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The goal of Olidia's Daily Neopets Guide is to provide you with all of your valuable Neopets links on an organized and neat petpage. The best way to utilize this guide is to have it open in your browser and open the links in new tabs. You should be able to complete all of your dailies within five to fifteen minutes, depending on which dailies you choose to do.

The great thing about my guide is that it's not just for dailies! You can navigate several Neopets destinations right from this page. Don't be shy; poke around the navigation and discover all the places you can go. Don't see a link to a destination you visit often? Feel free to neomail me and I will be more than happy to add it for you.

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Month Of Sleeping

Jan 3rd - Aisha Day

Jan 6th - Gnorbu Shearing Day

Jan 11th - Festival of Buzz. (Buzz Day)

Jan 14th - Sloth Appreciation Day

Jan 16th - Elephante Day

Jan 29th - Kacheek Day

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Answer: Juppie
NP: 400 NP

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New Game Challenge: Invasion: Blastoids

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Click the link on February 1 to get the Pteri - Darigan Avatar.



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Why create a dailies guide when there are so many other dailies guides to use?

I decided to create my own dailies page for a few reasons. First of all, I felt that all the neopets links I used frequently weren't on the dailies pages I was using. I also have some slight OCD and wanted them to be organized better than the dailies pages available.

You haven't updated in a few days, is ODNG going on hiatus?

Check the updates if there is a short hiatus time. For now, I will be playing neopets as regularly as possible. I do work full time, and I am a mother, so sometimes updates may be late by a day or two.

Where can I find other dailies pages if ODNG hasn't been updated in a few days?

You can always check the boards for daily puzzle answers. You can also go to Jubby Jub Jack or Rowlier for your daily neopets clicks.


January 30, 2012

I am currently working on a revamped version of this guide. It's better coding and will be easier for me to update the page. Stay tuned!

January 23, 2012

Olidia's Daily Neopets Guide goes live! I hope that you are all able to enjoy my dailies page, and your suggestions and criticism are welcome. I will do my best to update often and improve the page so it becomes your favorite page for your daily neopets clicks.
There are still some things I needed to add to the page, so please stay tuned for more updates!