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Hi, I'm Sarah and I love to write stories. I plan to publish my books one day, but it occurred to me that I didn't know if anyone would like them. Therefore, I created this site to post my books and have you, the people of the internet, to tell me if you like them or not. So, please have a look around and come back often-I'll be posting a few times a week!

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The Magiccrafter

The Characters in this book are mainly based on my group of friends. I am Violet (duh). In the book, Eve is my friend Abi. Alyssa is my friend Allison. Chelsea is my friend Melanie. Last but not least, Kendra is my friend Gwen. Other characters you will meet are people outside of my group of friends. For instance, Theo is my friend Allison's real-life crush (who shall remain nameless). Also, Zak is based off of Zak Bagans from the show "Ghost Adventures" (yeah, I know, I'm so creative with names *sarcasm*) And he is my celeb crush/role model. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I looked off the deck of my gigantic, seven-story ship to the scene beyond. It was a strange sight, seeing the earthy tones stretch across the horizon. For the past week, all I have seen outside was the rippling, blue-green ocean waters cover the ground below. If you're wondering why I'm sailing, it's because I've been set out on a mission. You see, my name is Violet, and I'm the princess of a strong nation known as Firina. We're not the only nation on this planet, though. There are four other nations and for decades, the world has been in peace. To get a better view on this, the other four nations include Icecena, Nightania, Watna, and Daytem. Each nation has what is known as their "nation's colors." In Firina, our colors are red and black. Icecena has light blue and white, Nightania has black and purple, Watna has dark blue and green, and Daytem has yellow and tan. This may seem confusing now, but when you grow up and live this way, you get used to it. Anyways, let's get back to discussing my mission. The nation of Icecena turned on its neighboring nation, Nightania, and conquered it. Well, they didn't fully conquer it yet, but they've captured most of the army, navy, and other important, political people. I've been assigned by my parents, the king and queen of Firina, to take warriors over to Icecena, free the people, and once again regain peace. Yeah, that does sound like a lot for a thirteen year old girl, but my parents believe I can handle it. We were now docked off the coast of Daytem. The sky was clear, the air was hot…it was a perfect day. Yeah, a perfect day to do some shopping! That's what my best friend, Eve, and I had planned for the afternoon. I've known Eve ever since we were both little. Her family was highly ranked in Firina, for her father was the one and only admiral in the nation. Her father was also one of my father's most trusted advisors. "Hey, Violet, are you ready to go?" asked Eve as she came up from behind me. Her shoulder-length, black hair was brushed straight and she wore a black, v-neck shirt with a red skirt. Her black, leather boots came up to her knees. "Yeah, let's go!" I replied excitedly. As we walked back inside the ship and down two flights of stairs, I made sure I had my change purse. And the most important thing- I had my knife. Yes, I have a knife. It's on a strap on my left leg hidden under my black, leather, boots. Hey, a princess has always got to be prepared! We were at the third floor landing and we started down the long hallway. Eve and I finally reached an opening in the ship where the doors were open. This led to a small ramp extended down onto a dock. Once we climbed of the ramp onto the dock, the scene amazed us. Knowing we're a big ship, we docked farthest away, in fear of getting stuck in the reefs. Looking out, the dock was like an unsolvable hedge-maze. Tons and tons of wood planks zigzagged above the water, leading to boats small and large. "Whoa," commented Eve. "Yeah," I replied, "whoa." Together, the two of us skirted through the mass of people on the dock. Most of the dock was wet and slippery, and several times Eve almost fell in the water. It's not that Eve is clumsy; it's just that I'm pretty agile. We finally got off the dock and onto the solid earth. I took the time to soak it all in. The smell of the sea that I've smelled for the past week was masked by the smell of pine trees and all the edible goods sold by the merchants on the street. We walked around the streets, looking at the goods being sold, and also receiving some, "what-is-the-princess-of-a-rival-nation-doing-here-for?" kind of looks. Eve and I ignored the looks and walked on. "Hey, let's go in here," said Eve as she pointed at a small jewelry shop. We opened the door and stepped inside. The small store was filled with tables cluttered with earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. There was a small door in the back of the store, and colorful decorations lined the room. The store was empty, even the owner wasn't there. Eve and I just looked at each other. "Where's the owner?" asked Eve. As if on cue, the door in the back flew open. A short-haired, blonde girl stepped out. She wore a short, puffy, light-blue dress with a tan apron. Her short hair was pulled into two pig-tails. She looked no older than Eve and me. "Hello," she greeted in an over-excited, high-pitched voice, "can I help you?" "We're just looking," Eve curtly replied. I elbowed Eve in the side. For a few heartbeats, silence filled the room. Then, a strange smell filled the air. It was sweet-smelling, but it also reeked of smoke. "What's that smell?" I asked the girl. The odor seemed to come from the room on the other side of the door. "Oh my!" the girl shrieked. She dashed in the room and shut the door behind her. Once the door completely closed, I started to look around the, um, unique store. On the tables sat different pieces of jewelry. At first glance, they just seemed like regular bead-filled jewelry. Though, they really weren't, if you got a closer look. I picked up one of the bracelets and examined it. Squinting my eyes to see the detail, in the beads, there was a swirl pattern. Only, they weren't just some pattern- they were moving. "Whoa!" commented Eve. "The preppy blonde chick makes magic jewelry!" I turned around to see Eve trying on a pair of black earrings. I had to hold back a chuckle- typical Eve; she always goes straight for the black. "I need to get these!" she shrieked as she looked at herself in one of the mirrors on the wall. Now that was not such an Eve thing to do. Eve despised the way-to-happy people, which explains her dislike for the owner of the store. "They swirl," I said, "I wonder what's inside of them." "There's only one way to find out," said Eve as she picked up a necklace. I knew exactly what she was thinking. I hope the "you break it, you buy it" rule didn't apply here. Before Eve had a chance to slam the red and blue beaded necklace on the floor, the back door slammed open. I breathed in a sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to break it as much as Eve, but I really didn't want the people of Daytem to think we came for trouble. Seriously, the blonde girl will tell her friend, who will tell someone who will totally exaggerate it, and, before you know, we will have started a war. Oh, you don't believe me? With all this "peace," the world is just waiting for another war. Really, and there's those idiots who deliberately cause one. My gaze switched back and forth between Eve and the girl. The girl was staring at Eve with daring eyes, like she was actually telling Eve, "Go ahead, I dare you to see what will happen." Eve was staring at the girl with an I'm-so-busted look. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Taking her eyes off of Eve, she turned towards me and said, "Have you taken a look around?" "Yeah," I replied, "but what kind of beads are they?" "I can't say. It's a secret." Oh well, she probably didn't want her "special" beads to be sold by other people. I don't see what difference it would make anyway. I mean, it's not like she hasn't had a good amount of customers before. The boutique was so empty. Though I was okay with not knowing what kind of beads these were, Eve was still looking at the shop owner with disapproving eyes. I could tell she really didn't care about the beads either; she just wanted to break something. "So," I said, breaking the silence once more, "what is your name?" "I'm Alyssa," she chimed. "Well, Alyssa, I am-" she cut me off. "Oh, I know who you are," she said, "You're Princess Violet of Firina." "Yeah, and this is Eve." I introduced. "It's nice to meet you," Alyssa said to Eve with a taunting I'm-the-bigger-person-here tone. "You too," replied Eve with an I-can-play-nice-too attitude. These two were like day and night, which fit nicely because Eve was dark like night and Alyssa was bright as day. I went back to looking at the jewelry. There was this really nice black necklace that caught my eye. It alternated big and small beads and a large, black pendant hung from it. This would be great for royal parties back home. "How much for this necklace? I'd love to wear it to something fancy," I said. "Oh, these pieces of jewelry are not for looking nice. These can be used as weapons." "What?" Eve and I both asked in unison. "When worn, these bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings can be use to improve battle skills," she explained. Just as I was about to speak, and idea popped into my head. Think about it- we were on our way to battle, we could use these. And, why buy a bunch when you could simply hire the person, so that we (meaning my nation) could be the only ones with this advantage. "Alyssa, how about I offer you a deal that you couldn't possibly pass up," I told her. "What?" she asked. "Yeah," said Eve shooting me a look, "what?" "Come on my ship. I will pay a lot to make these weapons. Probably more than you would ever make staying here." Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak I said, "Think about it, a nice home, free clothing, and free food." Eve widened her eyes. I shot her a just-go-along-with-me look. She rolled her eyes back at me. "Well," said Alyssa, "it does sound nice…" she took a moment to ponder. "I'll do it!" she chimed. "Great," I replied, "how about we swing by tomorrow to get you. I'd start packing if I were you." "See you then," she replied. Eve and I left the shop and as soon as the building was out of site, she asked, "What was that for?" Was it really possible to hate someone that much? "Think about it," I said, putting my arm around her, "Those things are weapons. How would you like to be the only nation in the world to have them?" "Well," she sighed, "I guess you're right. Plus, we probably need them for when we reach Icecena." Awesome, Eve and I were on the same page. The walk back to the ship seemed to take forever. We had to, once again, cross the retched dock. When we were finally on board, the sun had set. I walked to the very top of the ship, where the floor was the smallest and only contained one room- my room. My room had a large bed against the back covered in a red, hand-made quilt. Two little tables sat on both sides of the bed. A dresser and a wardrobe sat against the right wall while a vanity and a desk sat on the opposite side of the room. Since the floors were all metal, a large, fuzzy black rug laid in the center of the room, almost reaching the walls. When I closed the door, I made my way over to my dresser and pulled out a simple, black nightgown. Just then, I realized how tired I was. I couldn't wait to fall asleep. When I was finally in bed, I was out in no time.

Chapter 2

I woke with the sun shining on my face through my open windows. I inhaled the salty ocean sent, stretched, and got out of bed. I ambled over to my wardrobe and picked out a short-sleeved black shirt with a red pattern sewn onto it. I also picked out black pants and tucked the legs inside my knee-high boots. After I was satisfied with my outfit, I went over to my dresser. Wow, my hair wasn't as messed up as I thought it would be. I didn't have any clue how to do my hair, so I put it into a long braid. I should probably go find Eve so we can have breakfast. That instant, I realized that I didn't anything all day yesterday, well, except for breakfast that morning. I practically slid down the spiraling staircase to the floor below mine. This was where the more important people slept, like the captain, important guests, and of course, Eve. I ran down the hallway to the very last door and knocked on it. "Eve, are you there? Eve?" I called. I heard moaning from the other side of the door. "You're not still sleeping, are you?" Again I say, typical Eve-sleeping in until noon. "Get up, you lazy butt!" I teased. "I'm- I'm coming," she sleepily called. I waited outside her door leaning against the wall. Knowing how hungry I was, the time seemed to drag on forever. Ugh, how long does it take her to get dressed? Seriously, it's not like I have all day. We still needed to go pick up Alyssa and get her situated on board before we leave. Finally, Eve stepped out of her room. "Ugh, it's about time you came out of there!" I complained. "Sorry, well, let's go get some breakfast," she said. We walked down two flights of stairs and entered a short hallway with only one door. That door lead to the giant rest hall. People ate, relaxed, and basically just hung out there. We headed to the very back of the room, where there was a giant, fancy buffet table. Eve and I both grabbed a plate. I took some toast, bacon, and dippy eggs and Eve and I both walked over to our table. Really, it was our table-like it was reserved just for us. Once we sat down, we began eating right away. We finished our meals quickly. Once we were done, we went down a couple flights of stairs and went out the door of the ship leading to the docks. Once again, we carefully made our way towards the mainland and to Alyssa's small shop. Once we entered, I wondered if we were in the right store. Everything was bare. The walls were plain, and no tables cluttered the center of the room. Instead, boxes filled the room. "Alyssa? Are you here?" I called. No one answered. "Oh well, we tried. Let's go, I saw this cool leather store down the street. You know how I like me some boots!" I rolled my eyes. Finally, the back door of the store opened and out came Alyssa. "I'm all set! I even found people to carry my boxes." I looked behind Alyssa and three large, muscular men stepped out. By large, I mean they were enormous. They were super tall, probably around seven or eight feet tall. Their muscles looked rock solid. "Just put them on the dock in front of the boat, I'm sure they'll do the rest," Alyssa instructed, glancing at me. I nodded. The three guys automatically grabbed all large boxes, all at one time. Wow, they were strong. The three guys hurried out the door. "Holy crap," commented Eve, "those guys are huge!" We both turned our attention back to Alyssa who was apparently watching us stare at the mountain-sized men. Well, I guess it was time to-weather Eve liked it or not-get Alyssa situated on the boat. There were a few empty rooms on the floor Eve lived on, and, oh, we needed to get Alyssa a new wardrobe. Luckily there was a tailor onboard just in case soldiers tore theirs in battle or someone grew out of something. Since Alyssa was going to be a part of Firina, she needed to dress like it. "Well, let's go get you on board." I said as I left the now empty store, Eve and Alyssa following closely behind. As we got back to the boat, I instructed some of my men to carry the boxes up to the sixth floor. When we got up there, Alyssa picked the last room in the hallway, which was, in my opinion, the biggest room left. The men who followed us up set the boxes down and went down the stairs to get the rest. "While they're lugging boxes, follow me, we'll get you new clothes. I took Alyssa down a flight of stairs, where the tailor's room was. We entered the room and David, the tailor, greeted us. "Ah, Princess, what may I do for you?" he asked. "Well, Alyssa here is joining us and will need some clothes," I replied. "Why, of course! Come Alyssa, we will get you fitted," "Okay," she replied sweetly. "I'll leave you two at that. See you in a bit," I said as I left the room.

Chapter 3

As I was slowly walking up the stairs, a door slammed open. I paused on the sixth floor to see Eve poking her head out her doorway. "Good, you're alone," she said. "Where's that Alyssa chick?" "She's in David's office. Why?" I asked. "No reason, hey, I wasn't joking about the boots. Let's go," she said, closing the door to her room. She took my arm and together we, again, walked down the--what seemed like never ending--spiral staircase. After we passed the dock, Eve lead the way, taking me to the leather store. When we finally reached it, we pushed open the wooden doors and stepped inside. Unlike Alyssa's small boutique, the leather shop was packed with people. Eve and I quickly started to look around. Of course, Eve went straight to where the knee-high, black, thick-soled combat-boots were. I went over to where I found pairs of long, black, leathered gloves were. There were no fingers on them, only a slot for your fingers to fit through and one to put your thumb through. I tried them on, and fell in love with them. The outer side of my arm was exposed, but black lace was stitched across the gap. Yep, I was definitely going to get these. I didn't see anything else I wanted, so I met back up with Eve and together we walked up to a table in the front of the store, where a rough-looking man sat. He had shaggy, dirty blonde hair. His pale, light blue shirt was covered in dirt, and his tan pants were wrinkled. I set my gloves on the table. "That will be ten coins," he said. I took out my coin purse and handed him ten, silver coins. "Thank you and have a nice day," he said as he put the coins into a small tin box. He put my gloves into a paper bag and handed it to me. I stepped aside and waited for Eve to get her boots. We went outside and realized it was starting to get dark. We walked back to the boat and, once again, we walked up the stairs. Jeez, do you know how many stairs we climbed today? I lost count after a hundred. I stopped on the fifth floor. "I'm gonna to go see how Alyssa's doing," I explained as Eve raised an eyebrow at me. She sighed, "Well, I'm going with you, I mean, I have nothing better to do," I walked down the hall to David's office, and before I could touch the handle of the door, it opened. Alyssa came walking out, carrying a stack of clothes. She looked different. Oh, wait; she was wearing a pair of her new clothes. She had on a red, short-sleeved dress that came up a little above her knees. She had a little black apron on. Alyssa wore a pair of black flats, and white socks that went up to her knees. Her short, blonde hair was curled, which was actually cute looking. I wonder if my hair could do that. Huh, I guess I'll try it sometime. "So, do you guys like it?" she asked as she spun around. I opened my mouth to comment, but Eve spoke first. "Like it?" she asked, ready to say some other derisive remark. I elbowed her in the shoulder. "It's, um, interesting," was all I managed to say. The truth was, she looked like a large five year old. "Thanks, I like to look unique," she said sweetly. "Unique?" Eve started again. "Shh" I muttered so that only Eve could hear. "Well," said Alyssa, "I better get back to my room to set up. I'll see you two in the morning" Eve and I both watched Alyssa walk down the hallway and up the stairs. Once she was gone, Eve turned back to me. "I don't like her," she, once again, said. "Hey, maybe you'll get used to her. Or, maybe you'll rub off on her," I said. "Plus, this is the last day we're docked here. You're officially stuck with her." Eve just sighed. We headed up the stairs, I said goodbye to Eve on the sixth floor, and continued up to the seventh. I wasn't tired. Instead, I went over to my window and looked out. The black waves crashed against the boat, spraying the ocean water on my face. I stuck my head out and looked up. Yeah, it looked okay to climb. I got myself perched on the windowsill, turned, and grabbed the roof of the ship. Then, I easily pulled myself up so that I was now sitting on the very top of the ship. I felt on top of the world with the wind mixed with salty spray on my face. I could barely see the world around me. The boat was once again sailing, and it felt normal again. The rocking of the boat, the smell of the smoke, and the muffled sounds of the crew eased my mind. I felt good, I felt peaceful. It was soothing. My tranquil state of mind was interrupted by someone. "Can't sleep?" They asked. "No," I said as I turned to see Alyssa standing behind me. "Eve doesn't like me, does she?" she asked. "Wait, how did you get up here?" I asked, confused. "Don't try to change the subject," she said, still with a calm tone in her voice. I sighed, "She'll get used to you. She's just, I dunno, Eve," I shrugged. She said nothing, instead, she just stared at me, expecting me to go on. "She thinks you're too upbeat. You know, too preppy and optimistic," I explained. She came and sat down next to me. "Can I tell you something?" "Of course." She took a deep breath in. "Well, maybe I should start from the beginning. Ever since I was born, I've been expected to rule Daytem." Before she could say more, I interrupted her, "Wait—you're royalty?" "Yes. Now, let me continue. Yes, my family is royalty—just like you. Although, unlike you, I never wanted to rule—my parents tried to teach me, but it didn't interest me. I've tried and tried to get myself into it, but it didn't work. Instead, I've always been into jewelry making. My parents scolded me for that. They kept pressuring me, but I kept refusing. Last year, I ran away—I couldn't take the hate anymore. So, I set up my own little boutique, and that's how I've been living." "So that's how you got those people to take your stuff to the ship," I added. "Yeah," she said, "they're old friends of mine. No one knows where I went after I left. Really, no one cares. Well, except them. During the miserable times in my life, James, Logan, and Alec were the only people I could talk to. You know—they're actually our age." "What?" I asked incredulously. "Yeah, they work out…a lot." "Huh, that explains a lot." It was strange how Alyssa just opened up to me, I mean, not that I didn't like that, but, I met her yesterday. Actually, now that I look at it, this all went by so quickly. Really, I just met her and it was fate that she had to come on my ship. Plus, it would be a good thing to have her. Knowing that we're going to Icecena, her mystical beads would come in handy. Hopefully this will all end well, and we successfully rescue the people of Nightania. "Well, I better go finish setting up my room," said Alyssa, interrupting my mind babble. "Okay, see you later," I said, turning my attention back to the blackened sea. After what seemed like hours in my safe haven, I think I fell asleep. I mean, I really can't remember anything after Alyssa left. Well, I know I fell asleep, for I woke up under the bright sunlight and the cawing of birds. I got up and ran my fingers through my long, brunette hair. Wow, it wasn't as messed up as I would have thought! I walked over to the edge of the roof, turned around, grabbed the roof, and easily slid through my -blocked- Man, I had to go up there more often. There was pounding on my door. "Violet! Wake up, sleepy head!" Eve yelled. "Coming," I yelled back as I hurried over to my vanity. I put on a quarter-length sleeved red shirt, a black skirt that went just above my knees, black fish-net tights, black knee-high boots, and my new pair of gloves. I brushed a few times through my hair and decided it was good enough. I opened my door and greeted Eve. "Hey, come on, let's go see what Alyssa's up to," Eve said. I paused for a few seconds. Why would Eve care about what Alyssa's doing? "Um, okay," was all I managed to say. I followed Eve down the stairs and down the hallway to Alyssa's room. We knocked a few times on her door and it swung open. "Hello," greeted Alyssa with a grin, "come on in!" We stepped inside Alyssa's room. The walls were covered in blueprints and drawings. The smelting pot was in the back corner. Shelves were hung on the back wall with jars filled with glowing who-knows-what. A small bed sat in the front, right corner and opposite of that was a wardrobe. Tables sat in the middle of the room with fancy-looking tools on them. Boxes were placed next to the wardrobe, and the tables all had tall, white candles on them. Wow, this was way different then how I saw it last time. It actually reminded me of Alyssa's old boutique, except for the living aspect of it. "Do you like?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. "Like it?" Eve said—again, for that matter. "It's reminds me of your shop," I commented. "Yeah, I know," she said with a smile. "Well, if you ask me—and I'm sure you wouldn't want to—I would say you need to paint something black. You're bed, wardrobe, the tables, all of the above, I really don't care. Just, something black would be fine." Eve rambled. Alyssa ignored Eve, "Well," she said, obviously talking to me, "I had this idea last night, and I thing you might appreciate it." She walked over to one of her walls and pointed at a well drawn sketch of a sword and shield. "Look, if I can manage to put my beads into these slots," she motioned with her fingers at the circles on the sword and shield, "they could have the same effect as the beads." "You're a genius," I said, still looking at the sketches on the wall. This is all gonna work out in the end, I thought to myself. "Yippee!" she spun in a circle, her—now black—puffy dress spun around. "That's it!" Eve screamed. "I can't take this anymore!" She grabbed Alyssa's wrist and started towing her to the door. "You are going to get a makeover!" Alyssa looked back at me as she was being pulled out of the room. She mouthed the words "Help me!" as she disappeared into the hallway.

Chapter 4

I followed Eve and Alyssa down the hallway. Eve practically slammed her door open, and she dragged Alyssa inside. I came in to find Alyssa sitting on Eve's bed and Eve rummaging through her wardrobe and dresser. Articles of clothing flew across the room as Eve through them at Alyssa. "There," said Eve, "these are some of my old clothes. I suggest you wear them instead of the crap you have on right now." Alyssa looked from Eve to me. I nodded. "Okay," said Alyssa, "I'll wear them." "Good," said Eve, satisfied. There was a few moments of silence between the three of us. "Well?" asked Eve, looking at Alyssa. "Well, what?" she asked, obviously confused. "Well go get your butt back to your room and change your clothes, fool!" she spat. "Um, ugh, okay then?" it was more of a question then a response. Alyssa ran out of the room carrying a stack of black and red clothing…but, since it was Eve's, it was mostly black. How much longer could I stand these two? I'd probably go mad by the time we ever reached Icecena. Before I knew it, Alyssa came bouncing back into the room with her new-and-improved outfit. She had on a black tank-top with a short black skirt. She still had on her black flats, but under them she had red stockings. Yep. Eve had really rubbed off on her. "So…?" Alyssa asked. "Much better," Eve and I said in unison. I think a caught a little bit of relief in her eyes, but it quickly changed back to the preppy, happy person she was. I looked out Eve's -blocked- It was about sun high, and I was starving. "Lunch?" I asked them. They both nodded and murmured in agreement. Alyssa nodded. "Do you get it?" I asked. "Yep," she said, "I get it. Oh, that reminds me…" she said as she reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a necklace. It had all different colored beads—red, blue, yellow, black, and white. "Here you go!" she said as she handed it to me. "Thanks," I said, as it examined the glowing necklace. It had the same swirls inside as the ones at the shop. I unlatched the necklace and put it on. I had a weird, sudden feeling of power pass through me, causing a shudder to travel down my spine. "Cool, huh?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, "it's really cool." Alyssa smiled, pleased that I liked her necklace—or, magic necklace at that. The point is she was happy. Which, it probably wasn't that hard to make her happy. Alyssa's eyes were, once again, filled with pride and joy. I had to hold down a laugh. Eve had the same reaction as me. She closely looked at the swirls in the center of the beads and then tried them on. They were so Eve. The rest of lunch was just filled with insignificant small-talk. Actually, the whole rest of the day was. Nothing really happened. We hung out on the deck of the ship, gave Alyssa a tour, and actually ate dinner. (Which, is really weird because I haven't eaten dinner for a few days now.) When it was dark out, I changed into a pair of sweat-shorts and a t-shirt. When I got into bed, I easily fell into a deep sleep. Tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. THUD. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. THUD. My eyes flew open at the sound of the tapping and thudding. I groaned. It sounded like it was coming from above me—the roof. I groaned again. What could possibly be making that annoying noise? I got out of bed and climbed up on to the roof to see a figure standing on the edge of the seventh floor roof. They jumped, seemed to hang in the air for a few seconds, and then landing on the sixth floor roof with a THUD. So that was the noise! I could hear the tap-tapping of the figure climbing back up onto the seventh floor. As I got closer, I managed to make out the figure to be Alyssa. She seemed to notice me too. "Oh, um, hi, Violet," she stuttered. "Alyssa, what are you doing up here?" I questioned. She sighed, "Well, I guess I have to tell you now." She took a deep breath in, "You know the swirly stuff on the inside of my beads?" I nodded. "Well, this is how to catch the magic. The magic floats in wisps, see?" She held out a small jar with glowing red light. "See this? This is a fire wisp," she explained. "Fire?" I asked, a little confused. "Yeah, as in, the element of your nation…fire. Oh, and here-" she said holding up a small jar of blue light, "-is the wisp for the element of water." "Ooh, I get it now." I said. Automatically, my hand went up straight to the chocker necklace Alyssa gave me the day before. Alyssa saw my hand on my necklace. "Yes, that special necklace holds all the elements—fire, water, ice, day, and night. You can use that power to use the elements whenever you want. That's why I wanted to put it into weapons too, because it would be kinda weird to have grown men running around in jewelry." "Well, I like your idea, why don't you send those blueprints to the blacksmith on the fifth floor. He's the room right across from David's office. You should stop by in the morning." "Okay," she replied. "Well, I, um, better get back to bed," I said. "See you later." I climbed back down through my -blocked- I went back to bed and, in no time, fell into a deep sleep…again. When I got up, I hurried up, got dressed, and did my hair. I hurried out my room and down the stairs to Alyssa's room. I knocked on her door and, once again, she opened it right away. She was already dressed in some of the clothes Eve gave her yesterday. "Hey, Alyssa," I said. "Do you wanna go give Frank, the blacksmith, your blueprints?" "Sure, hold on," she said as she ran back in her room. She tore down the two drawings from her wall and came back to the doorway. When we walked past Eve's room, I could tell she was still asleep, for some of her heavy snoring could be heard from the hallway. Alyssa and I went down the stairs and to Frank's office. "Hello Princess," he greeted me as we entered the room. "Oh, who is this?" "This is Alyssa, she works on board now." "Oh, yes. I have heard of her." "Pleasure to meet you," Alyssa greeted, shaking Frank's hand. "I have designs of weapons I'd like you to make for me." Alyssa put her drawings on the table. Frank examined him closely. "Ah, yes," he said as he commented on the blueprints. I'll have these done as soon as possible. We said our goodbyes and left the room. "Follow me," said Alyssa as she grabbed my wrist. She towed me all the way back to her room. "Sit," she said as she motioned to a wooden chair next to one of the tables in the center of the room. "What are you-" I began. Okay, I was totally confused. What the heck was she up to? Alyssa put the small, glowing jars on the table. I looked from the red jar to the blue, to the green, to the yellow, and finally to the purple. The contents seemed to float around freely in the jar. I remembered what she said the night before. The glowing things in the jar were wisps of elements. "So how do you get these," I tapped on the purple-glowing jar, "inside the beads?" "Oh, that's simple. Let me show you." Alyssa started rummaging through a box that sat under the table. She finally took out a small bead and a funnel. She quickly held up the bead, showing me there was a teeny tiny hole at the top. By tiny, I mean tiny! If she hadn't of held it directly under the light, I wouldn't have noticed the small hole. Then she held up the funnel. The funnel had a very fine tip to it. She stuck it in the bead and held up the red jar. "Okay," she began, "let's use fire, since it's your nation's element." "Our nation," I corrected her. "Our nation," she agreed, smiling. Alyssa opened the lid to the jar and poured a small drop into the funnel, filling the glass bead. As the wisps entered the bead, I felt my necklace start to vibrate. I looked down and saw all the red beads glowing brightly. I felt the beads grow warm, and they cooled as Alyssa closed the bead with a miniscule piece of glass that fit the hole in the bead perfectly. "Wow," I said. Dang, that was a stupid thing to say. "Cool, huh?" she asked. "Yeah," I replied. And now I knew the secret behind her jewelry…or did I?

Chapter 5

Someone started pounding on the door. "You guys in there?" the voice asked. "There's someone here for Alyssa! Come on, let's go!" It was Eve. Wait…someone was here for Alyssa? What the heck? Who could possibly be here for her? I mean, she just moved in a few days ago. Odd… We opened the door to see Eve standing in the hallway. Her hair was a black nest upon her head. Obviously, she'd just woken up. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, "I don't know how the heck she managed to get on here, since we've been sailing for a few days 'n all, but she's on the roof waiting for Alyssa." I looked from Eve to Alyssa and then back to Eve. We followed her down the hallway to her room and she let us inside. Her room was all black, of course. Her bead covers had an intricate pattern that reminded me of a spider web. Her dresser was very dark wood, and it matched her wardrobe and vanity that sat on the back wall. Also on the back wall, there was a window, much like mine. "Well, while I was asleep," she nudged her head towards her bed, "someone was tapping on my -blocked- I got up and opened it, only to see a girl hanging upside down from it like a monkey. And if all that's not weird enough for you, she wanted to talk to Alyssa." Wow, she sounded ticked. Survival tip: never, ever wake up Eve. I stuck my head out the -blocked- Two stories up, I could scarcely see a figure dressed in all black—black hat, black coat, black gloves, black pants, and black shoes—sitting over the edge of the roof. She seemed to notice me, and she easily slid down the side of the boat. Whoa, she had super agility! When she got to the window, everyone backed away. She grabbed the top of the frame, stopped herself from sliding, and then she swung herself in the room…perfectly on her feet. "Geez, Alyssa! Why didn't you tell me you were moving? It took me days to track you down!" the girl complained. She wore all black, black shirt, black pants, black boots, and black gloves. The only exposed part of her was her head, but she wore a black beanie on top of her flaming orange hair. On her belt (also black) she had a pair of numb-chucks tucked on the right, a graphing hook and rope on the right, and on her wrist, she had a pouch of throwing stars. "Chells? How did you find me?" Alyssa questioned. "Ugh, it was hard. It would have been easier if you were on land!" the girl replied. "How did you get on here?" Alyssa and I asked at the same time. "You don't need to know," she smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry," Alyssa apologized, "Violet, Eve, this is Chelsea. She's a…" Alyssa gave Chelsea a can-I-please-please-tell-them look. Chelsea nodded. "She's a ninja. Oh, Chells, this is Eve and Princess Violet." Eve and I exchanged looks of surprise. Wow, a ninja! I guess that's why she had what she had attached to her belt. "Nice to meet you," she said politely. "You never answered my question," said Alyssa. "How did you get on board?" "We ninjas are all-knowing," Chelsea's grin widened. "So what are you doing here? You live in Daytem, what are you doing with these Firinians?" Alyssa quickly explained what happened at the shop; only, she left out the part where she was going to put the beads into weapons and shields. I could see why, obviously they were friends, but when it came to big secrets, Chelsea couldn't know. Who knew who she worked for? Not us. "Well," Chelsea sighed, "I was going to live with you, but now since you're with them I guess I can't." "What?" asked Alyssa. Chelsea sighed again, "I quit my job as a spy for Daytem. You have no idea what they're planning…" "Planning?" Alyssa, Eve, and I said at the same time. "Well, they want to be the first to attack in the war. Well, I mean, there's no war yet, but with Icecena and Nightania, there will be soon. Daytem wants to side with Icecena and help rid the world of the Nightanians. It's all incredibly stupid," she explained. Well, maybe you can trust a ninja after all. She was being open, and she was definitely not lying. Trust me. I'm royalty and I've been trained to seek out liars. Alyssa broke the silence that surrounded us by saying, "Violet, could she stay here?" "Well, I guess you could stay here…" "Yay!" she cheered excitedly. "Oh. My. Goodness!" she said all of a sudden. "I love your boots!" She pointed at the new combat boots Eve was wearing. Random. "Thanks," Eve replied. "I love your, well, black attire." Wow, they seemed to click. I noticed that I've been quit for a really long time. I don't talk all that much when with people—I'm more of a listener. I finally spoke up, "Eve, why don't you go show Chelsea to her room and help her get situated. I'm assuming you don't need any new clothes." "No, I brought my own. Oh, shoot! I left them on the roof, I'll be right back," she said as she practically jumped out the -blocked- I had to hold back a giggle. Hyper much? Chelsea was back in no time with a bag filled with clothes. Eve lead her out of the room. When the door shut behind them, I turned to Alyssa, who was already staring at me. "How do you know her?" I asked. Alyssa took a deep breath in, "Well, I before I ran away, Chells was my best friend. We did everything together. Of course, I was destined to rule, but Chells always wanted to be a ninja. She also wanted to be a trained assassin. Anyways, when I ran away, she was the only person I told where I was going. She'd always come visit me every now and then, but lately, she's been so busy with her work," she explained. "Oh," was all I could say. "Yeah, but don't worry," replied Alyssa. "You can trust her, plus, she's good at invasions." That is a good idea. I guess I'd go talk to Hunter, who was the head of the army. Actually, I should first go and talk to Chelsea about it. As if Alyssa new exactly what I was thinking, she said, "Okay, let's go find Chells and Eve." We exited and then I realized I had no clue what room Chelsea picked. But then we heard loud giggles coming from the room across from Eve. Yep, they were in there. We opened the door to see Chelsea showing Eve how her ninja stars worked. She had a punching-bag hanging form the sealing and on it was a person drawn in ink. Chelsea threw the ninja star in one fluid, wrist-flicking motion and the star glided trough the air. It hit the ink person right in the middle of his forehead. Chelsea seemed to notice our entrance and she turned to face us. "Cool, huh?" she asked. "Awesome," i replied. "Hey, I know you're skilled in combat and invasions and stuff, so how would you like to work with General Hunter and work on the invasion plans?" "Ooh, sounds like fun!" she smiled. "I'm in!" "Cool, do you want to meet him now?" I asked. "Sure," she turned to Eve, "I'll be right back. Next I show you how to use the numb-chucks." "'Kay," replied Eve. I took Chelsea down the stairs and all the way to the other end of the wall. I knocked on the door, "Hunter? Are you there?" "Coming," called a deep, rusty voice. The door opened and he let us inside. "Hunter," I said, "this is Chelsea, she's going to work with you on the rescue mission." "Oh really? But you're so young?" he replied, eying Chelsea. "I'm a ninja," she explained, "and I know much more then you do, and I'm only thirteen. "Well then," he replied, clearing his throat, "I guess we could discuss a few plans, but, not today, I'm a bit busy." "No problem, how does tomorrow morning sound?" she asked. "Great, see you then." Chelsea and I left the room. "So, Chelsea, do you want me to show you around?" I asked. "You can call me Chells, and no thanks, I already scoped out the place when I got here," she smiled. "Oh, okay then." I didn't say anything else. We just walked back to room in silence. Complete silence. "We're back!" said Chells as we entered her bedroom. "Time for me to show you guys how to use the numb-chucks." Eve and Alyssa were sitting on the edge of the bed, so I went over to join them. Chelsea took the ninja star out of the punching bag and stuck it in a pouch filled with stars that was strapped to her lower arm. Then, she took out the pair of numb-chucks. She grabbed the end and started to quickly spin the other side around her. She walked over to the punching bag with it and began to hit it in the head and chest. After a while, Chells stopped. Eve, Alyssa, and I began applauding. "Wonderful," I commented. "Terrific," said Alyssa. "Stupendous," praised Eve. For no reason, all four of us broke out into laughter. It felt good being surrounded by these people. Not only were Alyssa and Chelsea here because they each have a job, but because they were my friends. I've heard of love at first sight, but friendship? Ah, I guess it could happen. "Ugh," complained Eve, "is anyone else here hungry?" "Me," I said. "Me too," replied Alyssa. "Me three," replied Chells. We all got up and went down to the rest hall. When we were inside, we headed over to the buffet table. I grabbed a plate of pasta and a piece of garlic bread. We all sat at our table and ate. "So, we're gonna dock at Watna soon," I said. "I say we go visit the famous Fresh Springs." "The what?" asked Alyssa. "The Fresh Springs," Eve repeated. "It's a small canyon, but water is still in it, about half way. There are all these rivers that lead right to it, so the whole hole is surrounded by waterfalls." "It's said to even having some sort of healing abilities." I added. "That's cool," commented Alyssa with a mouth full of noodles. "Yeah, it is," agreed Chelsea. After dinner, we all went out to the deck of the ship. Out of the misty horizon, we could barely see the thin stretch of land. Yes! It was Watna! "Look!" said Chelsea. "There it is!" "Cool, we'll probably be docked by sunrise," I said, looking at the sky. It was getting dark. The sky was purple and the moon was bright. Eve yawned, "Well, it's getting late, and I didn't have my full twelve hour rest last night," she looked at Chells, "so I'm going to go catch up on my beauty sleep." We said our goodbyes to Eve as she went back inside the boat. "I'm with her," said Chells. "See you tomorrow." "Yeah, I'm tired too," Alyssa and I both said at the same exact time. We burst into laughter and together, we walk up to our rooms. I said goodbye to her on the sixth floor and headed up to the seventh. I changed into a black t-shirt and red and black plaid sweat-pants. I brushed out my hair and braided it. Then, I ambled over to my bed and slipped under the covers. My eyelids felt heavy and I easily drifted off into sleep.

Chapter 6

I was walking in a forest, not knowing where I was going. The trees started to thin and I reached a sandy beach. The sand was cold beneath my feet. I looked down and realized I was bare-foot. Oh well, I walked to the shore of the beach where the tide was coming in. I stood on the wet sand, and felt the rush of cold water as it covered my feet. As the tide continued to touch me, I felt my neck tingle. I put my hand up and realized I was still wearing the necklace of all the elements. The blue beads were glowing. I continued to walk down the beach; a chilling wind blew. Every time a rush of air hit me, my neck tingled and the white-colored beads were shining brightly. I backed up and sat in the warm sand, feeling the setting sun's rays on my skin. The red beads on my necklace tingled and lit up. The sun quickly set revealing the dark sky. My neck tingled and I didn't even have to look down to see the purple beads on my glow, all around me shone purple. Suddenly, the sky was light up with streaks of lightning that covered the sky. Now every color of every bead was illuminated. A voice broke the silence that had surrounded me. "Do not let selfishness engulf you," it said in a voice that echoed the sky, shaking the ground under me. "Use your power for others." "My powers? It's just a necklace! Anyone could wear this thing!" I yelled back to the sky. I attempted to take off the necklace, but it wouldn't budge. The sky voice chuckled, "Foolish girl, don't you know anything? No one else can wear that necklace. They're all unique. Each made for a specific person. Only you have one as powerful as that. No one else has one that has all elements, and no one else will. You have big things to come to you. Remember what I told you before—use your powers for others. The lightning faded. My necklace was no longer glowing. All was silent. The beach began to fade. All was gone. I found myself awake, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. My forehead was drenched in sweat. I wiped my brow and tucked back my hair that seemed to have come out of its braid. Ugh, I probably looked horrible. I went over to my vanity and brushed out my hair. When it looked decent, I went to my dresser and put on black pants, which I tucked into my leather boots, and a black and red striped shirt. Right when I was done changing, Chelsea flew into my room from the -blocked- "What the-" I started. "Violet, we're in Watna! Come on, bring your suit, we're going to the Fresh Springs!" she said excitedly. She jumped up and down excitedly. Without another word, I hurried over to my dresser and pulled out a black and red striped, two-piece bathing suit and a black towel. I just noticed Chells was carrying her own things. "'Kay! Let's go!" she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door. Eve an Alyssa were already waiting for me in the hall. Oh, that reminded me—Eve's birthday was tomorrow! I should get her something in town today. But, since her birthday was tomorrow, that meant mine was in only three days. It's surprising how close our birthdays are. "Awesome, we're all here, let's get this show on the road," Alyssa said as she started towards the staircase. "I'm so excited! I can't wait to see the springs!" commented Chelsea. "I can't wait either," agreed Alyssa as we were walking down the staircase. "It's a breath-taking sight," I told them. "Agreed," replied Eve. Once we reached the bottom floor, we headed out the giant medal doors. What disappointed me was that there was no maze of docks flocked with people. Instead, there was just one, short, fat dock. There were a few small boats docked to the side, but there were no people in site. I lead the way off the dock and to a small dirt path that lead to a thick forest of trees. We kept on the little path until we reached a fork in the road. I've been here a few times when I was little. Only certain people knew about this place due to its power. In Watna, they power most things by water and this is how they got it. So, knowing my way to the spring, I kept going straight, right in the middle of the two paths, off-road. The trees got thicker, and as we kept going, they eventually thinned out. As we got closer and closer to our destination, the sound of waterfalls grew louder and louder. Eventually we came to a clearing. The clearing was the most beautiful sight in the world. There was a perfectly circular canyon in the center of the clearing. Small streams surrounded the hole, making it so there were waterfalls on each side of the canyon. To our right, there was a small bungalow. I remembered this from when I was here last. It was vacant, and people who were at the springs would get changed, eat, and relax there. "Follow me," I told them. I turned back to see everyone but Eve gawking at the magnificent scenery. I headed over to the little hut. As we stepped onto the porch, I turned the handle of the door. Dang, it's locked. "Guys, help me find the key. It's here somewhere…" Almost immediately, Chelsea spoke up, "I found it!" Crap, that was fast. "How did you find it that quickly?" I asked. She chuckled, "You can't hide anything from a ninja!" She handed me the key. I took it and opened the door. We walked into the main room, which was split in half—one side was the living room and the other the kitchen. There were two hallways, one on the left wall and the other on the right. The living room side, on the right of the main room, was covered in a pearl white carpet. A wooden table sat in the middle, with two, long, white couches sitting on both sides of it. The whole back room of the living room side was covered in a gigantic, over-stocked bookshelf. A few comfy, cushioned, white chairs were placed around the room. A small fireplace sat on the far right. On the other hand, the kitchen side, on the left, was covered by a dark wooden floor. Pushed to the right side of the half was a table with six matching wooden chairs that surrounded it. On the other side, there were cupboards and a gas stove. "Eh, a little too light for my taste," said Eve, looking at the living room section. I rolled my eyes. "Eve, you take Chells down the right hallway and scope out the place. Alyssa and I'll go the other way." "'Kay," she nodded. Alyssa and I headed for the hallway on the left. The hallway had three doors total. One was on the right, one on the left, and one straight ahead. I headed for the door straight ahead. It was a bathroom. I searched through the cabinets and drawers—nothing but toiletries filled them. I flew open the shower curtain. It was empty. As I stepped out in the hallway, I almost ran right into Alyssa. "Hey," she said, "nothing but two empty bedrooms." "Nothing but an empty bathroom," I replied. Eve and Chelsea came running up to us. "It's empty," confirmed Chells. "Okay, cool. So now we can get changed and go swimming," I said. I stepped into one of the bedrooms and put my suit and towel on the bed. I saw Alyssa choose the other one and Eve and Chells went down the hall to what seemed to be two more bedrooms. I closed the door and quickly changed into my suit. When I was done, I wrapped my towel around me like a long skirt and went into the main room. Since no one was ready yet, I went over to one of the couches and plopped down on it. Through the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw a black figure dart past the one window that was next to the door. Just then my friends filed into the room. I mentally shook it off. It was probably nothing anyway. Chelsea was dressed in a two-pieced, all black bathing suit with ruffles at the neckline and the top of the bottoms. Eve was dressed in a two-pieced black suit. Skulls were printed all over her suit. On the other hand, Alyssa had a two-pieced, light blue swimsuit with tiny tan polka dots. "Let's go!" said Alyssa. We all left the bungalow. We walked towards the springs until we hit the edge. It was at least a two story fall. We all put our towels down and Chells was the first to step to the very edge. She turned around to face us and smiled. Then she swiftly back-flipped and dove right into the water. I decided it was time for me to jump. I stepped to the edge and instead of doing a backflip, I did a frontflip and dove into the water. The cold water hit me like a good slap in the face. I felt myself plummeting down. I was getting too deep too fast. I finally stopped gliding underwater. I opened my eyes and I couldn't see anything at all. I couldn't see the surface, I couldn't see bottom. I couldn't see anything, just the blue-green water and the blue glow of my necklace. Which way was up? Which way was down? Crap, I've lost all my senses. Soon, I was going to lose all my air. I remembered the trick my mother taught me—blow bubbles out your mouth and whichever way they go, that's the way to the surface. I quickly blew a few bubbles out from my mouth. The floated in a direction that was, from the way I was floating, to my left. I turned and swam as fast as I could to the surface. I finally came up, panting and gasping for air. When I came up, I saw Chelsea and Alyssa already in the water, but Eve was still up on the edge of the cliff, looking like she was going to pee herself. "Come on already!" yelled Alyssa. "Just jump, you chicken!" Chells chimed in. I just giggled. Eve sucked in a ton of air and bit down on her lip. She closed her eyes and jumped. Eve hit the water, went under, and when she came up, she had to push her black hair out of her face. "Now was that so bad?" I asked. "No," she replied looking embarrassed. "But I don't think I'll do it again anytime soon." We all laughed. "Holy crap, Violet, you're necklace is glowing!" I looked down to see the blue beads still glowing. Alyssa, looking very proud of herself said, "It does that. It's true, Violet, it was meant for you. Try it out, do something with the water." I took a deep breath in and stuck out my arms, which was tricky, because I was still treading water. I focused my energy on the waterfalls that surrounded the small lake we were in. Suddenly, the waterfalls exploded, sending water to fall like rain around us. Alyssa giggled and stuck out her tongue to catch drops of water. Eve and Chells were just staring at the falling water with awe. For at least five minutes—even though I stopped controlling the water—the mist surrounded us. But, I could have sworn I saw an apparition in the mist. Ugh, it's nothing! I'm acting stupid. I mentally shook the thought out of my head. After the water settled, I heard Alyssa mumble to herself, "She's the one." "That was amazing!" Chelsea praised. "Awe-frickn'-some," agreed Eve. "Thanks," I smiled. It was starting to get dark outside, so we all called it a night. Now, the only thing that stood in the way of us and the comfy bungalow was the climb back to the top. We all swam over to the edge that looked easiest to climb. I went up first, but I was passed by Chells who had no problem what-so-ever climbing the cliff-side. I carefully climbed, looking for rocks jetting out from the sides to grab and put my feet on. When I could scarcely reach the top, I practically jumped and dug my fingers into the grassy top. I then heaved myself up, and looked back down to see Eve and Alyssa not too far down. Since Eve was tall, she had no trouble reaching the top, but she lazily said, "Give me a hand, would ya?" I rolled my eyes and grabbed her hands and heaved her up. "Thanks," she said as she brushed off dirt from her swim suit. Finally Alyssa climbed up, breathing heavily. When I gave her a "what the crap?" look, she simply said, "What? I don't like climbing" We walked back to the bungalow talking and giggling on how much fun we had. When we got in, we all went to our different rooms, showered, and changed into our clothes. We all ended up meeting back in the main room. "Jeez! I'm starving!" complained Alyssa as she rooted around in the cabinets. "Ah-ha! Chocolate! This place has it all!" We all burst out into giggles. We spent the rest of the evening eating chocolate and relaxing on the comfy sofas in the living room. Eventually, we all went to a bedroom and fell asleep.

Chapter 7

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