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Classic Neohome Lookup Module

Tired of that new fangled Neohome cluttering up your user lookup? Want the old look back? Well you've come to the right place. I've designed a code that will wipe your lookup clean of the new neohome and replace it with a classic one. This is a preview of the image and how it will look on your profile.

Is your lookup already customized? No worries, this module is coded to blend right in with any changes you have already made. There is also a place for your information to go.

This needs to go in the beginning of your profile. This will remove any trace of your current neohome module. In order to add a new classic module you will need to keep reading.

Click in the box below, then press Ctrl + A. Paste the code into the beginning of your user profile.

Choose the code that corresponds to the location of your Classic Neohome. In order for it to work you need to make sure you input your address. bruisedgreenapple is the owner of the home it will link to, so if that's not you, be sure to find that username and replace it with your own. This code needs to go at the bottom of your profile input box. There is a place for you to put any info you currently have, or might want in the future, in your user lookup. If you don't change it, it will have a generic blurb about you loving your classic home! DO NOT, i repeat, Do not remove my credit (the part that says"bga"). I made this module and I would like for others to be able to enjoy it as much as you do. If you edit the credit you will be reported and frozen. And if you edit it you will be found.

Click in the box below that is labeled with the location of your classic neohome, then press Ctrl + A. Paste the code into the end of your user profile. Make sure you change the "YOUR ADDRESS HERE" to your actual address.
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Mystery Island:
Haunted Woods:
Lost Desert:
Roo Island:
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Terror Mountain:

howdy! welcome to my neohome room rating page! this isn't any regular rating page accompanied by a rating thread, though. it's mine. and i have been called a number of less than sane names. *tee hee* no, but really. neohomes are so diverse and can be so different that there is no way i, or anyone can really give you a number rating. but i really do enjoy looking at rooms because people can really come up with amazing ideas and innovative ways to build things. so i came up with this idea.

i have created some fun images to be placed on your lookup, or your pet's lookup, or in your shop or on a petpage or wherever you'd like.

the box next to the images are the usernames of people who i have *actually* given the rating to. if you're too shy to post on the board, you can totally neomail me, and i'll rate your room that way.

if i haven't rated your room and you don't want me to, but still want one of these, go ahead and take one! they're not exactly neohome specific, so you can use them for anything. just so long as you follow the rules.

board rules

i will only rate one neohome ROOM at a time. i will not rate your whole house. i do not have the time or desire to go traipsing through every neopian's entire home. so pick a room you're proud of and point me to it. you can ask me to do one room and then later ask me to do another room. that is fine.

please don't post a direct link to your room. they are very long and tend to stretch the board. instead use the coordinates, or you can tell me which floor your room is on, the material it is made out of and the name of the room.

room coordinates
0,0 | 0,1 | 0,2 | 0,3 | 0,4
1,0 | 1,1 | 1,2 | 1,3 | 1,4
2,0 | 2,1 | 2,2 | 2,3 | 2,4
3,0 | 3,1 | 3,2 | 3,3 | 3,4
4,0 | 4,1 | 4,2 | 4,3 | 4,4

i will only rate your neohome on my rating thread. do not ask me if you happen to see me on the PNT. that is not the place for it. if you do happen to see me on there and i don't have a rating thread going, you can neomail me.

image rules

this is my original idea, please don't steal it, or my images. i will report you. and my friends will report you.

don't edit my link-back out, please, and don't edit my images. i say again, i will report you. if you're curious as to why they say "rated by: bga" instead of rated by bruisedgreenapple, it is simply because my full username is long and looks awkward. bga is my nickname.

uh... i feel like i should have one more rule... but i don't. so enjoy!

oh, there is one more thing, though. if you want a custom image/rating thing or saying neomail and let me know, i might be able to do it.
nice appleward

keen appleward

hot appleward

beautiful appleward

shiny appleward

rainbow appleward

time appleward

cute appleward

sahweet appleward

jelly appleward

spooky appleward

interesting appleward

uh oh appleward

refreshing appleward

glowing appleward

fuzzy appleward

cool appleward

full appleward

incomplete appleward

cozy appleward


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neohome tours

My Neohome Guided Tour

this tour works in FireFox. When viewed using Internet Explorer the images are misplaced. :(

a guided tour will be starting in just a moment. read along with the walking tour below and click on the room name to see it in the box on the left. you are also more than welcome to wonder around yourself, if you please by using the room name links at the bottom. :)

entry garden
and we're off! as you are probably tired of traveling such a long way, the entry garden was designed to be as relaxing and tranquil as possible. after climbing over the mountains of shenkuu you can take a break and play in the zen sand area, or sit by the soothing fountain. then, when you're ready you can come inside..
the entry room floor is covered by a large bruised green apple rug inspired by newmommynvegasagain's beautiful rug-filled home. it was elle's attempt at a simple version of jess' intricate rugs. everyone seems to like it. then the floor was tiled with the green camo and completed with accenting green stripes. the furnishings are also apple-focused and mostly red to balance the green floor. (course it could be that they are red because TNT hasn't made any green apple furniture...*ahem*) all available apple items are in the room as of the time of this writing..which is today..but it won't stay today for long.. moving on..

oh! i forgot to mention a tidbit of history. this room was originally white chocolate. the added colors were just not meshing well together so elle decided to demolish it and build it in regular chocolate. that meant that all of us pets had to move each item out of and then back into the room one by one...we were all grumpy for a few days and hoped she would never decide to do that again.
craft room
if you'll follow me to your left... this room was built before it had a purpose. the tatami mat room was a new building material and elle loved it, so she built two rooms with it! just because she could. then she decided to encourage us to be creative so she turned it into a craft room. there is a paper cutting station here for making gift cards and collages. lots and lots of pens, pencils, and markers for use with the coloring books or making posters or writing letters. there is an area for building with clay and a painting area as well with a couple of works in progress. careful not to step in the wet paint. the floor design remains mostly open for big projects. elle feels you can be at your best creatively when you can spread eveything out and look at it all at once. (to me it just seems like a huge mess so i don't venture in this room too often) i think Nessi is building a piƱata or something similar in the corner..
story garden
to go along with the creative drive elle pushes for the neighboring garden is a snapshot of a story elle loved to hear when she was little. this is how it goes:

once upon a time there were three neopet brothers named gruff. they had been living off of the vegetation on one side of the shenkuu river for many years, but the land wasn't as good anymore. each day they had to look harder and harder for food. across the river was a beautiful field full of yummy things to eat, but in order to get over there they had to cross a bridge. and, naturally, there was a mean, crazy old nimmo who lived under the bridge and threatened to capture anyone who crossed and send them to work crafting weapons for the wonderous weaponry store for the rest of their days. well these three brothers were quite smart (and very hungry) so they devised a plan. the smallest gruff, an ixi, would go first.. pitter-patter, pitter-patter onto the bridge.

who is that pitter-pattering across my bridge?!

it is i, the smallest brother gruff trying to get to the other side.

well you will not make it because i am sending you to build weapons for shenkuu!

oh, but i am too weak to build weapons, wait for my brother, he is a tonu and is very strong.

very well, off with you..

and the smallest gruff crosses the bridge. the next brother went across the bridge, trip-trap, trip-trap..

who is that trip-trapping across my bridge?!

it is i, the second brother gruff trying to get to the other side.

well you will not make it because i am sending you to build weapons for shenkuu!

oh, but i am too weak to build weapons, wait for my brother, he is a much larger tonu and is very, very strong.

very well, off with you..

and the second brother gruff crosses the bridge. the next brother went across the bridge, CLICK-CLACK, CLICK-CLACK..

who is that CLICK-CLACKING across my bridge?!

it is i, the biggest brother gruff going to the other side.

well you will not make it because i am sending you to build weapons for shenkuu!

no, you will not.

the nimmo jumps out from under the bridge and is immediately face to face with a HUGE tonu. he dares to throw a rope to try and subdue the biggest brother gruff, but the big brother gruff charges and throws the troll off the bridge into the river, never to be seen again. he then joined his brothers and there they lived and ate (but mostly ate) happily ever after.

or well, that's how elle tells it to us, not sure how accurate that is..anyway, the right side of the garden is the dreary dying side and across the river is the one where they end up. you may have noticed that hole near the back. that, guests, is what is lovely referred to as a poogle hole by elle's neohoming friends. one of the regulars where they meet to talk about homes has a LARGE pack of poogles who are often.. uh.. 'friendly' to a descructive degree. that hole was them on a good day. some gardens have been completely destroyed by the over-zealous poogles...
lava lounge
okay, let's make our way back into the house. this next room is HOT! this room is a fun place to hang out in the wintertime. we play games in here, or just relax on the warm floor. this room was designed when nalo was a halloween shoyru and he wanted a devilish lounge. he was then zapped maraquan, but we had all grown to love this room, and didn't have any ideas on what to change it to anyway...

as a side note this room was built RIGHT before TNT realeased the lava fountain. otherwise elle probably would have used those instead of a mixture of the inexpensive spyder dressers and incredibly expensive(at the time at least) flaming rubbish bins. the room is sparsly decorated to show off the amazing floor as the main feature.
burnt garden
and from the lava lounge we exit into our.. erm, well...this garden *used* to be quite green and fancy. one night, a few days afte we completed filling the lava room with said lava, i smelled something burning and it turns out the lava had broken through the silver room and out into the garden. i'm actually standing in the doorway in my pajamas in the picture MisterMidas took while a local fire kyrii is trying to douse the flames. we decided the best idea was to just leave it as is as otherwise it could catch fire over and over again, and that would be worse.
living room
now we'll enter what is probably the busiest room in the house. our living room is designed for us to catch up with one another, to talk with and see how each other are doing. there are aquariums for sitting and gazing and a fireplace to watch, but otherwise, we just chill on the comfy couch and chat.

each of the pets will eventually have something added to represent them or their achievements. MisterMidas and his petpet Flash won a site spotlight for their petpage about tilling neohomes and the newspaper is framed on the wall next to a picture that MisterMidas took that elle likes. the pink flower bouquet on the fireplace was a congratuilations gift from seraphjhudora for that. also on the mantle is a shenkuu flag and yooyu ball from the Y9 tournament that i supported. i played enough games to earn a trophy on elle's lookup! one of Purlime's teapots from her collection is on display under the frames neopian times article. NalowaleWai has some of his research finds in the aquariums. sometimes he brings home injuried fish or crustations and treats them so they can be released later. the other pets are currently roomless (all staying in the neolodge) so once they move in they will add their own touches.
onward to my favorite room! well, maybe second favori--no this is my favorite. i love food. i think MisterMidas caught me in the fridge the day he took this picture... *grumbles* but it's not unlikely as i am often there. i think i was cooking something cause i left the drawers open and there is something smoking on the stove... oops. anyhow. it's pretty simple as far as kitchens go. it serves its purpose and not much else. there is plenty of food in the fridge and plenty of seating for guests.

elle says she might tile the whole floor with the same tile that is under the fridge right now, but i don't believe her.. ;)

well color me crazy! she is! i think it's only because during the last AAA game challenges the blue snowflake biscuit jars were given out as a prize, so their price plummeted. but she's doing watch your step...she's not the most organized tiler in neopia...

how many of me?!
happy snotidays
erm..well, this garden was created as a representation of a holiday tree when the advent snot tree gift was given in Y8. they were supposed to be indoor home items, but they went in the garden instead. so... be careful touching it...
what was that? did someone need a potty break? perhaps you'd like to wash your hands? well then it's time we head to the bathroom. the toilet is in this little alcove for some privacy. there is a whirlpool bathtub and a traditional smaller one. and over here is the counter---oops! i made a mess while brushing my teeth this morning, let me wipe up this toothpaste real quick... sorry about that..
NalowaleWai's bedroom
now that you've seen the main part of the house let's continue on into the bedrooms. this is a water-floored room, so try to stay on the giant lily pads or hop on over to the shore to keep from swimming through..unless you'd like to dive in. NalowaleWai is down there somewhere..oh! there he is under the stepping lily pads. he has a lovely pirate ship replica displayed here complete with canons. his computer is over there in the corner. he uses that mostly for compliling research notes and archiving his findings. he keeps most of his notebooks and a couple of reference books by his bed.

if any room in our home can be attributed to the NEOHOME board, this is it. NaolowaleWai's room began as a tilling project with many many bottles of sand, as many beginning neohomers do. then a pineapple bed was added and it was labeled 'done'..then elle found the homie thread. once she started hanging out there she learned tons about other's homes and different techniques. humbled into submission, she began to watch and learn from the more experienced neohomers. it was during one of those times where she made the boat you see. at the time newmommynvegasagain was making a pirate petpet room, and elle was going to give her the boat to help her along with the room. she built it in an empty spare room at the time and then showed it to the thread. everyone loved it and they insisted she keep it, so it was moved into the watery room.

the palm tree is there due to an insistent homie named brennehilda. she is notorious for suggesting expensive and equally magnificent projects. the palm tree was suggested way back when the ceiling fan was first released, but wasn't built until it had dropped in price considerably. this is the first tree built with the pyramid pots, and it works rather well, or i think it does.

the shoreline was a bit of a accidental discovery. bats1955 had thrown a bouncy lamp at elle to see if movement could be added to the 'swimming' Nalo, but it ended up underneath an iced bean bag. this had been during a time when elle was supposed to be saving, so she secretly had us find some more iced bean bags and some more lamps and ta da! this lovely lapping waves effect was born.
Jubble Bubble Garden
okay, might need a snorkel for this next garden. it's off of Nalo's room and is underwater. it's not an exact replica, but elle was trying to recreate the jubble bubble game...perhaps they will eventually make items that help with the look because right now, it's kind of hard to tell...those umbrellas are supposed to be the capturing bubbles...and the coral is supposed to be the jubjub being saved...yeah. she's got a bit more thinking to do with this one.
PurLime's bedroom
PurLime's room is about as simple as a room can get. she likes being pampered...*cough*spoiled*cough* so her room is made from the most expensive building material. her extensive teacup/pot collection is displayed on the shelves. and it looks like she was having some tea when MisterMidas came to take this picture. her comfy sofa was a gift, since at the time elle didn't have much np. i was patient and waited for my room to be built, but PurLime is another story..

i believe she wasnts a huge mural on the south wall, but hasn't decided what of. we'll see if that ever happens..
PurLime's aerial lounge
a room with no doors?! wha? did you even notice this room was doorless? did you? did you really...? okay, okay. anyway.. since PurLime is the ... erm, most high maintenance of us all.. naturally she 'needed' to have two rooms. this is her hideaway loft. if you can't fly you'd better find a friend with wings, or else you can climb up the rope, but it's not always there. don't ask me why, it's not my room. but it's a nice enough room. there are games up there and some mats to daydream on.
wip's bedroom
yay! welcome to my area of the house. i love my room. it is based off of the game hungry skeith which features a familar-looking creature. in the game the goal is to feed the skeith the food items while not letting him eat the radioactive items. the three items he shouldn't eat are a red unidentifiable object(carrot? lobster?), a glowing piece of cake, and a blue jelly. the screenshots show the effects when he eats the wrong items. the three items are shown in my room on the huge converyor belt. the radio active burp and flames are tiled in the floor. and the door to the garden is framed with a huge drooling mouth that is about to eat a blue jelly! let's step over the jelly and in to the garden.

*elle comes running in inturpting the tour* i found it! i found it!! it's a parsnip! i saw one on a shelf at the store!! just thought i'd let you know.. *realizes she's bogarded her way past lots of people...* heh heh... enjoy the rest of the tour! *runs*

hungry skeith garden
mmm, hope you didn't get any drool on you as you were walking out here. this is elle's interpretation of what goes on inside the stomach of a skeith. it's unexpectedly pretty, huh? *chuckle* the digestive process is representd by these hungry flowers chowing down on mashed potatoes and swirlypops. as we cross over the gravy river on the icy bridge you'll notice the big corn trees. would you like to sit in the lounge chairs under the biscuit umbrellas by the pond? or perhaps you'd like to swing on the swing in the mashed potato castle. either way i hope you enjoy the bright colors. this is one of my favorite places to just hang out.

this is also where elle's first unbuyable purchase lives. even though she'd spent tons on the other pets' wants and needs and rooms and things, i'd always stayed pretty much self-sufficent. she thought it was time i got something nice, so she bought the icy bridge from the trading post. it was very exciting! and i'm very grateful.
MisterMidas's bedroom and darkroom
don't turn on the lights in this room! MisterMidas could be developing pictures and that would ruin them. actually i think he has some hanging to dry right now... but, if he's not out snapping pictures around neopia, he's in here developing them with his trusty lightbul-er, petpet by his side. Flash has a special red suit he can put on to protect the film when they're developing things. MisterMidas' camera is hanging by the door because he never leaves without it. his entire divider wall is covered with pictures and articles he's found and liked. it's a cool wall to check out.

one day after elle has saved enough np to earn the adam avatar she will get the dark nova sofa. also on the list for this room is a section tiled with fake golden scratchy posts. Flash used them for his guide and wants a section of them in this room. we'll see..

just a tree...
not much to see here, only an old abandoned apple tree..
yet to be built...
there are quite a few rooms yet to be added. each of the pets were going to have a room here, but she's not sure it'll work out like that. so far i, Purl, Nalo and MisterMidas have rooms, but that leaves Monk, Polly, Nessi, sneak, Hamlet, and April roomless. she's not sure the layout of the house will accomodate all of those bedrooms.

Polly might not live over here, though as he is planning out his own recycling plant on the plot of land they have over there. he's rarely not looking for trash to clean up neopia, though, and stays with friends or in hotels all around the place while trying to spread the message, so he doens't really think about the fact that he doesn't have a room. he would probably want to stay in the plant once it's built, anyway. MisterMidas needed a darkroom to do the millions of things that need photographing for elle, though, so she built his room over here already. Monk is rooming with Nalo for the time being. sneak and ebil are always off on their own causing trouble..and they camp outside a lot. the only one left is April, and i don't really see her around much. she's a new pet to the family, and i think she's more comfortable hanging out in the pirate ship that elle visits sometimes...not really sure about her..

other than bedrooms there aren't currently any crazy themed rooms planned.. there are two pets i didn't mention because they're not part of our family. one doesn't actually exisist yet, and might not for a long time. that would be evelyn. were she to exist she would be a green apple chia. she would also need a bedroom, unless she just hung out in the apple tree. *lol* whew, that was a good one.. hang in the apple tree..? a green apple? get? ... yeah. and the other pet is MissSnotface. she is a pink lenny and currently belongs to someone else. that person might be leaving the site, though, and MissSnotface would need a new home. elle offered to take her in, but that wont be for a while yet, either.

Self-Guided Tour

entry garden | entry | craft room | story garden | lava lounge | burnt garden | living room | kitchen | happy snotidays | bathroom | NalowaleWai's bedroom | Jubble Bubble Garden | PurLime's bedroom | PurLime's aerial lounge | wip's bedroom | hungry skeith garden | MisterMidas's bedroom and darkroom | just a tree... | old abandoned apple tree

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