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The event for Krawk Island started on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

Krawk Island... Gone?!

Ahoy, guest! It appears we have a slight problem - Krawk Island has disappeared from the map!

Egads! See where my mouse was hovering over? That's all that is left of the Krawks! There is no more Buried Treasure, Food Club or spending any o' yer dubloons!

Visiting Krawk Island?

When you try to visit anywhere in Krawk Island, you will receive the following message:

Either click on "Learn More!" or enter the Solitary Shanty by clicking the link I have provided.

It's all GONE!

Learn More!

By clicking "Learn More!" you will be taken to Gavril McGill, the only apparent survivor of the mystery. He will then say to you, This humble little shanty may not be much, but it's all that's left of the once-proud Krawk Island. The fellow living here, a venerable old Krawk who seems like a decent enough type, welcomes you in. You can't help but glance at the map on his wall, which is covered with all sorts of observations and ideas.

He tells you that he needs help and you get five searches on the map to look for Krawk Island.


  1. Go to the map to search. The URL for the searches are unique, so I cannot provide them for you, you will have to get them yourself. You should be looking at an image like the following:
  2. Click spots on the map! You get five bits of land each day, and only five clicks per land.
  3. Possibilities for clicking:
    • Red X's - the bolder they are, the closer they are to an island! (*Proven wrong)
    • Fake Islands (grey and no grass - they do give an item though)
    • Items. There are many options you could get. There is a chest that holds evidence to an NC item. (You do NOT have to do the NC part!) Options for what you can recieve with NC section can be found further down the page.
    • Islands, but not Krawk Island itself.
    • Krawk Island, which has not been discovered yet.
    • Your crew has "lives" in which they lose if you don't find land. They get angry at you and it's no big deal if you lose a life.
  4. When you finish a plot of sea, you will return back to the map and get a green check. There have been other colours reported (e.g Yellow) but we don't know what these mean yet.
and thus;

If only we got ten guesses per island!

Day two!

For Day two, all you have to do is Return to searching to complete your task - but the old krawk says something strange in both his messages to you:

Before you go to search:
Welcome back! I've got some news you may find interesting. Yesterday while straightening up I happened to find this book behind a dresser, which appears to be very, very old. I've only had time to flip through the first pages so far, but it seems to have something to do with Krawk Island, so maybe it'll have some answers about what's been going on lately -- at least I hope it does!

And at the end:
Surprisingly enough, many of the volunteers who've come back to report their findin's have been mentionin' the discovery of small islets... far too small to be Krawk Island, though. I'm perfectly willin' to leave such trifles to the small-timers; my sights are set on doing somethin' big... for the good of Krawk Island, of course.

Very suspicious... What could it mean? Submit theories via neomail if you wish (:

Day Three!

Directions: Search as normal. When you go to McGill before searching, he tells you about the islands you've found (and also proves that you can't find KI) & says:
According to that book I told you about last time, it turns out that rather than being one large island, Krawk Island was originally made up of many much smaller islets! ... That'd certainly explain all the small islands everyone's been finding.

Well, duh you random green krawk, of COURSE They were made up of little islands! Bah. THEN he goes on to say even more suspiciousness:
Ahoy! Back from a long day of roundin' up me -- I mean, Krawk Island's islets? Now that we know Krawk Island's actually made up numerous smaller islands, I'll have far greater flexibility in rearranging the plots so that I can make Krawk Island better than ever! Don't look so startled, swabby -- the fates must've chosen to leave my plot as the island's sole remnant for a reason...

GASP HE'S REARRANGING THE ISLANDS TO WHAT HE WANTS! For now, we can't do anything but stay tuned...

Day Four!

Nothing really important happens & it's just a repeat of day 3. See above for info. (:

Day Five!

ALRIGHT! A new addition is here :D You have a bar to fill up with the number of islets. Here is what it looks like:

Search as normal today. McGill also tells us some new information (I've bolded important information):
So, I'm sure you're dying to hear what I've learned since the other day... well, listen to this! According to that book I found, what we know is Krawk Island was a cluster of tiny islands, which had repeatedly been picked clean during a series of raids by the Dread Pirate Sherman, the meanest pirate Neopia had ever seen. For their safety, the islands' inhabitants decided to combine their land into one large, single island, which would be far easier to defend. How'd they do it? I'm still working on that part... until then, we should keep searching.

Who is Pirate Sherman? (Neomail me if you know ^^;) This is apparently the story of the founding of KI. He then continues after you search:

Back from another long day of searching for sunken treasure and the occasional islet, eh? Hehe, I'm just givin' you a li'l ribbing, that's all. You know, I like your determination and spirit. If I'm going to get Krawk Island back up and runnin', I'll need the help of those I can count on, such as yourself -- you look out for me and I'll see to it that you're well taken care of, you know, that sort of thing... kind of like how the island's founders banded together, if you think about it, right?


Day Six!

It's the exact same as day five. Just search & return to McGill. (:

Day Seven!

OKAY. Our suspicious Krawk remains ever so suspicious! Here is what he says before you search:

Welcome back! More news about the origins of Krawk Island has emerged -- it turns out the islands were brought together and anchored to the bottom of the ocean to keep from floating apart! Amazing, right? Over time, the island's drifting sands covered the inter-island borders and Krawk Island's history was forgotten... until now!

& this is what you may see when you find an island:
Over there, on the horizon... why, it's what appears to be a piece of Krawk Island. Nicely done!

And this is what our oh-so-suspicious Krawk says at the end that really makes you wonder!! :

There you are! I figured you'd be turning up soon... you know, we're gettin' very close to tracking down all of the islets that I'll be needin' to put Krawk Island back together. With that, we'll have to start lookin' toward the future... now, I've been kickin' around the idea of becoming governor of Krawk Island, and the response I've been getting from my many -- and I mean many -- loyal friends is that it's a terrific idea, especially when they consider what it'll allow me to do for them, if you get my drift...

What the slorg is he talking about? Neomail me your theories! :D

Day Eight!

Search as normal for today & McGill gives you this message beforehand:

Based on my research, if everything goes according to plan we should have the location of every islet needed to restore Krawk Island by the end of today. Once the last plot of land has been accounted for, the process of bringing back the islands and reconnecting them to the bottom of the ocean can begin. Isn't this exciting? I can't wait!

He then tells us it was a community challenge and has nothing sketchy to tell us today xD :

Good day, friend. At last, I have the great pleasure of telling you that all of the smaller islands that make up Krawk Island have been located, save a few. I suspect they will all be located by the end of today. Although this is quite an accomplishment, our work remains far from over. Given your unwavering support thus far, I trust you'll be returning tomorrow to help with the retrieval process. So long for now!

We just have to wait until tomorrow. :) But it's not over yet! We still have to do the 'retrieval process' (whatever that is XD)

Island retrieval!


McGill's Most Recent:
(1)Alright, so... I've given it some thought an', since you've been so accomodatin' of me requests, I've decided to share what's in store for the materials from that new plot of land. See, me ragged ol' shanty is hardly befittin' a lofty personage such as meself anymore, so I've decided put those resources from the islet you brought back toward the buildin' of me governor's mansion. Once completed it'll be a sight to see, that's for sure!

(2)Ahh, I see that ye have brought back the islet containing the academy... yes, a very crucial part of me plans for Krawk Island's restoration. A well-trained regiment capable of keepin' me interferences to a minimum as I go about me day-to-day responsibilities is absolutely vital to the island's future. Speaking of interferences, if you'll be so kind as to leave me to my work, I'll get back to restorin' the island now... come back tomorrow, though -- ye shall be far less annoyin' to me once there's work for ye to do.

Instructions !
Click on each of your crew members and then assign them a spot on your ship before returning the islet you're towing to safety. Each row can only contain one crew member of that type, as is the case for each column and color block. Failing to correctly arrange your crew could leave you sailing in circles for hours (or, worse yet, throw off the vessel's balance and send everyone plunging into the sea!). Provided all the members of your crew are in their proper place, you'll be able to bring the islet back and claim your reward.

These crew members are what you use as the numbers in sudoku. You then get a puzzle with four 12 squares that are colourful. (Random for everyone) Solve it like you would sudoku. Just use the method of elimination and guess and check. I have found the best way to figure it out when you're having problems is guess and check & use the grey areas as a point of reference and build off. Arrange the crew so that you don't see more than one in each row or collum.

And here is today's solution:
(thanks usagirachi for the screenie!)
When/if you get it wrong, this is the message you get:
The placement of your crew throughout the ship is poorly balanced. Attempting to sail this way is asking for trouble! Please rearrange the highlighted crewmembers - remember, one of each type per column, row, and colour - and try again.

When you get it right you'll get something like this:

Well done captain!
You've correctly aligned your crew for the voyage home. As a reward for your pirate placing prowess, you have received:

Orange Krawk Cake *note this is just an example of the prize you can get, visit the 'treasures' section of this guide to see examples of things you can get C:

Or such. Good luck & neomail me with specific questions! (Aren't you excited that my theory worked? :3)

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed a day / couple days of searching and I can search more than five times!
If you miss a day of searching, you can still use them the next day. (so if you missed your 5 searches today, it would become 10 tomorrow.) It's totally normal :)

Is this an event of a plot?
It's an event:

Hi, TNT! A simple question: is "Krawk Island Disappearance" a plot or an event? ~(username removed)

The disappearance of Krawk Island is not a plot; it's just more of a transition, really. :)

My pet's stuck in the Academy!
Here is a ticket reply submitted;
Thanks for writing! Unfortunately, Krawk Island has vanished! Your pets are safe but they cannot complete their training at the Academy until it is discovered! Keep an eye on the New Features page for how you can join in the efforts to find and save Krawk Island! This is not a bug, you'll just have to wait and see what happens!

What is the skeleton key?
The skeleton key is an NC item that you get to open up the chest that you can find while searching. It is 125 NC, and under the category "Specialty". It used to only hold the Pirate PetPetPet Net (which is relatively useless) but now you have an equal chance of getting the Big Black Lace Pirate Hat, the Pirate Throne Room Background, a Skull Staff, or the Marooned on an Island Background. There are some others featured below.

Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest

Handheld Pirate Petpetpet Net

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

Pirate Throne Room Background

Skull Staff

Marooned on an Island Background

Pirate Dress and Jacket

Crossbone Mask

Pirate Fence

Do we have to buy the skeleton key/any NC items to continue?
No. Buying NC items will not affect your score.

With the checks on the map that I have already explored, will they be there tomorrow so that I don't click the same thing twice?
Yes, they will be there tomorrow. Have no worries (:

What's up with the different sizes/boldness of the 'x's?
It was suggested, at one point, that the bolder the X, the closer is was to a ship. This was proven wrong, however.

Submitted Theories!

Neomail me with your theories and I will put them in this section, with proper credit to you!

I believe the two large islands are in the same place on almost any small plot. There will be exceptions, but once you've found them once, the same squares on your other plots will usually yield an island again.
By airotciv_ol2

I think there is something to do with the image of the rotated puzzle to do with the new shape of Krawk Island.
By fariekougura

The images of everything that fits together like a map also appears ( to me at least) to be letter. Perhaps an STOLL but I think one of the Ls could be intended as an E spelling "STOLE(N)" If there happens to be another image of an N I think it would be appropriate.
By treyvianm

Why wasn't everything of Krawk Island taken? And why is this perfect little hut with an old krawk in not taken? It's pretty suspicious to me. My theory of him being somewhat behind it is greater now because of that + he is green and purple like many other villains.
By _lord_phantom_

Maybe the kraken ripped Krawk Island into pieces and that's why we saw so many islands smaller than Krawk Island...
By superhay13

...my sights are set on doing somethin' big... for the good of Krawk Island, of course. Remember the tentacles we saw on the island earlier that TNT didn't mean to release yet? The size of the kraken in relation to the tentacles would definitely be 'somethin big'. And him mentioning 'for the good of Krawk Island' could mean that he's ADMITTING that he at least assisted in the destruction of Krawk Island. I think he has a good chance of being the villain, but until we get further into this event/mini-plot, we won't know.
By horselvr565

I have a theory about what exactly we have to find. http://www.neopets.com/~Mini_Trelawny If you look at my petpage and what I underlined, it says we have to find pieces of Krawk island. I think this picture goes well with those shapes that you found yesterday. I think we have to find all the different shaped islands, and when we do, we have to put them together.
By twilightsaga111

I can't help but wonder if this article: http://www.neopets.com/neopedia.phtml?neopedia_id=194 has a connection to the current plot. Perhaps the mysterious figure with "glowing black eyes" is responsible for the island's current disappearance as well.
By Feriku

That Krawk in the shanty makes me very suspicious, especially his last sentence. "...my sights are set on doing somethin' big... for the good of Krawk Island, of course." Maybe he will try to take over another land and rebuild Krawk Island on that. If that is his devious plan, my main suspect is the large-ish green island west of Maraqua. Or, since KI and Maraqua have fought in the past, maybe even Maraqua itself could be the target. He use the giant squid monster, which he might control, to take Maraqua by force.
By dolphin_lovr

It's the Warf. It can't be the Meepits, Maraqua, Xandra, the krawk, or that squid. The only thing is that tells the Warf did it is because of it's face...it looks like it's guilty.
By mondaybear21

My personal theory on Krawk Island concerning McGill is that maybe he was the original, or descendent of the original inhabitants on KI. And after several generations of seeing how it had changed, he wants to put it back to the first KI ( like...something we have never seen before) He is obsessed with perhaps maintaining primordial KI- and maybe even taking over Lutari.
By myxeni

My theroy is that this all has something to do with the Lutari Island discovery.. With all the islands and the storm clouds over the sea, it really resembles Lutari Island, especially after that update on its description about a storm not too long ago..
By franktheblackbear

If you go to Maraqua, the intro at the top of the page tell of how it was once destroyed by pirates and was also attacked by pirates at another point in time. I believe that the king of Maraqua, King Kelpbeard, is getting revenge on the pirates so he sent a titanic squid/kraken to Krawk Island. This all makes sense as he does have a history of tension between himself and Captain Scarblade.
By tori0in0wonderland

The way it looks, out green friend is involved in this somehow. Day 2 he brings up a book, and day 3 he reads further into it. What I find strange is that he won't let us look at it. If he has nothing to fear, he has nothing to hide..so he should let us take a look at the book.
As to KI's potential location, 3 points are possible. The first is its original spot. The 2nd is the land between Brightvale, Meridell, Faerieland & Maraqua (hence KI moves north). The 3rd is the land between Shenkuu, Terror Mountain, and Tyrannia (that's covered in mist). If the 2nr or 3rd is chosen, it puts KI in the perfect spot for attacks in that area, and potentially making cash.
Here's hoping that, whatever happens, KI still 'keeps itself together' per say.
By warriorjames999

I think that the Krawk is behind something. Maybe he transforms into the monster. Also- Krawk Island may not be the last island targeted on the map. There's also Roo Island, Mystery Island, Lutari Island, and I don't think they're out of danger.
By dubstepping

I think that this green Krawk is the original MAKER of Krawk Island(hence the name) and that he got sick & tired of the way it looked so he hired a kraken to tear it apart, but it didnt tell him where the pieces went so now he had to inlist our help to find them so he could make a better Krawk Island. But thats just what I think. & I might be wrong or just crazy. :p
By catlover928987

I think that the statue of the faerie in the maraquan ruins is in fact the darkest faerie, and telepathically possessed a giant squid or other sea creature to attack the neopian lands, to shift the balance of nature in Neopia so darkness will be stronger, increasing her power making it possible for her to escape.
By crestenia

I think neither the krawk or the Warf are the villains. There might be someone in the shadows who is the mastermind. The krawk and the warf are just the mastermind's puppets...
By aceberg

It's implied the suspicious Krawk has by some means (inheritance possibly?) assumed "ownership" of the remains of Krawk Island. The island is indeed in pieces. This could potentially be due to the Krawk negotiating with the king of Maraqua to scheme a Krakken attack. To what advantage? An alliance that could endanger other islands of being conquered. Krawk Island will eventually have to be rebuilt. By whom? Well I don't think that should be the concern... rather what will happen after its completed.
By goobernoodle

What was up with that Caption Contest the week the tentacles were found on the island? It was a bunch of Tuskaninnies swimming away from something in an underwater cave. I personnally think that might've been the kraken. TNT GAVE US A CLUE!
By rst456

McGill keeps talking about himself and the ancestors. Is it possible he has/had an ancestor that originally one of the founders of KI but was cheated out of the loot or panished for some unknoiwn reason? And if so, is he getting his revenge?
Look at old Krawk Island. What was missing? The krawks. Other then a few game ads and the AC, there were no Krawks on KI. The shop keepers were actuallly just different specie pets just painted or dressed pirate-like. What if he did this to get a "new" KI that only Krawks are allowed to live on? He does mention his own vision and that could mean anything o.o
By blue_dragon232

I have a theory, or rather just a thought, concerning the letters that the islands create. Some people thought they were "stoll" or "stole," as in taken, but the letters L, L, O, S, and T make up the word Lost, with an embarrassing extra L. Maybe it refers to the Lost Desert, or the Lost Isle.
By jennifur97

List of Treasures

Please neomail me if you see a double up, or if you do not see an item listed. Hover over the items to see the names

Captain Scarblade PlushieSeaweed Bacon Jacket PotatoBlackened GruelOld Wooden BarrelThe Curse Of The Pirate AishaKrawk Island ChroniclesLocked Treasure of Mystery ChestScroll of the SeaHooked on FishingPiece of Treasure MapWooden Pirate ShipPirate Hot DogI Love Captain Scarblade TankardI love Captain Scarblade HatBucket CookieSkull-n-Bones PastaLet's Play DeckballToy Pirate HatPirate FlagRed Pirate SocksDubloon CharmPirate Compass TableSardplant Fruit GrogThornberry Fruit GrogGolden ToothMeat KebabStained glass Pirate Ship WindowKrawk Island Usuki play setKrawk Island Postcards 10 PackMap ReadingFruit Krawk PotLeafy Krawk PotPirate Accessory SetStained Glass Skull and Crossbones WindowFruitmallow GrogPile of bonesMops Throughout the AgesPawkeet pencil sharpenerStrawberry KrawkadeSandy SandwhichChest of Toy DubloonsCherryBerry KrawkadeA History of KrawksSea CocktailSeafood PastySeafood TwistBuried Treasure CrackersSeafarer RopePirate ChapstickOne Dubloon CoinSalty GumballsDubloon NuggetsMop CookieThe Bucket BookBone Foot RestClay DubloonHook PolishVanishing DubloonPegleg chickenPegleg WaxPumpkin PastyBag of decorative shellsBrain of MirgleFlortaMint Chocolate KrawkBlibblePirate Slorg PlushieDarigan Krawk Collectable FigurineKrawk Island Travel BrochureWeewoo with Grub PlushieToffee DubloonCaptain Limebeard PlushiePirate Avenger PlushieTen Dubloon CoinKeeping your Krawk HappyPirates ChestMint Chocolate Krawk CoinChocolate Krawk CakeThe Grundo PirateTreasure Map NeggBuried ScrollPirate Bomber Plushie BlurtleHidden Treasure PastaSkull and CrossbowSpringy Skull ToyStar MapPirate First Mate PlushieMy Life at SeaGreen Weewoo PlushiePirate Cybunny PlushieBlack Skull CandleA Tail of Two KrawksPirate Warning SignJelly Bean Pirate ChestJacques PlushieCandy Pirate EarringsOutdoor Pirate FlagPirate Brute PlushieThe Korbat From Krawk Island Seaweed Krawk CakeOrange Krawk CakeFarnswap

Thank you's!

A big thank you goes out to all the people who have helped me compile lists, bounce theories and all together made this guide what it is!

In saying that, thank you to: n30, 666_mileycyrus_420, silverbubbles050, urayoru, navarda, bl00d_r0ck_pr1nc3ss, julchik1191, irreversiblyinsane, x__marie, ase113094, kittygirlyuser2, lunarring, lovebuggirl1998, biancagem, 20003425, teddy_412, tigerlady_22445, x3_teriyaki, cazbec, mconteach, o__jeremiah__o, bella_aniela, zuki_chan, lara_croft14, kim_dawg, airotciv_ol2, treyvianm, _lord_phantom_, The Daily Neopets, Sidain, brogan, ursan, jeanawei1234, zulachu (with screenies) and everyone else who has submitted theories/items! You are so amazing!


Here is an image found: (looks like lutari beads?)

These pieces fit so well together it is insane. It's like a big puzzle, but it is still unconfirmed.
Thank you so much to Navarda for helping me explicate my theory!
One way it might fit together: (Feel free to neomail me if you have your own version).

Giant Squids?!

Thank you SunnyNeo for the image!
The quite contrary image of Krawk Island at the end of the Altador Cup, with Kraken all over it... Does this symbolise anything?

Well, maybe we'll have to fight the kraken. :o Just a thought!

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Thank you to Navarda for making this!

Thank you to n30 for making this!


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