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About the Author
Username: lollerama
Name: Dave
Country: Canada
Started Playing: 8/31/2007

Outside of neopets, in some so-called "real world", I attend an arts & design college for graphic/web design. You might see some of that shine through on this petpage. Unfortunately, I do not have enough spare time to accept graphics/custom lookup requests. Maybe in the future, but not any time soon.

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UFT Pets
Zombie Kiko
Gender: Female
Seeking: WN Basic Hissis
Contact: lollerama
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September 10th, 2009

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Level: 51
Health: 115 / 115
Strength: 120
Defence: 88
Movement: 78
Intelligence: 259
News & Updates
December 31st, 2009: It's been a while, but I've updated a few things on the page to make it all fit together better, and added some information on alternative methods of training. I've also compressed the information on strength and defense boosts to make it a little more user-friendly. Before I forget, happy new year, neopia!

September 10th, 2009: Woah, I can't believe I actually won the site spotlight! Especially just a week after a friend suggested submitting it, just to see what would happen. I'd like to thank everyone who sent me congratulatory neomails and, of course, everyone who sent me their suggestions while the guide was still under construction. I wouldn't have won without you!
First Things First
Following "The Plan"
Throughout the school-training part of this guide, I've added a basic guideline on what you should train your stats to before moving on to the next stage. This is the cheapest training pattern. If you follow the plan (especially if you zap your pet with the lab ray) there are a few things you must anticipate, such as random stat increases through dailies (Coltzan's Shrine, Kitchen Quests, etc.) or bonus stat increases granted by the training school. If your stats increase unexpectedly, it may throw your training off course, causing you to lose alot of neopoints in training costs. To minimize losses through unexpected stat gains, keep your pets stats relatively even until you have nearly maxed out the strength and defense goals for that level. At that point, train your HP to it's goal, and then continue training strength and defense. If your stats do unexpectedly increase, even out the other stats before continuing.

Also, you may notice that I do not tell you to train movement in the plan. This is because movement is an almost useless stat to train, I will cover why it is almost useless later in the guide.

Later in the Guide
Movement (and intelligence) are only useful for certain items. The Heavy Robe of Thievery, for example, does 2 light icons to your opponent. However, if your pet has 201+ movement and 68+ intelligence, it also has a 100% chance of stealing an item from your opponent. There are quite a few items affected by movement and intelligence the same way, but not all of them are useful. It is also unknown as to whether or not TNT will make movement and intelligence more useful in the future. For this reason, I personally train movement like any other stat, but you can do whatever you wish.

Set a Goal
Before you start training, you're going to want to have a goal in mind. You're going to be spending alot of neopoints on this pet, and it would be best if, after spending millions on training, you have no regrets. Perhaps you'd like to max out your pet at a certain league, or only train certain stats in order to give your pet certain advantages over others. For those who would like to do the latter, here are the five main "builds" you can train your pet to be:

Balanced: This is the type of pet I recommend, and the type of pet you'll get if you follow the plan. Balanced pets keep all stats relatively equal (other than level, of course). They are all-around good fighters and have the potential to max out their stats (where strength and defense are over 700). However, due to this balance, they are vulnerable to be beaten by other pets with imbalanced stats.

Tank: These pets can take alot of damage, while not dealing too much in return. To get this type of pet, one would train Endurance and Defense. They are good in 2P fights, especially against balanced pets.

Noobinator: If you would like this type of pet, you're reading the wrong guide. Noobinators have low stats with incredible equipment that puts them above other pets in their league. Just buy good, expensive weapons and don't train your pet much, if at all.

Regslayer: Very similar to Noobinators, except regslayers are known for having low HP and extremely high strength, accompanied by the same extreme gear setup as a noobinator.

Lab Rat: The poor mans BD pet. High health, medium strength and movement, and low defense and level. If you haven't guessed yet, these pets are achieved by spending days zapping your pet. No training, so again, wrong guide. These pets generally don't have good equipment.

Alot of people choose to max out their BD pet at a certain league. For those who don't know, leagues are used to ensure fairer fighting in 1P wars by ranking your pet alongside similar pets. If you would like to find out what league your pet fits into, check out this petpage. If you would like to find out what stats your pet should end up with to be at the top of your desired league, go to this petpage.

The Advantages of Owning One Pet
Depending on how serious you want to take trainging your pet, you may want to consider owning only one pet. This is because every single quest reward will go to your battledome pet if he/she is the only pet you have. This chance is halved when you own 2 pets and reduced further with every additional pet you own. Quests are a rare occurance and can save you millions of NP in the long run, especially at the higher training levels.
Getting Started
Start your training at The Academy. Dubloons tend to be cheaper than Codestones, but the training here takes longer. You can train here until level 40, but switching schools at level 20 is cheaper and quicker. You can train all your stats until they are 2x your level. Training here is free on your pet's pet day. You can check when your pet's day is in the calendar in the sidebar.
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length The Plan Totals
Sea Urchin 10 and under
1 Dubloon
4 hours Train level to 10* 10 One Dubloon Coins
10 Sessions
40 Hours
Deckhand 11-20
2 Dubloons
6 hours Train level to 20,
Str, Def & HP to 40
130 Two Dubloon Coins
130 Sessions
780 Hours
*Depending on the dubloon market, it may be cheaper to train straight to level 11 and then continue at the next level without training any other stats, so training your other stats at level 11+ may cost much less.

Related Avatar
Train your pet at the Academy

Continue your training at the Mystery Island Training School.The training school can train your HP to 3x your level, but your level must always be half your other stats in order to continue training. Training here caps at level 250, and you cannot withdraw from courses here, like you could at the Academy. You should also start looking into alternative training methods at this point (Kitchen Quests, Lab Ray, etc.)

Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length The Plan Totals
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours Train HP to 60 20 Codestones
20 Sessions
40 Hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours Train level to 40,
Str & Def to 80,
HP to 120
320 Codestones
160 Sessions
480 Hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours Train level to 80,
Str & Def to 160,
HP to 200
840 Codestones
280 Sessions
1120 Hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours Train level to 100,
Str & Def to 200,
HP to 240
560 Codestones
140 Sessions
840 Hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours Train level to 120,
Str & Def to 240,
HP to 300
800 Codestones
160 Sessions
1280 Hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours Train level to 150,
Str & Def to 300,
HP to 400
1500 Codestones
250 Sessions
3000 Hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours Train level to 200,
Str & Def to 400,
HP to 500
2450 Codestones
350 Sessions
6300 Hours
Grand Master* 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours Train level to 250**,
Str & Def to 500,
HP to 598
2784 Codestones
348 Sessions
8352 Hours
*Depending on the red codestone market, it may be cheaper to train straight to level 250 and then continue at the next school without training any other stats. Consider course duration in your decision.
**at exactly level 250 you can train at both the Island and the Ninja training schools simultaneously.

Related Avatars
Visit the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training School
View your inventory while carrying all 10 different regular codestones

After the Training school, head on over to the Secret Ninja Training School. This school uses Red Codestones. Red Codestones are obtained by sacrificing a full set of 10 regular codestones to the Volcano on Mystery Island. Red codestones can also be obtained through Key Quest, so using the volcano to obtain your red codestones may not be the cheapest method. You can withdraw from these courses, but you must wait 24 hours to enter another one.
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length The Plan Totals
Intermediate 250-299 1 Red Codestones 4 Hours Train level to 299,
Str & Def to 598
245 Red Codestones
245 Sessions
980 Hours
Adept* 300-399 2 Red Codestones 6 hours Train level to 399,
Str & Def to 700**,
HP to 1197
1806 Red Codestones
903 Sessions
5418 Hours
Advanced 400-499 3 Red Codestones 8 Hours Train level to 499,
HP to 1497
1200 Red Codestones
400 Sessions
3200 Hours
Expert 500-599 4 Red Codestones 10 Hours Train level to 599,
HP to 1797
1600 Red Codestones
400 Sessions
4000 Hours
*Pay attention to negg costs when you reach this point in your training. Training with stat-increasing items usually becomes the cheaper method by the time you reach "Expert" level.
**Strength and Defence cap at 700, further training is pointless.

In addition to the ability to train your pet past level 250, there are other perks to the Secret Ninja Training School! You can also take advantage of the ninja weaponry shop, which sells some rather useful (and some rather useless items) which can be bought once every half hour, and resold for a quick profit.
The items sold are listed below.
Pic Name Cost Effect Pic Name Cost Effect
18,250 NP
No Effect
10,540 NP
One Use
9,562 NP
x0-5, x0-5
7,512 NP
One Use
x3, x5.4
6,544 NP
One Use
x5, x5
15,000 NP
Outside BD Only
Heals 1000 HP
7,526 NP
One Use
Full heal
8,543 NP
One Use
x5, x5
10,250 NP
One Use
9,000 NP
One Use
Blocks all Icons
9,524 NP
One Use
x5, x5
Outside BD Only
Heals 2000 HP
Alternative Training
There are other ways to train your pets,
these methods can be cheaper or more expensive than the training schools,
but always a faster way to train.

Faerie Quests
At random times, a random faerie may pop up and ask you for a random item for no apparent reason. Being on a faerie quest restricts you from using the shop wizard, but there is no time limit and completing the quest results in a reward for you! However, it should be noted that the faerie chooses which pet she blesses at random.

Below are tables showing which faeries ask for what and what they will reward you with.

Faerie Asks for Reward
Air Grooming Items 2 Agility
Dark Plushies/Toys 2 HP
Earth Magic Items Feeds pets
Fire Clothing 2 Strength
Light Trading Cards 1 Level
Water Books 2 Defence
Special Faeries
Faerie Asks for Reward
Space Any Item 4 Levels
Queen Any Item 1 Level, 3 Strength, 3 HP
Fountain Any r90-99 Item Paints your pet any* colour
*All colours except: Robot, Ice, Sponge, Usuki, Royal and MSP.
Kitchen Quests
Another way to gain stats is through Kitchen Quests.Although this can result in cheap stats, sometimes the quests get pricey, and stat increases are not a guaranteed prize. You are limited to completing 10 Kitchen Quests per day, but completing any of the Snow Faerie's or Edna's quests counts towards that 10 per day limit. From my experience, stats are rewarded approximately 1/3 quests, so spend no more than 1/3 the amount you spend per point of training on completing a quest.
Stat-Increasing Items
The fastest and most expensive way to train your pet is through items. These methods are
extremely expensive and are only worth it much later in your training career. There are 4 main types of stat-increasing items, each with their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. The four types of stat-increasing items are as follows:

Food: These are probably the most popular of the stat-increasing items. Neggs, shrooms and Muntando Fruit fall into this category. Neggs tend to be cheaper than other stat-increasing items, but shrooms and muntando fruit are quite expensive due to their retired status. The disadvantage to these is that they are limited by hunger. If your pet is bloated, they cannot eat anything, and will not be able to eat anything for about 24 hours after the last thing they have eaten. To optimize use of these items, only feed your pet when their hunger status is "dying", and only feed them once. Your pet will return to "dying" status in 2 hours, and you can feed them again. Your pet cannot battle while it is at these low hunger levels. If you wish to keep your pet hungry, avoid the healing springs and don't complete earth faerie quests.

Potions: Second most popular, potions are not affected by hunger and can therefore be used in succession. The downside to potions is that they usually don't raise stats by the same amount that neggs do, and they more frequently have negative side-effects. Despite these faults, they are usually more expensive than neggs. Potions are for rich neopians who want alot of stats right now.

Scratchcard: Take your chances with the stat-increasing scratchcards. Definitely not a very reliable method of stat-increasing, but definitely should be considered. You can scratch up to 5 of each type of scratchcard per day, and each time you scratch one you have a chance to gain a level. An upside to these scratchcards is that you have the opportunity to win your money back, if you're lucky.

Scroll: Least popular stat-increasing method. These items count as book, and therefore can only be read once (unless forgotten by the Wheel of Misfortune). They also tend to be horribly priced, due to their rarity.

Here's a full list of stat-increasing items:
Pic Name $ Effect Pic Name $ Effect
Negg of Purity +1

Extremely low chance of +1 Defence Basic Power Negg

Chance of +1 Defence
Witchy Negg

Chance to change pet's gender, pet's species to Lenny, Tuskaninny, or Moehog, or increase intelligence, hit points, or cure a disease Kaleideonegg

Randomly increase/decrease stats, change pet gender, color or species.
Similar to the Lab Ray
Faerie Queen Negg

+1 HP Silver Knight Negg

+1-2 Defence
Power Negg

+1 Strength Ferocious Negg

+1-3 Strength
Gives pet a random disease.

+2-3 HP
+2-3 Movement
Spiked Negg

+2-3 HP
Super Negg

+1 Level
+1-3 HP
+1-3 Movement
Cool Negg

+1-2 Levels
+1-3 HP
+1-3 Movement
+1-3 Strength
Armoured Negg

+1 Defense
and gives you "Omelette Shield","Scamander Shield",
Nurias Battle Shield
or "Shoulder Armour

Keeps this table
organized by
taking up unfilled
Muntando Fruit

Small chance of +1 HP
Created in the Cooking Pot,
Mix "Teal Juppie" and "Krakuberries"
Level Up Shroom

+1 Level
Mega Power Plusshroom

+1 HP
or +1 Strength
or +1 Level
Strength Shroom

+1-3 Strength
Super Fast Shroom

+1 Movement Purple Spotted Shroom

+1 HP
or +1 Strength
or heals 3 HP
Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

+2 Levels
+2 HP
+2 Defence, +2 Strength
Strength Serum

+1-4 Strength
Bomberry Elixir

+1 Defence
or inflicts random amount of damage
Essence of Drackonack

+1-2 Strength
or does nothing
Greater Earthen Potion

+2 Strength
+2 Intelligence
Cooling Balm Of The Warrior

Small chance of +1-2 Defence
Kaylas Super Special Potion

Chance of +1 Level
and/or +1 Defence
Strong Shake

+1 Defence
Energising Elixir

Small chance of +1-2 HP Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle

+1-3 Levels
Mummified Scroll

Once Per Pet
+1-3 HP
-1-3 Movement
Chance of -1 Intelligence
Scroll Of The Warrior

Once Per Pet
+1-3 Defence
-1-3 Movement
Chance of -1 Intelligence
Terror Trove Scratchcard

Scratch it
Chance of +1 Level
Festering Fortune Scratchcard

Scratch it
Chance of +1 Level
Fake Von Roo Fangs

Small chance to steal level
from Battledome opponent.
May break, -1 Level when it does
Scroll Of The Ancients

Once Per Pet
+1 Strength
+1 Movement
+2 Intelligence
Twisted Potion Of Strength

+1-3 Strength
or does nothing
Meridellian Potion of Defence

+1-3 Defence
or does nothing
Bubbling Fungus

+1-5 Strength or
-1-3 Strength
Kauvaras Potion

+1 Level
+1 Strength
+1 Defence
+2 HP
I did not include items that only raise intelligence. Intelligence is a nearly useless stat, and every book raises it

Coltzan's Shrine
You can also gain stats by visiting Coltzan's Shrine. Upon approaching the shrine, Coltzan may appear and grant your pet stats. Coltzan can increase your pet's level, strength, defence, HP, movement or intelligence by one point. He can also (very rarely) increase strength by 10, or give you an item (which can be dubloons, useless battledome weapons, or food). For more information on Coltzan's Shrine and the prizes he gives, visit this page.
Turmaculus is awake for one hour every day. During this hour you can send your petpet in to attempt to wake him up. If successful, Turmaculus may grant your pet +1 strength. He might also give you an item, increase in petpet level, heal your pet, or eat your petpet. If he eats your petpet, you get a nifty avatar and Turmaculus challenges you in the battledome. Click here for predictions of when Turmaculus will be awake.

Deadly Dice
Every night at midnight NST, Count Von Roo wakes up for 1 hour. At this time, you may challenge him to a game of Deadly Dice. If you roll higher then him, you gain a level. Lower than him and you lose a level. If you tie with him however, you roll again but this time the stakes are doubled. Many users (myself included) have found that the dice tend to favour loss of levels, although some say timing plays a factor, so use with caution.

The Fruit Machine
On very rare occasions, it is possible to gain level and strength from the Fruit Machine. It is part of the best outcome possible from the fruit machine, also awarding 3 random bottled faeries, a random paintbrush and a random amount of neopoints. This is awarded when getting 3 puntec fruits, as stated before, a very rare occurance.

Referral Program
This method is definitely not for everyone, nor is it the most effective, though it should be considered. If you get 20 people to register an account on Neopets using a special link containing your username, all of your pets gain a single level. I know. Best leveling method ever, right? It should be noted that signing up side accounts for the benefit of your main account through the referral program is against the rules and will result in a swift punishment from TNT. Check out the Neopets Referral Page for more information.

Something has happened!
Random Event! Yay!
You can also gain stats from random events around the site. These are very rare and cannot be
counted on as a method of training.

The Lab Ray
One thing that can greatly help you with your training is the Secret Lab Ray. You can gain access to the lab ray by collecting all 9 pieces of the Secret Lap Map and assembling them here. You can check current prices of the secret laboratory map pieces here, along with an extended Lab Ray guide. Regardless of the price, the lab ray is worth it in the long run. If you start zapping after level 50 (some say level 20, I say level 50 to be safe), you will be immune to the dreaded "back to level one" zap which, quite obviously, sends your pet right back to level one. Other than that, the lab ray tends to increase all stats except defence. That means the lab ray can save you hundreds of thousands, even millions of neopoints in the long run. The lab also cannot lower your maximum health points, so you will never have any losses there, making zapping after strength and defense have been maxed is extra handy. There are a few downsides, however. If you use the lab ray, your pet will occasionally change colour and species. This can be a good thing, but you can lose any expensive colours you have painted your pet, and lose the ability to use species-limited weapons weapons. In my opinion, the money you save in training far outweighs the neopoints you will save by using a species-limited weapon. To the right is a table of all the results a lab zap can weild, rounded to the nearest quarter percentile and omitting "back to level one" zaps since you should only zap after level 50.
Change % Chance
Gain HP 13.5%
Gain Strength 11.25%
Lose Strength 5%
Gain Defence 5.5%
Lose Defence 6%
Gain Movement 11.25%
Lose Movement 6.75%
Gain Level 5.75%
Lose Level 5%
Species Change 4.25%
Color Change 8.75%
Gender Change 8%
Nothing 9%

Related Avatar
Have your pets species changed by the Lab Ray
Faerie Abilities
Faerie abilities are abilities granted by bottled faeries for releasing them. Each faerie gives different abilities, and a full list can be found here. Something I know some people get confused with is the "level" section on that page. The number under "Level" is the level your pet must be in order to get that ability. If your pet does not meet the level requirement, the faerie floats away and is gone forever. You receive the next ability in the list each time you successfully bless your pet.

Here are my recommended abilities for the battledome:
Faerie Type Ability Effect Number
of Faeries
Burrow Defends 97.5% of:
4th 10 Very High
Regeneration Heals 33% of lost HP 8th 23 High
Steals 11% of opponents current HP,
up to a maximum of 100 HP
7th 21 High
Sink Defends 97.5% of:
8th 30 Very High
Quench Defends 100% of:
4th 9 Medium
Defends 100% of:
5th 12 Medium
Defends 100% of:
6th 16 Medium
Chance to Freeze 8th 28 High
Chance to Freeze 3rd 6 Medium
Long story short, hit level 30 and use 8 earth, 8 dark, 6 water, 8 air and 3 fire faeries, and you'll be set.

Related Avatar
Bless your Shoyru with any Bottled Faerie
Dealing/Taking Damage
Damage in the battledome is dealt according to icons. Each icon represents a different type of damage and each of those icons does a certain amount of that type of damage per icon. There are 7 different types of damage, and they are:
Light Earth Air Physical
Darkness Water Fire
Each type of damage has the exact same effect your opponent. The only thing that makes one type of damage better/worse than the other is its susceptibility to being defended or reflected back to you.

Str/Def Level Damage
Dealt Per
Icon (Str)
Blocked Per Icon (Def)
1-7 0.5 0.5
8-12 0.75 0.75
13-19 1 1
20-34 1.25 1.25
35-54 1.5 1.5
55-84 2 2
85-124 2.5 2.5
125-199 3 3
200-249 4.5 4.5
250-299 5.5 5.5
300-349 6.5 6.5
350-399 7.5 7.5
400-449 8.5 8.5
450-499 9.75 9.75
500-549 11 11
550-599 12 12
600-649 13 13
650-699 14 14
700+ 15 15
Strength Boosts
Strength only changes your damage at certain levels. Every so often, once your pets strength level has reached a particular point, your pet will begin to do more damage per icon.

The table on the left shows how much damage per icon your pet will do, given it's strength level.

Defense Boosts
Here's where it gets kinda complicated. Defense works almost identically to strength. Strength affects your damage icons, while defense affects your defense icons. Let's say your pet has 212 defense. In this case, your pet falls into the 200-249 bracket, and therefore will block 4.5 damage per (defense) icon. Now, let's say your pet uses a weapon that defends 4 icons of physical damage. Take the damage per defense icon your pet has (4.5) and multiply it by the number of defending icons used (4) and you will block that much of that type of damage (18 physical damage). With that item, at that boost level, your pet will always block 18 physical damage.

Continuing this little scenario, let's say on the turn you used that defending weapon, your opponent attacks with 5 physical icons. If those physical icons dealt to you result in a total amount of damage less than 18, you will block all of the damage done to you. However, if your opponents strength boost allows him to do more than 18 damage for 5 icons, you will take that amount of damage minus the 18 that you blocked.

Regular Abilities
There are 6 default abilities that every pet has. Each of these abilities has an effect on how much damage you do and how much damage you take, and these changes apply to your opponent also. The stances and how they affect damage taken and dealt are listed below.

If you use... You will deal this much... and take this much...
Defend 80% 80%
Cautious Attack 100% 100%
Normal Attack 120% 120%
Jump & Attack 130% 130%
Fierce Attack 140% 140%
Berserk* 150% 150%
*Berserk is obtained when your pet reaches level 50

So, for example, if both you and your opponent use berserk, you will both take and deal massive amounts of damage. If both you and your opponent use defend, you will both take and deal very little damage.
Funding Your Training
These are mini-guides, the games they deal with are much more complicated, and for that reason I have put links to my favorite in-depth guide for each. If there are any broken guide links, please neomail me and inform me.

My preferred way to make neopoints. Do your daily clicks and make a couple neopoints, get a few freebies and resell them, and maybe even get yourself an avatar. After that, play your favourite games and make thousands while having fun. Not much else to say, it's a rather simple way to make a couple neopoints on the side.


Guide 1
Guide 2
There isn't much I can say about restocking without going into great detail. It's a very popular source of income, especially for battledomers. This is because it has the potential to make you millions in just a few minutes -- if you're fast enough. Basically, head on over to a TNT-run shop and refresh until the shop restocks. Once it restocks, quickly look for and purchase any items that you can sell for a huge profit, and then do so. There are alot of factors that can affect how much money you make from restocking, such as your internet speed, the speed of the people you are competing against, and, of course, how fast you are. Fortunately, there are tricks to increase your chances, such as blocking advertisements in your internet browser, and getting rid of any distractions. That's about all I can say before I start rambling, check out the guides I've linked.

The Stock Market
Probably my favorite way to make money. The stock market is one of those things that takes minutes to learn but a lifetime (not literally) to master. Basically, once a day, go to the bargain stocks page and buy 1,000 shares of a given company for 15-17np each. Then, as often as you wish, check your portfolio to see if any of the stocks you've bought have gone up in price and can be sold for profit. Most people set a sell point where they sell all their stocks in that company, and I suggest you do the same. The best sell point is generally considered to be 45-60np each, but you can sell whenever you're happy with the profit you have made. Never sell at a loss, every stock will go up eventually. In order to make money with the stock market, you must not only invest neopoints but time as well. You will not make money soon, and it may be weeks until you make your first sale. However, something you should keep in mind is that neopoints in stocks make much more than if the same money was left in the bank with interest collected every day.

Bargain Stocks
Your Portfolio
Guide 1
Guide 2

Place your Bets
Collect Winnings
Guide 1
Guide 2
The Food Club
A money-maker that I'm still very new to. The food club is a group of pirates who enjoy eating. Alot. Perhaps a little too much, actually. They hold daily competitions and you can bet on the pirate you think will win, or take your chances and bet on the pirate you hope will win. The older your account the more you can bet. The exact equation is 2np for each day your account has been active plus 50np. The competition is held at 2pm NST every single day, and once the competition is over you can collect your winnings. The general rule is to bet the most on matches where there's a clear-cut winner. For example, find a match where there are 3 pirates who's chances are 13:1 and one pirate who's chances are 2:1 and bet on the 2:1 pirate. You are almost guaranteed to leave with double the neopoints you bet. That means, if your account is old enough, you can essentially turn one codestone into two. Or, if you're unlucky, you can turn one codestone into none. Most people stick to looking for the clear cut winner and betting on him, because doing so takes very little time and you will make a good profit. I play this way and I have won far more than what I have lost.

Key Quest
There isn't really much to be said about Key Quest without going in-depth. It's a basic boardgame that requires significantly more processing power than your average flash game. The length of each game varies depending on the number of players and keys required to finish the game. Move your token around the game board collecting keys, power-ups and initiating mini-games. Once you have at least one of each color key in your posession, make a mad dash for the exit to finish the game. Depending on the number of keys you chose to be required to finish the game, and whether you came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, you will be rewarded a key. This key can be taken to the vault and redeemed for a prize. Prizes include codestones, paintbrushes, bottled faeries and books, among other things. Neggs can also be won, but none of them are stat-increasers.

For your convenience, I've put together a quick little way to purchase your training supplies. Simply click the icon appropriate to how you wish to buy the particular item.
Regular Codestones Red Codestones Dubloons & Faeries