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Perfectly Normal Website

Hello, and welcome to Perfectly Normal's webbie! We are a new Harry Potter related guild. The guild is still currently under construction. We are, however, accepting pre-joiners! Just neomail Sara or Dotty for an invite, no application needed!
Please, take a look around the web, and if you are interested in any of the available positions, let Sara or Dottyknow. Also, if you have any suggestions, we are all ears! So please, don't hesitate to neomail either of us with ideas, comments, or questions.


December 17 | Sara | Graphics pages has been added! Make some, or support PN by using one on your user lookup! (; Rules has been changed to the New student Handbook, with a little bit more detail.
December 13 | Sara | The rules have been updated. There now needs to be a one line requirement instead of just three words. I'm sure we are all smart enough to come up with atleast one line of words. Once the guild is officially open, we will be more strict about that, though. But for now, I guys. (; Also, the salaries for all the jobs have been estabilished.
December 11 | Sara | Our first class is up! If you are interested in teaching, look at the "teach" page and follow the instructions. And remember, all you have to do is basically get a page together. Since term hasn't started, you don't need to have the actual class content yet.

Sorting Hat

Welcome to the sorting hat! Here, you will find out which house you belong too. While you are at Hogwarts, this hosue will be like your family. You will try to earn points for your house, though you may also lose points for breaking the rules. After you are sorted, please read the rules, introduce yourself on the boards and start participating in activities!

You place the over-sized hat on your head...
The hat is silent for a moment, and you get nervous. You start thinking of a story to comfort yourself..

Choose one of the following prompts to write about and mail it to Dotty.

1. You're home in your warm, cozy room eating some chips ahoy. You aren't doing anything important, but you're content with just watching Netflix. You fall asleep to Scrubs. When you wake up, you are laying face up with the sun in your face. You get up as quickly as you can to find that you are on an island. There are no people, only small animals. You search our pockets to find a knife, but that's all. What is your next step?

2. You're at our favorite store. You just purchased some shoes and as you're walking out. Some teenage boy grabs the shoes and runs. How would you handle this?

3. Walking down the street, you come upon a little puppy. He would be adorable if it weren't for his knotted fur and ribs sticking out. You want to take the puppy home so badly, but you know your parents would freak out if you brought that dog into their house. What do you do about this abandoned puppy?

4. You are trying to fall asleep. It's probably three am, and you have work in the morning. You think to yourself, "Ugh, why can't I just fall asleep?" From not being able to sleep, you're imagination starts playing tricks on you. Every little noise sounds like some monster or some one trying to break in. You think about waking your parents, but decided to just try to sleep again, and forget about the noises. After a few minutes of silence, there is a loud crash on the other side of the house. What do you do?

5. If none of these prompts interest you, you can make up your own! Make sure you mail the prompt and the response to Dotty. If it's a good enough prompt, maybe we'll use it for the sorting hat!

New Student Handbook

Hello! If you are reading this, I assume you are new to Perfectly Normal and looking for some guidance. (; So please, first and foremost, introduce yourself on the chat board. Being chatty in the guild is what keeps it alive, so chat as much as you can! Second, please take the Sorting Hat. Finally, read the rules. Rules are very important. In order for the guild to run smoothly rules to need to be placed, and followed by every student.
Once you are sorted, look around the webbie! Put some graphics on your userlookup, take some clases, or look at positions that need to be filled! You will also need to enable guild mailing. How do you do this, do you ask? It's simple! My Account - Preferences - Enable guild mailing. There is an endless amount of fun to be had at Perfectly Normal!


1. Obey ALL of neopet's rules.
2. Literacy | Please, no chatspeak; Use "you" not "u", "your/you're" not "ur", etc. Things like "lol" and "omg" are fine as long as they are not over used! Have atleast one line of text, when you're typing, in a post. Use proper grammer, capitalization, and puncuation.
3. Be Active | Post on the boards as much as you can! Complete activities when you can and get involved in any way possible! There will be monthly member sweeps. If you have not been online for seven days, you'll get deleted, unless you have told one of the council you won't be able to be on. You may rejoin if you get deleted, of course! But please try to be active.

Job Application

how jobs work. blah blah

Current Jobs Available


Application: To apply, please make sure you read the 'Teach' page, and mail it to Sara.

Teach a Class

Salary: 15hps per week
Member for: 1 week
Post Count: 50 posts
Class requirements
1. No classes are mandatory.
2. Must have a due date.
3. Must be worth no more than 25hps for basic classes, and 35hps for advanced classes.
4. Classes must be updated once a week. If not, you may be suspended as teacher, or fired.
5. ONLY mail in housepoints once a week. Not every time a single person completes an assignment.
If you have read and accepted these terms, apply at "Job Applications".

Available Classes

Basic Classes 25hps per assignment
History of Magic

Advanced Classes 35hps per assignement
Study of Ancient Runes

Host a Club

Available Clubs

Dueling Club
Dumbledore's Army
Inquisitor Squad
Slug Club

Staff Room


Headmistress: Sara (miserableatbest)
None | Update website, Advertising | None

Co-Owner Dotty (redstreet)
Ravenclaw | Housepoints, Roleplay, Sorting | None

Hufflepuff Head: Name (username)
Hufflepuff | Duties
Applications are not accepted
Gryffindor Head: Name (username)
Gryffindor | Duties
Applications are not accepted
Ravenclaw Head: Name (username)
Ravenclaw | Duties
Applications are not accepted
Slytherin Head: Name (username)
Slytherin | Duties | Salary
Applications are not accepted

* - Advanced Class
Teacher: Lisa (rockstarfrommars)
Ravenclaw | Charms | 15hps
Teacher: Mackenzie (leafyshadow)
House | Defence Against the Dark Arts | 15hps
Teacher: Sarah (posyluna)
Hufflepuff | Care of Magical Creatures * | 15hps
Teacher: Leo (rokiiiee)
Ravenclaw | History of Magic | 15hps
Teacher: Danielle (danielle59270)
House | Muggle Studies * | 15hps
Check out 'Teach' for more information.

All Heads of House's duties will be determinded upon picking the positions. They will, however, be incharge of their own Common Rooms, if we decide to have common rooms.
Head Boy/Girl will be responsible for monitering the boards, and making sure no one is breaking the rules. These positions will be re-chosen every new term.
Prefects will make sure their house stays active and earns housepoints. Prefects will also be re-chosen each new term.
All the positions may not filled for each term, depending on how many members we have at the time and such. Also, they will be hand picked; you will not apply for these positions.

Head Boy: Name (username)
House | Duties
Head Girl: Name (username)
House | Duties
Hufflepuff Prefect: Name (username)
Hufflepuff | Duties
Gryffindor Prefect: Name (username)
Gryffindor| Duties
Ravenclaw Prefect: Name (username)
Ravenclaw | Duties
Slytherin Prefect: Name (username)
Slytherin | Duties

Daily Prophet

Editor: Name (username)
House | Duties | 25hps
Applications are being accepted Check 'Job Applications' for more details.
Writer: Name (username)
House | Duties | 10hps
Applications are not accepted

Ministry of Magic

Minister: Name (username)
House | Duties | 30hps
If interested in this position, read the Ministry of Magic page, and mail Sara.

Trophy Room

Ah, you have stumbled into the Trophy Room! Here you can find different awards such as House Cup, Quidditch Cup, Motm, Awards the guild has won, etc. Please don't touch anything!

Common Rooms

Coming soon!

Daily Prophet

Salary: 25hps per week or per issue
Member for: No amount of time.
Post Count: No post count.
If chosen for editor, you will be completely incharge of the Daily Prophet, which is the guild paper. It will include short stories, fanfics, articles about guild events, maybe some puzzles for members so solve and earn points, and so on, all submitted but the writers. Basically, the Prophet will be for all the members who like writing and reading. It will take alot of time, creativity and responsibility. Bacially, being the editor will be like a council member.
Prophet Requirements
1. The prophet will need to have a new issue every three weeks (two issues per term) (Though, if this gets too hard, we can change it.)
2. The editor, once chosen, will be incharge of who the writers for the Prophet will be. Whether the want to do applications, or just pick people, it is up to whomever is editor.
3. The page will need to be well organized.
4. If editor, you cannot participate in the activities in the Prophet, though you can still participate in classes and Ministry activities.
If you are interested, fill out an application on the 'Job Application' page.

Ministry of Magic

This isn't the offical page for the Ministry, it's just an rough outline of what we're looking for. Basically, I want this to be the "account improvement" part of the guild. This will also be alot of responsibility.

Minister of Magic: | 30hps per weekThe minister will be incharge of all the departments. They will have to make a page explaining all the parts of the ministry, and linking all the departments. Whether they are incharge of the specific department or not.We obviously won't have a seperate person incharge for each department, causes that would take alot of people. But depending on the job, the Minister may need to appoint some people for certain jobs. Alot of the positions will take alot of time to set up, but once they're set up will be fairly easy to maintain.

1. Department of International Magical Cooperation | KQ Tournaments
2. Department of Magical Law Enforcement | Avatar Lending
3. Improper Use of Magic Office | Wish list/Dreamies page
4. Magical Law Enforcement Squad | Guides for games, dailies, habi, keyquest, etc.
5. Department of Magical Transportation | This could be interacting with other guilds, maybe have some affiliations and events with other guilds, and advertising
6. Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures | Maybe this could be the adoption agency?
7. Department of Mysteries | Guild event planning. This could be just basically the council.

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