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Miscellaneous Help and Information
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Related Links
Neopian Times Articles
Relocating Your Neohome
Neohomer Wit and Wisdom
Neohome Spotlight
Neohome History
Items Not Sold in Neopets Shops

Related Links

For another neohome guide for beginners, check out cytherea007's excellent Basic neohoming. To avoid problems in the layout of your home check The Neohome Adventures by chaotizitaet. Another useful source for beginners (or anyone who is trying to save neopoints) is spopsicles's Design on a Dime.

If you are beyond the beginner stage and looking to refine your neohoming talents, read beenerz's Neopian Times article on Advanced Neohoming. And if you are ready to embark on the fine art of tiling, check out Flash's Tile Tutorial by bruisedgreenapple.

Secret's Neohome Museum, an invaluable resource for neohomers, contains most of the furniture items available in Neopia. Here you can see them as they actually look in a neohome. There is also a subject index to the museum and a visual guide where you can see all the rooms on one page. The latter is especially useful when you are looking for something of a certain size, shape, or color.

To see how garden items actually look in a garden, go to Secret's Garden Display There is also an index and visual guide to Secret's Garden Display.

When the neohome muse has deserted you, you can seek inspiration at Amazing Rooms. Faeriechangling's collection of links to outstanding rooms and gardens, Neopian Street of Dreams, is no longer updated but still remains a useful source of inspiration. Beenerz's A Gnome's Guide to Great Gardens has thumbnail links to over 100 noteworthy gardens.

If you a frustrated by the lack of certain items for your neohome, it's time to improvise! Neohome Plans by benvolio_dude illustrates how to make several other items. And Creative Building Ideas illustrates and provides room links to many items "created" by neohomers.

Cloveapple's Neohome Letters Project page is an effort to coordinate the voices of neohomers in prodding Neopets to fix neohome problems or add new features. Don't miss the cool banners at the botton. We are neohomers, hear our roar!

For neohome help in other languages, see Neoheim Hilfe by maileth and Catalogo italiano del giardino by danymelly.

Neopian Times articles

Building the perfect neohome by ellenbug

Creating fabulous neogardens by avatarh

Re-Designing a room by ahseenam

Baby-proofing your neohome by ayame_23

To tile or not to tile by memermouse

Common neohoming myths by strangeperky

Neohome for the holidays by summerschilde

Garden rooms are for wimps!;) by tyleraapje

Feng Shui: Using it to Get Ahead in Neopets by surfergeek

How To Put Your Neohome on the Spot by stoneman3x

Neopian Feng Shui by sailor_meteorite

NeoHomes & gardens: 5 simple approaches to a fabulous neogarden by jokerqueen

[first word blocked] it and reap: a beginner's guide to neogardening (humor) by pk_fire14

Relocating your neohome

It is now possible for you to change the neighborhood or world where your neohome is located. To do so you must demolish all your rooms and gardens. (Items in rooms will be returned to your inventory, but items in gardens should be removed before you demolish the garden.) When all rooms and gardens are demolished you will be given the option to sell your land back to the bank.

To sell your land click on 'Main' on the menu at the top of your neohome page. Then click on 'sell your property'. A window will open telling you how much the bank will pay you for your property. You will not receive full compensation but you will receive perhaps 1/3 of what you paid for the land, rooms and gardens. If you are sure you want to sell, click on the 'Process Sale' button.

Once the sale is completed you will be able to start over in a new world or try for a different neighborhood in the same world. Remember that you cannot select a neighborhood, so it's possible you may end up on the same street!

Neohomer wit and wisdom

if neohomes go 3D on us, i'm totally going 'alice in wonderland' on design. chairs on the tables, dressers in the bathtub, toilet water fountains. mess with my perception, i mess with your reality. -- magicmushroom31

In normal space, e=mc2. However, in NEOHOMING space, e=rf1/2 (energy=rooms and furni to 1/2 the intended result), proving that neohomes are actually what cause black holes. -- brennehilda

NEOHOMERS theme: "Until the 12th of never, I'll still be building you" -- gandolf251 (siggy)

NEOHOMES: Not for the faint of heart or the weak of wallet -- krazykutekowgirl (thread title)

I like homes that have "thought" put into them not just furniture. -- ladyraine

Neohoming is pain, highness, anyone who says differently has never tried tiling! -- avatarh

Ya build 16 rooms and what do you get? Yer neohomes bigger but youre deeper in debt... -- gandolf251 (siggy)

Neohome Spotlight

On November 11, 2003 neopets announced a new spotlight, the Neohome Spotlight. The first spotlight was awarded on November 14th. Between then and August 8, 2008 242 neohomers were featured in the spotlight.

On August 8, 2008 open beta testing for neohomes 2.0 began and on August 14, 2008 neopets announced that classic neohomes were no longer eligible for the Neohome Spotlight.

Below is a list of the 242 classic spotlight winners. Links are provided for those who still have neohomes, although their homes now may have changed since they won the spotlight.

242. emmymyemmygirl - Dream Come True
webwitch - The House of Horrors!
240. babyjen263 - The Cozy Cot Inn
239. eeukqicmaj - Our Home
238. roberlie - L'dor V'dor Ranch Estates
237. widgem - Sir Willis' Meridell Estate
236. zener - Home for the Seasons
235. mommyoneaster - Dream Manor Inn
234. sartracker - Behind closed doors
233. sassy_bearbear - Candy House
232. testybest - House of Drawk
231. ticketytock2kay - House of Tickety
230. emmpathy - The Villa
229. catlincatt - Lagniappe Landing
228. dragonladie888 - Fantasy & Fountains B'nB
227. sweetness_n_light - Neopian City Mall
226. abcjeanie - Our Estate
225. misunderstood_1963 - Unique Manor
224. queenbee2176 - Maraquan Retirement Home
223. motherof4 - The Resort
222. bigbird_is_the_best - Bigbirds Resort
221. dttw04 - Metropolis Manor
220. deeidleman - The Lily Pad
219. freakyfactoryfan - The Oasis
218. assistant247 - CHILL OUT!
217. liliana1721 - Sweet Home
216. tlcassat - Southern Comfort
215. greyhound25 - Electirc Eclectic
214. williamferreira - My Neomansion! Mine? No! Ours!!!
213. miri1980 - The Elephantes Manor
212. indprin13 - Indprin's Palace
211. skyrunner1986 - Our humble abode
210. kreativespirit - Nangauta's Highlander Inn
209. babyblue_5268 - babyblue B&B
208. agnieszka81 - Air Faerie Lane
207. dacrete - Angel Manor
206. aiyakhiori - Imaginations Playground
205. satsuki_ishida - Just our cozy home
204. avatarh - In orbit around Neopia ...
203. nakoumay - Home Sweet Home Island
202. wondermom303 - Our Little Piece of Heaven
201. misunderstood_1963 - Unique Manor
200. junetheprincess - The Residence - My home? Yours too!
199. bdsmdk19 - West[rest of word blocked] Estate
198. roxychicksweety - My Sweet and Spectacular Neohome
197. coolmorning - Jhuidah's Cooking School
196. tt69 - The Fun House
195. mamarose304 - The Rose Bush
194. beverly28 - Paradise Oasis
193. maggielou2too - Mystery Mansion
192. belljingles - EvenTide
191. kittygabycat - KittyGabyCat's Hotel and Garden Getaway
190. ariel_celeste - Cloud Haven Retreat
189. rjh9252 - The Neopian Inn
188. _lamb_chop_ - Lambchop Castle
187. chazezmom - Stay-free Neo Cribs
186. alma2020 - Neopets Mansion
185. idreamofsimplethings - Simple's Place
184. ithy3 - A Little Piece of Neo Heaven
183. yamybear - Yamy's Place
182. ayshlinn - Amore Ville
181. pixiekizzes - The hideaway
180. lilytoddbean - Sweet Breeze Manor
179. maragirl1 - Cloud 9
178. cauble24 - Haunted Mansion
177. mysteryshadow - Haunted Mansion
176. frekkles - Do Drop Inn
175. dylan_and_coltensmom - Christy's Gardens
174. ltucker1 - MyHome
173. ronnie5454 - Our New Home
172. superfoomind69 - Neohome Investigated for Possible Evildoing
171. nakoumay - Get Away Paradise (built another home and won, see 203)
170. julseey - Neo Manor
169. newmommynvegasagain - Retreat For Vain and Spoiled Petpets
168. alexandriasgrama - Welcome to Unitopia!
167. ira_7700 - My Neohome-Neopia
166. martysf - The Tonu Sanctuary
165. inara_sara - Serenity Sanctuary Retreat
164. fudgesheba - Our Home!
163. pattyg4u - One Neat Place
162. ninwall - Home of the Arts
161. carolsim - SunFlower Neohome
160. 00fatcat - Cottage Retreat
159. jennythegreat - Welcome Year 9 with the Pahmoneos (screenshots only)
158. sarahrivka - Home for the Holidays
157. biak43 - It's Christmas
156. holiday25 - Inspiration
155. paraffina - The Secret Lab - Beauty Center
154. ady914 - Feast-a-rama
153. oneloneroo_ Recreation and Relaxation!
152. anja1122334455 - Our Home
151. matrix_zero_one - Arabesque
150. minerva_artemis - The Neopian Homestead
149. dwarf_farok - Sloth-Henge Manor
148. stay_at_home_mom - Our Cozy Home
147. sc00bydo0 - The Doo Family Petpet Rescue Mission
146. _dylan_18 - Neopia's First Neomall
145. innerp - Inner-Peaces' Haven
144. daighnaulte - Dai's Comfy Cozy NeoHome
143. misscharity - Rainbow's End
142. debezzzz - debezzzz Fun House
141. chloe_w - Coconut Island Resort
140. mikayla1994380 - Neopia School for Pets
139. pcman247 - We Love Maraqua
138. magfae - Sunnyside Resort
137. cranberrymoon - A Welcome Home
136. turn4girlbecky - The Paradisiacal Pet Palace
135. bobbythetoolman - Never A Dull Moment!
134. skatc - Flishy Lake Nature House
133. wind__whispers - The One and Only Calendar House
132. mamafox23 - Foxes Fantastic Faerieland Funhome
131. pamperedca - My Neohome Is My Castle
130. sebastian10098 - Come on Over!
129. avalonia69 - Serenity Manor
128. grace22012000 - The Aisha Island Hotel
127. strangeperky - Summer Holidays
126. magic777124 - Magic Manor
125. litleft - Come Play With Us!
124. neojazzer - Kristie's Cozy Chateau
123. annegamble - Fun in Maraqua
122. pepa4013 - Hocky training center
121. bluebutterflz - Scavenger Hunt
120. sunflower_50 - Seacat's Mystery Island Home
119. jvc613 - Soup Faerie Sanctuary
118. neopianrose - Leeper Manor
117. firstkon - Healing Springs Care Center
116. msbeckie - Slorg Invasion
115. arwen_silverwing - The Faerieland Purlieu
114. easyrhino1 - The Secret Scratchcard
113. islandbeachchick - Lighthouse Memorial Park and Mansion
112. takumi0830 - Scorchio's wonderful party Home
111. ithingy - ithingy's Neohome and Gardens
110. carrie24601 - Agogo's Bed and Breakfast
109. sippy619 - Elephante Acres Recreation Ranch
108. cloveapple - Shining Stars Farm and Retreat
107. creolegyrl1 - Home Sweet Home
106. lady_eleanore - Aquitaine Plantation
105. angiesback - Symmetrical Faerie Fortress
104. denisevi - Neohome-Sweet-Neohome
103. nanaof7 - Island Dreams Estate
102. brandie1281 - Refugee Camp
101. 766silver - Daws and the Magic Elevator
100. milly2x - Glamour Meadows
99. ceruleansage - Arctic Refuge
98. elli317 - Faerieland Grounds
97. moodysis - Home: Where the Heart Is
96. rubee13126 - Neo-open House
95. [blocked name, account frozen] - Sarco's Home Sweet Home
94. terri123 - Sand Dollar's End
93. jellyrage - The Millionaire's Treehouse
92. aravan_fox - A Place of our Own
91. rockiesmama - Elegant Castle and Heli-port
90. kar1na - Darielle's Resort
89. tyleraapje - Little Neohome Down the Lane
88. im_a_little_buggy - My Bug Art Gallery
87. glospencer - Tullikki Hospital
86. sundancer0818 - Mystique's Retreat
85. dragonwind456 - Dragon Inn
84. beenerz - Cosy Villa
83. drumminjen - Casa de Drumminjen
82. bellzeybubba - Pick Your Own Berry Farm and Family Estate
81. kjs_sweetie - Royal Mansion
80. neomompia - Mystical NeoHaven
79. bootoot155 - Boots Luxury Resort
78. icesurfingpenguin - Mellow Plantations
77. snowpixie1 - Macabre Castle
76. mrsrat - Sweetpea's Floral Inn
75. panlof - A Tropical Delight
74. buckyboy99 - Neopian Retreat
73. kaibryon - Avast! That Be Pirates!
72. cytherea007 - Cyth's Retreat from Reality
71. plumzoomama - Plumzoomama
70. crinkle - The Neominums
69. garden_bug9 - Buggy's Beautiful Gardens
68. secret3191 - Secret's Neohome Museum
67. princess_ling - NeoNeo Cottage
66. hoowahzook - The Hoowahzook Home
65. agent_ada - The Gardens of the Agent Mansion
64. drajski - Fantasy Neo Resort
63. eeyore3086 - My Wonderful House
62. nyanki - Nyanki's Paradise Home
61. popeye4321 - The Faerie Lodge
60. detailquen - The Three Little Snorkles
59. mordebu - Miss Mordebu's Mansion
57. dsturbed70 - Ice-Skating, Bowling, Big Screen T.V. and More
56. mysterygurl84 - Peaceful Island Home
55. unizafararoo - Seasons greetings
54. sandyr26 - Welcome to our pride and joy!!
53. orcalord - Just a House for the Family
52. kyra242 - Home of the Heart
51. dack2218 - Sunny Home
50. lixinzhao123 - Cloudy Neohome
49. whatsup270 - The Oasis
48. brandieblu - Tyrannian Neohome
47. neomommy1965 - Home Sweet Home
46. poline1127 - Our Happy Home
45. blueoleander - Strawberry Cottages
44. arianana1 - Aria's Humble Home
43. melissa_h17 - Paradise Breeze Ranch
42. medina10bfc - The Pyramid of Hope
41. natorbug - Neopian Gables
40. psychedupgirl - La Casa Grande
39. faeriechangeling - Castle Changeling
38. dragonslady1 - DragonsRest Knightly Resort
37. labradorite5 - The Student Life
36. elementarylibraian - Just an Old Fashioned Manor
35. dazeygirl113 - Dazeygirl113's Neohome
34. rickymok - Castle of Kiko
33. lluvrig2 - LallyFamilyBroch
32. tlayne - tlayne's NeoHome
31. rustic_cottage - Cottage on the Hills
30. laceyann55 - Laceyann55's NeoHome
29. zquackers87 - Quiggleworth
28. crue_dawg - Sweetpea's Neopian Home and Garden Centre
27. wolfieisno1 - Little Shops of Bread Street
26. boomerangele - For Sale
25. xybermew2 - My Multiplying Mansion!!!!
24. sophitia36 - Sophitia's Historical Villa
23. balooh - Indyelle's Inn
22. chance1147 - Chance1147's Neohome
21. jjgwe3 - Market Square Mansion
20. thisisnotfair22 - thisisnotfair22's neohome
19. hrobi - Hrobi's House
18. cupcake12357 - House of Dreams
17. pclong - Secretforest's War Castle
16. hb_oops - Neovale Country Manor
15. brume - Peekab00's Bamboo Bungalow
14. alleycatrc - Wocky Free Clinic
13. socaliflady2 - GoldStandard's Oasis
12. missko - TCG Tournament Extravaganza!
11. rideswildhorses - NeoHome-Dude Ranch
10. wefix - Wefix's Warren
9. pretiful - Omara Bay Boarding Academy
8. the_flying_scotsman - Haunted Holyrood
7. charlot670 - Neopian International Airport
6. meowpillay - Meowpillay's Fengshui Home
5. isabela911 - The Retreat
4. netjeru - The Neopoint Pit
3. mon_tee_python - Father Christmas' Neohome
2. trishthefish177 - The Marquis Resort and Spa
1. stoneman3x - Stoneman's Cave

Neohome History

2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008

NOTE: Routine announcements of new items are not included. Links have been removed as many are out-of-date now.


March 8, 2001

NEOHOMES ARE HERE!!! - We just launched the Alpha Version of our NeoHomes. You can go ahead and start building today!!! We are still working on them so there may be a few bugs, but we should get those sorted asap.

Just in case you have any questions on the NeoHomes, we have updated our help file here.

[Note: There were no prior announcements about neohomes in the news. They just burst upon the scene on this date.]

March 9, 2001

NEOHOME UPDATE - Neohomes with 4 or more rooms can now be covered in wallpaper. Click here to see what upgrades you can buy!

You can now Demolish a room that you have created in your NeoHome. We also reduced the time taken to build a new room slightly.

NEOHOME UPDATE - Now the tiles surrounding your home change depending on which location your home is in. Also, you can build upwards onto a second floor!

March 10, 2001

We have temporarily stopped the Treasure Hunt and construction on the NeoHomes due to a few database problems today.

March 12, 2001

NEW SHOP - You can start to purchase furniture for your NeoHome at the new Neopian Furniture Store!

[Note: According to the ID numbers, the first furniture item ever released was the Bathtub. It was the only bathroom item availabe for almost 2 years.]

March 13, 2001

Free furniture will be given away today at the Money Tree, in preparation for when you can furnish your NeoHome rooms!

The Furniture Shop has moved to the Bazaar (the shops map with the Wishing Well).

March 15, 2001

NeoHome Update - You can now drag furniture around your NeoHomes!

Many more different styles of Furniture have gone on sale today, including some great matching suites :)

March 16, 2001

ROBOTS for your NeoHome! They patrol, walk in circles, fire laser beams and lots more. No room is complete without one of these cool little guys. We have launched a first offer that you can view by clicking here. More robots will be available later!

March 19, 2001

NEOHOME UPDATE - You can now remove items from your Neohome. When you look at your furniture there is a new button below the room view that allows you to pick an item to remove.

We uploaded a new version of the Neohome file and fixed a lot of bugs. The images should appear every time now! If you havent seen it already, click here!

With the demand for furniture so high, some enterprising young Eyrie has been making his tables and beds out of Straw! Look in the Furniture Shop for these cheap alternatives to real furniture.

[Straw furniture was later moved to the Tyrannian furniture shop.]

March 26, 2001

BUG FIXES - ... Also, two people could get the same NeoHome address, thats been fixed also. We may have to change your address, so if your street number ends up changing please don't worry :)

March 28, 2001

BUG FIX - Now you can view your furniture on every floor of your NeoHome, not just the ground floor.

March 29, 2001

The Tyrannian Furniture shop just opened up! There is not much on sale yet, but more will be added later today.

NEOHOME UPDATE - Now the plot of land you can build on has been expanded from 16 base squares to 20! Happy Joy!

Neohomes now correctly save the depth of each item (ie. if a table is on a rug, it will still be on top of the rug after you save and reload!).

March 30, 2001

NEOHOME UPDATE - Now you can buy Insurance for your Neohome! You need at least 3 rooms to qualify!

April 4, 2001

NEOHOME UPDATE - You can now build your NeoHomes three floors high! Coming soon - NeoHome Gardens, more robots and animated furniture, and some cool lights!

May 1, 2001

NeoHomes now work in Netscape!!! So does Switcharoo also! Sorry to our Netscape users for taking so long to fix this.

May 9, 2001

Everybody's NeoHome now has a bigger floor plan (5x5 squares instead of 5x4).

May 22, 2001

We have done a lot of work on the NeoHomes to try and get the furniture to load more successfully!!! Check it out and please email us if there are still any bugs :)

May 30, 2001

In preparation for the NeoHome Gardens, we are redoing a lot of the items in the Gardening Shop today. As most of the items like the spades and trowels are useless, they are being replaced with plants that you will be actually able to put in your garden!

June 1, 2001

MORE PLANTS have been added to the Garden Center in preparation for the NeoHome Gardens, one of many exciting upgrades we have planned for the Neohomes.

June 7, 2001

The NeoHomes should now be working in all versions of Netscape.

June 21, 2001

You can now build your NeoHome in Tyrannia (and as you can imagine, land there is pretty cheap!)

June 27, 2001

You can now build your NeoHome in the Lost Desert.

Aug 14, 2001

Unfortunately, the Utility Fish shop has closed down. We were going to use these items for the Neohomes, but have decided against it. The good news is that they will all be retired and therefore rare :)

Aug 20, 2001

Some of the older items on the site (that won't be named *ahem*) have been replaced with these cool UsukiCon posters!!

[NOTE: Posters were not neohome items until August 2003.]


Feb 9, 2002

Neohome Gardens will be launched on the site very soon - in the mean time we have a new sponsor offer where you can get a limited edition Garden Gnome. Woohoo! Click here now!!!

Feb 16, 2002

We are still working on the Neohome Gardens, and while we are doing so we are updating the Neohomes so they work better, and there are more options to choose from. Watch this space for updates!

Mar 5, 2002

Three more Back to School Items are now circulating Neopia. We are still working on both NeoSchools and Neohome Gardens, so please watch this space :)

Apr 23, 2002

Neohome Gardens are nearly done... watch this space for more news!

May 3, 2002

NEOHOME GARDENS have arrived!!! Yes, if you have any Garden items in your inventory you will now get the option toAdd to Garden, if you have a garden that is.

You can arrange the items, save them, and even turn your grass purple!!!! To build a garden simply click a plot of land in your home, and then click the Build Garden button.

Some of the garden items are still being uploaded, so if you see any broken images, don't worry they will be fixed soon!

May 6, 2002

Neogarden Update - There was such a huge demand for Neohomes and Neogardens over the weekend that some construction had got stuck. This has been sorted out now and they should all be finished shortly. If you've paid and are waiting, just be patient and your construction will be finished soon!

I'm working as fast as I can!

May 7, 2002

You can now build Neohome rooms and gardens again!

May 16, 2002

UPDATE : NeoSchools are in progress now, and we are also going to add some more NeoGarden items very soon. We just have to finish off a rather cool flash game and then NeoSchools should be able to go live, give it a couple of weeks :)

May 31, 2002

My goodness you really are being spoilt today! Not one, but two new stalls have just opened up in the Lost Desert. Osiri's Pottery sells fine ornaments for your Neohome and the Battle Supplies shop specialises in rare and exotic battledome items.

June 20, 2002

You can now make your Neohome the envy of all your friends with this super stylish Tyrannian Furniture!

[NOTE: Excepting the pottery, which came out three weeks earlier, these were the first furniture items to be released in over a year.]

Aug 23, 2002 You are now able to build your Neohome in Meridell!

Sept 3, 2002 We apologise, Meridell IS actually comprised of lush green meadows and not small white boxes with red x's in. Neohomes should now be working normally!

[Note: Land in Meridell looked identical to Neopia Central for some time.]

Sept 11, 2002

We have a couple of problems with Neohomes, so if yours vanishes of the face of Neopia, don't worry about it, it will be fixed soon!

Oct 30, 2002

Why not give your Neohome a more gothic look with some pieces from the new Spooky Furniture shop?

Dec 7, 2002

The Advent Calendar gives away its first neohome item, a Fireplace.

followed by a Snow Chia Sculpture on the 8th, a Holly Wreath on the 9th, a Snowman on the 14th, a Decorated Tree on the 15th, and a Cobblestone Bridge on the 22nd.


Jan 22, 2003

Give your Neohome the latest in modern convieniences with one of these luxurious new lavatories. Grab yours at the Furniture Shop before they sell out!

[Note: Finally! Some bathroom items to join the lonely Bathtub (which was the first furniture item ever released.]

Feb 14, 2003

Take your bottles of sand to the Cooking Pot and you can transform them into these beautiful sand sculptures.

[Note: The first neohome items to come out of the Cooking Pot.]

Mar 24, 2003

The Blue Pillow can now be put into your Neohome. [It was previously a gift item.]

May 28, 2003

There will be a temporary block on Neohomes today as we are in the middle of implementing a new room-building system that shouldnt break as much. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aug 1, 2003

If you have collected any posters, you may be able to hang them on your Neohome walls! Eventually you will be able to do this with every poster.

Oct 2, 2003

A new Shop has opened up on Kiko Lake selling all kinds of coral based furniture for your Neohome.

Nov 11, 2003

A new contest has started which will be updated every Friday. It is a Neohome Spotlight award. Each week the best Neohome will be featured and the winner will be awarded a shiny trophy for their cabinet.

To enter, email with your username, name of your Neohome and a little blurb about why your Neohome should win.

Nov 14, 2003

Our first ever Neohome Spotlight award goes to Stoneman3x, proud owner of 37101 Tyrammet Close, Tyrannia.

December, 2003

In 2003 the Advent Calendar gave out the following items: Plastic Fir, Snow Bruce Sculpture, Snow Covered Tree, Snowbunny Chair, Wind Up Wocky, Seasonal Shoyru Gnome, Sprig of Mistletoe, Deluxe Holly Wreath, Slorg Wardrobe, Babaa Wardrobe, Taelia Poster, and Year Six Lupe Gnome.


March 24, 2004

Have you always wanted to give your Petpet a toy or basket of its own? A new shop - Petpet Supplies has just opened so now you can do just that (and you can see them in your Neohome too!).

April 26, 2004 You may have noticed the Shops Toolbar has had a little makeover. We have also added a link to your Neohome to make life a little easier :)

May 5, 2004

If you think your Neohome needs a touch of Kreludan flair, you should stop by the Kreludan Homes shop. You could pick up a bargain on some space-age new stuff.

June 2, 2004

A new shop has opened up in Faerieland selling all kinds of Faerie Furniture. If you are looking for something a little more magical for your Neohome, why not stop by?

July 21, 2004

There is a new shop that has just opened up selling all kinds of Roo Island Merchandise. Why not stop by and buy something to remember your visit by?

July 30, 2004

Now if you own a home in Meridell, it looks very different to Neopia Central.

Aug 11, 2004

You can now create a Neohome in Brightvale.

As well as its fine books and magical items, Brightvale is famous for their ornate windows. If you think your Neohome needs a little light, be sure to stop by Brightvale Glaziers.

As a side note, there have been some delays with the construction of Neohomes recently. Don't panic, your home will be finished shortly and we apologise for the wait.

Aug 19, 2004

Use your brain and you should be able to get this new Gnome avatar for your very own!

[Note: Gnomes were the random theme of the week on this date.]

December, 2004

In 2004 the Advent Calendar gave out the following items: Green Quiguki Rug, Dr. Sloth Pinata, Snowager Sculpture, Brightvale Flag, Holly Stained Glass Window, Mop and Bucket, Wocky Painting, Techo Clock, Chia Print Chair, Cylara Poster, Mistletoe Wreath, Rebuild Maraqua Poster, Year 7 Gnome.


March 24, 2005

If you own a Neohome on Mystery Island, you may notice the land has a more lush and grassy new look.

April 22, 2005

This week's Neohome Spotlight was awarded to cytherea007. Neohomers were stunned by this beautiful home which introduced a new creative flair to neohoming with its extensive tiling, items made out of other items, outdoor elements inside rooms, and interesting room connections. It raised the bar and influenced serious neohomers from that time forward.
See cytherea's neohome.

June 24, 2005

Now that the war is over, King Kelpbeard has generously allowed all Neopets to build their Neohomes in Maraqua. (Yes even rotten Neopets that sided with the Pirates in the war).

Aug 25, 2005

You can now view a work history of your Neohome. This will list any additions or removals of rooms, applications for land, and all sorts of nifty things.

Sept 23, 2005

Speaking of Neohomes, Lost Desert residents will be happy to hear the look of their plots has been updated to better match the surrounding neighborhood.

December, 2005

In 2005 the Advent Calendar gave out the following items: Chia Clown Poster, String of Lights, Tiki Christmas Decoration, Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree, Sophies Rocking Chair, Roaring Log Fire, Christmassy Stained Glass Window, Snow Angel Sculpture, Snow Angel Rug, Ladder, Game Graveyard Painting, Coral Tree, Sledding Trophy.


May 24, 2006

Today's random theme is for those Neopians with a green thumb and a love of dirt. It's Neogarden Day!

May 24, 2006

Neohomes and Neogardens have been updated and now you can see pictures of each type of item used in a room below the actual room!

[Note: Other changes not mentioned in the news were a new front page for neohomes, expanded help pages, and a listing of all items in your neohome and what room or garden they are in.]

Sept 21, 2006

UPDATE! Now you can have Shenkuu themed rooms. So if you are planning on building a new Neohome or just remodeling your existing Neohome this might be the time!

[Note: As the fist and third images hinted, land in Shenkuu became available on this day also.]

December, 2006

In 2006 the Advent Calendar gave out the following items: Decorated Artificial Brain Tree, Jelly Conveyor, Space Station Bathtub, Golden Grundo Soap Dish, Snow Angel, Decorated Prison Cell Bench, Colourful Snowy Window, Poinsettia Basket, Striped Holiday Tree.


February 23, 2007

NEW GAME - Wingoball is quickly becoming a favourite all over Neopia... Who said that gnomes aren't competitive? [game set in neogardens]

December, 2006

In 2007 the Advent Calendar gave out the following items: Neohome Heater, Ice Garland, Sea[rest of word blocked] Garland, Fly Lights, Steamed Window, Fancy Perfume Shelf, Christmas Parade Poster, Rocking Ogrin, Snot Holiday Tree, Snot Ladder, Snow Pyramid.


March 19, 2008

Neohomers get their very own home on the Neoboards with the introduction of the Neohomes Board!

July 23, 2008

Beta testing of Neohomes 2.0 is opened to premium members.

July 30, 2008

Neohomes shop opens in NC Mall.

Aug 8, 2008

BETA - If you love the current Neohomes you should check out our new Neohomes that is now in open beta! There is a new look and many new items that are sure to put a smile on your face.

If you need more furniture for your Neohome you might want to drop by the Neohome Superstore.

Aug 14, 2008

You might notice that you can no longer submit your classic Neohomes for the Neohome Spotlight. If you have created a great new Neohome please submit it for the Neohome Spotlight!

To be continued?

Items Not Sold in Neopets Shops

Furniture items not sold in neopets shops:
2 Gallon Hatz Poster (Band souvenir)
Angular Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Animated Meowclops Statue (Symol hole)
Antigravity tulip (Meteor prize)
Anubis Arm Chair (Code item)
Anubis Arm Chair (Code item)
Apple Lantern Chair (Wheel of misfortune)
Apple Lantern Table (Wheel of misfortune)
Babaa Wardrobe (Advent calendar)
Baby Fireball Lamp (Test your strength)
Bagatelle Bean Bag (Bagatelle game prize)
Bagatelle Petpet Bowl (Bagatelle game prize)
Bale of Hay (Movie mountain)
Barn Door (Movie mountain)
Black Pawkeet Flag (Code item)
Blue Kacheek Group Poster (Band souvenir)
Blue Uni Pillow (Code item)
Bottle Shaped Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Brightvale Flag (Advent calendar)
Broken Pottery (Symol hole)
Cellar Door (Code item)
Chia Clown Poster (Advent calendar)
Chia Print Chair (Advent calendar)
Chomby and the Fungus [word blocked] Poster (Band souvenir)
Christmassy Stained Glass Window (Advent calendar)
Cloud Aisha Pillow (Code item)
Cloud Shoyru Pillow (Code item)
Colourful Snowy Window (Advent calendar)
Coral Tree (Advent calendar)
Curvy Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Cylara Poster (Advent calendar)
Decorated Artificial Brain Tree (Advent calendar)
Decorated Prison Cell Bench (Advent calendar)
Decorated Tree (Advent calendar)
Deluxe Holly Wreath (Advent calendar)
Dr. Sloth Pinata (Advent calendar)
Dragoyle Petpet Bowl (Symol hole)
Dripping Candle (Code item)
Dung Bath Tub (Retired)
Dung Chair (Retired)
Dung Fireplace (Retired)
Dying House Plant (Code item)
Elephante Lamp (Code item)
Emerald Queen Usuki Poster (Retired)
Faerieland Poster (Code item)
Fair Maiden Usuki Poster (Retired)
Fake Golden Scratchy Post (Symol hole)
Fiery Princess Usuki Poster (Retired)
Fireplace (Advent calendar)
Fungus Ball Ball (Wheel of Monotony)
Fungus Ball Bean Bag (Wheel of Monotony)
Fungus Ball Lamp (Wheel of Monotony)
Game Graveyard Painting (Advent calendar)
Geb Bean Bag (Scratchcard)
Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree (Advent calendar)
Glowing Desk (Retired)
Golden Grundo Soap Dish (Advent calendar)
Green Cybunny Pillow (Code item)
Green Quiguki Rug (Advent calendar)
Gruundo Poster (Band souvenir)
Handy Spike Pit (Plot prize)
Heart Shaped Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Hewn Stone Desk (Retired)
Hewn Stone Sofa (Retired)
Holly Stained Glass Window (Advent calendar)
Holly Wreath (Advent calendar)
Hula Usukicon 4 Poster (Retired)
I Love Sloth Bean Bag (Retired)
I Love Sloth Cushion (Retired)
I Love Sloth Lamp (Retired)
I Love Sloth Poster (Retired)
I Love Sloth Rug (Retired)
Ice cream machine poster (Daily dare game prize)
Incense Burner (Code item)
Inflatable Wrestling Ring (Movie mountain)
Jazzmosis Poster (Band souvenir)
Jelly Conveyor (Advent calendar)
Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers Poster (Band souvenir)
Kauvara Usukicon Y6 Poster (Retired)
Ladder (Advent calendar)
Lava fountain (Daily dare game prize)
Lava lamp (Retired)
Little Sorceress Usuki Poster (Retired)
Lost Desert Poster (Code item)
Lost Isle Sketch (Plot prize)
Lutari Feathered Bed (Code item)
Lutari Feathered Chair (Code item)
Lutari Feathered Dresser (Code item)
M*YNCI Poster (Band souvenir)
Magical Hair Usukicon 4 Poster (Retired)
Meepit Poster (Test your strength)
Meow Statue (Code item)
Meowclops Pillow (Test your strength)
Mika poster (Daily dare game prize)
Mistletoe Wreath (Advent calendar)
Modern Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Moehawk Poster (Band souvenir)
Mop and Bucket (Advent calendar)
Mouldy Petpet Bed (Fishing)
Mystery Island Poster (Code item)
NeoQuest Poster (Code item)
Open grave (Plot prize)
Ornate Watering Can (Code item)
Petpetpet travel cage (Daily dare game prize)
Photo of a Castle (Symol hole)
Pirate Captain Usukicon Y6 Poster (Retired)
Plastic Fir (Advent calendar)
Plushie Acara Pillow (Code item)
Poinsettia Basket (Advent calendar)
Pop Art Usukicon 4 Poster (Retired)
Potion cabinet (Plot prize)
Potted tentacles (Meteor prize)
Prince Jazan Rug (Code item)
Princess Amira Rug (Code item)
Pterattack Bean Bag (Wheel of monotony)
Pterattack Poster (Wheel of monotony)
Purple Chia Chair (Code item)
Rainbow Cybunny Chair (Code item)
Rainbow Kacheek Poster (Code item)
Rainbow Kacheek Pillow (Code item)
Rainbow Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Rebuild Maraqua Poster (Advent calendar)
Red Geraptiku Vase (Deserted tomb)
Regal Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Roaring Log Fire (Advent calendar)
Robo Meerca (Retired)
Robot Noil Pillow (Code item)
Robot Noil Poster (Code item)
Round Spotted Round Table (Cooking pot)
Rusty asylum cell door (Plot prize)
Scratchcard Wocky Bean Bag (Scratchcard)
Scratchcard Wocky Poster (Scratchcard)
Seasonal CATFB Poster (Band souvenir)
Seasonal Shoyru Gnome (Advent calendar)
Set of Four Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates (Plot prize)
Ships Wheel Chair (Code item)
Sledding Trophy (Advent calendar)
Slorg Wardrobe (Advent calendar)
Snap blorga (Meteor prize)
Snow Angel Rug (Advent calendar)
Snow Angel Sculpture (Advent calendar)
Snow Bruce Sculpture (Advent calendar)
Snow Chia Sculpture (Advent calendar)
Snowager Petpet Bed (Snowager)
Snowager Poster (Code item)
Snowager Sculpture (Advent calendar)
Snowager Stained Glass Window (Snowager)
Snowball Bean Bag (Retired)
Snowbunny Chair (Advent calendar)
Snowmuncher side table(Daily dare game prize)
Sophies Rocking Chair (Advent calendar)
Space Faerie Bean Bag (Premium)
Space Poster (Code item)
Space Station Bathtub (Advent calendar)
Spiral Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Spoon Chair (Movie mountain)
Sprig of Mistletoe (Advent calendar)
SS Primella Life Preserver (Plot prize)
Stained Glass Symol Window (Symol hole)
Starry Scorchio Poster (Code item)
Sticks N Stones Poster (Band souvenir)
Stone Carpet (Retired)
Stone Drawer (Retired)
Stone Typists Chair (Retired)
Straw Table (Retired)
String of Lights (Advent calendar)
Striped Holiday Tree (Advent calendar)
Striped Ornamental Water Jug (Retired)
Stylish Scroll Rack (Plot prize)
Swirly Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Symol Petpet Bed (Symol hole)
Taelia Poster (Advent calendar)
Taelia Statue (Snow faerie quest)
Talking tombstone alarm clock (Plot prize)
Tall Ornate Urn (Code item)
Tangled Vine Rug (Code item)
Techo Clock (Advent calendar)
The Revenge Flag (Code item)
Tiki Christmas Decoration (Advent calendar)
Tiki Tack Usukicon Y6 Poster (Retired)
Traditional Bone Throne (Deserted tomb)
Triangular Sand Sculpture (Cooking pot)
Turmac bread box (Daily dare game prize)
Twisted Roses Poster (Band souvenir)
Tyrannian Poster (Code item)
Ugga Chair (Cooking pot)
Upsidown tree (Meteor prize)
UsukiCon Bride Poster (Retired)
UsukiCon Cheerleader Poster (Retired)
UsukiCon Flares Poster (Retired)
UsukiCon Magic Hair Poster (Retired)
UsukiCon Prom Poster (Retired)
UsukiCon Welsh Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y5 Celebration Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y5 Limited Edition Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y5 Pastel Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y5 Shiny Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y5 Showcase Poster (Retired)
Usukicon Y8 Poster (Retired)
Virtupets Brand Doomsday Device (Neocola machine)
Western Usukicon 4 Poster (Retired)
Wheel Of Monotony Poster (Wheel of monotony)
White Aisha Vase (Code item)
White Kougra Pillow (Code item)
Whtie Kougra Rug (Doce item)
Wide Ornate Bowl (Code item)
Wind Up Wocky (Advent calendar)
Wock Til You Drop Poster (Band souvenir)
Wocky Painting (Advent calendar)
Yes Boy Ice-Cream Poster (Band souvenir)

Garden items not sold in neopets shops:
Axe Shrub (Turmaculus)
Black Roses (Retired)
Bubbling Swamp (Code item)
Cheery Plant (Fishing)
Cinder Block Sea Fungus (Fishing)
Cloud shoyru stump (Code item)
Cobblestone Bridge (Advent calendar)
Cubical Sea Fungus (Fishing)
Darigan Sea[rest of word blocked] (Fishing)
Dark Thorn Vines (Code item)
Dead tree (Code item?)
Decrepit Stone Wall (Code item)
Destruct-o-match stepping stones (Daily dare game prize)
Feepit garden statue (Daily dare game prize)
Fishing Meepit Statue (Cooking pot)
Flea Grass (Code item)
Foul Smelling Swamp (Cooking pot)
Geraptiku Fly Trap (Deserted tomb)
Giant Brown Kelp (Fishing)
Giant Green Kelp (Fishing)
Giant Jaw Bone (Plot prize)
Giant Red Kelp (Fishing)
Gnome hat plant (Daily dare game prize)
Grey Sea Fern (Fishing)
Herder paddock (Daily dare game prize)
Illusens Glade Treehouse (Code item)
Illusens Orb Plant (Illusen prize)
Lava pit (Daily dare game prize)
Magic Crystalline Kelp (Fishing)
Mossy Rock (Fishing)
Mysterious potted flower (Plot prize)
Olive Bush (Retired)
Ornamental Cannon (Retired)
Piece of Hedge (Movie mountain)
Plurby Bush (Retired)
Plushie acara plant (Item code)
Plushie Fungus (Fishing)
Prismatic Sea Fern (Fishing)
Purple Garden Coral (Daily dare game prize)
Rainbow Cybunny Gnome (Code item)
Sea Anemone (Code item)
Shimmery Seagrass (Fishing)
Skeletal Bush (Code item)
Snow Angel (Advent calendar)
Snow Covered Tree (Advent calendar)
Snowman (Advent calendar)
Snowy stone wall (Daily dare game prize)
Spongy Algae (Fishing)
Starry Sea Fern (Fishing)
Stone Anubis (Symol hole)
Sword Bush (Turmaculus)
Tactis (Retired)
Tombstone (Code item)
Void Plant (Fishing)
Whack-a-kass windsock (Daily dare game prize)
White Daffodil (Retired)
Year 7 Gnome (Advent calendar)
Year Six Lupe Gnome (Advent calendar)
Yellow Daffodil (Retired)
Yooyuball Field (Plot prize)