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Haven is a semilit+ quad canine Neopet role play guild and art community.

Guild Members: Fifteen.
Founded: 10/29/13.
Season: Winter.
Setting & Plot:
Decay slowly spreads across the land. Flowers are welting, trees are losing their leaves and their once crisp, dark brown bark has peeled apart and become black in color. The earth is slowly rotting, like a disease, spreading through unknown means. It could be traveling through the air, the water, or even carried by the creatures that travel to find a safe haven. Either way, everywhere you turn, there's death.
It's gotten worse. First it was just the land, but now it's spreading to the lesser animals. Rabbits, fish, deer and elk-- and it's not getting any prettier. First the ill creatures would first start to lose fur in patches, their eyes and fur/skin would pale, then soon they'd weaken, stop eating, and then die off. But it seems that the stronger, less vulnerable creatures, instead of growing ill, grew ravenous. They'd no longer be timid or afraid of approaching predators and actually charging them. It was like a new form of rabies, but the disease was clearly from the land; the deer would eat the grass that had become infected, and thus it'd infect the deer. But this also meant that the predators that would feed on deer or rabbits that had been infected (that weren't showing signs of the disease, or were unaware that the illness was going on) would grow sick as well. The damages done to the carnivores depended on the individual. They could go mad, just as their prey, they could grow very ill, possibly be immune-- the reactions are endless.
The illness was spreading everywhere; and it seems like there's no place to hide.

But there is.
If you travel far enough, you'll feel it. Instincts, magic, a sixth sense; whatever it may be you can feel it. The pull. Anyone can feel it; in fact creatures from all over have started to travel in its direction, though only those that aren't infected can make the distance.
A large mountain range, untouched by the spreading disease or 'darkness' as some call it, stands tall and proud; still just as picture perfect as it had been before the illness started. It's hardy noticeable, but those drawn to it can spot it out almost instantly. Off in the distance, midway up over the hills and up the mountainside is some sort of entrance or pass. Getting there is no simple task, but the drive everyone seems to have to get there, to get to safety, pushes them to attempt to reach that opening.
Now, as one presses through the hills to the mountains, it's apparent that it's impossible to either go around or over. That assumption can be made from the base of the hillside, but at this point you can actually see that the mountains seem to carry on forever.
Aside from a few shrubs and abandoned rabbit holes, there aren't any other signs of life. The hillside is covered in jagged rocks; either stabbing into one's paws or slipping from underneath them which would cause a poor footed individual to slip and fall down the hillside to his or her doom. And, as if the hillside wasn't bad enough, the mountains were ten times worse. The sides, due to the winter weather and the colder climate from being so high above sea level, were almost always slick with ice; yet anyone who felt that pull would risk their lives to make it to the pass. It could be described as an anxious feeling, or a feeling of urgency.

The pass isn't wide nor narrow, and jagged edges overhang the 'entrance' through the pass. Once through, the mountain range opens up in sort of a crescent shape, mountains surrounding the area in every corner; and a narrow exit towards the back. It is the only way to get through the mountains after all; though why would you want to leave? It looks as if nothing's been touched; as if this place has been preserved.
From the entrance, there's a zig-zag path down to the level ground, with a few slopes and hills to get down. The level area isn't overly lush but it looks like, maybe during the summer, it might be a warm and inviting valley with tall grass. Trees can be found here and there, slowly thickening as the valley becomes a forest. The forest promises game such as elk, deer, birds and rabbits. However the quantity is unknown.
The trees thicken and even go up the side of the mountain range, making finding the exit a little bit more difficult. However this also gives the options of hidden caves or dens. Against the west wall is a large waterfall that pours down to a lake, which has a small clearing around it. Of course, there are trees here and there, as well as rocks, but it isn't as thick as the rest of the forest.
As far as the inner mountain range goes; it is pretty treacherous. Several caves lead to one another through a tunnel system; though most caves haven't been explored. There's even a few hidden underground tunnels that haven't been discovered.

Drag the image up to the address bar for a full view. As caves are found/explored they'll be added to the map.


Alphas: Narco | --
Betas: -- | --
Pack Members: Nine.

The Veiled

Alphas: -- | Sen
Betas: -- | --
Pack Members: Five.

In Depth Setting:

The Pass/Outskirts:
No matter what season, the mountainside is always covered with slick ice and snow. The rocks in the outskirts ump towards the skies with jagged, sharp and ruthless edges. The landscape is unforgiving, and the march up the mountain isn't easier. Nothing can alter the landscape. No magic, no God powers, and no fire; for nothing can alter the curse of the icy climb ahead no matter how powerful your character is. Not to mention, the ability to fly is impossible; wings or not. One must make the climb. Once reaching part way, the rocks form an archway, a path can be found. It's slick and almost impossible to make it up the mountain, however it can be done. After reaching the top, the protection of the rock archways end. The harsh winds from the high altitude whip around and knock anyone who's exhausted enough around, making the climb down quite treacherous. However, whatever was blocking out the magic, god abilities, flying and anything else no longer exists once reaching the top. So those with supernatural abilities (or wings/fire/elements/etc) have an edge.

The Caves:
Lining the pathway down from the mountainside, several caves can be found (as pointed out on the map). The main cave, where Narco and his pack can be found. Each cave has a similar build; a smaller entrance with a wider center. However the main cave is the only known cave with two entrances and two chambers connected by a smaller tunnel. Narco and his pack always welcome outsiders into his pack's den, however he won't allow an extended stay. A total of three caves, so far, have been discovered. However there are many more to be stumbled across, as well as underground caves. (Note; once underground caves have been discovered there will be a section devoted to them.)

The Fields and Forest:
As the rough trail down the icy mountain comes to the end, lush green grass (Or snow covered grass, depending on the weather) greets whoever made it. This land is untouched, and it's clear by the smell of crisp air. Because the mountains create a 'dome' around the fields and forest; there's hardly any wind unless a storm hits. In the field, game like rabbits, gofers, field mice, and the occasional grazing bird appear. Every once and a while deer come to graze, but it's not too often. The further north one goes, trees begin to grow and thicken and soon a forest appears. Pine trees, oak trees, douglass fir, and the occasional dogwood tree (normally only in bloom in the spring with white flowers) ill the forest. Deer, elk, birds, and animals from the field can be found in the forest. There is a small pathway in the far back, against the mountainside, that tunnels out of the safe homelands. This leaves an open opportunity for infected to enter, however it hasn't happened. Yet.

Lake and Waterfall: To the north west of the entrance, against the mountainside, falls a great waterfall with a large lake beneath it. This is the only water source in the entire area. Almost the entire lake is shallow, reaching about three feet at the deepest point. Well, until you reached the center where it just drops off. It's extremely deep, and the bottom cannot be seen. The lake holds plenty of fresh water fish such as catfish, trout, flounder, bass, and bluefish.


One: Obviously, this is a Neopet quad only role play guild, limited to only canine and feline characters ONLY. Examples of species allowed: Lupes, Kougras, and Gelerts. Xwees, Kyrii, Wocky and Aisha are allowed on one condition. Xwees must be either feline or canine like-- no little squirrels running around. Kyrii must be on four legs,and again either canine or feline-like. Wocky and Aishas are more than welcome as well, but remember that if they're stylized as 'house cats' or something similar, they wouldn't really... last in a setting or situation like this. Please keep this in mind.
If you're unsure; remember: If your character isn't quad, and isn't mainly canine/feline-like; he/she cannot be used in the guild. And if you're still not sure, ask Manni/Kat (Punkkitten468)
Two: Semi literate and up. This means that, not only can you use proper grammar and you know what a 'spell check' is, but you can compose seven + sentences per reply. This does not mean;
He sat down. His ears perked. "What was that noise?" He asked. He slowly stood up. Hus green eyes focused on the grass hopper that moved towards him. He had been startled by a bug.
^ This is not an acceptable post.
And please remember. Seven sentence minimum! But goodness; please, please do expand on this! If you're feeling left out, or you're not sure how to reply, give it some time to get a bit more to respond to.
Three: Jump in as soon as possible. You will be considered inactive until you hop in and actually begin role playing. You have until the first of every month to become active (This means involved in the role play, not just posting once and vanishing) before deletion. You may re-apply, but you only get three chances. You know, like baseball; three strikes, you're out!
Four: You are allowed as many characters as you want. As long as you control 'em, toss them into the role play! Good guy, bad guy, anti-hero, psychotic villain (double check this can work with the current plot first though!)-- go for it man!
Five: No power playing nor god modeling, that's ridiculous. I get that if things become less than friendly between characters, you can't be cautious all the time. But don't go off slaying the other character like Mortal Combat If there is a 'fight' between characters, talk to that person to decide what character would win. Though be realistic with this as well. If your character is a small little kitten fighting a bulldozer-- well you should know that outcome.
Six: No lone pups/ cubs that are unable to fend for themselves. You're more than welcome to add in an adolescent character, I just don't want any 'too young to open his/her eyes' or 'so weak he/she is about to pass out from starvation!' because that's annoying. And I don't know about anyone else; but my characters won't care hahaha.
Seven: When entering the rp, you're more than welcome to just plop in, or if you want someone to run into your character ask on the guild board. We're more than willing to help you out. Despite the common belief of 'you're on your own' when starting, you're not, promise! We're friendly and we love active role players, so if you need help getting started just ask!
Eight: Have fun.

Posting Rules:

Yay; you're in and ready to role play!
When on the boards; we have a few guidelines we'd like you to take note of and follow. This ensures the role play goes by peacefully, and that posts aren't lost and (hopefully) people aren't left out!

- When speaking in OOC-- you don't need to be a queen of grammar or anything like that. Feel free to type in all lowercase, toss in some caps lock, add in some LOL's or idek's. Just remember this is NOT acceptable when you're In Character.
- After you post, you have a waiting minimum of two replies. That means if I were to post, I'd need to wait till two other people posted after myself before typing up another reply. The point of this is to keep most of the board from being a one x one, and also give other people a chance to add in without you missing anything.
Tip:// Keep two tabs open! That way you can have your reply in one tab (If you don't type up everything on a word doc of some sort) so you can refresh the guild message board to make sure you don't miss anything!
- Please spell check and use proper grammar! I'm horrible at spelling, in fact it's one of my biggest downfalls. So, instead of having you guys trying to guess what my misspelled word means; I rather just have it correct in the first place. Mistakes DO happen, after all we're all human, but do remember that if it continued to happen we'll have to have a talk with you. There's plenty of free doc like Word, and Chrome spell checks for you as well.


Now, the point of the application process isn't to be an elitist guild. We're looking for members with experience in role playing, and members that can keep up with one another. If you're rejected PLEASE don't take it personally! Ask nicely why and we'll explain it to you. Just don't throw a fir, lest you want to be blocked.
And you're always more than welcome to apply again!

Fill out the application below and neomail your app to either Manni/Kat or Virus with the title 'Guild Application Part #; depending if it needs to be split into parts. Please number accordingly C: Do your best with your role play sample, that's the most important part! A lot of people are curious; 'may I put the app on a petpage?' Go for it! If it's too long for two/three neomails, then feel free to post on a page or a look-up. There's no need to put a layout or anything, seeing as we're just reading the content. Actually we'd prefer no layout; a blank petpage would be perfect. And as said before, don't stress if you weren't accepted; and you're more than welcome to re-apply.

Name: What you'd like to go by; nickname or real.
Age: Just curious; though if you're uncomfortable releasing this to us don't feel like you have to!
Pets you plan to bring into the guild: This is obvious. You can start off with however many, bring in more later-- whatever works.
Role play example: The best example you can come up with. It can be an old intro, it can be something typed up spur of the moment, anything. As long as it's your best!
**Note; With the example; please have it be either of a quad neopet role play or from a canine/feline role play. After all, that's the kind of guild you're trying to get into. And also, if it's too much to fit into one neomail feel free to post it on a petpage! Or you can send fifty neomails. Whatever you want, man!

Now, I've been asked a handful of times. Can you show me an example of what you're avoiding and what you're looking for in an example?
Of course!

Example 1: A Non-acceptable intro for an application written by Kat/Manni

the air was fresh and the water was crisp as her paws touched the lake. It was mid winter and the ice began to froze on top of the water so really she was just walking on ice. Her fur was white with black markings and her eyes blue. She was the most beautiful lupe anyone ever had laid eyes on. She stunning to look at and breath taking any male would be lucky to have such a beautiful thing at his side. She approached the alpha, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and bowed her head. What a handsome dog he was. "Excuse me" she began "but I need a place to stay may I stay here I know that its not safe pasted these walls and Im cold and in need of protection!!" She nuzzled into his neck fur whimpering softly and feeling his heartbeat in his throat. He must have been awe-stricken by her beauty and obviously wanted her apart of his pack. He didn't need to say it because his eyes did.

Alright, class, can we list all the things wrong here? The length was longer than seven sentences; but the grammar. Dear lord that grammar. Also, the lack of description. I'm not asking someone to give huge amounts of detail, but writing is suppose to paint a picture for the reader. I just see ice, snow, a white wolf and some random male? Mind you, this is an example of an intro.
Now, lets try this again shall we?

Example 2: An acceptable intro for an application written by Kat/Manni

Paws met the ground in haste, her breath uneven as she pushed her sore muscles over the edge. This climb looked like it might have only taken an hour or so, but here she was on her fourth hour and she was less than halfway up. Ail's tongue rolled out of her mouth, the bitter cold air stinging the back of her dry throat. Glass blue eyes lifted as she panted, her sore paws throbbing in agony. With this snow storm moving in, there wasn't much time to rest fi she wanted to make it before it hit at its hardest. Where was that entrance, and when was this climb going to end? She shook her head, clearing the snow out of her black bangs and pushing them back with a trembling paw to the side of her face.
There could be no logical explanation as to why she had come here. It wasn't like she was psychic, or had the ability to see the future and know where somewhere safe was. She just /felt/ like she had to come here. She couldn't sit back and relax, she couldn't sleep; her anxiousness about this place was driving her crazy! She needed to know why this /thing/ in the back of her head was egging her on; pushing her to come here and find safety.
- - - -
After what felt like ages, the slender, off-white pelted female finally made it to the flat surface just before the entrance, and just in time too. The storm was kicking up and was threatening to throw her small frame over the side of the mountain. She stood there for a moment, her cool, glassy eyes staring into the arch of mountain. Well, she'd come this far, there was no point in giving up now. She took in a deep, nervous breath, puffing up her chest to give her a false sense of bravery (which didn't work mind you) before pressing forward.
It was almost unsettling; the silence. The wind was no longer screaming at her ears, the cold wind no longer nipping at her dry nose, and the constant pour of snow no longer covering her frame. At that thought, she shook the snow off her back, exposing the odd pair of blue wing markings on her back with some sort of dark gray symbols jumbled here and there. On her muzzle she sported two black, slender lines, symmetrical on both sides. Her black pawtips were no longer hidden by the snow, standing out well against the light gray pathway. Her right paw gave the faintest jingle with every step as both of her golden bracelets clicked together, being loose enough to move around yet tight enough to remain on her leg. Around her neck was a black leather collar with a golden moon crescent, a piece that Ail wore with pride and refused to ever remove off her person.
Finally, the opening! Her short tail wagged faintly in excitement. The other side seemed to be sheltered by the screaming storm outside with only the faintest snowfall happening within. Her jaws remained parted and her ears perked, trying to hear over her own panting. Ail stepped forward............

You get the idea.
There's detail, correct (but not perfect) grammar, and at least to me, it paints a picture. Instead of hearing about a white wolf, now you can kind of see a picture in your head. Short tail, blue and black markings, the jewelry and most of all she has a short tail. I also did my best to describe Ail's femininity without actually saying she was super feminine by using ' the slender, off-white pelted female' instead of just saying that Ail is feminine. 'Slender' hopefully will help paint the picture that she's not muscular, not masculine and certainly helps give the idea that she's small. I also used /s; but because I don't like messing up my font on the boards with italics. No one needs to do this hahaha, it's just a personal preference.
I'm not saying I'm perfect, but this just gives an idea of what we're looking for.


I need to get a list of everyone's characters that are in the guild. I'll be posting the -active- members' characters here! I'll only add your pet if you're active in the guild. I will not be doing new comer's information; not until we're sure you'll be active. It's nothing personal! I just don't want to spend time on a pixel if you're not going to remain in the guild.

Character cards in progress :DD

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