Hey there guest! Welcome to Sushi Bar! A Japanese themed restaurant I mean... Pixel Site! This Site was launched Oct. 4, 2009! Anyways this site all about Japanese food and items! Oh and don't forget to request a kimmi doll but Please leave credit and link back! Toodles! :3


Hey its Yumi! Yes, Sushi Bar is closed. I just have no more time. & I'm getting too old for this. Sorry. I will somewhat be on and MAYBE add some pixels. (but don't expect it) I'm gonna keep my pixels up though. anyways thanks for all the support. -Yumi



Gumdrop Bunnies
Okay, well I'm not really sure what
they are but hey, there cute!:3

San-x Character Cubes
Arn't they adorable? They are San-x
Characters I made into little cubes! ^-^

Mamegoma Seals
Mamegoma seals are little seals that fit in
the palm of you hands! :3

Tamagotchi's are little digital creatures
that you can take care of! (:

I Love Egg Eggs
These little eggs love to dress up in costumes! ^^

Hannari Tofu [Plush]
Little Tofu blocks that likes to pile
top of each other(:

Kimmi Dolls
Kimmi Dolls are Japanese dolls that each
symbolize something. I even take requests on these!

Paper Stars
Pink: Symbolizes Love
Orange: Symbolizes Wildness
Green: Symbolizes Love for the earth
Blue: Symbolizes Friendship
Purple: Symbolizes Music


Is a very popular rice
ball sometimes wrapped with seaweed! (:

A salad of boiled
spinach leaves and various vegetables.

Main Course~

California Roll
California Roll is a type of sushi with
rice, fake crab, and sometimes avocado! ^^

Yakitori Chicken Skewers
These Japanese Skewers are made
with chicken and various spices! :*

Hand rolled Sushi with rice and some shrimp
to top it off! :D


Okay, well they aren't Japanese but
they are still cute! ^^

Coffee Jello
Coffee flavored Jello! Now
available at Starbucks! Yummy!

Green-Tea ice cream
Green-Tea flavored ice cream is very
popular and now available from haagen dazs!


Hot Tea
Its cute & delectable! What more could you ask? x3

Bubble Tea
Bubble tea is mainly made out of black
tea with tapioca beads in it! :3

Cheerio is a Japanese soft drink
that is manufactured by the coca-cola company!

Kimmi Dolls

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