Welcome to Lithe, a Neopet PNG resource site that aims to offer graphic makers quality and unique images to use in graphics. Each PNG found here is redrawn larger on Photoshop CS5 to ensure higher quality and easier use. Feel free to look and use the content found here, but be sure to read the Rules & Info. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me a neomail here.


July 4, 2015. 7:32a NST
+ Hey, everyone! I am back and ready to (slowly) update this site again!
+ 3 new PNGs.
+ Because I'm slowly trying to get back into the site community, I am looking for new affiliates and site listings! Please send me a neomail if you wish to be affiliates or if you have already listed Lithe on your directory!

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Please leave a link credit on whatever page that shows a PNG.

Do not, in any way, redistribute any PNGs. (If you wish to share them with someone, please link them to this site).


You are free to use these PNGs for whatever you wish as long as you give credit.

In short, do anything with these PNGs as long as credit is given.


There are two styles of PNGs: regular and simple.


I make the regular PNGs by enlarging an image, creating an outline of the desired object, and coloring exactly as the original image.

I make the simple PNGs by enlarging an image, coloring in the base of the desired object, then adding in details to help "form" the image.


Don't see a particular Neopet, petpet, character, or item? Feel free to send suggestions!




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