The petpages below contain some more complex pages designed to be used as they are, but the majority are building block layouts. Change them around, swap out the graphics, and use them to create something unique to you. If you have any questions about something you want to do, my inbox is always open to you.

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Usage notes
Whenever I've included textareas in these pages I've swapped the angled brackets for (textarea) - switch these back to normal for the page to work.

Consider some finishing touches for your site, or mix up the colour scheme. Change around the backgrounds too; Beetle has a wide variety or you can find more recommended on the home page. And if you've a coding issue, try the blog.
Petpage requests are open for new petpage styles and variations on existing styles.

No form, just describe what you want and send it my way!

A layout for an anchored portfolio, containing sections for your goals (with goal trackers), avatars (using Jellyneo's checklist) and your pets. Other sections can easily be added as you need them!
Striped Ambrosia
A layout for a recipe book! Contains several sections for your recipe book (though you can repurpose for an intro section if you want) and two full recipes (casserole and tabbouleh) included to get you started.
An anchored layout, this one made up for a guild webbie just to be different. Don't like the banner? There's plenty more to choose from! And, before you panic, the title text on the banner is fully editable.
Baby Blues
Golden Bloomed
Continuing the site-in-a-box theme, this is an anchored layout for layout makers. It includes a welcome page, requests, premade layout sections and a full sitely.
Alder Leaf
Green Tiger
Violet Ground
Woodland Dor
A full site in a box for a button-making site including welcome section, requests, portfolio and sitely sections. Just add buttons! Or repurpose completely, that works too.
A modular-based layout for a full goal page, including sections for dream pets, pets up for trade, NC wishlist / trade list, avatar goals, np wishlist, and pet plans / customisations. Use whichever you like!
Seven Spot
A multipage (full page anchored) layout with both sections and subsections. Includes styled home page with updates, full sitely section, and various element styles.
Hawthorn Jewel
An anchored layout with graphics by the fabulous Jewel. Features six sections with pop out navigation and a couple of precoded image styles.
The second of two collaboration layouts with Jewel; this one is anchored again with space for six sections. The navigation for this one uses images, just for fun.
A very pared down and minimalist column layout. Features a fixed sidebar with free-form navigation; good for a site that focusses on the content.
A traditional site layout with two columns, footer and a highlights reel. Comes as column or anchored layout; sub-links appear on hover in the anchored layout.
Dead Nettle
A modular based portfolio in three columns - light or dark, with or without a top banner, and change up the modules to match your style. It's your portfolio!
Apple Twig
This text affect, guys. This text. Anyway! Have a purpose-built blog layout, though obviously you can modify for whatever your heart desires.
Two pages for many links. Each link has an image, and space for a short description when you hover over it. Take care to read the tips before you start editing the page!
Knotgrass Leaf
A single column, with space for a short description and a set of links, both of which are fixed in place.
Marsh Click
A column based layout with space for a lot of links in the navigation. The example given includes four main links and thirty sub links.
An art portfolio with a lightbox effect for images. Tab to find the save button. You must include the inline max-height and max-width commands on large images or the layout will break on small screens. Demo art is from my art page.
Devil's Coach
A layout for a pet, whether for an application or a more permanent pet. The splash page scrolls up to reveal the full page content.
Two simple layouts that focus on a set of pictures, such as pet outfits or wishlist / trade items. The item lists are designed to work with the Jellyneo's wishlist generator, with best results if you set the generator to default colours.
An anchored layout with space for up to five sections. The image is from the caption contest; any caption contest image will work, or you can make your own 400px x 400px banner.
Spruce Bark
A simple one column page, useful as a neomail overflow, guide, story, etc. The main content area will never be less than the height of the screen.
Maculated Molorchus
Willow Leaf
Clover Stem
An anchored layout with space for up to six sections. The banner, if you wish to make your own, is 900px x 280px.
Copper Greenclock
Thistle Head
Beetle is a premade and tutorial site
run by Aethelar. Credit is not required
and you are encouraged to modify these layouts.

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