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That's right! Bejeweled offers collaboration work! We offer a selection of different layout types that we have created with other sites and other site makers. This includes petpages, guild layouts, userlookups, pet descriptions, gallery layouts and more to come! These layouts are made in agreement between both parties which means Bejeweled is allowed to alter and distribute them. Take a look around, there are over one hundred layouts over the many categories.

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Bejeweled will collorate with anyone! You do not need to own a site. My only request is that you can provide your own coding or graphics. This means you cant use coding from someone elses site or someone else graphic image. Collaborations are a split between both parties. One will make the graphics and the other provides the coding. I'm okay with doing two kinds of collaborations:

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Bejeweled has permission from each respective graphic maker and coder to alter/edit/redistribute their work with visible credit to them. Addiditional credits are found on each repective layout linking back to Bejeweled. Any images/graphics/coding that are not © to Bejeweled are © to their respective owners. This layout is an extension of the main Bejeweled layout made by #scathes at Scheme with additional css by myself. Additional credits found on main site page.

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