15.03.18 | Floral is now on hiatus until Easter, any questions about code will take a while to reply to, sorry for the inconvenience! Sorry, but university is really busy ;n; Here's the last layout until Easter, which is a new version of Clarion, a petlookup layout.

- 1 Petlookup Layout
+ 1 Petlookup Layout

09.12.18 | Floral is still on a coding hiatus! The hiatus will be over at the end of December, yay! In the meantime, Charlie has notified me that the Panacea layout doesn't work properly, and the solution is to add !important; at the end of margin-top to the #main tag ^^ Thank you mate, you've been a lifesaver!

15.09.18 | Floral is still on a coding hiatus! Wow, this is the most active hiatus ever. I'll change it so we're on a coding hiatus. HOWEVER, I have news: Sunny is back and so is Coding Revolution, her premade css petpage site! Do check her codes out, she has colorful code for you to use ^^

+ 1 Affiliate

06.09.18 | Floral is still on a mini-hiatus! Is Floral really on a hiatus if I keep updating? Anyway, Charlie has kindly brought to my attention that the new site themes (Meridell/Brightvale) will change the color of the header backgrounds in my userlookups, so here's a quick fix to be pasted in between the style tags: .contentModuleHeaderAlt, .contentModuleHeader, #menu { background: none !important; }. Another heads up that I will be moving my userlookups and petlookups to another page soon, as it's getting too much to update everything on one petpage.

28.08.18 | Floral is still on a mini-hiatus! We have a new affiliate, Colorblock, where Elena has lovely bright and vibrant petpages for you to use c:

+ 1 Affiliate

25.08.18 | Floral is still on a mini-hiatus! I've fixed the codes for users with 6 neopets on their userlookups. I also have a new petpage layout, Reprise, my take on a long-time favourite from Anna's CSS.

+ 1 Layout

17.08.18 | Warning: Floral will be going on a mini-hiatus until the end of December. I'll still be online to answer questions, but I have my final high school exams soon so that's why I'm putting Floral on hold! I'll see you on the other side with hopefully some good grades to show for it c: My new layout Neomail is the neopet's neomail format, no credit needed.

+ 1 Layout

Check older updates?

Welcome to Floral! Floral is a css-based premade layout site made by Sunlit (10lank10), influenced by minimalism, nice shades of grey, the colour #bc965c, and georgia italics. Here, I aim to provide a regularly updated site providing high quality layouts. Drag and drop a layout image to your tabs for a larger image.

I only have one rule: Keep credit if you use my layouts, even if you change the code. Of course, do follow normal neopet rules when using my layouts as well. Use the links on the left to navigate, and if you have any questions, or need help with my codes, feel free to neomail me, I'm always willing to help! I'm currently looking for layout site affiliates and listers, neomail me to apply or if you have listed Floral. Layout requests are forever closed right now. Thank you for visiting Floral, and have a great day!


need a change in style? «       


  • Removed #usershop, #userneohome and #ncmall
  • Scrolling
  • Credit to Details and Aurum for the pngs




  • Removed #userneohome and #ncmall
  • Scrolling
  • Extra code for those with 5/6 neopets on that account
  • Design inspiration taken from Satellite
  • Help with the carousel from Whitespace
  • PNGs from Silent Serenity would work well on the sides

With Shop & Without Shop

Extra: 5 Neopets and 6 Neopets



Extra: 4 or less Neopets, 5 Neopets, and 6 Neopets


showcase your neopets «       

  • Petpet is underneath the petinfo
  • Content moves to petinfo on hover
  • Anchored
  • Extra code for a smooth scrolling transition
  • Background from Mariposa
  • I'd recommend Whitespace and Mariposa backgrounds for this layout

Petpet & Without Petpet

Smooth Transition Code


  • Petpet is underneath the petinfo
  • Content moves to petinfo on hover
  • Anchored
  • Extra code for a smooth scrolling transition

Petpet & Without Petpet

Smooth Transition Code


With Petpet

Without Petpet


With Petpet

Without Petpet


write! «


  • Multipurpose
  • Scrolling
  • Code to get your own pet's image has been provided, replace NAME with the name of your pet
  • You can also use a medium preview from DTI for the pet image
  • Backgrounds from Whitespace
  • I'd recommend Whitespace and Mariposa backgrounds for this layout

Scrolling: One Column and Pet Image

Scrolling: Two Columns

Anchored: Textbox, Pet Image and Navigation

Petimage Code


  • Multipurpose
  • Scrolling & Anchored
  • Extra code for Scrolling Navigation

Scrolling & Extra Navigation


Photo Reel

Right Scrolling

bottom scrolling


  • Designed for pet pages/applications
  • Scrolls sideways, with main bar disappearing behind the png
  • All boxes are set to overflow if needed
  • Header 2 inspiration taken from Emily
  • PNGs from Aurum, Aroma and Details
  • Art by Becky
  • Backgrounds from Mariposa, Peta and Lol wat


  • Anchored
  • Easily customisable to fit a colour scheme
  • Sidebar can be modified to suit a different purpose (e.g updates)
  • Design inspiration taken from the now defunct Storm


  • Multipurpose
  • Scrolling
  • Design Inspiration taken from Whitespace
  • I'd recommend backgrounds from WS Resources for this layout


  • Multipurpose
  • Scrolling
  • Credit to ws resources for the background
  • Optional navigation code

Navigation Code



  • For neomail apps that get a bit too long
  • Scrolling
  • No credit needed!


farewell «    
Sister Site

Quite fittingly, Confectionery is my sister site, run by Candy, my twin sister! She creates lovely pixels and code to use c:

Link Back?

Kind words from kind people c:

Affies (11/12)



  • A big thank you to everyone who has sent me a little neomail praising Floral, you don't know how much it means to me when I know that someone loves my work! :D
  • Any resources used in my premade layouts have been credited in the layout, and in their section on Floral. If you believe that I have not followed proper protocol, please neomail me!
  • 1st and 2nd buttons from Jewel, 3rd button from exquisite, 4th button from kimochi, 5th button from Confectionery, thank you all so much!
  • Thank you aweber for the code to remove the premium navigation!
  • Thank you charlie for the heads up and the code to remove header backgrounds on some site themes, and for notifying me of a problem on my Panacea background! c:
  • Credit to Details for flower footer.
  • All coding/content made by Sunlit unless otherwise specified.

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