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Thursday, July 9th, 2015 | 10:00 AM NST

Well, as you can see above, Whirligig is on an indefinite hiatus. I love making graphics and doing requests, but trying to do it continuously has been a struggle. I've found I enjoy updating my customization site, Stitched Up, a lot more because there is a challenge to overcome, and in the end I know many more people would appreciate inspiration for a new outfit than a few new textures or a tutorial on Whirligig. I am not leaving Whirligig, so please do not think it has closed, I just won't be updating it frequently with new content. If I do update the site, I will make a notice below this message so you can check it out. I want to note that you should still credit Whirligig if you use anything from the site, mostly because then people who see your site know where to go to get an awesome site as well. I will be available via neomail almost daily, so if you want a button request or a new tutorial, please don't hesitate to ask. :) I really enjoy helping people out, so if you ever need anything graphics, customization, or anything wise, please just send me a message. Lastly, I figured it was about time that I updated Whirligig's layout. ;) I think pink suits the site perfectly.

~ Caylee (dance_chm12)