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Welcome Passenger

Driving you to the sites of Neopia - Chinese Style

Ni Hao, or hello guest, and welcome to the Chinese Taxi. Why not come and take a drive? *opens door* I am Hannah, your driver. I will try to take you to all of the best cities that Neopia has to offer. However, you need to make the first move. If you have a city that should be on our route to top sites, why not enter in? After a while, you will be able to vote for two of your favorite cities. The top three cities with the most votes will be put on the route and will win some fans, er, awards. Go ahead, look around at the cities that's have entered. ^^

Spare a Vote?

Tagged @ Rave!

Rules of the Road

Before we drive around, please fasten your seat belt and read these rules. *takes out a scroll*

Please, don't vote for your site.
You may only vote for two sites. Yes, two.
You may enter as many sites as you'd like.
Please don't vote on a side account.
If you win, you may not enter the next month.
You don't have to have a site to vote, yet you must have one to enter.
Please do not ask people to vote for your site. It isn't fair.
Look below to vote/enter.