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All items are still attainable
An excellent gallery of all items Moltara-related:

**Please Note: Collecting the items are/were not part of the AOTA plot
The Neopets Team confirmed this in neomails to users who had asked. This is to be used as just a reference for Moltara.

dark rocks in bottom-left corner = Quarry for the Shiny Obsidian
green circles = Miscellaneous Gears possible locations (only one set will show up at a time)
**NOTE: this is only what to look for; the time/place you get them is likely random**
The gears should be the same size, no matter where they are located on the map

^ Scrap Metal and Stone random event (it is just one item)
can be found on main map, in shops, or in caves

Red Moltite can be found once you have found 10 different coloured worms in Moltara.

Click and drag to address bar for larger images of worm locations

Once you have your desired materials, go to Tangor's Workshop to combine them into various petpets.
*Note: items will disappear after you combine them. You can obtain one piece of Shiny Obsidian from the Quarry per day. You can refresh for another set of Miscellaneous Gears and/or Scrap Metal and Stone each day. You can obtain one piece of Red Moltite per day.

Giving Items to Tangor
After you select the first item, it should direct to a page such as this:

Now, you should be able to scroll down and see the items in your inventory below.
Select additional item(s) to give to Tangor and it will direct to a page such as this:

PetpetMaterials Required
Shiny Obsidian + Scrap Metal and Stone
Shiny ObsidianScrap Metal and Stone
Shiny Obsidian + Miscellaneous Gears
Shiny ObsidianMiscellaneous Gears
Dal + Oop
Miscellaneous Gears + Scrap Metal and Stone
Miscellaneous GearsScrap Metal and Stone
Shiny Obsidian + Miscellaneous Gears + Scrap Metal and Stone
Shiny ObsidianMiscellaneous GearsScrap Metal and Stone
Ada + Gio
Red Moltite + Scrap Metal and Stone
Red MoltiteScrap Metal and Stone
Red Moltite + Shiny Obsidian + Scrap Metal and Stone
Red MoltiteShiny ObsidianScrap Metal and Stone
Red Moltite + Miscellaneous Gears + Shiny Obsidian + Scrap Metal and Stone
Red MoltiteMiscellaneous GearsShiny ObsidianScrap Metal and Stone
Goy + Albot + Nik
Red Moltite + Shiny Obsidian
Red MoltiteShiny Obsidian
Red Moltite + Shiny Obsidian + Miscellaneous Gears
Red MoltiteShiny ObsidianMiscellaneous Gears
Val + Teek
Red Moltite + Miscellaneous Gears
Red MoltiteMiscellaneous Gears
Red Moltite + Miscellaneous Gears + Scrap Metal and Stone
Red MoltiteMiscellaneous GearsScrap Metal and Stone
Rav + Erge
Vaggendotra 5000 (toy)
Adagio + Daloop + Goyalbotnik + Raverge + Valteek

(Potentially) Useful Information
  • Finding the items have no relation to the AOTA plot
  • Since this is not related to the plot, completing or not completing various parts of the plot have no affect on whether, and when, the items appear
  • Yes, it is possible to refresh over the Miscellaneous Gears, in which you'll have to keep trying
  • The items are daily things, meaning you can get multiples but on different days
  • You do not have to get the items in any particular order
  • Only the Scrap Metal and Stone has a random event notice. The Miscellaneous Gears will just appear on the main Moltara map, so look carefully
  • Should you take too long to click on the gears when they appear, you might be redirected to this page instead
Editorial question #6392 in Neopian Times Issue #419
Are we allowed to collect the Shiny Obsidian, Miscellaneous Gears, and Scrap Metal and Stone found in Moltara on our side accounts?
The Scrap Metal is a Random Event, so you guys have no control over that of course. The other items are considered a daily, and should not be collected on your side accounts.

Editorial question #6417 in Neopian Times Issue #421
Hi, TNT! *insert compliments & cookies here* I love Moltara, but will there be any other items you can receive from the Obsidian Quarry other than Shiny Obsidian? *crosses fingers and hopes this gets in*
Well, it IS an obsidian quarry. What else would they have there? Luckily, you can find other useful stuff just laying around Moltara from time to time. I bet someone could make something real cool out of all that junk!

Any questions? please look at Arwen's Moltara FAQs

Related Items
News for 20 Nov showed the release of Petpets through the Petpetorium shop.

Special thanks to:
mstoothfaerie, kalhana, selelight_redux, vampi_and_kl, sweetmeep, superstar829, wyndslash for screenshots of Gears locations
keoshky for Ada and Adagio image urls
hufflebunny for the Ada, Gio, and Adagio screenshots
chrip_blaziken, kaltes_bueffet for finding the image url and name for Red Moltite

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