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A Princess battles against her heartless u.n.cle to take back her rightful place and to save her kingdom. She defeats her u.n.cle when in the middle of battle, he falls off the balcony of the castle. Princess, now being queen, takes the thrown and serves her duty as ruler. There is a new threat however just beyond the borders of her land. The Darigans were once secretly ruled by her u.n.cle, and his plan was for them to infiltrate the kingdom and take over. Now with their leader now deceased, their major plans have been diminished. Princess knows they are seeking a new leader, and a new plan of attack to take over. Knowing this information, she has ordered many guards to protect and keep alert on every corner of the boarders.

When Princess fled the kingdom before to seek the truth; she came across friends in the wilderness. She came across a crazy and pushy plush gnorbu named Floufi. A member for a lupe pack named Emakura. And an intelligent and wise lenny named Stock. And a lone lupe and fighter named Austin. They became her teachers but also close alleys. She has asked all of them if they would be honored to keep guard and protect the wilderness and the boarder, and all obliged. Well except for Floufi who is now living in the castle, taking advantage of what royalty can provide for a now bum of a gnorbu.

So as you can see, everyone's story falls in line with Princess. Nick will but..well you will see

Chapter 1

18 years before…

Hey wait up! a young pup shouts as he leaps over a log that lies in the wispy long grasses of a field. Ahead of him he spies his younger sibling running ahead. I bet you can't catch up! his brother Austin shouts. Nick huffs and puffs, running at full speed, plowing through grass just as tall as he is. The grass becomes thicker and thicker the farther he runs. Nick is now unable to see his brother and just keeps running blind. The little dark gray pup is forced to stop, taking a quick breather. Austin where are you?! He shouts out with what his tiny lungs can give him. Up here! a response from…above? Nick looks up, seeing his younger sibling now flying for the very first time.

Nick stomps a paw at the ground.Completely no fair! I'm the older one, I should be the one flying by now! he huffs in frustration. Austin attempts to lower himself down, but this is his very first time. He tries to remember how is mother and father do it, and he begins to slowly flutter his wings. Suddenly he falls straight down to earth. Ahhh!THUNK!" You just had to land on me huh Austin?" "Sorry about that Nick, I just began flapping my wings and I began flying! He gets up and flaps his wings in his own little excitement.

Austin is Nick's younger brother by well…an hour. The rest of their siblings didn't make it, only Austin and Nick being the survivors. Now they are just a few months old; they have been exploring their forest in the world of Neopia. Both brothers were born grey lupes, Austin however being a lighter grey than Nick. Austin surprisingly had much larger feathery wings than Nick, and it seemed even though Nick was older he was the runt of the litter. Nick's fur was far darker, and his wings a tad shorter. Their mother and father being the first pair of lupes in this region to create a pack, and since being one of the newest in the region meant less enemies to deal with territories.

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Don't worry Nick, you are the oldest after all, I'm sure you'll get it soon! reassuring him with a smile. "Gurglegrumblegrrrrrr" the pup's tummy's both grumble. They both turn to each other and laugh. Lets hope mommy got us dinner! Both pups run off towards the direction of their den, which was at the hollow massive base of a tree in the middle part of the forest. Mom, Dad! Bring any fish for us? Nick shouts as they approach their den. Both pups perk up their ears, expecting a reply …but no answer. Austin runs into the den first, no sign of mother or father anywhere. Nick runs towards Dad's favorite ledge to sit on….still no sign. Nick returns back to Austin, There is no sign of either of them.. that is not like both of them to go hunting at the same time.

Both pups decide to wait in the safety of their den for the hopes of their parents return. Patiently they wait for what minutes turned into hours until finally days. Their mother and father never returned, and Austin knowing that if something were to attack them it was best to leave the den and cover their tracks. Both pups do so, and run off in the search of a new home…

Chapter 2

3 years old…

Austin and Nick surprisingly were able to fend for themselves together as they searched for a new home. They were lucky enough to find an abandoned cave and make a home for themselves. There was a mini stream to help practice hunting, and Austin soon taught Nick how to fly. The two lonely brother were able to survive and now both are 3 years of age; practically being in their late teens now.

Austin walks out of the now small den. He stretches out his body, spreading out his now adult, fully-grown wings. Nick yawns from inside the den, stumbling up to join his brother. So are we hunting Ixi or fish today? Austin turns to look for his brother's answer. Nick has also grown up, being larger and taller than Austin finally, but wings still smaller and his abilities in hunting and flying being less. Nick stares at the ground just simply pawing at a tiny rock. Austin, I'm sick of just waking up every morning doing the same thing day-by-day. Nick's eyes were filled with sorrow and Austin sensed he was thinking of this before now. Austin sits down firmly next to him, and looks at his brother with concern. Explain more on what you are thinking. Nick walks a little bit of ways and sits down farther from him. Well it has been about what 3 years since we left home; and all we have done is just…stay here and survive. But now I'm done being here, I want to go out and see more of the world. I mean look at us, we are nearly full grown hunters. Even without Mom and Dad we did good, I think… Austin yelps, NO! Austin stands on all fours, stomping his paw at the ground. We can't go back home, you know as much as I do of how badly we miss home but whatever may have got… Nick now stands up, Yea "may" is the key word. You know as much as I do that there was much more of a food supply there. And I highly doubt something is there. Mom and Dad may have…just abandoned us..

Austin could not believe his ears. In a state of shock at first, but then turns to anger as his eyes give a nasty glare at Nick. Don't you dare talk about Mom and Dad that way! They would never abandon us! They loved us, and you just know they wouldn't abandon their two only sons to defend for themselves on their own! He begins to snarl. Nick begins to walk off. Now where are you off to? Austin snaps at him. I'm going back home! Nick starts to run, and quickly begins flapping his wings to fly.

Of course Austin being the better flyer, he catches up. Well you don't need to be reckless and go alone! Austin yells as Nick ignores with his face turned away. Both brothers fly in the direction of what once used to be their territory. Even with three years being passed, they instinctively knew where to go. The familiar landmarks of their large field and the river told them they were home. Hey lets go to the field first then run home, I just think it would be better," Austin suggests as they are approaching the field. Nick ignore and flies faster ahead. Austin shakes his head and catches up.

Austin hears large grumbles and looks more at the sky. He knows well enough that a large storm was approaching by the speedy winds and the clouds beginning to darken, it wasn't a good idea to fly. Nick simply ignores the dangerous signs, his mind being fixated on just taking back home.

The two finally reach the field, and Nick lands and immediately runs full speed towards the old den. As they approach they notice the area being more overgrown with vines and bushes. But they also noticed trails of branches being down and no longer grass being there. Nick recognizes the tree, a smile on his face as he quickly approaches. When he finally gets there, a shock of horror hits him.

Austin, being separated from Nick when he went straight into the trees, approaches from a clearer path. He is suddenly startled at accidentally bumping into something. He looks closer, realizing it's an Ixi skull. He looks up to see several more bones in the grass along the trail…looking around more seeing hundreds more peeking through. Austin hears rustling and sees Nick approach at a full speed run. This isn't any Ixi or Gnorbu living here brother, it's got to be another… there is a large snap of a twig behind them.

Both lupes leap up and twist around. Before them was a large snarling pack of lupes, of about fifteen or more. In the front of the pack was a very large brown lupe, crouched over and snarling. His glaring green eyes are directed towards the intruders, his devilish wings now spread out wide. Who are you?! The leader gives a low but loud warning growl.

The question here buddy is, who are you?! Nick leaps forward, now in the same stance and snarling position as the brown lupe. Austin walks calmly past Nick, There is no need to fight, and to answer your question my brother and I used to live and own this land three years ago. So we are wondering who has taken our home.", The brown lupe continues to keep up with his snarling. Your home?! Why we took over this land that many years ago. We thought we ki.l.led the only lupes in this area, how did you manage to be undetected? Both Nick and Austin's eyes are wide, both unable to breathe at what they were just told. Nick begins shaking but begins to snarl louder. Nick shouts in a rage of fiery, YOU ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR KI.L.LING OUR PARENTS?!

The leader now sits up and begins to laugh, being a lot more calm. Ha, don't tell me those pathetic lupes were your parents? We took them down like snapping a twig! he laughs, then stomps on a nearby twig, breaking it in two. With our pack they were no… Nick completely snaps, Your pack?! You ganged up on them! Two against five…then…twenty….more than two isn't a fair fight! How dare.." "Well there are no rules as to taking territory," the leader snarls again. "Now get out, you are lucky I am giving you a warning and that my pack has already had their fill. Take it and leave before we snap you into pieces…just like your beloved parents.

Nick lunges will full force! His fangs out wide and sharp claw outwards, straight towards the leader. Nick screams, a scream never once heard before; mixed with hatred yet fear. Nick gives a fierce swipe of the paw....

Nick stares wide-eyed at the bleeding shoulder of his brother. Austin…why did you get in the way?!" "Because I know you couldn't win! Austin snaps back, blood dripping from his wounds.

For once think before you act, you wouldn't have a chance. Especially against an entire pack to back him up. Now let's just go, there is nothing we can do." Austin limps past his still paralyzed brother. But …you…protected……..

The leader just sits and laughs and the rest of his pack do the same, watching the drama unfold before him. Nick turns to look at his brother walking away. Just like that …you'd walk away from Mom and Dad's murderer's. The ones that forced us… Austin stops walking and turns to his brother. Trust me Nick, I want to do the same to them for what they did to Mom and Dad but face it; there is nothing we can do to take back our land or for our parents. Now let's go before they do ki.l.l us, mother and father didn't die for us to just be ki.l.led. You want to waste what they died for?! Nick stands straight up at attention, now seriousness in his tone of voice, Austin you are wrong…and I'll prove it. Nick leaps straight up into the air and flies off as the rain begins to pour over.

Chapter 3

The skies roar with blinding flashes of lightning and hurricane-like winds. Nick pushes forward, flapping his wings with all of his might. The rain blinds his vision, and lightning strikes just mere inches from him. Austin is wrong, there is something we…I can do. He shouldn't have gotten in the way or I would have had him! I'll prove it…I WILL! Nick flies faster but it's useless as he seems to be flying in place. Nick's adrenaline and anger is pumping through his veins. Suddenly a large gust of wind throws him off balance, he attempts to straighten up but Nick plummets straight down.

Nick's eyes slowly blink open. He shakes his head and tries to remember what last happened. In an instant his eyes open up wide. He stands straight up, hair straight up and snarling. He attempts to open up both wings, but feels an instant sharp pain on the right wing. I must have broken it..when I fell. He takes a look around of his surroundings. It was dark but the walls were dimly lit with torches on each side of the walls. Nick realizes he is in a cave, seeing stalagmites shooting up nearly everywhere. The air felt damp and cold , and to his left he spies what seems to be the only entrance and exit. He can see the rain still pouring outside and looked at his fur and noticed it still being pretty wet. But who brought me here then?… Nick looks over to his right, the torches leading their way into the darkness.

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Whoever may have carried me in here must still be in this cave. With nothing to lose and with a broken wing anyway, Nick steps further on into the cave, his only light source being the brightly lit torches. Even with the flames, with every step he took it felt as if it was getting colder and colder. The cave also began to narrow and soon the torches were only a few.

Nick finally spots a glowing green light up ahead. He begins to try to run, finally wanting to see who may be at the end of this cave. The light becomes brighter and brighter the closer he gets. A voice echoes back to him, "Oh so you have awaken, please come in." Nick runs faster, dodging rocks and stalagmites. He suddenly trips over one large rock and stumbles and flies a few feet. He luckily lands on all fours, seeing he has reached the end of the cave.

The end was like a larger and wider room, like a a narrow hallway leading to a large bedroom or something, however much much larger. Bottles of glowing green liquid dangled everywhere. Along with much larger torches illuminating the entire space. Before him was a kougra…a shadow kougra looking over what seemed to be a natural-made pot. Sharp rocks have formed around like bowl. It seemed the kougra was cooking something inside. Who are you? Nick demanded. The kougra turned around to face him. You do not need to know my name, however I want to know yours. The kougra was a larger adult with massive demonic wings, just like the brown lupe. His voice was low yet loud and raspy.

Well my name is Nick. The kougra walks over with his paw extended. He quickly plucks a feather off Nick's broken wing. Hey what was that for?! Nick yelps. I can tell you Nick, you are the one that seeks more power yes? he throws the feather into the pot and a burst of green fire immediately shoots up and disperses. I can tell when I found you that you were in that storm for one reason. You want revenge no? Nick looks at the kougra dumbfounded. The wicked kougra turns around once more, but leaps up to grab a random glowing potion, dangling from the ceiling. If its power you seek I can grant you it, he pours the liquid into the pot, and takes a massive branch to stir it. Now tell me, you mentioned an Austin of which you speak? You mumbled it while I took you in. Is he the one that you wish to seek revenge? Nick sits down, feeling surprisingly more relaxed. No, that is my younger brother; he got in the way when I tried seeking revenge on our parent's murderers and who took our home, Nick looks down at the cave's floor, ears perked down. Austin has always been the better hunter and flier, and just…about everything. Yet I'm the older sibling, either way I'm supposed to be the stronger one. I hate being born the runt. Nick flicks at a pebble that flies and smacks into the wall with a little thunk.

The kougra laughs boldly, So Nick, do you wish to be stronger? A faster flier and better hunter? Would you like that and to also take your revenge? The kougra walks up and puts his paw on Nick's shoulder and makes him walk up to his large brew. All you must do is drink this, and you'll be the most strongest and powerful lupe in all of Neopia. Nick stares into the boiling pot, bubbling a glowing bright green liquid that smelled of something rancid. He looks over to the kougra, What will this exactly do to me? What is the catch? There is always a catch. The kougra takes his paw off Nick's shoulder and leaps onto a massive boulder at the far end of the room. Well your body will undergo a complete change to help you become powerful of course. You will look completely different perhaps. Other than that, I ask you for one thing, he points out one claw. To later join me in my army. Nick you see, I am the leader of this army. I am currently devising a plan to take over the kingdom you see. And you as one of my commanders, nothing will stop you or us. We will be the strongest and nobody will take us over! he leaps off and stands right in front of Nick again. He grabs an empty bottle and fills in up with the glowing liquid in the pot. One gulp and that is it, he hands him the bottle. What do you say? Either walk off in shame of your parent's murderers still walking this earth and your younger brother being stronger and better than you. Or you take your revenge and be one of the most powerful beings of Neopia, it's your choice Nick.

Nick takes the little vile, staring at its glow. I will completely be changed. But for once something can be done. I don't have to be behind my brother anymore. Nick shakes his head, throws it back and pours the liquid into his mouth. He drops the vile and it shatters onto the floor in a million pieces.

Chapter 4

After Nick flew off after injuring him, Austin walks off in the search of some shelter and to not be attacked by the lupe pack. He knew it was just too dangerous to fly off into a storm like that. He decided to wait it out before searching for his brother, so he finds a large tree that fell over and landed on another tree leaving a space for the perfect temporary shelter. He licks his wounds on his shoulder, knowing now it will be a massive scar. However all that was on his mind was his brother. The storm lasts for the rest of the night, and Austin falls asleep under the tree.

Austin wakes up to the first signs of morning. The sun is blinding down through the trees and the birds begin to sing. The trees are still dripping from the night's storm. He walks out from his little shelter and stretches his sore body. Austin perks up his ears, as a loud howl pierces through the peace. Nick? Austin finds a little clearing in between the trees and flies up. He hears the howl again; it's coming from their old den. Austin lands first in the field nearby, then dashes towards the hollow tree. Nick where are you?! Him being worried that he's being attacked by the vicious pack.

Austin makes it up to the hollow den, still limping a tad bit due to his injured shoulder. Austin stops and gasps at the horrific scene before him. Laid about everywhere were the members of that lupe pack. Each one either severely injured or…deceased. Austin's jaw is agape, his eyes wide open in horror and shock. What…what could have done this?! Austin looks up to see the leader being thrown in the air. A shadow quickly appears and gives one final blow to the large lupe. The leader crashes down, his wings torn nearly completely apart and every part of his body bleeding. Austin can hear him attempting to breathe, as the lupe is on his back and trying to get back up.

The shadow comes forward to the now dying leader. The dark lupe howls in victory as Austin's eyes shoot even wider open, his jaw dropped. That howl…, "Nick?!" Austin can barely recognize his older brother. He was a lot more massive, his body more defined in muscle. But…his coat was no longer a dark grey but a deep purple. His eyes red as blood, his left wing being normal but his right being…demonic just like the leader's. Nick's tail swings back and forth, it's three times lonher with a skinny base with sharp thorns protruding. Austin looks once more to Nick's face, once again his eyes are red but…a third eye?! On his forehead was a green eye! He notices it blinks, and so too does another but larger one on his shoulder, it blinks simultaneously with with smaller eye. Nick was now a Darigan lupe, but far more than that. He looked as if the stuff of nightmares. Lu…Nick what happened to you?! What have you done?!!"

Nick laughs demonically, Oh dear brother I have become more powerful becoming like this. Can't you see what I can do now?! He points over in all directions to the deceased lupes. I am the most powerful lupe in all of Neopia, and soon one of the most powerful leaders! Austin looks at his completely transformed brother, only his left wing being normal. You ki.l.led every one them? Nick..I understand that you are angry as much as I am but look what you have done?! He begins to tear up and choke up in his words, Sure they murdered Mom and Dad but what you have done makes you no better than them. You ki.l.led an entire lupe pack, and I bet not every single one committed the deed. Either way what you have are a monster! Look at you…and what do you mean be leader?! What are you talking about?!

Nick laughs again. Lets just say I ran into a new friend which granted me this power. And soon, this power shall rule all of this land. You are no longer better than me. I am now the stronger lupe, the better hunter and flier. I have avenged mother and father in the only way possible. There is nothing you can do to stop me brother.

Nick begins to snarl, his wings spread wide open. Austin closes his eyes for a moment, he smiles as a tear drips down his face, voice more calm, "Nick, no matter what you do you are my only brother and I love you. But I can't let you harm anyone anymore. And I can tell you will not take a no for an answer. Whatever happened to you, you are too consumed with with this power and it has taken over you which means you are weak still older brother." Austin opens his eyes and stares directly at Nick. Lets take it to the field.

Chapter 5

Both brothers run towards the field, both knowing that the place they are about to do battle is the same place they played as pups.. The clouds seem to darken suddenly, and roar of thunder signals its approach; it is as if the land is preparing for this. The wind is already making the grass sway back and forth rapidly, and leaves fly off the branches of the nearby trees. Austin flies quickly over to the opposite side of the field from Nick. Austin can just see the very shape of his transformed brother from across. He takes a deep breath. I love you brother, but you are not the older brother I remember. You think you took control of new power but instead the power took over you. There is no way to get you back..and I know what must be done to protect others from a cruel fate...I'm still sorry, he says this to himself knowing Nick cannot hear.

Austin can now see Nick spread out his wings. This is it. A bolt of lightning crashes down from the swirling dark clouds above and signals the fight.

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Nick dashes towards his brother and flaps his wings, for sure his running doesn't seem to be good but his flying is incredible in speed. Austin stares, standing straight still as his brother quickly approaches. I know he's far stronger but he must have a weakness..I must try. Nick stretches out his arms with large black claws outward. So you're just going to stand there and give up? That is not like you at all Austin but I guess you can see you have NO CHANCE! Nick roars with one large paw up, inches away from Austin as he is about to give a fatal swipe. Austin quickly dodges the attack, Nick misses and lands behind but turns around quickly, but just as Austin dives down from the storming sky. Nick dodges quickly and immediately leaps up, catching Austin in mid-air and crashes to the ground. Austin struggles from under Nick's strength. You see brother, I can see your movements far better with my new vision, He blinks his middle green eye, and I am far stronger as you can feel, he pushes Austin more since he has pinned him to the ground. Nick puts his eyes right up to Austin's, the green middle one the only one looking angry as the red ones appeared to smile.

Austin thrusts his head forward, hitting Nick straight in the eye. Nick pulls back, lets go and tries to stop the pain. Austin leaps and attempts to bite, but only to grip Nick's left ear as he decided to turn and block. Austin made do and ripped a chunk of the tip of the ear. Nick pulls away and snarls, Dirty little trick for you to pull Austin. Nick lunges again towards Austin, but Austin flies straight upward. The rain now pours down, more lighting crashes on through. Nick chuckles, If it's an air battle you want it's an air battle you'll get. Nick flies straight up towards Austin. The two face each other now in mid air. It makes sense to battle me on the ground where you would be more likely but in my domain in the air? Austin you make me laugh that you still believe you are the better flier. The two stare at each other as Austin lunges. Nick quickly flies up and dodges. Austin continues to try to nail one swipe but Nick dodges every one with no problem. Nick flies higher and dodges once more, but notices they reached the middle of the storm cloud. Everything is near pitch dark except for the racing lighting just mere inches

Nick loses sight of him, frantically turning every direction. Even with his new vision in this type of condition it was still near impossible to see. Every time the lightning would burst, it gave a quick view of his surroundings but no sight of him. Did you run off dear Austin?! Show yourself! Suddenly Nick is attacked and pushed down from above, Nick is suddenly flipped around and Austin floors it and bites down on his brother's neck. Gotcha! He starts to kick at him, causing gashes as his chest and belly as the tumble down to earth. Nick gasps out of pain and the need to breathe. Nick maneuvers himself to then kicks a large gash on the side of Austin's neck, Nick also had sharp claws at the back legs as well. Both brothers gain their flight, no longer hurdling down to earth anymore but the storm was all around them now. Austin spies another flash of lighting close by. He smiles and begins to taunt, Let's see who can fly up higher the fastest. I want this battle far higher! Show me that is still your domain while you also are still bleeding! Austin swishes up, Nick snarls and quickly follows. So you are trying to what, crash me to the ground at a higher height?! Well nice try but that is the same trick you just attempted and it's not going to work again! Nick flaps his wings, zooming past his brother like a bullet.

They are higher up, closer to what seemed to be the eye of this horrendous storm. The two continue to lunge and dodge one another. Austin at point was able to bite down on Nick's leg but he got free. The two constantly bite and scratch, each attempting to get the other's neck for that final crash down. Whoever was able to succeed was sure to win, and both knew it. The rain hurls more and more, barely blinding the brothers sight. Austin can no longer see where his brother was and suddenly, feels a grasp on his neck. Nick mumbles, Not going to escape this time brother, I can see far more remember? Even this just enough to get you. Now brother…it's time to die! Nick prepares to bite down for that final blow before making him plummet to earth. Suddenly a bright white flash! Both brothers fall.. .

Austin is able to maneuver himself just enough so that he doesn't crash. Austin lands but falls over, bleeding practically everywhere and frantically trying to catch his breath. The rain still angrily pours as he then stumbles to stand and searches for his brother within the tall grass. He spies the lifeless purple body and rushes over. Austin can see some smoke, Nick was struck by lightning on his back. Nick's body still moved up and down slightly, he was breathing. Nick opens his eyes and weakly turns his head to Austin. Austin stares at his injured older brother and leans over to his ear, softly saying Brother there is one thing you lack, and as you can see it's intelligence. I made sure you were higher up than me, the highest point or figure in the sky is sure to get struck. And I made sure it looked like I wasn't planning that. Like I said older brother, think before you act. No matter how strong you think you may be. The rain begins to slow down, does too the wind.

Just as fast the storm appeared it vanishes. The sun bursts through the clouds. Austin smiles, knowing his brother can no longer hurt anyone anymore. He suddenly falls over injured and exhausted, his neck and his wounds still bleeding. Nick, he weakly shouts over, No matter what you are my brother and I love you and I know you are somewhere in there. Just before Austin is about to pass out, he spies the shadow of a ..what appears to be a kougra. He sees it approach and carefully carry Nick on his back and it flies away. Austin can do nothing but blackout.

I suggest you play "Clash Of The Titans - Epic End Music OST", for this chapter.

Chapter 6

Austin however, is later found by another lupe, a faerie named Emakura. She was kind enough to help Austin out with his injuries until he completely healed. With 15 years have passed, Austin knows that Nick is alive. After meeting Princess, the actual ruler of the kingdom and land, he finds out that the kougra must have been her u.n.cle who nearly took over. He however had his wings removed to hide his identity and perished from falling off the balcony of the castle. But with changing Nick the way he is now, he knows that in-between that time he must have healed Nick. Austin knows if something were to happen to that kougra, Nick would probably be his immediate replacement to rule the army known as the Darigans.

Now everyone protects and patrols the boarders of the kingdom and the wilderness. Austin knowing that one day he and his brother will face off once more whenever the army does approach…and he will be waiting.

And Austin's hunch was correct, that kougra did come in and rescue Nick. He slowly healed him back to health but in the time he was ki.l.led during his plan on taking over the castle first. Nick continues to heal, but trains and prepares the growing army and does seek more power to cure his weaknesses. Their territory is secretly hidden just beyond the mountains into the Darigan lands. Nick prepares for their maximum power to reach, and to take over the land as planned.

This is where the story shall continue once I have every character and family member. As you can see, Nick plays an extremely important character in this story. In Part two is where he actually is able to retrieve the power that the God Verni possess. And with that the war begins...


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Family is to come


 photo DerrickFlying_zps0b0e809b.png photo derricklineart21JPG_zps1f4e33e1.png photo Nickp_zps9496e734.png photo wolffaceref_zpse1ea5921.png

How I Received Nick

I'll start from the beginning, and I promise you it's a good tale that can bring hope to anyone that is currently fighting for there dreams.

I have multiple dream pets, but one of the biggest was a Darigan Lupe. And I said that before the conversion ever happened. I was saving up for the paint brush and I got lazy near the end. Before I knew it the conversion happened, and I painted my lupe into that new darigan color..and I just never fell in love. I adopted out that lupe and decided to go after the UC Darigan Lupe one day. And I decided to after I was gifted my lovely UC Grey named 6_Austin_6.

First one had the name "Eye" in it, so the original design he had a large green eye in the middle of his face, hence the green and how the idea for transformation happened in the story. I was honored to be one out of the three finalists for him, but sadly wasn't chosen. I see the poor lupe get traded around like crazy and it breaks my heart. I did get my spirit back when many people came to me and confessed that they were angry I wasn't chosen, so I got the motivation once more to go after the hunt again.

The next lupe I nicknamed Luke, and I once again fell in love. I added more to the original app, because I still loved the design and story. I was once again happy to be a finalist but wasn't chosen.

The next one I was notified by so many people, which I was so happy that many were still cheering me on, and I nicknamed that lupe, Derrick. I decided to go with a completely new look, but still have the green and the same story. I had some art done but was never able to even start into the full app before the lupe somehow became frozen. And my heart was so broken because to me this new design is just to die for.

VERY soon after, I was blessed with a FFQ on my side, and I noticed a board that someone was seeking a draik for their UC, so I decided to take a peek. My heart stopped as soon as I read "UC Darigan Lupe" and I had to slow down my reading. The person was looking for any draik for their lupe, hoping in turn that the lupe finds a lovely permanent home or to be traded for for someone's ultimate dream. The lupe itself was one of mine, and I explained my story, and that I was offering a PDE plus the FFQ for him. I linked the owner to my side with the picture of the design I had planned already and the old app.

It was worth a shot, but I felt sooo discouraged seeing literally hundreds of people offering way better offers and such. The owner of the lupe stated she would post on the lupe's page of who she considered to trade with. That night I looked, and it stated she already decided and would neomail the new owner shortly. I waited for about 12 hours but nothing, and I lost hope. I used the FFQ on my Marshtomp and I was really happy until I recieved the neomail!!!

I froze and slapped myself for using the FFQ, and I explained what happened. I was pretty much saying to myself that I was done for and I messed up. BUT, she was soooo kind and generous, saying it was ok and to take my time. She believed I was the best for this lupe, and she would have just given him to me if it wasn't for her need of a Desert Draik. I didn't care either way, I was just sooo thankful for her extreme kindness and still giving him to me. I worked all that night and made the extra neopoints for both the draik egg and the paint brush.

Right after I was to leave for a family trip, and during that time she would think of a name for the draik. When I returned, I got the neomail with the name and immediately created and painted the draik on my side (the side with the labray scientist just in case the draik was born the wrong gender). Then it was a waiting game for the draik to age, and I literally counted down the days and hours. When it came 168 hours, I sent the transfer! But, I became afraid because nothing happened for over a day...and in my mind I thought I was to be disappointed once more. I feel bad ever doubting her, because around 1 a.m. in the morning (my time) I looked and there he was! With...with me! And I..cannot describe the smile on my face.

The very next day, I sent him to the side account he's on now and forever will STAY! I KNOW he's a pixel, but I enjoy my pixels very much. You get attached after making the designs and stories and I see no problem with that. I LOVE my niknup!!! A dream finally come true after 7 years!

niknup finally arrived home on 5/22/2013, I can NEVER thank you enough Kellian! Forever thank you for helping me grant one of my great dreams.



For the layout I give credit to littlelindsey for being such a kind neopian and helping me make the beginnings of this in the first place. I learned to work with it :)

And thank you SO MUCH AGAIN ginacat12319 for the glorious petlookup! I can't thank you enough!

All artwork has been created by me!

Everything BUT Petlookup, the neopet images/customation, dividers, "Not UFT" banner, images within story (supplied by google images),the background image of this page.

+ Dividers made by Lunchbox Premades

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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