawk is right here
Asparagus Anonymous
Everything asparagus. Awesome
The Cupcakery
A cupcake directory. Delicious.
A Shroomy Guide
Everything there is to know about mushroom and fungus items on neopets, with some game and avatar guides as well
Quinns Price Guide A great guide to some of Neopias most popular items (maps dubloons, etc)

Neohome Items
NPT's Furniture Catalog for Neohome v2
A visual guide to neohome2 furniture items
NPT's Classic Furniture Catalog
A guide to all furniture items
Neohome 2.0 FAQ
Everything you want to know about new neohomes


This section is alphabetized due to lack of uniform theme
Account Keeping Guide
A guide to using and abusing your neopets account. Everyone should have a look.
Account Keeping - The Golden Rule
Another guide on how to stay safe and not break rules
Diseases and Cures
Remember, if you can't afford a cure, go to the healing springs!
Gallery Directory by Rinoa
A really cool directory to all different types of galleries
Goal Counters by ChestnutKitten
A bunch of neat goal counters for those of you trying to mark your progress
Lisa's Guide to Shopkeeping
A great page on how to effectively build and manage a successful mall shop. Worth a look!!!
Music Codes!
What a great page with dozens of music codes for you to use
Neopets Premium Guide by Leto
I have used the info on this page more than once, and it's infinitely helpful! An HC favorite.
Site Theme Guide by Smoking_Fish
A complete guide to all the neopets site themes and how to get them
Untaken Pet Names
An epic list of untaken pet names

Neoboards and Avatars

Avatar Help by garmfay
This is a complete guide on how to get any avatar you want
The ChatSpeak Dictionary
This is a great page for frequent visitors of the neoboards
Oasias NeoHTML Font Guide
This is an awesome guide for those of us who can't figure out neoHTML
Smiley Central
Codes for the neoboard smilies. This page includes a smiley guide and a petpage directory
Fontastic neoFont Help
My favorite neofont guide. Includes colors, siggy help, picture guides, and text symbol guides

Pet, PetPet, and PetPetPet Directories

Devillair13's PetPetPet Directory
A list and updated price guide of all petpetpet species, as well as petpetpet items and care info.
Petpetpet List by rainbowanimallover
Petpetpet pictures and price lists. Very simple
The Petpetpet Directory by jullemor
Everything petpetpet from users with them to adoptables to games and more

The Petpet Protection League
A guide to the competition that rewards Neopians who have kept their petpet attached to their pet for a large amount of time.
Guide to the Petpet Battledome
A Neopian Times article illustrating the Petpet battledome
Ayperi's Guide to Petpets
A basic guide for those who are new to petpets
All the Petpets
TNT's guide to "all" the petpets, except the really really rare ones.
ScurvyScalawags PetPet Directory
Everything you could possibly want to know about Pirate pets and petpets
A Guide to Protecting Your Petpet
A Neopian Times article on how to protect your petpet from petpet eaters
The Painted Petpet Directory by innuendo
Everything you could want to know about petpets and their items, including a complete(?) list of all the petpets!

Gloomy Grey Neopets
Here you'll find Grey Neopets listed, unconverted and converted.
ScurvyScalawags Pet Directory
Everything you could possibly want to know about Pirate pets and petpets
The Edible Pet Directory
Click here for a list of pets that can be painted to look like food. Mmm I'm hungry now.
Lilic's Krawk Directory
Everything Krawk is right here
Cross Painted Pets
A guide to cross painted pets. How fun!
The Playpen
A baby neopet directory with item lists and baby pictures
Grandfathered Pets
A directory of unconverted (UC) pets. Hundreds of pets are listed here
The Radiance Academy
An Ultimate Genius Directory.
Gallery Spotlight Winners
Every Gallery Spotlight Winner from the oldest to the most recent.

Premade Lookups, Layouts, and Guilds

Roni's Pet Lookup Tutorial
I mentioned this earlier. She provides one highly versatile and easily customizable code. I used it for my lookie.
Premades by avalonsriches
This is a great page if you want neo and non-neo lookies. Definitely give it a look.
Mallow's Premade Lookups
These are some cute, simple, uncluttered, neo-themed lookups
Classic Layouts
This is the place to go for the original lookup layout from years ago
If you want some goth-themed lookies, this is the perfect place.
A fashion and celeb themed page with lookies and more!
Lookies and petpages galore!
Amelia's Lookups
A large assortment of lookups with quite a few different themes. Takes requests!
Jins Premades
All neo-related. Simple and pretty. Takes requests from time to time.
Izzy's Graphics
User and Pet lookups can be found here. The codes are updated to work with neo's new filters!

Avalons Premades
Some neo related and non-neo related lookies that are very cool
Lookups, Petpages, and More by Superfly
A ton of user lookups, petpages, pet lookups, colors, and buttons. I used her code for this page.
Slorg Layouts by Dingbaticus
If you like slorgs, this is the place for you. Scroll down for the PetPage layouts
Jemz Petpages
Some very nice petpage coding here.
Petpages by Kitty
Scroll to the bottom for some awesome premade petpages
Pingus Designs
A pleasantly colorful selection of premade petpages
Lookies and petpages galore!
Rhiannon's Pet Lookups
A new petpage with very pretty pet lookies!

Shop Layouts
Ammetta's Shop Layouts
A neat selection of non-neo related shop layouts.
Free Shop Layouts
Neo-related shop layouts. Very cool.
Shop layouts!
A bunch of Harry Potter shop layouts, and some other ones

Guild Layouts
Lynz's Guild Layouts
Guild layouts galore! I mean, LOTS of them. Neo and non-neo
Draft: A Guild Layout Page
Guild layouts! And you can get custom layouts here too! Sweeeeeet.


Ayperi's Guide to Restocking
An easy to understand guide to restocking
The Simple Restock Guide by veggiebabecutie
A guide specifically for beginners with no fanciness.
Restocking Guide by toot126
A great shop-by-shop walkthrough on how to restock
Restocking Guide by greek2me
An organized guide on how to restock, complete with other helpful links and shop wiz tips
All the Stores in Neopia
A list of all the shops in all the words! How nice!
Neopets Restocking Guide by Kipchipotto7
A nice guide on restocking, complete with pictures

Affiliates and Other Petpage Directories

Aww, you don't like my guide? Tell me why!
Other Directories and Guides
Epic Directory
Paper Thin
Jaded Prison Directory
Avuhh's Guide 2 Guides
Hitakae's Petpage Directory
Ginny's Link Directory
The Petpage Directory
Lorna's Petpage Directory
Soroptimist's Directory

Affiliate requests are closed.


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