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July 15th, 2015

June and July's SOTM picks have now been chosen and drum roll please go to Vivid and Unique Sites!

June 3rd, 2015

Sitesaholic, a brand new community and site loyalty program has officially begun it's beta. Feel free to get your site approved to beta test, or if you don't have a site, sign up to beta test!

may 31st, 2015

Sweeter's Cafe is finally back with open review requests after months of being inactive! So what are you waiting for? Request a review today!

may 26th, 2015

Autumn Rain have finally announced their very first SOTM award and the award goes to *drumroll* Landscape, a button request site. Congratulations!

Welcome techno_chic25

Hello and welcome to Autumn Rain a link directory started by Tallie. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for! Officially opened on the 19th April 2015
If your site doesn't fit into any of the categories listed let me know and I can add another one especially for you.

Autumn Rain currently lists
69 sites
1 guilds

Button by Peaceful

Normal Sites:
Recommended Sites:
Inactive Sites:
Recommended Inactive Sites:

There are no terms and conditions for getting your site listed and there is no requirement to link back. If you'd like to link back you can find some snazzy buttons here.


August 3rd, 2015

+2 Sites
I am still here but requests are pretty slow.

July 20th, 2015

Listings are now back open
+ 1 new site.

July 15th, 2015

+ too many sites to list here :)
Although a bit late I have listed June and July's SOTM picks!
Requests are also closed for the time being

29th June, 2015

I am still here requests have been slow that is the reason that I haven't updated much over the last two weeks. (Also the AC has been on.) In the last couple of days I seem to have got an influx of requests, so I have closed them until I can catch up with the ones I have received. If you have NMd me a request before today please be patient I will get round to adding you.

June 15th, 2015

+ 2 new sites
Sorry for the lack of updates listings are slow and the Altador Cup is still on.
SOTM will be announced at the end of the month.

June 9th, 2015

+ 2 new sites

June 6th, 2015

+ 9 new sites
+ 1 new guild
+ 1 new affies
We are now recommended at Teacup!

June 3rd, 2015

+ 1 new site
+1 site news

June 2nd, 2015

Please note that getting listed may be slow due to the altador cup as I'm an avid player Thanks for your patience in advance
+1 new site
+1 new affie! Archways!

may 31st, 2015

+4 new sites
+1 site news

may 29th, 2015

+ 8 new sites

may 26th, 2015

  • + 2 new site
    • SOTM awarded to Landscape!

      may 25th, 2015

      • + 3 new sites.

        may 21st, 2015

        • + 1 new button
          • + 1 new icon- I should be picking a SOTM soon for May!

            may 16th, 2015

            • + 1 new site listed
              • Updates cleared.

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July 2015

I have awarded July's SOTM award to Unique Sites! It lists all the pages that are hard to find in one easy to reach place. An extremely useful petpage for any Neopian out there to use, quick go and bookmark it. Congratulations!

June 2015

I have awarded June's SOTM award to Vivid! It's run by Ami who always keeps us updated with what the sites around Neopia are active and their site news. Congratulations!

May 2015

Landscape is a fabulous button request site run by Mika. She creates beautiful buttons for all types of petpages and is well deserving of Autumn Rain's very first SOTM award.


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