Hello guest

I am Peixoty the Scorchio, and I am 86847 hours old.
I come from a long line of Scorchio's that originally came
from the hot Volcanic region in Tyrannia. I am now living
with my owner amyshenborn2000 who is very kind to me.

This is amyshenborn2000's favourite photo of me.

I think I look very smart, don't you? I read loads of books and my
intelligence is currently 72! As well as reading, I like to visit
the PetPet shops. I really want a Spoppy but amyshenborn2000 says
I can't have one as I am already spoiled enough :)

Why don't you neomessage amyshenborn2000? I can play a mean
game of Kacheekers and I have done a little bit of training for
the NeoPets Battledome.