Welcome, to Crookbeake Manor. A large and dull home stands in front of you, tall and broad. A broken-stone path leads to the door. You walk by the sign, and head on inside. Once inside, you see a peculiar line of glowing spots. Following the path of illuminated purple footprints, which stretch across the floor, walls, and ceiling; you find yourself deep in the old house. Walking up many a flight of stairs and through a maze of hallways, the path is almost done. You come to a stop at a crooked wooden door near the top, slowly turn the handle, and open the door. Nothing but a few candles and a small window light the room, but it appears you've found the mansion's library.

Hey there! This is Beau's pet page. Feel free to look around and read about Beau and his species. Beau was adopted to me on Saturday, May 29th, of the year 2010. That would be during the month of Hunting, in the Neopets calendar. I am so glad to have him home! If you keep checking back, there will be more stuff soon to come, and Beau will be in the Beauty Contest shortly.


A large, and obnoxiously bright, yellow moving truck pulled up the lengthy and narrow drive way. The house was empty- larger than the convenience store down the street. It was roughly eighty feet high, and the towering pines surrounding the edges barely scraped the highest chimney. The old gray shutters were rotted, almost everything needed to be replaced. The front door was something of beauty, how ever. Black metal designs framed the first door, and the thick storm door was pure mahogany.
Two figures stepped out of the truck, a petite brunette and her strangely colored cat.

Why do we have to move, Dayna? Daendi complained as he stepped out of the truck. I like our old apartment, it was nice and cozy, a great place for just you and me. Everything was so serene... Much unlike this funeral home.

His expresion was flat, no emotion. The only hints to his feelings were the slightly-too-high pitch in his voice and the posture with which he held himself.

I must have told you time and time again, Dae! Dayna replied as she attempted to lift more than enough suitcases from the empty truck, the driver having mysteriously disappeared.Our old home is too dangerous. Look at you! Don't you remember the cuddly orange kitten you once were? You've mutated because of the power plant next door! It was true, too. Daendi had once been a normal mammal, small and cuddly. A run-in with the toxic waste near by had changed all that. ... And it's not just you and me anymore, Daendi. It was time for an upgrade. In this new house, there is a room for Osirhy, and space for when Xyrdraak visits, and Zetcae can stay in the backya--

Dayna tried to go on, but was cut off by the whiny kitten. She wanted him to love this new place, she wanted him to love it as much as she did. It had such... character.

But Dayna! Osirhy doesn't even really exist; he's an enchanted chess piece! And how often does Xyr visit? Six times a year?

That's enough. Daendi, you know we moved here for our own good. I know you're scared, but everything will be alright.

As Dayna and Daendi hugged, they turned to look at the house. Dayna let out a small gasp, and Daendi's following words set their fate.

But this place is a mad house.

And then, sure enough, the madness began.


Name; Ps2Beau
Alias; Beau, means handsome in French. Quite fitting, if you ask me. c: Pronounced {B-oh}
Age; Four hundred and twenty three years old - mental age is still in youth.
Height; Without phase change is roughly the height of a large bulldog.
Weight; Seventeen (17) pounds, lightweight for flight and walking without being heard.
Occupation; House Spirit / Paranormal Species (Ps)
Personality; Curious, devious, mischievous.
The Looks; Ears are notched. Four eyes, the smaller eyes are on the inside, close to the nose. Two sets of canine teeth, one set slightly smaller, and on the outside. His tail is basically like his lantern, three longer green glowers and two orange glowers. Green spot glowers down his back, two at a time until the base of the tail where it runs one at a time. Orange wings like a dragonfly. Antennas on his head end n green glowers. Rows and rows of teeth, inside of mouth and tongue are bright purple. Footprints/paw prints are purple and can only be seen in the dark.

Drag and drop for full view.

•Glowing Lights - He was a moth in a past life.
•Darkness - Easier to creep around in.
•Causing Mischief - He is from the underworld.
•Cinnamon - The scent intrigues him more than other scents.
•Eating Frogs - Beau likes the chase, and apparently the little creatures taste good.

•Bright Lights - His eyes are very sensitive to light.
•Foul Smells - He has a very good sense of smell.
•Anything Near the Portal - He has to protect it, and if he doesn't, nothing can protect him.
•People Trying To Fix the Problems He Makes - He torments people for a reason, cleaning up just isn't cool.

Beau - A Background Check.

Beau, nicknamed by me, is considered a ❝house spirit.❞ He lives in the Crookbeake mansion with Dayna, Daendi her mutated cat, Xyrdraak the visitor, Osirhy the chess knight, and Zetcae the badger bird. They moved into the manor to be safer, ironically, because they lived close to a power plant before. Beau came into this family by coincidence. He had haunted and tortured every past owner of the Crookbeake till death, but the insanity of Dayna's family had some sort of immunity to his frightening abilities. Every previous member of the house had left this world in a mysterious way or had been admitted to a psychological care center for their ramblings of ❝frightening beasts.❞ People had gone absolutely mad, at any age. From older men to simple children had been driven from the home.
Beau was born in the early sixteen hundreds. Not so much born as died, rather. Born a rare black moth, and eaten to death by a strange dark cat in Rome, Italy, (Sound familiar? That is, if you read Xyrdraak's page.) He traveled through the gates of the underworld to a stranger realm. In this realm he managed to discover a door to the mortal world, a portal straight to the Crookebeake Manor. Ghouls of all sorts would get through this door to the mortal world, you see, if it wasn't kep a secret. Propelled by the over-ruling voices of the underworld, he was sentenced to haunt the Crookbeake Manor as a punishment for discovering that which should not be discovered. He was not the first soul to be named a Paranormal Species, in fact the second (PS2). A strange species of dragon had made it through before him... Restricted to leave the premises of the mansion, Beau learned to master the abilities he had gained through death. You will learn of these abilities while you read through his story. He uses these powers to drive all beings out of the Manor. This is because of the door- the door that started it all. The door is hidden high up in the tower behind a library case, Beau has been assigned to protect the door from everything not originating from the underworld, and it is now my (Dayna's) responsibility as well.

Paranormal Species?

A ❝Paranormal Species❞ is a part of the complicated un-dead. Usually some kind of cursed species when alive. These species include cats, coyotes, crows, whales, moths, and owls. The process to become a ❝PS❞ is quick and deadly, changing your fate for the rest of eternity. After an animal passes through the gates of the underworld, he or she may return to the world of the living by a portal. Usually one of the creatures above find these portals due to curiosity, or in the moth's case, the urge to be drawn to light. From the viewpoint of the living, the portal is usually plain, unnoticed. On the opposite side, the portal glows a distinct red, predictably giving a visual of the inter-dimension connection. Once a creature passes through the portal, they are cursed as a punishment for drifting beyond the set boundaries. All creatures are forbidden from changing realms, you see, to prevent chaos.

A paranormal species' main responsibility is to protect the portal they are tied to. The creature can not leave the boundaries of the estate containing the portal, this way, they can not reek havoc in the work and would rather direct these angry emotions at the clueless humans.

Here is a few main points about Paranormal Species:

How They Came To Be;

Paranormal species were originally created as a punishment to the curious sole. Banished to the human realm and tied to a small area, they would have to protect the portal they opened or be destroyed forever. This was not always they case, however. The first set of paranormal species simply slipped under the dimension barrier, and caused much havoc and chaos in the world of the living. This is why when Beau, the second PS ever, discovered and opened a portal, he was severely punished. After that, all beings who discovered what should not be seen were punished. Now, all over the human world, there are ❝ghouls and ghosts,❞ which torment the living to protect themselves. These creatures sparked the imaginations behind ghost stories and horror movies, as well as many pieces of literature. Mistaken soles have categorized them as many things- goblins, faeries, ghosts, spirits; oh, the endless possibilities of human imagination.

The Powers They Wield;

As agents of the Underworld, Paranormal Species are considered gifted. Their looks all depend on their surroundings. A PS in the arctic would be a darker blue, the color of the night sky on snow, compared to a PS like Beau, surrounded by woods, a color as dark as late dusk. They take many different forms, some prefer to look similar to animals in the real world. The sizes also differ, one of the largest recorded PS was twenty nine feet tall, the smallest no larger than a bee.
Aside from the appearances, a Paranormal Species also has many abilities.

When a spirit re-enters the human world, he or she gains certain powers. These can vary, but here is a list of the more common abilities:

• Possession - They have the ability to possess inanimate objects and living beings.
• Scaling - The ability to change size.
• Shifting The ability to change into something.
• Can You Hear Me? - They do not speak out loud, but rather in peoples' heads. Reports of 'hearing voices' are often connected to a PS when true.
• Ringing - Often an intense ringing in the ears signifies the nearness of a Paranormal Species.
• Cold sweats - Rather than an ability of a PS, a cold sweat is actually a human reaction to the unnoticeable vibrations in the air often caused by the doings of a Species.
•Insomnia - PS's are known to cause insomnia and insomnia like symptoms.

There are many more abilities that they can control, but many are undiscovered or specific to certain beings.

Paranormal Species like Beau don't really speak. They can project a voice in your head, yes, but they do not understand as much of our language as you may think from being around so long. When it comes down to it, they prefer to use images and drawings as well as actions to communicate - whether through your thoughts or through visuals.


I have written a short story as the beginning of Beau and I's adventurous friendship. c: If I were chosen to adopt, this would be elongated slightly and finished.

Chapter I - The Beginning.

The sky was pitch black.
Nighttime, yes. It wasn't the normal flow of darkness, however. The lack of moonlight or storm clouds led me to believe it was a new moon, though the calendar was all wrong. The mansion itself moaned with the pain of age, the wind screaming through the shutters. The trees swayed with the ease of the air, though no rain tapped the rooftop. It was dark, too dark. Too dark for my first night in this new home.
I had just woken from yet another nightmare - falling again. I sat up in the dark, though silence was certainly not a characteristic of the time. It was just past three, the time of night in it's darkest. There was a haunting chorus of crickets just beyond the house perimeter, and the floors ticked a heartbeat of sound as I padded my way to the kitchen for a drink. Following the winding hallways of this house was a difficult process, it must have taken me twenty five minutes to get to the door of the kitchen. On my way inside I noticed a shadow not matching my own creep out of sight, I was so drowsy I just let it slip behind the corners of my mind.
I entered the kitchen quietly as to not disturb Dae upstairs. As I reached for the fridge to get a drink, I felt a sudden shift in the atmosphere. An icy chill swept my body starting at my shoulders and neck, standing all the little hairs on ends. I stumbled back, shocked by the change in temperature, a sudden piercing ring in my ears. I was hit extremely hard square in the head by something solid - wood? I dropped like a brick to the ground from impact. Opening my eyes, the world around me was blurred and horrendous. Every door in the room was slamming open and shut briskly - the pantry, the fridge, the freezer, the entrance door, and the cabinets above me. Flying all around me were the flashing lights colored orange, purple and green, a mesmerizing sight as frightening as it was. As the terrifying lights flashed quicker and quicker, the chaos in the room ensued, plates and dishes flying everywhere, tables tipping over and rolling at me! Within the next millisecond another blow to the head knocked me unconscious.

I woke up at dawn, screaming.

Chapter II - Morning Shivers.

Sun. Light. Sky. Silence.
It was morning?

I sat up in my bed, stunned. Looking around my room frantically, I forgot about breathing. With a large gasping sound, the air seeped through my lungs the second Daendi entered the room. I had jumped about three feet in the air as the door slid open!

Jeez Dayna, you're white as a ghos--

DON'T SAY GHOST. I screamed in a rush of fright.

... And touchy, too... Daendi mumbled.

I was extremely confused. How was it possible that I was back in my bed now? I knew for sure that I hadn't risen from my spot on the kitchen floor on my own in the night, and I had no memory of returning to my bedroom. The eerie early light brightened in the corner of my eye, as I noticed a cloud moving out of the way of the sun through my -blocked- Now this was truly strange. Had I dreamed it? No, impossible I soon realized as I felt a sharp pain in my side where the table had hit me.

Hey, Dae... What time is it? I asked sleepily.

It's almost twelve, and I'm STARVING! Daendi complained, he was hungry, as usual. I tried to get into the kitchen, but the door is stuck. I can't open it myself.

On that note, Dayna and her kitten navigated the halls of the old house until they reached the kitchen door.


After breaking open the kitchen door with my handy-dandy crowbar, I realized that there was two explanations for the mess I saw.

1) There was a massive tornado and we blew away like Kansas,
2) My Dream had been reality.

The kitchen was a horror movie - There was broken glass everywhere. All the cabinets had swung wide open, and were cleared of everything still whole. Broken porcelain plates where spread out about the floor, making it impossible to step barefoot and not need stitches. The table had two legs, one was in the sink and the other seemed to have disappeared, though the broken glass window hinted as to where it went. Everything was disastrous - you would have thought a hurricane had come through there, but there was no rain or wind. Definitely not a tornado, either.

We were speechless, just standing there gawking at the kitchen. Dae had hid behind me, not wanting glass in his paws, I thought. Daendi wasn't looking at the mess, however. His gaze was set on the gaping black hole in the wall. What could have done this?

Just then, the lights went out. After a small sound of fright, we saw something horrible.

There were glowing footprints everywhere. Bright purple toes had stepped around the floor, the walls, the ceiling. I turned and noticed that they were all around the house. Turning back, I saw Dae was watching the hole again. I looked up and saw that the footprints ended there.
Whatever it was, it was in the house.

Chapter III - The Search.

Everything was chaotic. It took Daendi and I forever to clean up the kitchen. First, our shock-vac broke. We had to pick up the pieces of glass bit by bit, and attempt to sweep up what we could, but the glass was too small for the broom. The window had to be fixed as soon as possible, because it looked as if it were about to rain. We threw some plywood over it and nailed it shut. Dae found the able leg outside and I screwed both legs back on the table and set it straight. There was so much to be done.

The hole in the wall, that was a tough one though.

We tried plywood, but for some reason the nails wouldn't hold in the wall. We tried to hang this huge and horribly ugly painting over it, but it kept falling off the wall. We didn't have any plaster, so we couldn't close up the wall completely. We had tried virtually everything. In the end, we simply had to put a tarp over it.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, Daendi went up stairs to take a nap. He had a rough day, I suppose. Soon after the lights returned.

I decided to snoop around. There was so much of the house I hadn't seen! The old mansion was an impulse buy, I love old architecture and nothing could beat the price. To think I never wondered why it was so cheap? So anyways, yes. I explored all the rooms on the first floor first. All of them were empty, or close to empty. Some old furniture and a civilization of dust bunnies were the most interesting of my findings. Once I went upstairs things started getting strange.

First off, my OCD caused me to notice that only every other stair squeaked. Weird, but not as important. When I got upstairs I started to compare the rooms to the ones downstairs. The rooms upstairs were smaller, and had more content in them: books, furniture, paintings, and trinkets. The rooms were dark with the coming storm, an eerie touch to the day. While scoping out the floor plan, I noticed something was missing. I quickly ran downstairs and out the front door.

The house had three floors, one tower, but only one staircase. I was missing something.

I ran back into the house, now thoroughly soaked with rain, and hurried up the stairs. I looked around every room, at all the haunting glory of the old house. The rooms were all simple, nothing could be so easily hidden. I thought about tapping the walls to find a hollow spot when I thought of something, the obvious. I turned out the lights then.

This room, more so than the others, was covered in glowing purple footprints.

The footprints cluttered in one area, and I walked over to it. Feeling the wall, I found a light switch. I turned the lights back on to discover that I was standing in front of a closet. Why hadn't I thought to check there?

Within a few moments of contemplating the possibilities of being attacked by a monster the second I opened the door, I decided to go in. I felt a wrench in my gut as I opened the door, and, well, nothing happened. Just a closet.

At least, it seemed like a closet at first. The close quarters made it dark, so I moved some old coats and found a footprint. I moved the coats in the direction of the footprint and surely found more. After doing this for a few minutes, and being a good few feet inside the closet, I hit the jackpot!

A staircase.

Chapter IIII - The Discovery.

I followed the staircase vertically, watching every step I made to insure I didn't hit a faulty board and fall to my doom. The corridor I walked was very dark, my only lights being the glowing purple footprints. I reached the top of the staircase an bumped into a door. I opened the door and was stunned.

The room was very different from the rest of the house. It was one, spread out, open floor, with lots of windows on the south-facing wall. There was still an assortment of dusty, antique furniture and objects, but this place was far more beautiful than the other rooms of the house. It was brighter, not as dark as the other rooms, but still dimmed because of the storm. The walls were lined with bookcases and old paintings in monochrome style. The room looked like a library.

I looked for footprints then, and noticed the paw prints walked along the wall, onto the ground, and were far from the windows. They led to yet another staircase, a spiral staircase. I thought it must lead up to the tower above the house.

I walked over to it silently, observing the room in closer detail. The staircase was different - made out of black iron rather than wood. The detail curved around the main frame like a python, twisting and turning intricately. It did not go very high, only about four feet higher than the ceiling of the room I was already in. The door up top was simple wood, old and cut with an arch at the top. I decided to climb the stairs and enter this strangely placed room.

The first step I took on the stairs was odd. The second my foot set down, I felt a ringing in my ears. I kept going, though, and every step I took got worse and worse. When I had reached to the top, my ears screaming in pain, I collapsed. I threw my body weight at the door, and it opened!

This new room I was in was dark, again. There was one circular window facing north, and the room itself had a circle shape to it. It wasn't large at all, possibly eleven feet in diameter. There were more bookcases, shorter and not full height of the room. The ceilings were cathedral, and they angled together at the top. I was stunned from the ringing, though the sound had stopped the moment the door opened. I went to lift myself up off the ground, but stopped short.

Don't move. A voice in my head warned me.

I hadn't noticed anything in the room, but my heart was fluttering. I scented the air, and got a throat full of dust. I lifted my head, and directly in front of me atop a bookcase, was this beast. He was small, about the size of a bulldog, but oh so frightening. His fur was a dark gray purple, and he was covered in glowing spots. He had four eyes, brighter orange than the sun, and they were locked on me. His teeth were quite white. His tail, however, was the most interesting thing. Longer than his body, dotted with glowing spots, and ending in some ornamental glowing... things.

I took my eyes away from him for a split second, and saw a very short door in front of me. It had black iron melted into the wood, and was only about a foot high. Arched just like the door to this room.

Just then, the beast hopped off the bookcase, hissing and ears back, coming towards me. I jumped onto my back legs as fast as I could, grabbed a large wooden box holding books and dumped it out. I threw it over him, tilted it up, shut it, and locked it. The box was shaking and the creature inside was making a horrible screaming noise.

What had I just caught?

Chapter V - The Interrogation.

My heart was pounding, racing, skipping.

The room was silent, even the wind outside calmed. The beast inside the box had stopped screeching, and was making no effort to escape. I was leaning on the box, although it was already locked, I realized. The quick adrenaline rush ran dry, and I collapsed over the case. Staring down at the floor, I wondered if moving here was a good idea. Sure, we used to live near a power plant, but Dae and I had never been... Haunted. Our well beings could have very well been at stake. I already knew I was insane - but insane enough to capture what could possibly be the living undead, and endanger my family with it? I had completely lost it.

Once my breathing slowed and I could focus, I stood up. I lifted my box, opened the door, and walked downstairs with my box and it's contents.

I arrived to find Dae in the living room, sprawled out and asleep in the chair. His fur was ruffled on the back of his neck and bum, he must be having a nightmare. I slowly walked over, set the box down, and leaned over him. His breathing became uneasy and fast, his hackles standing up higher than before. His eyes flew open, he jumped, and caught me by the face!

Dae, Daendi wake up! Get offa my face you crazy cat.

What, huh what!? Daendi wakes up, his head millimeters away from my own. His eyes are wide, staring right into mine. His claws were starting to hurt my face. I lifted him slowly off and placed him around my shoulders, where he curled up around my neck.

Sorry, Dayna. I was having a nightmare; I think it's this old house, it's so creepy.

Oh, nightmares... Maybe I shouldn't show you then... I replied.

Wait, show me what? I wanna see!

Okay, Dae, if you think you can handle it...

I had set Dae down in front of the box. Together, we carefully unlocked it, and slowly opened the lid. The creature inside simply looked up at us, his eyes sinking deep into our soles. It seemed as if he were fantasizing about ripping our sanity to shreds, though both Dae and I knew we were insane. Little did he know that.

My initial reaction should have let him know of how wrongly my brain worked, for I had always been the odd duck. After moments of staring at him, I exclaimed...

Oh, He's so Beau!

And that would be where he got his name.

W-what do you think he is? Daendi muttered, after spending some time looking into the creature's eyes.

I don't really kn- WHA?! I was cut off mid sentence by the strangest thing! Beau, named by me, was writing on the floor. Quite literally, using his paw to mark out words. His paw print left a purple glow, which he used as ink.

The words were spelled out clear and easy to read...

Paranormal Species?

Okay, so, some After Notes:

There is a few reasons as to why I am ending the story here. One is that I have run out of time and didn't want to rush the rest. Another is that I was suggested by a user to end my story at a suspenseful time and make the reader want more. That user also suggested this, though...



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