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Neocash & Mixed Customs.

All customs that include at least one NC item are shown here. While NC based, I will used NP alternatives when they are cheap and look as good as the NC version. Expensive NP items will be only used when there is no NC alternative as I know some people resort to NC because they prefer not to spend their NPs in customising.

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PB wearables & Crosspaint.

While paint brush wearables are, of course, neopoint wearables too I have decided to make this separate section featuring specific crosspaints that look particularly well. They can be either NP only or contain some NC but the crosspaint must be evident.

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Neopoint Only Options

This customs have been designed BASED on NP items and Neopet colours that look good together rather than trying to find NP alternatives for NC customs. I will however do that kind of customs when requested to do so! If you are interested in NP alternatives I suggest checking the Sites of Interest linked at the bottom of this page.

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Personal Lookbook

A collection of customisations of my pets and those I have yet to complete. They are organised by pet and my goal is to have a custom for each Season and each Event for each of them! border='0'

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07/29/2017 - The Lookbook Directory has been added to our Sites of Interest in place of the The Neocash News (sadly on hiatus, we hope they come back soon).
07/29/2017 - Moved due to my accounts getting frozen :c
05/01/2017 - Finished coding the layout for the page!
Most of the content is up too ♥

» Neocash & Mixed Custom

Hover over the pet images to view the custom's URL as sometimes previews differ from flash, especially when NC is involved. I have added a few notes there too: Customs made by request are for their respective requesters to use and might have been limited to a list of items I was given to use or a specific character or theme. A few of the customs I have decided to adapt for my personal use and the original is shown here only to serve as inspiration and to show how it was developed. Sometimes species only items are used in either the original or the one for my pet and that might be interesting to check too. All other customs are up for adoption! Feel free to NM me if you would like to make the custom come to life so I can note it down on its description for your personal use ♥

Elderlygirl Acara

Eventide Acara

Maraquan Acara

Polka Dot Aisha

Royalgirl Aisha

Swamp Gas Aisha

Christmas Bori

Split Bori

Faerie Bori

Candy Blumaroo

Cloud Blumaroo

Desert Blumaroo

Purple Blumaroo

Sponge Blumaroo

Tyrannian Blumaroo

Elderlyboy Bruce

Maractite Bruce

Plushie Bruce

Faerie Buzz

Elderlyboy Cybunny (F)

Elderlygirl Cybunny

Pastel Cybunny

Clay Draik

Desert Draik

Gold Draik

Custom made by request.

Stealthy Draik

This custom idea ended up being Evadne's Spring custom!

Strawberry Draik

Custom made by request.

Swamp Gas Draik

Woodland Draik

Woodland Draik

Water Draik

Pastel Elephante

Grey Flotsam

Halloween Gelert

Pink Gelert

Zombie Gelert

Pastel Ixi

Chocolate Jubjub

Ghost Jubjub

Camouflage Kacheek

Elderlygirl Kacheek

Zombie Kacheek

Darigan Kau

Swamp Gas Kau

Pirate Kougra

Woodland Kougra

Wraith Kougra

Electric Krawk

Ghost Krawk

This custom idea ended up being Arlen's Spring custom!

Halloween Kyrii

Pastel Lupe

Royalgirl Lupe

Custom made by request.

Zombie Lutari

Tyrannian Moehog

Custom made by request.

Maraquan Mynci

Camouflage Pteri

Chocolate Quiggle

Strawberry Shoyru

Camouflage Uni

Elderlyboy Uni

Royalgirl Uni

Custom made by request.

Jelly Usul

Custom made by request.

Maractite Usul

Custom made by request.

Chocolate Vandagyre

Custom made by request.

Christmas Vandagyre

Stealthy Vandagyre

Plushie Wocky

Woodland Wocky

Faerie Xweetok

Desert Xweetok

Pink Xweetok

Pirate Xweetok

Royalboy Xweetok (F)

Transparent Xweetok

Zombie Zafara

UC Tyrannian Ixi

Custom made by request.

UC Faerie Kougra

Custom made by request.

UC Faerie Kougra

» Paintbrush wearables & Crosspaint

While paint brush wearables are, of course, neopoint wearables too and you will even see them in some of the other customs, I have decided to make this separate section featuring specific crosspaints that look particularly well. They might be full crosspaints or partial (wearing only part of the wearables from that colour's set) but none of these pets is wearing only a small accessory from a colour like an earring or a scarf, the CP is evident.

» Neopoint Only Options

NC customisers are fond of neutral colours for their pets, like White and Transparent. When customising with NPs you should be the opposite to make your custom a bit more unique. Don't be afraid of colour and work hard saving your NPs (it's good to have hard-to-reach goals too, it's a game after all!). And if nothing seems to fit, check PB clothes too. You might get a lend of a pet to get the colour's clothes (like Elderly or Halloween).

Woodland Acara

Dimensional Aisha

Zombie Aisha

Custom made by request.

Candy Blumaroo

Plushie Bori

Chocolate Buzz

Camouflage Chomby

Faerie Cybunny

Custom made by request.

Grey Cybunny

Custom made by request.

Disco Eyrie

Custom made by request.

Baby Gelert

Cloud Gelert

Custom made by request.

Red Ixi

Tyrannian Jetsam

Transparent Kougra

Custom made by request.

Water Kyrii

Faerie Mynci

Elderlygirl Ogrin

Chocolate Uni

Custom made by request.
The requester already owned the Tissue Paper Flower Garland and Faerie Dust Shower, two extremely common NC items.

Water Uni

Christmas Vandagyre

Royalboy Wocky

» Personal Lookbook

Bumping for hours trying to find every last item to complete each custom can be very discouraging.
On the contrary, planning ahead and playing with many customs is a very useful method:
» looking for more items at a time there are higher chances of finding a trade (making your time worth it).
» it might potentially save you from trading away an item thinking you won't need it.
» it's great to make the most of sales or fillers in a trade.
» by doing this you can see how much you would use an item, which might give certain priority for trading
or help you choose one item only for more than one custom instead of multiples.

So here is where I keep track of my personal custom goals, were they might serve of inspiration for others too.
The items are those still needed to complete the custom for my personal convenience.
PD: I'm sad to say my accounts were frozen, I'll keep their customs here though because I miss them so much.


Melaniax / Fall

Melaniax / Winter

Melaniax / Spring

Melaniax / St. Valentine's

Melaniax / St. Patrick's Day

Melaniax / Altador Cup

Melaniax / Halloween

Melaniax / Christmas

Melaniax / New Year

SatinPetal / Summer

SatinPetal / Fall

SatinPetal / Spring

SatinPetal / St. Valentine's

SatinPetal / St. Patrick's

SatinPetal / Halloween

Nuxah / Summer

Nuxah / Fall

Nuxah / Winter

Nuxah / Spring

Nuxah / New Year

Arlen / Summer

Arlen / Fall

Arlen / Winter

Arlen / Spring

Arlen / St. Valentine's

It might be interesting to note I originally intended to use Dyeworks Pink: Lovely Layered Lilac Dress but decided for a more reachable dress. Ironically, I like it a lot more now.

Arlen / St. Patrick's

Arlen / Daily Dare

Arlen / Halloween

Arlen / New Years

Cherikin / Summer

Cherikin / Fall

Cherikin / Spring

Cherikin / Easter

Cherikin / Altador Cup

Cherikin / Halloween

Cherikin / Christmas

Cherikin / New Years

Invixia / Summer

Invixia / Fall

Invixia / Spring

Invixia / Winter

Invixia / St. Valentine's

Invixia / Altador Cup

Invixia / Halloween

Invixia / Christmas

Eliotty / Summer

Eliotty / Fall

Eliotty / Spring

Eliotty / Winter

Eliotty / St. Valentine's

Eliotty / Halloween

Eliotty / Christmas

Runhild / Summer

Runhild / Winter

Runhild / Spring

Runhild / St. Valentine's

Runhild / Christmas

Eunesto / Summer

Eunesto / Fall

Eunesto / Winter

Eunesto / Spring

Binerva / Summer

Binerva / Spring

Binerva / St. Valentine's

Binerva / Halloween

Binerva / Christmas

Damnée / Fall

Damnée / Halloween

Xiniestra / Summer

Xiniestra / Christmas

Star / Main Custom

Star / Spring

LuxEterna / Winter

Xilentia / Winter

Evadne / Summer

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