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Welcome guest to the petpage, Earth Matters, here you can learn simple was to help you become eco-friendly! So, come along and start the journey to make the Earth healthy for the next generation!


1. An estimated 100 billion plastic bags end up in landfills every year. Bring your own tote to the store.
2. Use a reusable sponge or rag to clean up spills reather than paper towels.
3. If you're printing a long document save paper by changing the settings to print on both sides.
4. Recycle cans and bottles: Recycling one aluminum can saves enough engery to power a TV for 3 hours!
5. Recycle all paper, just make sure it doesn't have color pencil or crayon, or it will not be "recyclable". Recycle bottles, cans, homework, magazines, newpapers, and ect.
6. Plastic bottles take lots of energy to make and are filling up landfills: Get a reusable bottle and refill with filtered tap water.
7. Save paper and money by paying bills online rather than through the mail.
8. Selling back your textbooks saves paper needed to make new ones-and gives you extra spending money! $_$

Saving Energy

1. Instead of using a dryer, try a drying rack. You will save electricity and your jeans won't shrink!
2. Conserve energy by setting your fridge to 37 degrees.
3. Save energy (and lower the electricity bill) by turning off the lights and TV when you leave a room.
4. Unpluge unused wires and chargers- it draws energy just by being plugged into the power outlet.
5. If your car is parked outside, don;t go through the electronic garage door, save electricity and use the front door.
6. Instead of using treadmills or step machines that use electricity, go for a run outside.
7. To save electricity and energy, play a game of cards or read instead of watching TV or going on the computer.

Great Green Buys

Green Chic by Christie Matheson *****

Its a funny, how-to be green book. It teaches people how to live green easily, which is great. And best of all, its NOT boring! Christie has a way of writing to keep people learning and laughing at the same time. So I would highly recomend this book to anyone who wants to start having a green lifestyle!
This book ranges from $10-$15

Threads 4 Thought *****

Threads 4 Thought makes clothing that makes a statement and uses 100% certified organtic cotton. You can find this brand at Urban Outfitters and selected Nordstroms.
Tops and Jackets range from $38-$110

Burts Bees ****

Burt's Bees carries non chemical lipglosses to eco-friendly products from your head to toe, and all of these are covered in recyclable packaging!
Prices range from $3-$30

Coming Soon!

Saving Water tips
Reduce Pollution tips


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