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The simple life

Life was so simple, eat and try not to be eaten.
Fun was not a factor, I didn't have time.

My mind had only one thing on it. Survive.
-story here about Pevor experiencing the 'invasion' of man-kind, the meteors which carried them fall to the planets surface killing millions. Vore is about to get crushed by a falling meteor, but his small size saved him. He squeezes into a crack on the meteors surface, the freezing center of it chronically freezes Vore.
He is later discovered by archeologists and returns back to an animated form, freaking out and fleeing into the city. -

Chapter one
I sped through the under-growth, my talons pounding the soil. My whole attention was focused on one thing.
Dinner. Or what you humans would call it, an Eizzil.
Its dull fur swayed, caught in an eerie breeze.
All was still for a few moments. My hunger was driving me insane.I was the hunter.

I finally gave in on waiting, propelling forward to claim my prey.
My aim was near perfect, crushing the creatures neck for a quick and painless kill.
A quick gasp exited the Eizzil before its small frame became cold and lifeless.
I hungrily ripped the rodent apart, its meat sliding down my throat like jello.

The hunger slowly seized, relieving me of the pains.
My grasp on reality came back, I was alert once more. Twitching my head left to right constantly on the watch for predators.
Caawwwrrooooouugh! A low call was heard through the plant-life.
GAIAROOOOOOUUGH! " I screeched back, as I grabbed the remains of the Eizzil with my jaws and began to sprint once more.
I was more alert. Now I was the hunted.

There was a lot more creatures bigger then me. And they where all as starved as I. Food was becoming scarce, and was leading the great reptiles to hunt each other.
Our kind was always an easy target, our feathers made it seem we were the inferior mammals, we were the first to be hunted.
They soon came to attack each other. Horns against tooth, like a war ripping alliances apart. No one knew what happened to start it, it was like something had driven us crazy.

Others like me joined together, making a 'pack'. We were once solitary creatures, but being so vulnerable we learned to stick together.
We soon learned that working in a group had many advantages.We never went hungry and were always well hidden. The main thing was our ability to co-exist as one.

It was my turn to bring in the hunt for the day. And that was this Eizzil. It was an unspoken law that the hunter always gets his share first, at the kill site and drags the remaining carcass back to the rest. Which I was currently in process of.

I could hear the other creatures among the foliage, some where harmless, but alot more then I felt comfortable with, wanted to eat me.
Larger Velociraptors may seemed to be relatives of us, but they did not think that way at all. They would try to rip us apart or swallow us whole.

Chapter two
Invasion. Dinos going crazy, Vore gets trapped.

[ Name: ]Pevor (No last name o: )
[ Alias: ]Vore
[ Gender: ]Male
[ Age: ]16 ( or about 3million years if you count the chronically frozen time )
[ Species: ]Dromaeosaurid (Draik)

[ Colours: ]Grey-black, cream and maroon (Shadow)
[ Pelt: ]Feather, fur and skin
[ Eyes: ] Amber-gold
[ Wings: ] Feathered and Ribbed

Ignorant Vore may be, but his mind is a complex thing. Constantly thinking, his mind was made for survival.
He is overlooked by many, seeming child-like in the modern world.

His 'people' skills are definitely not a positive. Witnessing the invasion has brought him not to trust the humans, which in-turn makes his life quite difficult.

He prefers to use body language over speech. Not because he cannot talk, but he prefers not to use what the "invaders" use. Which kind of points out his stubbornness, which can, and usually does get the best of him. He is also quite vain and very 'up himself', always boasting.

The human world is all so new to him, an as much as he would hate to admit it, it fascinates him. Vore is captivated by all things human. Well, aside from an actual human, of course.

His anger can kind of drive him to extreme methods, but his small size renders him kind of harmless... and annoyed ^^;.

completely made up species.

[ Kingdom: Animalia
[ Phylum: Chordata
[ Class: Reptilia
[ Superorder: Dinosauria
[ Order: Saurischia
[ Suborder: Theropoda
[ Infraorder: Deinonychosauria
[ Family: Dromaeosauridae
[ Genus: Wyvern

[ Diet: Omnivore ( any available food source )

Pevor's kind is a mix up between a microraptor and a dragon.
Despite seeming to have beaks, they infact do not. Their muzzles are just bare from the feathery texture covering most of their body, leaving their light skin show through, and therefore seeming to look like a beak.
They have two flat palates on the top of the muzzle also, almost reaching to their nostrils. The have one row of razor sharp teeth inside for ripping at flesh and meat.

Thick almost featherish fur covers most of the body, mainly ranging from a dark grey to jet black. There have been some cases of white Wyvern's, but extremely rare.

Two almost golden horns comeout from the back of the skull. Mainly for self defense of heavy lifting. Only rarely would the attack with the horns.

The front limbs of the Wyvern are most interesting, resembling that of a bat and a bird.
The 'hand' is still in tact for climbing and grasping, but only the thumb, index and medias finger is present. The other two points have been used in the wing. With another extending point at the elbow. The bottom half of the wing is made like a bats and ribbed with skin. The top half however is made up of feathers, and three primal flight (six if you count the ones underneath ) feathers covering the bone of the two fingers evolved into wings.


New world

Story about Vore in the modern human world



Coming soon.

( If I get Vorey-poo )

Roleplay between me and Jado

Italic writing will be Jado's roleplay.

After thousands of years trapped in a suspended form, Pevor slowly felt feeling come back to his nerves. His eyes in a panicked frenzy flicked open.
His surroundings where unknown, never had he seen anything like them.
His body was somewhat stuck, in a clear crystal filled meteor. His small form crouched. His limbs aching, and unable to move, the small Wyvern waited in his ancient prison.

Verde perched silently on a branch, his wings spread slightly, looking as if he was about to take off into the air. He has been in this position for the past few hours, as random people walked by and "ooh"d and "Ahh"d at the realistic features of the bird "statue". Verde thought it was interesting at all the reactions of little children when they would notice him blink, or shift his foot ever so slightly.

He was glad the museum hours were almost over, as he was rather tired of standing there all day, and was needing a good break. And after quite a lot of people had thought it would be funny to poke his tail, pull his feathers, or even stick a piece of gum to his foot, he needed a little break.

A large stuffed bird in the corner of what seemed to be a very precise cave to Vore. He watched it, never seen a creature like it before. It had the same pelt as his kind, but its facial structure, and almost everything about it was different.

It didn't have any hands, or webbed wings, just all feathers. His muzzle was non-existent, a hard beak replaced it. So familiar, yet so different.

Vore struggled around to get a better view. Only wriggling on the spot and not moving any closer. Pevor's eyes strained to get a better look at the strange creature. Watching it.
Its eye flicked onto him.

Verde looked over at a meteor. It was odd, and rather ominous. He felt as if it was watching him- but that was crazy, meteors didn't watch people.

Verde blinked when he heard an announcement come over a loudspeaker, telling the people the museum would be closing soon. Verde decided once everyone left, he would go look at the meteor.

A muffled voice came over the loud speaker: " ALL VISITORS, PLEASE NOTE THE MUSEUM WILL BE CLOSING SHORTLY. " The sound scared Pevor out of his mind. He jumped, causing the crystal to crack slightly, Giving Vore some extra room.

Still staring at the 'stuffed' bird, which was now looking in his direction. The bird, was huge compared to the small wyvern.
Thank the great reptiles I'm in here" a thought rushed through his head.

Verde sat paintentley, waiting for the last of the people to leave the room. It almost seemed to take forever until the last person hurried out of the room as The automatic doors slid shut with a click.

Verde waited for a minute, just to make sure no one came back in. After he was sure, he carefully stepped off his perch onto the hard floor, his claws clicking on the cold stone. He stretched his wings out, almost brushing a nearby exhibit

The so-thought 'stuffed' bird came to life before Pevor's gleaming eyes. Unsure of what to do, he let out a small, almost silent call.
Maybe this was a friend of my kind in this strange place?" The thought almost excited him. Maybe he was able to be freed?

Verde shook his feathers, then turned to the meteor. He walked over to it, peering over at the doors once, then back to the meteor.
As he gets up to it, he sees the form of some sort of animal in there. He tilts his head, getting a closer look at it, his eyes narrowing.

He had no idea what it was, but he had some feeling that it was alive.

The bird had moved right up to the meteor's surface. Petrified, Vore remained completely still, hoping it didn't notice him.
It seemed to work, untill Vore couldn't bear any longer, he swerved his head to the side, relieving its strain. He froze again, realizing that he had moved in front of the enormous bird, proving he was awake.

Verde watched for a while, wondering if the animal was still alive, or if he was just imagining things. After a minute, the creature moved it's neck, showing that it was quite alive.

Verde raised one of his feet and tapped on the surface, wonder how in the world he would be able to get it out.

CLUNK! A sharp noise penetrated the crystal wall, it echoed around Vore's small frame frightening him.
The bird seemed less frightening when it was upclose, Vore tapped his muzzle on the glass in an attempt to communicate with it.

His movements loosened the crystal cave slightly, but his breathes where getting fewer. He had to get out.

Verde looked at the animal. It looked rather odd, like one of the real dinosaurs in the museum....

Verde then blinked a couple times, realizing that this dinosaur thing was in a meteor, and meteors didn't have much air in them by what he knew. He tapped on the surface of the meteor hard a few times with his claws, chipping it in places.

Hearing the chipping, Pevor's eyes shot down onto the strange bird. Was it helping him?
CROOOAAAK' the meteor groaned as it split down the center. Pevor's small lungs where overwhelmed by the sudden rush of fresh air.
It tasted bitter and smoky, almost polluted. Stunned from everything that just happened, Vore just remained completely still. Untill his eyes set back onto the bird.

Pevor Fursuit status

Gaw guys don't hate on me for this, I know I will fall under with the writing so I am making this costume as a way to show you my dedication to Vore!
I can only work on it more, when I get the eyes, but resin in Australia is like $40 for a tiny bottle, so I have to save up. I have the fur ready though ^^.

[ progress : ] 10%
[ completed : ] The basic base of the head foamed onto a balaclava.
[ next step : ] Cast resin eyes, for a realistic effect.

[ Picture : ]


Adoptables! Sorry about the cruddy quality, but their cute, right?
Requests: Closed.
Trades: Open~! ( Only if your character has wings XD )





Dream customization:

Still need:

Thank you massively to Rei, who allowed me to adopt Pevor as my own.
And everyone who supported me through making my application.
AND to all the other applicants,your apps where awesome! I know I'm going to have at least 3 stalkers forever now x3.

Infact other applicants, if you read this, Mail me? I'm going to make a section dedicated to everyone elses characters they had for Pevor, so they're not lost forever~

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