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Hey, you! Yeah, you, guest. I remember you.
You see, TNT left me out of the Cup last year. That was a stupid move on their part, I know it wasn't the same without me. Anyways, I do have a family I have to feed, so I had to find some sort of work, you know? Unfortunately, I got stuck working at this nut job's directory dedicated to the Altador Cup. I guess it's not that bad; decent pay and all and free Meepit-- ... oh. Right.
You're here to do some browsing, obviously. It's easy, kid. Just start over there at the navigation. We've got everything from chat group pages to guides to tributes! Now go on, scram!

Predictions & Listings

AC Power Rankings
Hol's Altador Cup Predictions
Day-By-Day Predictions
Myth's AC Predictions
Maxe's Altador Cup Predictions
ACVI Standings & Predictions
Neon's AC Predictions
Altador Blog by Amarise
Logan's Official Altador Cup Predictions!
Danny's Altador Cup 6 Predictions
The Altador Cup Peace Treaty


Jelle's Altador Cup Guide
Logan's Official Altador Cup Guide
Turn Up The AC!
How To Scorekeep
Snowflower's Guide to the Altador Cup
Altador Cup: Tips and Tricks for Yooyuball
Rarely Answered Questions


Altador Cup Adoptables by los_guerreros
Mimi's AC Graphics
Mo's Fonts
Darigan Graphics Unlimited


OHWD (Official Haunted Woods Devotees)
BoB (Brightvale on Toast)
KFC (Kreludor For the Cup)
WAM (We Are Maraqua)
MIYP (Mystery Island Yooyuball Players)
KoM (Knights of Meridell)
FLUFF (Faerieland's Unbreakable Fearless Fighters)
ViPZ (Virtupets)
OASIS (l'Ordre d'Aguerris Supporters Impériaux et Sablonneux a.k.a the French LD headquarters)
S.A.N.D.Y. (Supporting and Naturally Dominating Yooyuballers)
SOS (Shenkuu Official Supporters)
Shenkuu Scoreboard
Tic-Tac (Time is Coming, Tyrannians are Champions)
SoLiD (Supporters of LD in Domination)
F.A.Y.(Faerieland All Yooyuball)


Altador Cup Clicks
The Altador Cup Repository
Lostkey's Altador Cup Blog
The Clean Sheet
ROOT (Moltara fansite)
Rivals (ACVI Challenge Page)
Yooyuball Planet
Altador Cup Individual Game Rankings
Flutter (Faerieland fansite)

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