Welcome to Natahlie's Webpage

Hi, I am Natahlie the Quiggle. I like my owner, teaandcoffee, very much. Well guest, do you like to laugh? There is nothing more fun than playing in the sun with friends. I love to play Gormball and Cheat amongst other things.

Once I even saw Capara the Kyrii in the Grooming Parlour. She was there buying some special shampoos for her hair. Boy is her hair shiny, she must wash it all the time! She seemed really nice though, and she gave me her autograph :).

I am pretty new around here, but if you want to get together and maybe catch some bands at the Rock Concert or something, why not Neomessage my owner, teaandcoffee. They are always around giving me nice treats to eat or taking me to exciting places, I am sure you would get on really well.

Anyway, thats it from me, I may add some more to my webpage later, if teaandcoffee will show me how :) (They are currently learning HTML from the NeoPets HTML Guide). If you like hanging out with other Quiggles then you should join a Neocircle for Quiggles! Then you will meet lots more Quiggles just like me!