Welcome to Once Upon a Time

Welcome message will go here. I dont want to make it to long and tacky, lets keep it simple and lets just expplain a little.

July 14, 2012

Today I have finished the request page, but the requests are still closed since I am far from being done. I have though about moving my site to a different account since this one has a old past, but I just couldn't let go of this account. I will be working on my opening message and the first page in general, then I will consider opening requests. It has been a productive day!

July 13, 2012

Today is the first day that I started to work on Once Upon a Time. So far I have completely created and coded the layout, as you can see here. I also have requested a few link back buttons from some amazing request sites. I have been trying to practice my layout making while I have free-time to insure the best quality available. Those layouts will be available to the public once I open as pre-coded and designed layouts.

You may only request one layout per month. Everyone deserves a chance to get one.
I do not always finish requests in order. If I have a creator's block or something, I may move on the net request while I figure out what I want to do.
Be as specific as possible. I need detail as far as design and color scheme. I can find the images and such.
Be polite and literate! Anyone who uses Ch@t$p3ak or is rude will be rejected and blocked.
include the full URL when requesting a layout, if you don't you will be rejected immediately.
I only make layouts for established (already open) neopet sites. No about me, portfolio, guild webbie, etc.
Only send one form/neomail. If it exceeds one neomail, cut down the parts you don't need.
Include cheese in the form, and make sure to make the subject "Layout Request
I only do Neo layouts, so don't ask for any other type of image
If you have questions please neomail me before you send the form. If you tell me that you were going to send the form but had a question first, I will reserve a spot for you.

* Means optional


Waiting List

I. Name @ Site
II. Name @ Site
III. Name @ Site


Button Portfolio

Petpage Layouts (Drag & Drop)

Link Back




Layout and coding by Lolanako at Once Upon a Time
Textures and Brushes by Lolanako
Navigation idea by Caylee at Whirligig
All resources by Turnip at The Lunch Box

If I forgot someone please tell me so that I can give them proper credit right away!