Hello, My name is neuropathic the Elephante. I am 123895 hours old. I have a fantastic owner called archeldinorawr, who takes great care of me. We have gone on many travels around Neopia. I have seen Terror Mountain, Tyrannia and Mystery Island.
My favourite place was Mystery Island. We played for hours on the beach and did tons of stuff. We played Gormball, practiced some Cheat and even had time to make each other into sand Usuls :)
It is a little known fact that Elephantes love to swim. Whenever it is sunny and warm we all head to the nearest river and have a big splash around. Well now you know all about me, why not NeoMessage archeldinorawr and tell my owner all about you. We love to meet new friends, maybe we can have a friendly match in the Battledome some day?

So what does a young Elephante like myself enjoy?

Ultrasteel Attack Tusks
Not just steel... Ultrasteel!

Elephante Unguent
The taste leaves something to be desired, but this elixir is an Elephante 'domer's best friend

Clay Vase
A wonderful souvenier from visiting Mystery Island

Cloud Elephante Morphing Potions
Just imagine all the fun you could have as a CLOUD Elephante...

Any petpet that will go out and bring me back food is alright in my book!