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Welcome to Raindrop, a site run by Cream (creamandcoffee). Raindrops offers a large selection of quality userlookups for you to use and enjoy. These lookups are usually compatible in all major browsers, however if you experience any problems with the userlookups check my coding solutions page. Please read my FAQ Section (scroll down) before contacting me, but you have any further comments or questions, feel free to drop me a mail through my userlookup. (subj. Raindrop Comment)

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April 7th 2012
Happy April Fools (for the 1st)! hope you guys had some fun with your pranks, i certainly did ;P anyway i know its been forever but unfortunately im STILL on hiatus, working to come back soon. While this place seems dead, i have actually been popping in from time to time to freshen up the codes with minor tweaks and all. So yeah im still alive! xD

October 1st 2011
Hello guys! as you can see raindrop has been slightly inactive recently, and as a result i'll going to put it on a hiatus till the end of october. don't worry, while im away, i'll be working on a new layout and more userlookups as well as some tutorials and extras! so i'll be back soon with new and improved content! see you then!

September 27th 2011
• Im so so sorry for the lack of updates but i promise there will be a new layout soon!

September 14th 2011
• Not much new stuff will be coming out lately, very busy irl. However I do have a new layout planned so stay tunned for that!

September 7th 2011
• Sorry for the lack of updates, snowed under with exams and homework! Wish me luck D:
• On a more positive note a new style of lookups has been released. The style is named Mystical Surroundings and they are... -wait for it- animated!!! Go check them out now!

August 27th 2011
• Quick update - animated lookups are done and will be posted asap!

August 26th 2011
• Finally being unlazy and linking stuff in my updates
• Gorgeous link back button from Buttoness, Happy Anniversary!
• Super sweet gift from Krazy at Buttons Galore! Go check out her site now and see her gift in the Archives

August 22th 2011
• Almost done on new lookups, be excited :*
• Feel free to make suggestions for new content, i would highly appreciate it!

August 20th 2011
• So sorry for the update-less-ness! I've been slightly busy, sorry!
• Working on new content, bear with me!
• New and amazing affiliate Emblazoned

August 15th 2011
• Cleared all previous updates. This will be a long(ish) update so bear with me. =)
• First things first, NEW LAYOUT! The theme is New Light which is not very unique unfortunately, I'm horrible at thinking up creative layout names. Let me know your opinnion of the new layout I would loveeee to hear!
• As you can see this layout is very dark, quite a contrast to the previous layout no doubt.
• I've re-organised much of the content on the homepage and resized the updates box. Hopefully, you'll find the site more convienient now.
• Ok enough about the new layout, I'll be trying to get up some new content and userlookups soon, sorry to keep y'all wating! That's all for now!


Sites, buttons, layouts etc. I'll be featuring anything I love here! (Hover on buttons for comments)

Rules of Usage

1. Please do not remove any credit on the userlookups, claim them as your own or redistribute them.
2. Do not use my content for your own premades without my permission. Ask me first!
3. You may edit the layouts and "write edited by me" or something like that but you must keep the credit on.
4. If you see someone breaking any of the rules, don't hesitate to let me know.
5. Please don't use my codes/graphics to make your own graphics

Visitor Service Desk

What is the visitor service desk you ask? The visitor service desk is simply a small section of the site where visitors can provide feedback and see what others have said. In other words its basically a fancied up name for a FAQ & Suggestions Corner. I'll be constantly updating things around here and posting new questions/suggestions so check back frequently! Also, if you see a question/suggestion already here, then chances are, it has already been addressed so please don't neomail me again about it unless you require a further explanation (which I may or may not be able to provide).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make a custom userlookup for me?
Unfortunately not, I'm incredibly busy. I will make it known on this site should I publicly open requests!

2. What program/s do you use to make your userlookups?
I use Photoshop CS4 to make graphic bases for my lookups. Then I just code them on neopets!

3. Can my site affiliate with Raindrop?
If affiliate requests are open (check sitely section) and you own a HIGH QUALITY graphics-related site, then sure thing! Copy and paste the form below into your URL bar. Please note that if you become inactive without notice, I'll have to remove you, sorry!

Ask a Question?


You can neomail suggestions for anything (e.g. userlookups ideas, site suggestions, comments etc.)

Popular Userlookup Suggestions:

• Animated/changing lookups **NEW PRIORITY
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• Heroes & Villians
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Working On ATM!
• Darigan

Past Layouts

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Layout: V:1//Faerieland Magic


Thank you so much guys! You're all amazing~
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• Layout, coding, content and ideas by me (creamandcoffee) unless specified otherwise. No Stickypaws please!
• Dividers from The Lunch Box
• Background and textarea pattern from Teacake Backgrounds and counter base from Zeal
• Icons and textures on layout and premades from Nienke's Resources
• Thanks to Background Bonanaza & Lilacia's SWF Collection for all the SWFs
• Thanks to Alex for help on the userlookup codes!
• Thanks to all my lookup models/testers and these amazing sites 1 | 2 | 3 for letting me use their content in my premades!
• Everything else in Raindrop that was not made by me, links back to the original creator.
• Did I forget to credit you? Mail me right away!