This is a temporary petpage for Popi while I personalize the layout. This was my application for him :)

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Howdy, everyone! I'm Charlie and this humble page is my application for Popi. Allow me to thank you in advance for your time and consideration, Charli, I really appreciate it! I know that it took a lot of deliberation to select me from your candidates to even get this far.

This section is mostly details about me, my pets, my plans for Popi, and other non-creative things. The other stuff (his story, background, and personality) are in that lower right-hand box with his name on it. You can't miss it! It also has a link to my art dump page so you can see that I do draw my pets (and other people's pets when asked). I simply didn't have time to draw more than a few images for Popi, hence the lack of pictures.

My accounts are listed at the bottom of this section. Some of them have pets that have no lookups or petpages, mainly because they're for trading/adopting out and are not permanent pets. Such pets have lookups that are labeled so you know what they are for.


So, onto the actual reason you're here: Popi.

If given the opportunity to adopt him, he will be painted with an FFQ or with a Mara Paint Brush, whichever comes first. I'm about...6mil away from the brush, mostly because I just finished a custom for a mutant Draik that I'm getting in about 5 days named Tenebrosi. I'm so excited! (Ozel is the Draik for the custom, so ignore that he has no page, lookup, or petpet).

Long story short, I'm shooting to get three Draiks: one Wraith, one Mara, and one Mutant. With Wraith and Mutant successfully checked off the list, it's time to get my hands on a third Draik to paint Mara. Curious about why? I hope so!

Bhult, the Wraith, is a demon borne of deep loathing. When an individual hates another so deeply that it consumes their every thought, a part of their soul fractures away from the rest and a demon is created from that shard. It looms over the individual for eternity, even if their loathing disappears. Once created, the demon can never be sent away.
The Maraquan Draik (in this case, Popi) is a captive, bred and raised for his parts to be sold to consumers on the black market. He escapes and in his absence, his mother and his siblings are all killed during a raid of the facility. He then makes it his mission in life to take the lives of all who were involved and through his hatred, Bhult is born.
Tenebrosi, the Mutant Draik, is discovered during the Maraquan's travels as a small, damaged egg. Although he has previously had a one-track mind, the small creature breaks through his hard exterior and his hatred disintegrates. The Wraith demon, however, remains attached to the Maraquan, but he then becomes visible to his victim, instead of a ghost-like entity.

Needless to say, it's difficult to write the entire story without the other two players in it, but I did my best with Bhult and future partners in crime.


Here are Popi's possible customization options:


Here is Popi's future:

He will also have a petpage, probably starting with this layout as the temporary stand-in layout. He will be entered into the BC and will be placed on an account along with Bhult and Tenebrosi, most likely my incredibly active side, Bellasbabygirl.

Why Popi?

This is a fair question. Why, of all the Draiks in Neopia, do I think Popi fits into my family? Especially when, realistically, I could afford to get a Draik on my own with no application at all. Why, why, WHY?

The explanation is strangely simple: I like his name and potential. His name is short, sweet, and sounds like something that could be hissed with the final breath of his victims. And finally, he is a clean slate! His stats are low, which means I get the excitement of training him from the ground up. His intelligence is even lower, so I get to read him hundreds of books and be prideful in the fact that he is smart through no one's effort but my own. That's one of my favorite parts of getting a new pet, to be perfectly honest. I get to pour myself into them and have evident results of my hard work. What is Neopets, if not a way to show off your devotion (and addiction) to these little pixels?


Real Life

I guess you'd probably like to know who is talking at you, yes? Well, I'm 21-years-old, a full-time college student studying Bioenvironmental Science at a great Texas school, and an admitted electronics addict.

On Neo

On-site, I spend most of my time playing Habitarium, KeyQuest, or on the PC just kind of lurking and reading all of the ridiculousness. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's like watching a reality show; sometimes you just can't look away.

I generally stay out of trouble, although I've gotten a warning or two over the years like most long-time players. Not since TNT loosened the reins, though, so I count that as a win.

I do participate in the BC and the following pets have trophies to prove it:

Several others have been entered, but didn't win. I'm hoping to get more trophies, but it's turning into more and more of a spam contest and less of an actual talent competition. But oh well.


Hover over their pictures to see their biographies and customizations.


Arclyle was my first pet and he's my favorite (don't tell the others!). I recently decided to redo his character and I'm not quite sure what I want to do, but I'm working on it!


Charlie's first Draik, Bhult was saved for for a loooong time. It took almost 9 months to earn the 15mil, but it was so worth it. He was painted glowing shortly thereafter, mostly just because I got bored of him being green!

His story ties in with Popi and Tenebrosi's and you can read about it on his petpage, or in part in the Popi text box to the right.


Based on Toboi from Wolf's Rain, he is a young pup who is incredibly clumsy. Born in the wild, and therefore forbidden by law to have a "city" dwelling, he escapes his feral family in search of a civilized life.
In the city, he is recruited by a crime fighting society and only seems to make situations worse before they get better. He is constantly on the lookout for his family or someone who may know his past, as he could be arrested for living in the city.


My only Krawk who is spoiled rotten!
Op is an avid camper and spends most of his time outdoors rock climbing, white water kayaking, or star gazing. He and Rawr, his Niptor, take a lot of trips all over Neopia and he's currently preparing to scale Terror Mountain.


He was my first purge creation and will never be UFT! I'm not sure what I want to do with his character, but I'm thinking he and Arclyle will be tied together somehow.


Once a scientist during a zombie virus outbreak, he was able to find a cure for the disease...but not before becoming irreversibly affected himself. He managed to preserve his mind with the antidote, but his body continues to rot. He is now in a race against time to provide the world with the antidote, avoid capture by the fully living, and rid society of the disease before his body is no longer viable.


The eldest son of a power-hungry king, Butakei was forced to flee his kingdom when his father's subjects started an uprising. Due to a deformity from birth, Butak was never going to inherit the throne, so said his father, but the uprising gave him the opportunity to take the kingdom back.


The General in an army of rogue Gelerts, he rescues abused, neglected, and lonely Gelerts to recruit. He and his army are currently plotting a hostile take over of Neopia to rid the world of terrible owners. Treat your pets right or Leores and his soldiers will come after you!

Once again, Charli and anyone else who reads this, I appreciate your time and I sincerely hope you enjoyed my application.


Chandras_baby_girl (Main)

Popi's Story

The screaming. The screaming was the worst. He woke himself up with all the screaming erupting from his mouth. He sat up and looked around the cave, jumping and growling when a drop of water fell from the ceiling onto his back. When he realized what it was, he relaxed, sitting back down in his nest slowly. His skin began glowing a faint pink as he looked around, using his own flesh as a nightlight to ensure that he was alone. That was the only thing that gave him any sense of safety: being alone.

He sighed softly and laid his chin down on the edge of his nest, letting his eyes slowly flutter closed. As his eyelids shut, his hearing increased and he could hear the rain outside pelting the rock ledge that allowed entrance into his cave. His ears flickered when exceptionally large drops of condensation fell from the stalactites above him and landed on the ground below. The sound was disturbing at first, but eventually he became numb to it and he fell asleep to nature's wet, echoing lullaby.

The morning came much too soon and Popi lifted his head, looking at the mouth of the cave for an indication of the time. Being a rather smart creature, he had marked lines on the cave floor to use as a kind of clock. The further in the sun was, the closer to noon it was. He padded out of his nest and shook himself to awaken the rest of his body, smoothing the hair on the top of his head and all the way down his spine.

He plopped down on the ledge outside his home, letting his front paws dangle over the edge as he looked down at the forest below. He'd lived here by himself for almost 2 years, a wonderful 2 years. Before that, well...he preferred not to think back that far. Born and reared in a captive setting, Popi was due to be skinned one morning. The poachers that had captured his mother and forced her to produce dozens of offspring were big into the buying and selling of Draiks, their skin, their eggs, and their teeth for use in various fields and for decoration in people's homes.

After being warned early in the morning by his mother of what was supposed to happen that day, Popi had been ready, pacing in his cage with his teeth bared. As soon as his cage was open, he launched out of it, attacking the first man in his path. In a bloody mess, the man collapsed and he was onto the next person, working his way towards the exit.

After his fourth victim, he paused to look around. No one else was coming after him. He relaxed and trotted to his mother's cage, attempting to yank the lock from the door to free her. She smiled patiently at him and shook her head, assuring him that she would be fine. You need to go, Popi, right now. There's nothing out there for me, but you have an entire life waiting for you. Go quickly.

Popi wasn't able to argue with her as more men charged through a large door at the far end of the room. He looked longingly at his mother as he tore away from the encroaching mob, leaping head-first through a glass. His feet hit the ground and he took off as fast as his gangly legs could carry him, but running was awkward after spending so much time in a cage. And without wings, he was unable to simply take flight and get out of reach.

With grass beneath his feet and no bars to close him in, Popi stretched his lanky body out as far as he could as he galloped off, making his way through the trees with a strange, limpy gait. His legs finally gained some strength and before too long, he was running like he'd been doing it all his life: tearing through the obstacles ahead of him. He cleared trees and bushes with ease and after knowing he was safe, began running in circles again and again just to feel his legs stretch.

Despite his desire to get as far away from the facility as possible, he knew that he couldn't simply leave his mother and siblings behind to fend for themselves. So he stuck close, never but a few miles from the site. After a few months of wandering around the area surrounding the poachers bunker, he found a path he hadn't seen before carved into the thick brush.

He ducked his way through the brambles until he came upon a large, sunlit clearing. He stepped out of the trees and felt the earth beneath his paws. It was different here, somehow, almost too quiet and serene to be real. The dirt was hard and warm, while the grass was soft and cool. He inspected the entire clearing and was finally comfortable enough to lay down in the open for the first time since his escape. He picked a spot beneath a lush, green tree, curled up and closed his eyes to take a short nap.

When he awoke, the sun was setting and he knew he needed to find shelter before it was dark. It was never a great idea to stay so exposed in the open after dark, especially when he had no idea what or who might be in the woods. With that thought in mind, he began traveling with a sense of urgency, trotting quickly away from the direction he had come. He already knew what terrors lay behind him.

Looking left and right, he almost ran face-first into a rock face. He tilted his head up and grinned, seeing a ledge several hundred yards over his head. If nothing else, the ledge would put him above any kind of predator that could attack him.

He looked at his back, completely wingless. He sighed and scratched his claws on the ground lightly, hoping they were sharp enough to latch onto the rock. The rock was porous and there were many footholds on the way up to the ledge, he just had to be careful not to lose his grip.

He crouched on the ground and pushed hard against it with his paws as he leaped. He stretched his forelimbs out as far as he could and grabbed onto the rock. He got his back feet secured in a foothold before looking down, surprised to find the ground so far away. He looked up and noticed that he was only another 200 yards from the assumed safety of the ledge.

He scaled the remaining distance and collapsed onto the ledge when he'd reached it. He panted softly, and swallowed the cotton in his mouth. After a few minutes, he lifted his head and looked down over the ledge. He was very, very high up. While he was safe from attackers, he could easily roll of this ledge in his sleep and, without wings to save him, plunge to his death.

He walked backwards to put his back against the rock face, but he found himself never hitting it. He looked up and around and found that he'd backed himself into a rather deep cave. Although the dark hole extended farther than light could reach, he felt no fear; only comfort. He trotted into the back of the cave and was overjoyed that no one had occupied the cave, at least in a very long time. He'd found a safe place to live and stay close to his family, in case he ever had the chance to free them. It was perfect.

It took him a few days, but eventually he was scaling up and down the rock face like it was nothing, as if he had been born to climb. He began carrying things up with him: sticks, long blades of grass and vines, and the down from bird nests. He never disturbed the nests, only took the soft baby feathers that had fallen on the ground below.

After the first two days, his stomach was almost caving in from hunger and he decided it was time to try his hand at hunting. He climbed down the rocks and slipped into the forest quietly. It wasn't long before he had located a small hare. He hid in a bush and laid down on his stomach, keeping his eyes locked on the small gray mammal.

It bounced away and looked away from where he was laying, giving Popi the perfect opportunity to attack. He pounced and with all the force he applied, the hare was instantly killed. Although it turned his stomach a bit, he ate as quickly as he could and was amazed how much better he felt after his stomach had something in it. But, he decided, he could eat more and it would be more effective to hunt in bulk and then wait a day or two to do the same thing. That way he could spend the next two days training instead of hunting, too. With that thought in mind, he proceeded to catch 3 small birds, and a fish.

With a full belly, he decided to catch a little nap in the sun. He found a nice secluded clearing and laid down in a patch of sun, licking his paws clean before laying his head on the ground and falling asleep almost immediately. He woke up when the sun had moved back behind the trees and the clearing had become completely shaded. Slowly, he roused himself and got onto his feet, shaking the dirt and grass off of his skin before trotting into the woods towards home.

As he made his way through the forest, he heard a blood-curdling scream and froze where he stood. The hair along his spine stood on end and he took of running in the direction of the screams...and the lab. He skidded to a halt at the edge of the forest, keeping himself safely concealed as the watched the horror unfolding before him.

The building was on fire and being stormed by people in black suits and helmets. Men he knew to be his guards were fleeing in all directions, some of them with eggs he knew contained his siblings. It took all of his strength not to go after them and rescue his unborn family, but his other relatives needed him more. He raced down the hill and slipped inside the burning building, unable to see more than a few feet in front of him through the thick smoke.

Slowly but surely, he crept to where he and his mother had been kept. He poked his nose into her cage and mewed softly, hoping to hear her voice and know that she was fine. But she made no reply. He mewed louder and louder until he was screaming at her, but still...her body did not move. His eyes welled with tears and he backed away from her cage, knowing there was nothing more he could do for her.

A man came rushing into the room, someone whose smell Popi didn't recognize, and he walked right by the tormented creature. Popi lashed out and attacked the man, ripping out his throat instantly. Popi breathed in the taste of blood before stalking out of the building, attacking anyone who crossed his path. His mother was dead. His siblings were dead or kidnapped. He hadn't been able to save them.

He could feel that hate welling up inside him like hot water about to burst from him. His body quivered as he stumbled his way back to the forest to watch the carnage. His eyes focused on the building as it burned to the ground and he sat there for hours, watching the last of the flames die out with unwavering attention. When the last of the men still alive left, he carefully made his way back down to the ashes to pick through.

He sniffed at the black dust beneath his feet, but could smell nothing but fire. There was nothing left of his family or the men he'd slain. The hate boiled again, making him see read and hear nothing but rushing water. He threw his head back and screamed his hatred at the sky, cursing everyone who had ever wronged him or his family. He would not let them get away with this. He would not forget and he would never forgive.

His next few days went by in a blur as the hatred filled his every conscious thought. It took everything he had to stay in the cave as long as he did, but eventually he had to leave. There was nothing to stay here for anymore and the more distance he put between himself and his past the better. He could focus on the hate instead of the sadness and loss he felt. Focused rage meant results.

As he lowered himself from the safety of his cave to the uncertainty of the ground, he was suddenly overcome with a strange feeling that he was being watched. He froze and glanced around without moving his head, inhaling deeply to try and catch of whiff of his observer. But no sign of anyone came to him, so he pressed on, staying alert as he trotted through the trees.

He suddenly whipped around and stared behind him, but saw no one. He was beginning to feel like he'd lost his mind and shook his head to dispel the thoughts. Just before taking a step back in the direction he was headed, a branch cracked over his head and he narrowly escaped being hit. He stared at it and sniffed the end that had broken was still white and wet with sap. It wasn't even a dead branch. He glanced up at the tree, but again...saw nothing. He continued on and kept his wits about him, unwilling to let some bad luck be his downfall.

Bhult grinned from his invisible position behind Popi and snickered a bit, he'd been so close... Oh well, he'd be in trouble if he actually killed his target. He was supposed to make life harder for him, not end it early. Bhult floated along behind Popi and waited for another opportunity to scare him out of his mind. Crazy targets were always more fun than sane ones...

Popi's Personality

Height (Quad):4'6
Height (Anthro):6'2
Hair Color:Purple and Pink
Skin Color:White

? Open Spaces
? Sunlight
? Running
? His Cave
? Tenebrosi
? Rain
? Hunting
× Cages
× Being a Prisoner
× Small spaces
× His Captors
× Bhult
× Tenebrosi's Birth Defects


Art Dump Page
Here's all my art kind of joined on one page. Some of it is for my pets, some is art requests and others are just doodles that I colored and decided to put on the page. Enjoy!

Here's an awesome little button that people can use to link back, once his page is up and functional ;)

Much thanks to Charli for allowing me the opportunity to apply for Popi.

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