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Hi there! Welcome to Peta the original backgrounds site, owned by HMGR.

What's Peta?

Peta (ぺた) is a Japanese word means a look or a sound of stinking somethings on a wall. Here you can use all backgrounds without crediting here. Enjoy Peta!

Peta is listed and rated in Refresh!

May 13 2018 Hi everyone! +1 New Affie, Pandora! Aaand, I finally re-open requests! ヽ(=´▽'=)ノ
Oct 30 2017 Peta is on hiatus now. I'll back in next spring :D
Sep 01 2017 +1 New affiliate, Confectionery. Her pixel arts are so fine and elaborate, please visit it!
Sep 01 2017 +2 requests finished. One is premade bg and the other is personal one.
Aug 31 2017 I closed requests, because my summer vacation ended (._.) Thank you all for requesting, and 2 requests are still pending
Aug 29 2017 +1 request has been finished
Aug 27 2017 +1 New affiliate, Kimochi! It's so attractive graphic repuest site ran by Marge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Please check it!
Aug 15 2017 +2 Non-neo BG. Peta was listed at Refresh the directory +simple rating site. If you have your thoughts on Peta, whether it's nice or terribly bad, please submit your rating to Refresh (^^)
Aug 08 2017 +1 Seasonal BG request has been finished.
Aug 01 2017 Peta has been listed at Directoly. !
Jul 10 2017 +3 Seasonal BGs and +1 Neopets related BG. It's Summer! And requests are open!
Jun 11 2017 Peta have been listed at the useful directory run by Nina, The Garden!
Apr 30 2017 +1 Requested Premade Completed
Apr 23 2017 +1 Request Completed
Apr 04 2017 +1 Neo-related BG and +1 beautiful affiliate, GOGO!
Apr 02 2017 +1 Neo-related BG and +3 fantastic affiliates, Oyster, Simplified, and Quartz !
Mar 31 2017 Open!

This is an example code. Of course you can edit it as you want to.


Please read. They are not difficult to follow at all. If you have questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask me.
1. DO NOT EDIT. Resize is okay, but do not crop out or edit (changing hue, saturation and brightness is not prohibited, but please remain my signature in the bg or link back to me).
3. CREDIT is Optional. It means you don't have to credit here, because all the backgrounds have my signature already.


I often take some requests. Today requests are...OPEN!
Hooray! If you want to request, please full all the blankets and send me a neomail.
I will take not only your custom bg requests, but also premade ones :)
I'm so busy for these days, so the requests are closed for a while. However, don't worry, I'll come back soon to Peta!

Also I would like to collaborate with other creaters! If you are a creater who loves collaboration, feel free to apply with neomail please. (There is no form to apply it)
Please let me know if you used Peta's backgrounds in your premade. I'll link back to your site.

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I've found it necessary to make a page to stock past requests. I'm sorry but please wait a while(._.)

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