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TLB Corner is a sub-division of The Lunch Box. Here, you can find my portfolio of custom requests, and miscellaneous information regarding the site. In the archives, you can look at previously featured sites before the feature was removed from TLB.

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Last updated: Feb.20.2013


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- Icons: 412
- Banners: 390
- iPod walls:13
- Layouts: 36

- My button portfolio can be found here.
- Newer images are near the top


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iPod wallpapers



All of the following images have been scaled down. The list below doesn't include every single layout I've made as I sometimes forget to take a screenshot (for example, about 4 TLB layouts, about 5 OE layouts, and pretty much all of my FF layouts).

Custom requests


Personal layouts

The Lunch Box

Open Eyes

Personal Portfolio

Awards, gifts, & other goodies


(Last updated: November 19, 2011)

1st in graphics at Compendium, The Faerie Compass, Cabana, Dreamer, Chocolate Strawberry Reviews, Sensation, Kaleidoscope, Critique, The Bookshelf, Lasting Impressions, Spark, Soroptimist Directory, Mo's Fonts, Starcatcher, iSite, Infinite, Sample Reviews, Dreams of Neopia, News Flash, Cloud Infinite, The Lodge

1st in graphics and resources at Euphonious, Intuition, Purple Dream Reviews

1st in graphics and requests at The Bakery

1st in coding and site help at Elle's Help Guide

1st in banner requests at Planetarium, Echelon, Pudding

1st in other graphics at Echelon

1st in resources at Digihear?!, Echelon

1st in other requestables at Echelon

2nd in graphics at Delicious, Pre Perfection, Fontosis, The Corner, Effervescent, Manifest, Spark, 13th Streeth, Classical, Desires, Miso's Soup, Bedazzled, Trapped Fairytales, Bijou

2nd in banner requests at Euphonious, News Flash

2nd in resources at Beauty Inside

2nd in best site theme at Echelon

3rd in graphics at The Institute, Mirage, Polygon, Collegiate, Boat, Allusion

3rd in graphics/resources at Speculation,

3rd in icons & banners at Polaroid, Digihear?!

4th in Other request sites at Caro's Banners

4th in graphics at Diversify, Uniocto, Little Black Book

5th in graphics at Aurora, The Attic

5th in graphic requests at Digihear?!

6th in Site/Guild-making guide at Echelon


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Other random goodies

Service Survey

Here's a record of all of the responses for the Service Survey. Thanks to everyone who has taken part! Your feedback will help me pinpoint the places where TLB's service can improve.
1) Have you ever requested a graphic from TLB? If your answer is yes, what was it (banner, icon, etc.) and how many? If your answer is no, why not?
2) What factors do you take into account when choosing a specific site to send in a request to? (This applies to any request site such as button sites)
3) If you have requested before, how satisfied were you with your final product? (You can use a scale from 1 [poor] to 10 [excellent] but I'd like to hear your qualitative comments as well!)
4) How would you rate TLB's service on a scale of 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent)? Feel free to give additional comments as well.
5) If you have requested at TLB before, how satisfied were you with the speed of service? (In other words, how fast you received your final product from the time you sent in a form)
6) In terms of TLB's service, what changes would make it easier for visitors to request or improve the overall atmosphere?
7) If you have requested from TLB before, would you recommend this service to your friends?
8) You can write additional comments here based on what you've seen at TLB, what you've heard from your friends, or any other suggestions you'd like to see.

1) No, because the premades are awesome as they are. ;~;
2) Whether it fits the sort of style I'm looking for; if it's a button site, I have a look at their portfolio to get an idea of what kind of buttons they make. I also take into account of their professionalism. There are a lot of request sites out there; even if you make incredible things, I'd be dismayed to request if they come off unprofessional (like they have something that miffed me, poorly written rules, etc.) and I'd rather request somewhere else.
3) I'm thinking I should request from you sometime. (;
4) Based on the service review I requested millions of years ago for The Teahouse, I'd say that the service was excellent. More so, the advice you offered was professional, rational and very helpful.
8) I stalk TLB everyday to see your new content; your site never fails to marvel me. ;~;

1) Yes, 3 icons.
2) Quality. Easy to navigate layout, nice organization.
3) Very satisfied. On a scale of 1-10, I would say 9. The fonts fit perfectly, the effects were great. I didn't like that there wasn't a border. But they still look great.
4) 10! Very fast with a reply, and get the requests done quickly too. They wrote in full sentences which was great. You wouldn't believe how many sites I request from that only talk in chat speak. :/
5) Very satisfied! I think it was finished in same day I requested them! And they're quality doesn't suffer because of their swiftness, so that's a plus.
6) Everything's well thought out. But I do have an issue with the sub navigation to the left. Some of the categories I don't understand, so I go sifting through all of them. Like I went to TLB to find open/closed signs, and it took me a while to find them because the sub categories aren't very specific.
7) Ooohhh yeaahh. People come to me often, asking me if I know any good graphic sites/directories/ premade layouts/ etc. And I always recommend TLB when I can.


1) Yes I recently have (banner). Just the one thing though! (I think!)
2) Quality first. Also, I'm a bit of an impatient person, so I'll request wherever requests are open rahter than waiting for a specific site to open requests!
3) I was definitely satisfied with the quality! For the specific banner I requested, it seems like it may be a bit to tall, but that's my own fault for not mentioning height, so I'll make it work! (Overall 8)
4) I was very happy! I got the banner really quickly plus it's high quality, so who am I to complain!? (overall 10)
5) Again, speed was amazing!
6) The service was completely fine!
7) Definitely!
8) Overall, you do an amazing job! You are extremely professional without coming off as boring or robotic, if you know what I mean!

1.) Yes, a banner.
2.) The main factor is whether or not, looking at the site's portfolio, I like their graphics. Another factor is how nice the site's service is, though that isn't of paramount importance to me.
3.) 8/10. It looked great and fit my use for it. I loved the text and texturing, especially.
4.) 10/10. I think it's amazing that you can complete request within the same day, and I thought you were friendly, and like that you provided a respone to my request.
5.) As said before, I was very satisfied. I don;t know how you can do it.
6.) I don't really have anysuggestions, I think the organization is great, the rules are clear and concise, and everything is visitor-oriented.
7.) Yes, I would.
8.) I con't really think of anything, off the top of my head.

1. Yess, a Banner.
2. The quality of the content. I usually look at a site's portfolio before requesting, and if I like their graphics, I'll request If I need to.
3. 9.5/10 - The banner was really, really nice. The image was well textured, and it looked really nice overall.
4. Service: 9.5/10
5. I was very satisfied with the speed of the service. I requested the banner, and it was ready the same day, a few hours later.
6. Not sure.
7. I would definitely recommend TLB to others.

1) Yes. I have requested 6 icons and a ipod wallpaper. Oh! And I helped you give the idea of dividers, which I see is being used everywhere!
2) Um.. I don't really know.
3) 9/10 - I was very satisfied with the icons. They were very high-quality and I love how you let us choose what we want it to look like.
4) 8.5/10 - TLB is one of the most friendly sites I have ever seen. You offer great service with TLB's Guarantee
5) 11/10 - TLB is probably the best site to give people graphics when they need them. You are fast to respond, you are fast to make the graphics.
6) I don't know if there could be any changes....
7) Yes, and yes again.
8) TLB is just such a great site, all my friends think it is totally awesome and it is.

1. Yes, and it was an icon.
2. I first take a look at the site's portolio, and how high quality their graphics are. I also see if their services are fast and if they appeal to others. Though, I mostly base it off of the quality.
3. I rate it a 10, because my icon is beautiful and I know others will think so too. It's not overcrowed and the whole theme works together. It was definitly something I would see on the top graphics sites on Neo, and I consider TLB to be one of those.
4. I rate it a 10 again, because the service was quick, easy, and realiable. Also, it was delivered in a very friendly manner.
5. My icon was finished very quickly, and I was extremely happy about that. Other sites I've requested at in the past have taken even a month for a simple banner or such, so I was very impressed at TLB's request speed.
6. Hmm, I'm honestly not sure what changes would need to be made. I was quite pleased with it all.
7. I would for sure. I was very very pleased with my graphic as I'm sure my friends would be too.
8. TLB is a site that I've seen around for awhile now, and I have been wanting to request a graphic from them. When I finally did, it was what I expected it to be plus more. Great job with the site, it's awesome!

1. Yes, 2 icons.
2. I look at their portfolio or previous work to see if it is the style and quality that I want.
3. 10! I loved everything about them; the colors, textures, image, font choice, etc... It looked amazing!
4. 10! You were very polite and informative and my request was done quickly.
5. I guess I just answered that in the question above. I didn't expect you to be done with it as quickly as you were.
6. I can't really think of any changes to make at this time. TLB is very organized and has a variety of graphics and resources to choose from.
7. I would definitely recommend TLB to my friends. It is my favorite graphics & resource site on neopets.
8. The only suggestion I would make is to make the text bigger in the box you provided to fill this form out in. I couldn't read it.

1. Yes! 2 Banners
2. I look at their portfolio and see what they have done.
3. 10! Just what I wanted.
4. 10. It gives you what you want, and it's super quick
5. I sent a form at night, and I got my request in the morning! Which is very good for me because I am a very impatient person.
6. Hmm, maybe put a waiting list? So customers can know what place they are in.
7. Totally

1) Yes and it was an iPod wallpaper. And two.
2) Good quality graphics. With examples/portfolio so I know if it's any good.
3) It was really good. And you finished it so fast!
4) 9.9 It was amazing!
5) I was very happy. Super fast!
6) I'm not sure I liked everything the way it was.
7) Yes! I defiantly will!

1. I never requested a graphic from TLB before you made me an icon
2. I usually just choose a recommended site
3. I was happy 8/10
4. hm 9/10 maybe
5.service is 10/10, you did it really fast
6. none I think
7. Yes I would recommend it to friends
8. Ok I just wanted to say that the layout of the site is overall wierd, not neo-related while you mostly do neo-related graphics but I like the tons of resources you have and I will definitely request again

1) a banner, icon, and a wallpaper.
2) I look at the site's recently made graphics, to see their style, as well as their porfolio and premades. I also like looking at the layout, and how much effort they put into the site.
3) The last thing I requested was a banner, and I was very happy with it. I liked the subtle scan lines in the back, and the color coordination. 10/10.
4) TLB's service is very professional. The way you reply to neomails, the way your organize requests, and the way your site is written are all great examples of what other sites should strive for.
5) The speed and prescience that you make these banners and such astound me. You, Turnip, are one of the fastest, if not the best graphic maker I know. I was VERY satisfied with speed.
6) Well, the navigation for the request section was a tad confusing. I suggest drop down menus for the main headings (home, graphics, etc).
7) I would recommend TLB to my friends- and I have!
8) Overall, your site never ceases to amaze me, Turnip. Keep up the awesome work!

1) I have requested a graphic from TLB and it was a banner.
2) First of all, I see whether the site has a nice, clean layout. (TLB's layout is amazing!). Second of all, I look at the examples the site has to make sure I am getting a quality graphic. Third, I read through all of the information to make sure that their are no obvious typos, like capitalization, to show the effort put into the site. Lastly, I check the site owners lookup to see the last time they have been online and if they are active.
3) 10! I am very satisfied with my banner. It looks stunning, the words are clear, the picture is perfect, and the effects are genius. Overall, I am very happy with the final product!
4)10! The service was very professional and very fast. I have never seen a request site work as fast as you do and produce such quality graphics. You also used proper grammar and were very polite in neomails.
5)Well, I already touched up on this, but as I said before I was very satisfied with the speed.
6) No changes! It is great as it is. There is nothing you could to make it easier for visitors to request information because it is already perfect and very easy! Also, the overall atmosphere is already very welcoming and unique. I love the story line!
7) Definitely, its an amazing site!
8)Thank you so much for my graphic. I will definitely be using your site again. Keep doing what your doing because its great! I would also just like to say thanks for having the site. Almost all other graphic sites that I have tried to request from have been terrible. They were rude, very slow, and produced bad graphics. You are seriously helping me( and I'm sure a lot of other people) with the banner for my guild. Thanks again and good luck with your site! =)

Lady MrsFaerie
1) No, because I never knew about your site till my sister told me!
2) Well I see how the site looks, if it looks proffessional I request, I also look at the waiting list if it is huge I will not request
3) I requested and I'd rate it 7
4) rating the service, 9
5) speed?? 10!!
6) I'd add the waiting list and maybe make a guide to making these graphics or add effects as an option for banners and icons!
7) Ya I would!
8) I heard from my sister that this is her favorite request site and she showed me the interview with you for her magazine, very cool!!

1.no-what i wanted,you guys didnt have.
2-the quality of the items and usually if a friend requests them.
3-well i havnt requested be4 but, this is my 1st time and i love it! 1 million out of 10!
5-about 1-2 hours.thats pretty fast!
8-my friend is always saying that you have more than 100 resources and u have nice this and you have nice that.

1) Nope. I own my own request site, so I make my own.
2) I usually look over the site's portfolio before requesting, to make sure it's what I want.
4) 10 - TLB's service is simply amazing! Your graphics are imaginative, creatve, and original!
6) I can't think of anything!!! TLB is, in my opinion, perfect!
7) I haven't requested from TLB before, but I'd recommend it to anyone.
8) I love every aspect of TLB! Your site's success is where every site owner would love to get one day.

1: Yes. I requested a banner before.
2: What quality are there graphics? I don't care if they are a new site or not, because everyone needs a chance. It all depends on if I believe they are going to produce a medium-high quality graphic.
3: 10. Very Satisfied. I would not change a thing.
4: 10. The Lunch Box is one of the best places to get a graphic from. Not only is Turnip a fast graphics maker, but they are some of the best graphics out there.
5: 10. Very Satisfied. The two times that I a requested, Turnip has sent me a neomail saying she got my request and has sent me a neomail telling me it 's done all before I can get back on to check.
7: YES! Most defiantly!

1. Yes, one banner.
2. Rankings and quality of whatever I'm requesting.
3. Very satisfied! The banner was well-done and there is nothing I would change bout it.
4. 10! Turnip was very nice and professional. Whenever I request things, I barely every receive a response or confirmation. Also, my request was completed very quickly (within the hour), when I would generally have to wait a few days with other sites!
5. Extremely! My banner was completed within 20 minutes.
6. None! It was perfect.
7. Yes, without a doubt!
8. I've known about TLB for a while and used its resources but have never requested a graphic. I don't usually request graphics because I'm very picky but this time I wanted to go out on a limb and see what I was missing and I don't regret it one bit!



(From newest to oldest)

Ipsum (CSS blog), Sand Sifter (untaken names), Chimerical (userlookup requests) , Scamander Directory (link directory), Times Square (Neopian Articles), Pre and Post Customization Images Gallery (guide), Finesse (graphics/request), Short & Sweet (untaken names), Sparkle (premade layouts), Genafire's Arts (art), All Of The Cupcakes (adoptables), Boxed Up Inside (site names), Simple Gifts (link directory), Dragon's Lair (link directory), Plethora (link directory), The Secret Library (link directory), Desires (button site), Rambo (petpage requests), Solar Flare (fonts), Bisque (magazine), Annex (button requests), Impulse's Tutorial (button guide), Mockingjay (fonts), Diare (banner requests), The Ice Cream Cart (petpage requests), Encee's Guide To Style (guide), Witty Title Here (link directory), Last Fantasy (button requests), Happy (button requests), Our Town (guild reviews), Squibbitive Premades (layouts), Rocanola (graphics/fonts), Salient (Userlookups/button requests), Digihear?! (advertisements), Sari's Arts (art/adoptables/layouts), Lyrical Fonts (fonts), FTP: Fair Trade Promoters (campaign), The Escapist (premade layouts & banners), Perfect Symmetry (button requests), Echelon (rankings), Eccentric (pixels), Locked Art (art and requests), Viridian (petpage requests), Code Stone Prices (guide), The Marchen (reviews), Simply Random (miscellaneous), Bedazzled (petpage requests), Symbols Plz (fonts), Teacake Backgrounds (resources), Appellation (untaken names), Jelle's Altador Cup Guide (guide), The NBC Guide (guide), Surgaerville (pixels), How To Write For The Web (guide), Review Site Awareness (guide) , Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Applications (guide) , That Kills Me (CSS templates), Terminal One (button directory), The Chocolate Factory (reviews), Optimism (miscellaneous), The Bookshelf (rankings), Andy's Biscuit Brigade Guide (guide), Tips For Better Icons (guide), The Practical Guide to CSS (guide), Fontosis (fonts), Classic Roots (untaken names), The Faerie Compass (directory), Psychochromia (requests, graphics), JubbyJubJack's Guide to Neopia (dailies), Box (button request), Mignon Ink (competition), Perspective (reviews), Rivulet (premade layouts), Soroptimist Directory (directory)


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