Hello, hello. Welcome to Crater! Crater is a fantastic resource page just for you! Our most predominant product is pngs. We currently have 123 lovely PNGs. Our PNGs come in three sizes and are created from images most people don't try to vectorize. A lot of our PNGs come from 80x80 px Neopets item images. With that being said, our PNGs are rather unique. We were the first to create PNGs out of 80x80 items and to offer three different sizes. Of course if there isn't one you want, we can convert most Neopets images into PNGs!


keep in mind

uno First and foremost, using my resources without credit WILL result in a nice warning neomail. If you refuse to provide credit, I will report you. Stealing will not be taken lightly.
dos If you see a PNG that catches your eye, right click on the image and save it to your computer. This is just how PNGs work. You cannot just copy & paste it.

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