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Welcome to Pixelling 101

Have you ever wanted to start a pixel page? Well now you can! Pixelling 101 includes a pixelling tutorial, the do's and don't of pixelling, ideas, clubs and so much more!
We have all info on pixelling right here, but if you still have questions, then just ask! Enjoy your stay, and check back for upcoming events and more!


September 5 2009 I'm trying to get this site back up and running. :o Neomail me with your sites to be certified!

I'm looking for some people to help me with this page. If you're interested, neomail me. :)

The Do's and don'ts of pixelling

-make your own pixels from scratch
-Make your own colors
-Take out white space
-Save as BMP
-think of your own ides (everyone has pixel lolipops,ipods, and paintbrushes, why don't you pixel something new and different for once?)
-Find your own style! Pixels may be big or small
-Pixel: Cute things, animals, neopets items, items, foods, purses, nature, and more
-Create your own layout. It can be tables, a blog, or something else!
-Try to update your site at least once a week
-Make all different sized butons especially 81x81 and 32x32
-Create a creative and cool name
-Include lots of parts! (news, pixels, customs, awards, affies, toybox, clubs, pets, gifts, contact info, credits)
-Include a neomail me link and button


-pixel faces people or scary things (unless halloween)
-stealor copy other pixels or outlines
-Put loud music on your pixel page
-Have broken images
-Leave white space around your pixels
-Use any graphics other than your own on your page


Bold is the question, unbold is the answer. To submit a Question neomail pixel_perfectionst

I have no idea what to pixel! What should I do?

Look around and find something! Weather it's a neopets item, or your pet cat, inspirations are everywhere!

I really want a pixel page, but I don't know how to make layouts! Can you make me one?

No, I cannot make you one, but if you really have no clue how to make your own layout, then you may use a pre-made one, as long as you keep the credit on!

On some pages, I've seen people with 'free awards', what are they?

Free awards are awards you don't have to earn, you can just put them up and enjoy!

What are pixel clubs, and pets?

Pixel clubs are where you make a defualt of something such as a jar of dreams, and trade yours with other people! You can see more examples of this below. Pixel pets are adopted, and usually you need an application to get one, my pet kinko below, is an example. Some people put these cute pets on there pixel pages!

Well what are customs, and whats a toybox?

Customs are pixels made specifficly for one persons use, you must request a custom. Do not adopt customs unless they are for you! Toyboxes are the part of the pixel page where you put cute pixels you like and have adopted from other pixel sites!

Can I adopt a custom pixel

Customs pixels are made for a specific person, adopting a custom pixel not meant for you is stealing it. If you really like someone's customs, neomail both the site owner and the person it was for to ask if you could adopt it too.

I really liked my friends pixel design, so I used her outline, but re-shaded and colored it. That's ok, right?

Actually that's still stealing! You can't use someone's outline and just re-color. You also can not just make their pixel bigger or smaller and say you made it. Nor can you use any of thier pixel in a graphic of yours without thier permission. If you have accidently stolen, take stolen pixels off immediatly!

Help! Somebody's stolen my pixels!

If you see somebody who's pixels look like your, copy it and look at it next you yours in paint x8. If they really have stolen your neomail them telling them. IUf they refuse to take the pixels down, put them on your wall of shame, and lastly if they still steal them, report them. YOUR ACCOUNT CAN BE FROZEN FOR STEALING GRAPHICS! Don't just report them straight away. In most cases they will take the pixels down after neomailling you. Also in rare cases the outlines may be the same, but not stolen, especially in smaller pixels.

I've seen sites with icons, layouts, and pixels, are they pixel sites?

No they are not pixel sites mostly because they do not make the pixels they put on they're page. Sites with pixels from google, ect are not 'real' plain pixel sites. Even if they do make pixels, but have other graphics (besides scribbles) On the page, it is not a completely pixel site, then it's a graphics page!
I am making a complete list of pixels sites, to be on the list neomail me. I will link to your site, and it'd be nice if you put up a banner.(see below)

Certified Pages

Want to be listed here? You may apply after you read all the RULES. Pages are listed from newest to oldest.

To apply neomail me, pixel_perfectionist.( Click here )

Being Certified has many great rewards. First of all you get a cute medal/award on your page, next you get holiday gifts and such, you also get news about Pixelling 101. Please only take the HONORS award if I tell you that you can. This award is for pixel pages that go above and beyond in quality and style.

You must put one of these up if you have a certified pixel page. All certificates beautifully pixelled by me. *bows* :)(

Honors only*

CertifiedHonor Pages
Tropical Pixels

Pixel Nation

Certified Pages
Pixel Cafe
SN pixels
Prada Pixels
Pixel Parfait
Rainfall Pixels
Pixelburg, PA
Hand Sewn Pixels
Sticky's Goodie

Pixelling tutorial

Ever wanted to learn how to pixel? Now you can! If you still have questions, you may neomail me. This tutorial was made by by me, so no stealing! Sorry but all the images broke, so I'm making new tips instead from kuririn , but if you need help I'll talk you through it in neomail!

Step 1: Open a new paint file by opening up MS Paint and selecting File - New

Step 2: Select your pencil tool

Step 3: Select the zoom tool (the magnifying glass) and select 8x. Then click the area you want to start drawing in.

Step 4: Using the pencil tool, draw the outline of your pixel.

Step 5: Color in the rest of your pixel. Remember outlines don't have to be black, and you should try to shade it!

Step 6: Zoom out and admire your pixel.

Save your pixel by moving it into the top left corner of the drawing area and adjust the paint screen to fit exactly around it. If you only have MS Paint to save it with, save it as a "PNG (*.PNG)" so you aren't left with a fuzzy or discolored pixel.

Next You need to upload it, to upload your pixel go to a free image hosting site photobucket, imageshack, and uploader dot neoextreme are all good sites where you can sign up for free. I use neoextreme because it's the easiest to sign up with, and it takes almost all types of images. After you upload you image, you'll need to copy the code it gives you that has tags in it.

Still need help? Check out these other tutorials
A basic scribble guide


Need a good name for your site? If you can't come up with your own, you may take one of these, but you must neomail me saying you take the name so I can take it off, otherwise someone else might have the same name as you!

Purple Pixels
guest's pixels
Sprinkled Pixels
Pixel Dust
Pixel Town
Pixellized Teardrops
Chokato Pixels I ♥ Pixels

for the first name I used # visitor so that whoever is viewing the page sees thier own username. Please don't neomail me asking me to take it down! 4 people have already fallen for this!
Remember you can make up your own name, and it doesn't have to include the word pixel, as long as you say its a pixel page somewhere else on your page. Be Creative! Feel free to ask me what I think about any names.


Pixel Clubs are thing where someone gives you an outline, you color it in, then trade it with other people. For example I'm making a list of all pixel clubs, the most popular is jar of dreams. What you do is copy the default image and paste into paint. You can decorate it in any way. Try not to change the outline, however you may add on or color it!
Next you put it in a clubs section on your pixel page, then when you see other people with the same type of thing, you neomail them asking to trade. Then you put there jar image under your adopted section, and they put yours under their adopted section.
Below here Are a few clubs, choose a few you like but remember to put up a linked banner as well otherwise your stealing! Also please link back here so other people may get them!

If you use any of these defaults please use this: as well as the required button.


Cuppin' Cakes


Jar of Dreams


Charm Braclets


These are made by me! So you only need to put up the spoona sign! Inside your cup, get creative! Here are a few very creative ones I made. Neomail me to trade spoonas!

coming back soon ;)


You must link back
if you make a spoona!


Thanks! Please remember when using these you must link back to the club founder and pixelling 101 right under where you use them! (Such as above) Enjoy!

all about affies

It is important you have affies, so that people can find your pixel site from more places. Affies can be applied for by neomailing the person who's pixel page it is. Your affies should only be other pixel pages! Graphic page, HTML, directories, can be places in a link exchange section. This is because people probably want to find other pixel page, not get lost in some affie icon site. Then if they wanna see icons, they go to link exchange.

Buttons should be the following sizes
You can make other sizes, but be sure you have those two. Make your buttons cute and colorful!

Affies should try to contact each other once a month or so, to see how each other's doing and see what new pixels the others added. The certified pixel secret code is scribbafodiole. Don't ignore your affie, or they could delete you!


Whats the point of pixelling if your pixels never get adopted? Everyone loves to find someone adopted a pixel from their site. This is why people have adopted pixel sections or 'toyboxes' on there pages.
You can call this section whatever you want, but they are commonly called 'toyboxes' and adopted pixel sections. You must make sure people know that this is a section of pixels not made by you, and leave all links to adopted pixels on, otherwise you could be reported.

There are 2 parts to toyboxes, adopted and custom sections. Adopted sections are just pixels adopted from other pages. Customs are pixels made specially for you from enougher site. With customs, you don't have to link back, however it's polite to put an alt code on it so that when people hover on it, they know who made it for you.

Themed toyboxes are very stylish! You can pick a theme that suites you, such as anything from purple pixels, to all giraffe picels you find. You can even make your theme change evry few months. Hold on to your favorite adopted pixels, and even add them to a third never deleted section of you toybox if you want. Remember you can never adopt to many pixels!

If you don't have a pixel site, you can still adopt pixels! Put them in your shop userlookie, and petpages. If you need help with adopting just neomail the pages owner. They would probably be happy to help.

Be sure to keep a tight hold on your favorite limited edition pixels, and make sure you don't delete them if you change themes often!

Pixelling 101 Reviews (NEW!!!)

Think you have what it takes to win an ultimate pixel award?You can get your pixel site reviewed! NEW! Just neomail and if you qualify, I'll review your pixel site. Please carefully read the scoring system below.. Your site doesn't have to be certified, but you do need to put my button up if your getting reviewed.
Your site will be reviewed on:
-Creativity & Neatness of Layout
-Creatvity of pixels
-Pixel Shading
-Quality of pixels
-Greetings, rules, and Adoption procedure
-Spelling and Updates
-Awards & clubs
-Buttons and page decor
These 10 categories will be graded likewise:

Creativty & Neatness of Layout
Is your layout the classic Comic Sans font, Transparent sign, matching colored background ordinary layout or did you go above and beyond? Does it look like the layout was done in a few minutes? You will be rated out of 10 for this categorey.

Creativty of pixels
Wow I've never seen those pixels before or those again? I've seen hundreds of pixel pages so I will know whats new and creative or whats really not. For example Ipods = not very creative, something I've never seen pixelled before like starcases. (please don't actually try to pixel staricases though! LOL )You will be rated out of 10.

Pixel Shading
Pretty self explanitory, I will look at if your pixels are shaded or not, how well they are and that you use more than one style of shading. I might zoom into your pixels for a closer look, but I will never copy them! (Then I'd have to put myself on my GWOS x_x)

Quality of pixels
How well qualitied are your pixels? Are they fuzzy or crystal clear? I will rate the quality and also the design of the pixel out of 10.

Do your visitors have lots of choice in pixels or are there only a few categories? Also this includes having more than one pixel in a categorey. If you have a one pixel categorey once in a while is fine, but make not too many!

Greetings Rules & Adoption procedures
Does your page start of with a Hello & welcome opening or go straight to your pixel rules? Do you have specific rules and explain exactly how to adopt your pixels? If someone gets confused with your adoption process do you say to neomail you for more info or just try again? Grettings will be rated out of 3, Rules out of 3, and adoption procedures out of 4, for a total of 10 in this categorey.

Spelling and updates
It's no fun to visit a page full of mispelled words and chatspeak. A few mistakes are ok, but more than 10 is unacceptable. Also I will check how much and what kind of updates you have. Updates is out of 5 and spelling is out of 5 points.

Credit should be given where its earned. If you didn't make your layout or something on your page give credit to whoever did. Stealing pixels will be an automatic 0 in all categoreys. This is basically an easy 10!

Awards and Clubs
For awards, you can't have taken any that aren't given specifically to you. If your new pixel page has a golden award from a page that no longer exisits, I know somethings up! Also Your clubs should be oragnized, easier to adopt than pixels, and nice. You must link back here if thats where you got a default.

Buttons and page decor
Lastly you'll be graded on your buttons and page decor. Do they match a theme? Do you provide lots of different choices and styles including 88x31 and 32x32? Do you have a counter or other page decor? You will be graded out of 10.

Bonus Points
-Transparent pixels
-Over 150 pixels
-Clean and organized toyboxes
-Site 'colors'

If you're rated I will post your page here (coming soon). Also you could win one of the Grand pixel award if you get a certain score.

Who's been Reviewed?

The GRAND wall of Shame

Lets keep it clean!

Can't get enough?

If you really liked this site please neomail me and let me know! You can also help us out by:

-Notifying me about spelling mistakes and broken images
-Linking Back
-Telling your friends about us!
-Joining the awesome guild *~Pixellusions~*
They've got tips, help, fun pixel games and more, it's the ofiicial guild of pixelling 101.

-Link Back!
Pixelling 101 changes often, we even have fun activities sometimes. It's not like an ordinary site that never changes, new info is constantly being added, so visit whenever you can! You can put up this link on your pixel page, so it's easy for you to find us again next time your feeling 'stuck'!


Thanks wizzerdess for one of the buttons

Come Again Soon guest


-No stolen content whatsoever
-Pixel and Scribble Pages only
-No bad Language inapproprioteness or celebrity themes
-To prove you really read this in the extra part of the application type 'pixel dotted 101
-Only neopet or freeweb pages
-Sites with 10+ pixels
-No affies that aren't pixel pages (Add them to link exchange ^^)
-No toyboxes with stolen pixels from graphic pages, ect.
-Finished Layout
-No backgrounds, userlookups, or guild layouts, only pixels and scribble pages please
-You must link back here
-Participate in our activity or accept award, ect, stay involved and in contact with us. We wanna stay in touch with our pixellers.
-Type purple puppy as the neomail's subject
-If you read the whole page you'll know the secret code. -Have fun, and good luck! :)
-No complaining if you don't get a certain score in our reviews or are not an honors page. No begging either!

Rules for honor pages

Your page must have: Made your own layout or have a one-in-a-kind custom just for your page made by a friend.
Over 25 pixels
Good Quality Pixels
No big/messy clubs
No Ch@t$p3ak!
These plus the above normal rules apply if you wish to be an honors page.