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< 24 hrs Clicks

Coltzan's Shrine (random)
Get dubloons, Stats or NPs.
Healing Springs (per 30 mins)
Random heal on your active pet, or a free potion.
Meteor Crash Site (per hr)
Poke the meteor in hope to get something! (Guide)
Underwater Fishing (random)
Items fished depends on your fishing level. (Guide)

Pure Dailies

Bank Interest
Before you withdraw or deposit any money, collect your daily interest 1st!
Daily Puzzle
Answer it correctly and get rewarded! (Answer?)
Earn 800 Neopoints a Day!!!
Deserted Tomb
May win an avatar randomly. laurensaranwrap suggested to visit around the 40-45th min of the hr for better rewards. (Guide)
Faerie Crossword
Increase your pet's intelligence or win NPs if you're quick enough. (Answers?)
Fruit Machine
Rare wins of rare items and Paint Brushes. :D
Giant Omelette
Grab 1 free omelette. When the Omelette is "gone", you can create a Tonu pet!
Giant Jelly
Grab 1 free jelly. I'm not allowed to link directly to the Giant jelly, so you have to click, sorry.
Guess the Weight of the Marrow
Well, the title says it. And editing the url directly will NOT win you anything.
Lunar Temple
One free play about the Solar System.
Potato Counter
WARNING! The counter starts the min you click! Open your eyes and count quick!
Qasalan Expellibox
A scarab everyday and you might win some NeoCash!
Shop of Offers
A Slorg appears and gives you some nps. Also check out the advertisements for more free nps if you're free.
Symol Hole
It RARELY gives out anything, but go there for an avatar. Bring a petpet along.
Random win of codestone, bottled faeries and MORE!

Tonu Trouble
I have received at least 6 neomails about the same question:
Hey, on your guide page it says that when the omelette has disapeared you can create a tonu pet. what do you mean by that and where do you get the pet?

I hope this answer clear your doubts:
On random times when you try to get the free omelette, they may give you a notice saying the omelette has gone! and you have to visit another time. When this happens, you MAY be able to create a Tonu, by the normal way of creating a pet, which is by going to the create a pet page. Tonu's are the easiest limited pets to get because of this.

Good luck creating a Tonu!

Within 24 hrs Games

Get rare christmas pbs or neggs! May also increase your pet's int. (Guide)
The games in this section all requires a small amount of NP to play, except the Employment Agency which varies according to the job you take and also the cliffhanger, which is free.
Some Neopians argue that Test Your strength and Treasure of the Black Pawkeet are a waste of time and NPs. Test Your strength gives out rare items on very rare occasions, and Treasure of the Black Pawkeet gives out an avatar randomly if you managed to win.
Employment Agency
(every 10 mins)
Earn NPs, the fun and a rank for your neopets.
Test your Strength
(every 6 hrs)
100np per play. Good luck for the Jackpot.
Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
(every 3 hrs)
300np per play. Random win of avatar! (Guide)
Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
(every 2 hrs)
1,200 NPs gets you a card.
Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk
(every 4 hrs)
500 NPs gets you a card.
Winter Scratchcard Kiosk
(every 6 hrs)
600 NPs gets you a card.
Wheel of Excitement
(every 2 hrs)
150np per spin, win NPs, potions.
Wheel of Knowledge
(every 24 hrs)
500np per spin. You could win Nps or an item.
Wheel of Mediocrity
(every 40 mins)
50np per spin.
Wheel of Misfortune
(every 2 hrs)
100np per spin.
Wheel of Monotony
(every 24 hrs)
100np per spin. This can take hrs to finish. (Guide)
Wheel of Slime
(every 8 hrs)
Spin and get random nps!


See if you have won any auctions with your bids!
Council Chamber
Only available to players who participated in the Altador plot.
New Features
Read this everyday to see what's new on Neopets!
Shop Till
Check your earnings from your restocks.
Stock Market
Check your Stock Market portfolio everyday to see if you're earned!
Trading Post
Check your trades, if there are offers or any good deals for you to offer!
The Laboratory
Choose the correct pet for zapping! (Guide)
The Petpet Laboratory
You MUST have the Secret Lab Ray FIRST before you can use this. (Guide)
Wishing Well
Wish for an item daily and see if it'll come to you!

Hidden Red NPs/ Greetings

NOTE: You will NOT get frozen by doing these hidden np clicks. Neopets do not allow PROGRAMS/pages that allow you to do all of them AUTOMATICALLY with just 1 click. If you do them manually by clicking and finding the NPs yourself, you're safe. Some ads will not appear if you have your Adblock on, so off it before doing these clicks.

Hidden Red NPs
Scroll your mouse over the image until you find a bold red text 'NP' and click on it. The neopoints may take up to 24 hrs to reach you. Not all of them requires you to find the NPs. Some are just plainly watching videos, etc.

For the 1st time, you get 100np each card you send. You will only get NPs for the 1st 3 cards. After that, you'll only get NPs for the 2nd & 3rd card you send.
100 - 150 nps

Apple Jacks

200 - 250 nps

Sultan's Quest
Bedrock SuperStar
Go Places
Son of the Mask


Coming Soon Building
Jamba Juice
Secret Body Spray

300 nps

Froot Loops
Mario 3 on 3

400 - 500 nps

Ant Bully
Raise Your Voice
Holly Hobbie
Sands of time
Cereal Adventure Theatre 1

Berry Lucky Charms
Charlotte's Web
Flushed Away
Mario 3 on 3
Movie Mountain
Sony Ericsson 1
Sony Ericsson 2
Sultan's Quest
Trix Baseball
Darcy's Wild Life - 150nps

Total NPs earned from Hidden Red NPs: ~8,050 nps
Total NPs earned from sending Neogreetings: 2,100 nps


Timed Freebies

Times: NST 2-3 pm, 10- 11pm, 6-7 am. Get rare items or get blasted with a free avatar! (Guide)
Deadly Dice
Time: NST 12am - 1am. Get a rise or drop in level. Good luck!
Bring a petpet along but be careful not to feed it to the king of all petpets! (Guide)
Monthly Freebies
This only works if you have played Neopets for more than 1 month. Go to this page every month.
Advent Calendar
Get free items here every day for the month of December!... only.
This may or may not work. Roll the dice when the NST seconds are even ie. 2, 4, 6 or 8. Make sure you click exactly when they are even. You should level up if done correctly.

All time Freebies

Soup Kitchen
Get endless free food here IF you have less then 3k in bank PLUS shop till.
Rubbish Dump
Similar to Money Tree. It's not as widely used though hence there's rarely anything here. You never know! (Guide)
Second-Hand Shoppe
Similar to Money Tree. Are you seeking stylish wearable items for your Neopet? Look no further!
Word Scramble
#21 woowoogrub
#22 pandaphant
#23 yooyuball
#24 snowmuncher
#25 money tree
#26 frank sloth : not released by neopets yet, but i'm providing the answer first.
Money Tree
All donations go to here. It wouldn't be easy to get anything but hey, who said free items are easy to obtain?
Balthazar's Mega Faerie Bonanza: 6 AM Every day
Muntando Fruit: 10.45 AM/PM, Mondays
Chocolate Giveaway: 5.50 PM Sundays


Much thanks to joderi and neo__bori's petpage for providing very detailed information on the games.

All these games should earn you at least 50,000 nps daily. Neopets changes the NP ratio of games on the 25th day of every month, therefore NP estimations and some games will change. Pls understand and give me some time to change them :)

Sponsor Games (6)

Sponsor Games are often very easy to play and the NPs earned is definitely worth it. Because they come and go all the time, I may have missed out some of them or forgot to remove some outdated ones, do neomail me if know about it!

Survey Shack: Super Daily Survey
Score 120:
139 x 3 = 418nps
Just keep restarting the game if you get 120 points or lower. Adver-Video
Score ???:
500 ~ 4000nps
After watching, spin the wheel! You can do this 5 times per day! Pls off your Ad-block before playing this or it won't work.
Eggo Mainframe Mania!
Score 720:
720 x 3 = 2160nps
Much like the Igloo Garage Sale, all you have to do is to catch the correct disks and avoid wrong ones.
NC Shopping Spree
Score 2946:
530 x 3 = 1590nps
A bit like Usuki Frenzy! Find the card in the maze, then find the correct shopping items! 2 stages! Super Shopping Spree
Score 423:
423 x 3 = 1269nps
Just like Usuki Frenzy game! After a while you will remember where the items are and the game gets easier :)
Sky High Race to the Taste
Score (not sure, i need more practise xD):
Much like Rataouille, click the obstacles to avoid being clashed into it. This is easier said than done!

You should earn about 8,778 NPs if you play all the games in this section and score accordingly.

TOP 20 Neo Games

PLAY SMART: If your game is lagging OR actually doesn't require a high level of game quality, adjust the Game Options before you play! Game size: smaller/bigger for easier play. Game quality: Lower it if the game lags you, or just simply for faster loading.
Score 100:
909 x 3 = 2727nps
Extreme Potato Counter II
Focus on the screen and count ONLY the potatoes! (Guide)
Score 300:
300 x 3 = 900nps
Fashion Fever
Start game, send score! Click on the Send Card button below the send score, and send the card x3 to get a total of 300 nps :)
Score 862:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Kass Basher
This is my favourite game as it's fun and easy to earn NPs! Read the guide to be a pro! (Guide)
Score 410:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Tubular Kiko Racing
Left, right, left, right, and all the way down to the checkpoint!
Score 220:
431 x 3 = 1293nps
Fast and easy, splat that sloth! :o
Score 373:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
You have to click fast and shoot them down. Buy stronger weapons!
Score 901:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Bouncy Supreme
Type bouncebouncebounce for extra life. Practise more and you'll get at least 1000 score soon. (Guide)
Score 2000:
880 x 3 = 2640nps
Crisis Courier
Type kingaltador for extra life. Use your mouse skills! xD
Score 190:
708 x 3 = 2126nps
Escape from Meridell Castle
Valrigard the Draik has been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Can you help him Escape?
Score 130:
488 x 3 = 1466nps
Defender Trainer
Practise makes perfect for this game. And you should know relatively well the names of certain things within Neopia.
Score 2174:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Typing Terror
You should get this as long as you get through all the levels of the game. The last level doesn't matter though.
Score 640:
800 x 3 = 2400nps
Jubble Bubble
Click before the jubjub falls! Otherwise you wouldn't have time as you advance. A fairly simple game.
Score 60:
600 x 3 = 1800nps
Rink Runner
Catch the notes in as little jumps as possible. Watch out for the water holes and hex notes!
Score 415:
909 x 3 = 2727nps
Choose the mode that you can play best, and you should be able to get the points easily.
Score 550:
830 x 3 = 2491nps
Cooty Wars
Shoot them AFTER they opened their parachute for a second or so for a score about +5 or more for each drop.
Score 300:
939 x 3 = 2817nps
Maths Nightmare
Choose the level you're most faimilar with and count away! High NP Ratio!
Score 193:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Kiko Match II
Match the Kikos and earn easy Neopoints!
Score 1515:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Sutek's Tomb
Type plzsutekcanihavemoretime to receive 30 seconds more. Type pyramibread as many times as you'd like to see the next possible move.
Score 519:
1000 x 3 = 3000nps
Let It Slide
Similar to the Mario game, jump and reach jewels to gain points within the limited time. Be careful of the sliding ice though, as you won't be stable while on it.
Score 250:
852.5 x 3 = 2558nps
Ghost Bopper
Used to be Whack-a-Ghost! You may also want to turn your keyboard around to better control the keys...

You should earn about 50,718 NPs if you play all the games in this section and score accordingly.


Faerie Quests
Wait for the faeries to give you one. (Guide)
Illusen's Quest
Get her what she wants, and she'll give you an item in return. The prize is not rewarding until about Lv 20 quest lv.
Jhudora's Quest
Exactly the same as Illusen's Quest.
Snow Faerie Quest
Similar to Illusen's quest, except that there is no Quest Lv involved.
Similar to Snow Faerie Quest.
Brain Tree
Similar to Snow Faerie Quest. You can only complete one brain tree quest by feeding the Esophagor twice.
Kitchen Quest
Similar to Snow Faerie Quest.
Witch Tower
Similar to Snow Faerie Quest.
Overall Guide
If you need further help on the quests, ask the kind folk on the Neoboards here.

Hidden Links

Hidden Tower
Very rare and expensive items sold by the Faerie Queen. You have to be at least 4 months old to access the tower, or you'll be redirected to Faerie City.
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
..." It is thought that, if you click it until it says "o_0" then go to the healing springs, there is higher chance of you being fully healed. However it's not confirmed.
Draik Nest
Bring your Draik egg here and you can hatch it into a real Draik.
Fungus Cave
Bring a Krawk petpet here and transform it into a real Krawk pet.
Smugglers Cove
Smugglers can sell their ill-gotten gains here. Bring some dubloons in case.
The Deep Catacombs
Neopia's Arts and Literature Centre, this is one of the great secrets hidden deep beneath the main town.
Mystical Surroundings
If your Neopet is bored with their background, they may want to check out these new backgrounds.
The Volcano
This place used to have something, but was removed.


There are many competitions to enter to show off your art, writing, HTML or other skills. Millions of Neopians enter competitions for a chance to win that beautiful shiny trophy. Here is a list of all Neopet's most famous competitions.

Site Spotlight
If you have made a fantastic Neopets site, why not enter this contest?
Pet Spotlight
Send us a short description of your pet, what it likes doing...
Userlookup Spotlight
Show off your wonderful custom made lookup!
Art Gallery
Send us a short description of your pet, a picture or drawing of your pet.
Poetry Gallery
If you have a fantastic poem to share, why not contribute it to the Poems Gallery?
Story Telling
Every week we will be starting a new Story Telling competition - with great prizes!
Customisation Spotlight
Does your Neopet look totally faboo? You should enter the Customisation Spotlight, then!
Mystery Picture Competition
We will upload a picture that appears somewhere on the site. You guess what the picture is!
Lenny Conundrum
Every week there'll be a new riddle for you to guess. Entering the competition is free.
Beauty Contest
Can you draw a picture of your Neopet looking great? Well then the Beauty Contest is the place for you!
Better Than You
Every week we will feature a new contestant who is .... Better Than You.
Neopian Times
If you have always fancied yourself as a writer, why not write for The Neopian Times? (Guide)
Caption Competition
Think of the best, wittiest, funniest caption and submit it to us.
Pirate Caves Spotlight
Spent a lot of time playing Pirate Caves Spotlight? Now your level can be a star for a week.
Neopian Adventure Spotlight
Spent days on a great Neopian adventure?
Petpet Spotlight
Your petpet can be a star for a time and be featured on Neopets.com!
Neohome Spotlight
Spent a lot of time and effort on your Neohome? Now your Neohome can be a star for a day.
Neopian Book Award
This prestigious award is given to the Neopet in Neopia who has read the most books.
Petpet Protection League
The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a long amount of time.
Gourmet Club
The Gourmet Club of Neopia awards prizes to Neopets who have a more refined taste in cuisine.
Gallery Spotlight
Spent a lot of time and effort on your Gallery? Think you should be rewarded?
Totally Awesome and Completely Random Contest
What you will be asked to do will vary from competition to competition.
Faerie Caves II Spotlight
Have you created your own level for Faerie Caves II?



Mystery Island Training School
Up to Level 250. Pay by normal codestones.
Secret Ninja Training Sch
Come here when your pet is above Lv 250 with red codestones
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
Up to Lv 40. Pay with dubloons.
Petpet Battles
Petpet Battledome? Win the fights and level up!
Mystery Island Volcano
Need Red codestones? Bring your brown ones and dump then into the volcano!
This strange machine lets you exchange your Dubloons for higher denomination coins.


I suggest to use Firefox, it's way better & safer. Many pages load better with it and the browser has better functions. Neopets load faster, and blocking the ADs process is much easier with Firefox compared to IE.
What are ADs?
It's a short form of Advertisement, and these can often be seen as a long banner at every Neopets page, at the top. Neopets also advertise their own games at the bottom of the page.

Why should I block them?
It takes time to load them, blocking them makes your page loads faster. Even though it may save just a few seconds for a page to load, it does many good in the long run.

How do I block them?
You can either become a premium member which requires you to pay a monthly fee, or follow whatever comes next in this section.

Adblock for Firefox

Download Firefox
You'll have to download the internet browser called Mozilla Firefox to make this work. It's completely safe, and runs faster than Internet Explorer. It also has more features, better security, and reduces the risk of spyware. It is downloadable from

Download Adblock
This is a program that filters advertisements. It is downloadable from this address:
https://addons.update.mozilla.org/extensions/? application=firefox/

After downloading the internet browser and add-on
Open up a Firefox window, go to Tools, Adblock, Preferences.

Go to Options, then make sure there's a check on 'Site Blocking'.

In the window showing which addresses are blocked, look at the list. See the start of the URLs? Some are ad companies that place ads on Neo. Now in the text area, type only the start of one of the addresses. Example: tribalfusion.com. Then click Add.

By blocking anything with tribalfusion in the address, you stop having to block each and every ad by itself.

How do you block all the different sites if your list has nothing on it? Go to View, then Page Source. Look for a code starting: "function write banner (site)", or a code containing the word "i frame" (the top banner). Look at which URL is there. Copy the beginning of the URL. Paste that into the Adblock New Filter, and click add. The most common sites used by Neo and other sites are:

Neo does have some ads on their own servers. The URLs are:

Content from

Adblock for Internet Explorer 7

First, you've gotta use Internet Explorer 7 (might not work on IE, so don't bother). If you don't have the browser yet, go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 download page. (Please google it yourself) After you've installed IE7, you probably gotta restart your computer then come back.

Next, you've gotta download AdBrick (please google for it) - scroll down and find the English-only installer and download it to your computer.

You must also have .Net Framework 2.0 installed in your system, and you can download it from www.microsoft.com/downloads - most modern computers and those who subscribe to Microsoft Updates will have this already.

First install Net Framework, after it's done you have to install AdBrick. After it's all done, you can see a new menu added, but we won't need it for now ;).

Open a Notepad, then copy and paste this into a new file

  • http://fastclick*
  • http://doubleclick*
  • http://banner*
  • http://.ads*
  • http://ads.*
  • http://adlog.com*
  • http://burstnet.com*
  • http://valueclick.com*
  • http://doubleclick.net*
  • http://tribalfusion.com*
  • http://ad.doubleclick.net*
  • http://ads.partnersource.com*
  • http://servedbyadvertising.com*
  • http://images.neopets.com/buttons*
  • http://images.neopets.com/sponsors*
  • http://casalemedia.com*
  • http://images.neopets.com/ads/sponsor/sponsored_links_*
  • http://neopets.com/ads*
  • http://images.neopets.com/728ads*
  • http://vianeopets*
  • http://pagead2*

Save it as Filter.txt in any folder or desktop if you want.

Now open Internet Explorer and click Tools, AdBrick settings and click Import (under file settings) and select the file we just made.

And for the last step, open a Notepad again and copy & paste this in it:

#ban, #ban_bottom { display: none !important; }

Save it as Neopets.css and save it somewhere like My Documents.

Then open Internet Explorer 7, click Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility then click Format with my style sheet and select the file we've just created.

Good luck!

Content from

Updates - 21/03 FRI
I apologise for the really lack of updates, am really busy with life... Anyway I was back to check things out and sadly I do not have time to update the page yet, I am very close to a project presentation then I am setting off to Beijing in a week or so, much preparation has to be done.

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