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Adoptable Directory
Lutari Adoptables* #2
Hatsushimo's Adoptables and Makeables
The Adoptable Army
Lupe Adoptables
Sky's Draik Adoptables*
Iceh's Pwnful Slorg Adoptables
Sariah's Pixels
Pokemon Sprites
Kosmikal's Pixel Adoptables
Beth's Adoptables

If an owner doesn't want their pet anymore, they can put them up for adoption and have people apply for their pet. Pet application guides are here.

Directory of Adoption Agencies*

NeoOddOnes (NeoPound)
The Neopian Orphanage (TNO)
Lost and Pound (a list of pets stuck in the pound)
Lazy Adoptions
River's Adoption Agency
Umbra's Foster Pet Adoptions
Dragon Adoptions
Adopt an Ixi
All Smiles Adoption Agency
Mono's Adoption Agency
Ace Adoptions

The locations of the secret avatars revealed

Avatar Help*
An Avatar Guide
Avvy's Secret Avatar Guide

Concert Schedule #1 2

Guides on BD weapons, opponents, and DoN

Gerkel's Battledome Guide
Garmfry's BD Guide
The Weaponry
Find a Battledome Challenger
Defeating Meuka
BD Guilds
Defenders of Neopia (DoN) Guide #2
Finding the DoN Challengers

All about painting and dressing up your pet

Neopets.com Changing Your Neopet's Appearance FAQ
Rainbow Fountain FAQ
The Rainbow Fountain: Mystery Solved
The Extensive Lab Ray F.A.Q.
Painted and Rare Pets Guide/FAQs
Siren_Song's Paint Brush F.A.Q.
Painted, Rare and Special Pets FAQ
The Petpet Lab Ray FAQ
Twovee's Gender FAQ
Where Can I Get That Color?
The Paint Brush Library
The Flask Fiasco (Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water FAQ)*

NMagazine, directory of wearables** (hasn't been updated since April '08)
The Neopets Closet
Shieboo's Converted and UC Pet Images
Unconverted List
Converted Pet Images

Guides to help you code your own petpage, pet lookup, or user lookup

April's Coding Help
CSS Overview
Kaxian's HTML
Wizzney's Help Page
Table Borders
Div Layout Tutorial
Filter Solutions (Inline Styles)
Uber's Lookup Tutorial #2 #3 #4
Scumie's Userlookup Tutorial
Petpage Tutorial
Coding Help by Kitty*
Petpage Layout Tutorial
Roni's Pet Lookup Tutorial*
Rabbit's PetLookup Templates
Full-page Guild Layout Tutorial*
Custom Shields

Hex Codes #2 #3 #4 #5

Anything pertaining to competitions and contests, including guides on winning them

Storytelling Competition

Kadoatery Food List
Kad Feeding Guide
Cooking Pot Recipes
Brain Tree Guide
Easy Trophies

Complete Book List
Smerg's Book List
Booktastic Book Paupers Support

Top Gamers
Game Scoring Levels

What Is Stolen Art?
Kaep's BC Page
BC Jedi & Sith
BC Guide
The Unofficial BC Guide
BC Sith/Jedi
Win BC with MS Paint
Beauty Contest Resize Help
Phia's Guide to Critiquing
Beauty Contest Guide
Beauty Contest Basics

Lobster's Guide to the Art Gallery

MS Paint Tutorial
Jupe's tutorials (MSPaint, how to do eyes, mouse tutorial for PSP and photoshop)

Free things to earn neopoints, items, food, etc.

Bank interest
Fruit Machine
Coltzan's Shrine Once every 12 hours, Shrine Stats Project
Tombola See a tally here.
Giant Jelly
Giant Omelette When the omelette is gone, you may be able to create a tonu.
Snowager Awake at 6:00-7:00 am NST, 2:00-3:00 pm NST, and 10:00-11:00 pm NST Guide
Healing Springs
Grumpy King
Wise King
Shop of Offers
Lunar Temple Guide
Underwater Fishing Every 8-12 hours for each pet Guide
Deserted Tomb
Qasalan Expellibox
Petpet Park
Turmaculus Guide
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Guide
Moltara City Moltara Quarry Guide
Soup Kitchen You must have less than 3,000 Neopoints total in your possession (bank and shop till).
Tarla Guide
The Secret Laboratory Guide

Island Mystic
Meridell Rubbish Dump
Symol Hole

Wheel of Monotony Guide*
Wheel of Excitement Guide
Wheel of Mediocrity
Wheel of Knowledge
Wheel of Misfortune
Strength Test
Buried Treasure Guide
Coconut Shy

Freebies Once a month

Negg Festival (Spring only)
Advent Calendar (December only)

Petpages with tons of links to more helpful petpages


List of all petpets
List of all petpetpets

Meepits Are Love
The Magma Pet Directory
The Petpage Directory
So You Need Help Huh?
The Petpage Directory
bonzo712's Link Directory
Soroptimist Directory
Ellemdee's Helpful Links
Special (various Neopets Help)
Hitakae's Directory

Directories of who won Gallery Spotlights and how to code your gallery

Gallery Spotlight Archives
Freakin' Sweet Gallery Directory
Gallery Index
FlameIceWater's Guide to Gallery Tables

Guides and hints on how to master many games

Complete Game Guides
The Trophy Room
LeeAcara1's Game Guides
The AV Game Guide
Daxo's Sponsor Game Guides
Kreative's Game Guides
The Brown Pages - A Game Guide Directory
Slim's Codes
The Petpage Directory
Ness' Game Guide

Nickt666's Guide to World Challenges

Advert Attack
Attack of the Revenge
Berry Bash
Bouncy Supreme
Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Castle Battles
Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Cell Block
Chemistry for Beginners
Crisis Courier
Defender Trainer
Defenders of Neopia
Dubloon Disaster 2
Edna's Shadow
Escape from Meridell Castle
Escape to Kreludor
Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars
Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
Faerie Crossword
Freaky Factory
Grand Theft Ummagine
Hannah and the Ice Caves German Guide
Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Hasee Bounce
Illusen's Glade
Jolly Jugglers!
Kass Basher
Lost in Space Fungus
Meepit Juice Break
Meepit vs. Feepit
Moon Rock Rampage
Mynci Beach Volleyball
NeoQuest II
Petpet Rescue
Plushie Tycoon
Scourge of the Lab Jellies
Shenkuu River Rush
Snow Wars II
The Castle of Eliv Thade
The Great Qasalan Caper
The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth
The Search for Princess Lunara
The Stock Market
Time Tunnel
Trouble at the National Neopian
Turmac Roll
Ultimate Bullseye II
Web of Vernax
Wicked Wocky Wobble

Game Graveyard (Old games that you won't earn any money from)

Free images, icons, pixels, custom buttons, shields, and guides to making your own

Graphics, PLs, and ULs
Spanna's Userlookup Shields
xhannahmontanax's Graphix
Sariah's Graphics
Sariah's Pixels
The Enchanted
Shattered Crystals Graphics
Dark Light Graphics
Mel's Customs
Twilight Graphics
Apartment Nine's Banner Tutorial for GIMP
Emily's Buttons and Avatars
Indie Love
Take Two

Request Custom Buttons
Do Not Press
The Florist
Paper Hearts

Dailies lists and guides to making tons of np and fast

JubbyJubJack's Guide to Neopia*
How to Make 1 Mil (hasn't updated since March '08)
Roxxaniee's 40k A Day (hasn't updated since April '08)
Daily Neopoints Guide
Jobs and Job Coupons
Pheo's Guide to Quick and Easy NP (hasn't updated since Jan '09)
Min's NeoLinks (plus and AdBlock for Firefox and IE7 guide)
Nightsteed's Nightmare Dailies

Fun little images that show how your pet is feeling

Mood Indicator Tutorial
Mariai's Mood Indicators
Imaginary's Mood Indicators

Music ready to put on a petpage, lookup, shop, etc.

Pink Blaze Music
Emzee's Music Codes

Information on the Neoboards, chatspeak, and roleplaying, etc.

The n00b F.A.Q. Answers Page for Help Chat
Weidharoth's F.A.Q.
Spotlights and Galleries Chat Guide
Kiaveth's (RP) Character Creations
Truths and Rumors about Chat Boards and Reporters
Crio3mo's Neopets Acroynym Page
Katfun's Word Help
Roleplayer's Guide
Splash's Chatspeak Dictionary
Premade Fonts
10 rules for the HC

Neoboard Chat Secret Smilies:

Pages to help build your Neohome

Neohome Garden Items
Rascalus's Revered Rooms
A Complete NeoHome FAQ
Neohome plans (Or, How to Burn through NPs)
Neohome Sweet Neohome
How to Make Bookshelves: A Step-by-Step Guide
Guide to finding Neohome Help
Secret3191dd's Garden Display
Garden Rooms are for Wimps
Feng Shui for Your Neohome
Basic Neohoming
Neopian Street of Dreams
Secret3191's NeoHome Museum
Secret's Neohome Museum and Garden Display

All about how to play Neopets and how to stay safe

Neopets.com Help Section
Neopets Index General Help
The Complete Newbie Guide*
Graymalken's Law page for Newbies
The Newbie's Guide to Neopets
Various NP FAQs
The Newbie's Guide to Neopets
Traveling Neopia: A Guide to Neopia

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions FAQ
Chat Rules
Safety Tips
Wall of Shame
Online Safety Tips (aka Golden Rules)
Account Security
You were not hacked, you were scammed!
Protect Yourself from Cookie Grabbers
Chain Letter Burning Eyries
Why? (Answers to the Scammed)
Nothing is free: bScam Artists!
Grephun's Common Scams; Scam Warnings
LupeMoneyCounter's Security Page
Neopets Login Problems: Birth Date

The How to Leave Neopets Guide for Dummies
Self-freezing link

All about things that cost real money, like the KeyQuest and premium

The Lutari Island Mobile Guide
Premium Guide
KeyQuest Guide #2 #3
Block the ads

Anything that has to do with your pets and caring for them

Taking Care of Your Pet
Feeding Your Pet - All about Food
Guide to Grooming Products in Neopia
Taffeea and Bobo's guide to Trick o' Treating

List of all petpets
List of all petpetpets

Pet Levels: Too high to count : 181+, Amazingly high : 121-180, Very high : 91-120, High : 61-90, Normal : 1-60, Not yet born : -1
Mood Levels: Delighted!, Extremely Happy, Cheerful, Joyful, Happy, Content, Unhappy, Depressed, Miserable
Hunger Levels: Very Bloated, Bloated, Very Full, Full Up, Satiated, Fine, Not Hungry, Hungry, Very Hungry, Famished, Starving, Dying

Strength Levels: Ultimate : 150+, Legendary : 100-149, Amazing : 80-99, Awesome : 60-79, Excellent : 40-59, Great : 21-39, Herculean : 20, Titanic : 17-19, Immense : 15-16, Great : 14, Very Strong : 12-13, Strong : 10-11, Quite Strong : 7-9, Average : 6, Frail : 5, Weak : 3-4, Very Weak : 2, Pathetic : 1, Not Yet Born : -1
Defense Levels: Ultimate :150+, Amazing : 80-149, Awesome : 60-79, Excellent : 40-59, Great : 21-39, Beyond Belief : 20, Godly : 19, Demi-Godly : 18, Semi-Deadly-Godly : 17, Bullet Proof :16, Steel Plate : 15, Very Heavy : 13-14, Heavy : 11-12, Tough : 10, Armored : 9, Average : 8, Below Average : 6-7, Poor : 5, Very Poor : 4, Vulnerable : 3, Not Dressed : 2, Defenseless : 1, Not Yet Born : -1
Movement Levels: Ultimate : 150+, Legendary : 100-149, Amazing : 80-99, Awesome : 60-79, Excellent : 40-59, Great : 21-39, Mach 4 : 20, Mach 3 : 19, Mach 2 : 18, Mach 1 : 17, Lightening : 15-16, Cheetah : 14, Breakneck : 13, Super Speedy : 12, Super Fast : 11, Speedy : 10, Fast : 9, Average : 7-8, Quite Slow : 6, Slow : 5, Very Slow : 4, Lazy : 3, Snail Pace : 2, Barely Moves : 1, Not Yet Born : -1

Guides to help you get your dream pet

So you wanna apply for a pet
Shia's Application Guide
Petpage Application Guide

You cannot do a plot once it's finished, except for the Altador Plot, which'll give you another daily

Altador Plot Guide
Altador Plot Guide 2

Prize page links:
Lost Desert Plot (Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards)
Curse of Maraqua
Altador Cup
Hall of Heroes (Altador Constellation)
Cyodrake's Gaze
Sophie's Shack (Tale of Woe)
Return of Dr. Sloth
Petpet Park Mini-plot

Layouts and NeoBoard fonts fully coded, so all you have to do is copy and paste

L4D33BUG's Userlookup Premades
Drifting Dream's UL Premades
UL Premades 3
Pilot's Premade Paradise
Khyoshira's Premade Lookups
UL Templates
PLs, ULs, and graphics
xdriftingdreamx's Premade UserLookups
Jin's Premades
Superfly Petpage CSS
FTW Designs: CSS Lyts
Rabbit's PetLookup Templates
Darkness Userlookup Premades
Over Again
Chloe's CSS (ULs and guild lookups)
Avalon Sriches' UL Premades
Heart of Sanrio
Premades by Jorddaan
Bee's Layouts
Ella's CSS
Nienkju's premades
Emma's Premade CSS
Steaked CSS

Premade Fonts for the NeoBoards
Premade fonts!
Katie's Fonts

Guides to completing faerie and other quests

Cooking Pot Help
Cleo's Quest Help
Quest Items List
The Quests Help Guide
What You Need to Know about Quests
Your Guide to Faerie Quests
The Rainbow Fountain: Mystery Solved
Faerie Encyclopedia
Fyoralicious: Your Ultimate Guide to Queen Fyora
Bottled Faerie Abilities

Brain Tree Quests/Answers: Feed the Esophagor twice!

Air Faerie will raise your pet's speed for a grooming/beauty item.
Earth Faerie will feed your pet for a magic item. (Expensive!)
Dark Faerie will raise your pet's life/endurance (HP's) for a toy.
Fire Faerie will raise your pet's strength for a clothing item.
Light Faerie will raise your pet's level for a collectable/trading card.
Space Faerie will raise your pet's level for a furniture item.
Water Faerie will raise your pet's defense for a book.
Faerie Queen will raise your pet's level by one and will raise its strength and life/endurance by three for a rare/random item. (Can be expensive!)
Rainbow Faerie will allow you to color one pet at the Rainbow Pool for a rare/random item.

Buy cheap items from Neo stores or the shop wizard and resell for a profit

Restock Guide
Frisky Business: Shop Guide
Happy Restocking
Ayperi's Restocking Guide
Guide to All of the Shops in Neopia
Toot126's Restocking Guide
Rhia's Guide To SSW Sniping
The Whizzing Hour's Sniping Guide
Start Restocking Today!
Sniping FAQ
Lord Pepper's Guide to Restocking
Unclouded's Special Items List
Bulk Stockers
Restocking Chocolate Guide
Beginner to Pro Restocking Guide
Sniping Guide
Restock Guide
Cult of the F5
Stores of Neopia

Pages that are filled with reviews of other pages, including Site of the Month (SOTM) and Button of the Month (BOTM) contests.

The Looking Glass
Assess Guild Reviews
Review Passion
Polka Dot Reviews
Delicate Reviews
Reviewers Unlimited
eautiful Disaster Reviews & SOTM
The Prideland
Sundrop Reviews
Luv Fashion Reviews
Desired Moments

Pre Perfection
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Stash of Toasted Muffins

Fun screenie pages and guides to making them

Oakko's Screenie Guide
Screenie Guide*

Screenie Directory

Caeniix's Screenies
Kristina's Screenies
Ameh's Screenies
Sky's Screenshots
Zircon's Screenie Page

Guides to getting the Neopets sidebars

Halloween: You had to go to the Haunted Woods between 11:59:00 and 11:59:59 PM NST on Halloween. (unsure about this one, visit the guides)
Winter: This was a random event the day it was released, possibly a random event related to the Advent Calendar.
Birthday: Not permanent, you have this one the entire day of your birthday listed in your NP profile when you first opened your account and on Neopets' birthday.
Valentine: You have to send the item 'Mysterious Valentine Card' to someone on Valentines Day; it is a one-time use item.
Maraquan: This was a Maraquan War prize worth one point. (expired)
Premium: You must refer 5 members to Premium who stay past the trial.
Qasalan: Visit the Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards after completing at least one step of the Lost Desert Plot. (expired)
Purple: Visit the lookup of a purple pet with a purple petpet (here is one)
Tale of Woe: Go here after participating in the ToW plot (expired)
Return of Dr. Sloth: Go here after participating in the RoDS plot (expired)
Cyodrake's Gaze: Received by answering at least two questions correctly on "Guess who did it". (expired)
Altador Cup: If you participated in at least one part of the Altador Cup, visit the Altador Cup Prize Shop
Altadorian Constellation: Complete the Altador Plot (guide)

Smoking_Fish's Sidebars Emporium*
NP Sidebar FAQ
Belexsus' Sidebar Guide
C0ntaminat3d and Devil's Guide to Getting Sidebar Themes
Guide to Sidebars
LordMule's Sidebar Page

Lists of pet names that have not yet been taken

Neopets Names
Ciemorre's Pet Names
The Best Pet Names
Custom Pet Names
Lizard's Untaken Names

Koneko's Naming Guide

Pages I thought couldn't fit anywhere else

Remember When
Pokemon Trainer Cards
Out of Reality

Awards I've received! 8D

NeoGuides' Award

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The Weaponry


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