Welcome, guest, to my little adoption agency, where I take pets from the pound, zap them into pretty colours, and then adopt them out to kind-hearted neopians. Since you are here, you might as well take a look at my pets and see if you would like to take any of them home with you. Each one will have rules put up for them when they are ready for adoption, so be sure to check those out. However, please don't hesitate to apply for a pet that I'm still zapping; just send me a neomail to let me know so I can stop zappping while you apply.

Page last updated: May 31, 2012

The Pets

Species: Kau
Colour: Baby
Gender: Female
Status: Awaiting transfer to new owner

Species: Scorchio
Colour: Green
Gender: Female
Status: Being zapped

Other Pets

These pets do not belong to me. Please contact their respective owners.

None right now.


Rules for individual pets will be placed here when they are ready for adoption. Here are some general rules that apply to ALL pets.

  • While I cannot prevent you from doing so, I would prefer it if you didn't adopt one of my pets, only to pound him or her, or trade him or her to get another pet. I'm quite happy to take them back if you don't want them anymore.

  • Please neomail applications to arkurion .

  • For neomail applications longer than 1 neomail, please just slap it on a blank petpage and send me the link. For petpage applications, please include a disclaimer than I didn't force you to make one.
  • Please include a list of all your accounts in your application, and which account the pet will go on.
  • All pets will come with the petpet on their lookup, however, the backgrounds are for display purposes only. Please note that the petpets are regularly zapped by the petpet lab ray, so if you take them off the neopet, they will revert to their original form.

  • I reserve the right to decide to keep any pet if I do not find a suitable owner.


Q. Will you trade petname for petname?
A. No, sorry, these pets are only up for adoption. That means I will not accept a pet in return, but if you really want the pet, please do apply.

Q. Can I use premade layouts to make my application?
A. Of course, since I myself use premades on a regular basis. However, please remember to put a disclaimer saying I did not force you to make a petpage application.

Adopted Out

All pets here are listed by their nicknames, and are in the order in which I adopted them out.







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