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  • Welcome to Myreso!

    Hey everyone! Welcome to Myreso -- an NC Trading Guide. This page is hosted by me: Jazzeh! I combined my knowledge and experience of trading with my love of teaching others to create this guide. It is my hope that this guide gives you a better understanding of what NC trading is, confidence in trading and using the boards, and answers to many questions you may have!!

    I love to trade NeoCash items. I was very apprehensive about it at first, but as soon as I started learning more about it and trading more, I have been hooked ever since.

    I feel at least knowing enough of the basics to help you through some trades will definitely help you in the long run with learning to trade. NC trading is another great way to build your account and, who doesn't want to make their pets look awesome??

    Navigation Information

    If you look at the navigation to the left, you will see the links that are filled with so many goodies within this page! Let me go into a little bit of detail for you. :)

  • What is NC Trading?: This section answers the question it asks. A description of how NC Trading works and what is needed when trading Neocash items.
  • The Nitty Gritty: Here is where the guide really begins. You will find the main details of what all goes into trading -- time, effort, money (yes, really). There are also great resources listed throughout this section to give additional help.
  • Valuing Items: A very basic synopsis on how to find item values or learn how to value them based on your own judgement!
  • Advice & Dictionary: If at any point you see me using abbreviations or terms you aren't sure of, they are listed here. This page can definitely give you insight to the chat-speak of the NC board and trading lingo! I will also be giving you some of my own personal tips to help you gain even more trading confidence!
  • GBC vs. GBCube: The great confusion of old versus new GBCs is explained and described in this section. **This isn't part of the actual guide, but still is good information for those of you that are still new to trading.**
  • Useful Links: There are a TON of helpful resources and sites out there for anything you can think of on Neopets. These are some fantastic and widely used sites that can help you with cusomisation, trading, and plus they're just fun to look at! ;)
  • Sitely: Link backs, Affiliates, Credits -- Your typical sitely page!

  • Peruse the links, check out my guide, and Good Luck with your trading endeavors!
    Also, if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to neomail me!

    NC Trading Guide

    Welcome to Jazzeh's fabulous wealth of information a.k.a. NC Trading Guide. The guide is not meant to be just for those of you new to trading. I created this for new traders, but also so that experienced folk -- like my fantastic self -- could use as a refresher. This guide is by no means perfect, nor will it answer all of your questions. This guide is to help you understand the basics to trading Neocash and then the rest is up to you :)

    *Note: There will be images throughout the guide to show examples -- Hover them for special instructions on how to view them!*

    What is NC Trading?

    NC Trading is the awesome ability that Neopets has given us to trade our Neocash items between users. Neocash items are items bought at the NC Mall with real world money. Many items are more valuable than others, and a lot of users collect NC items.

    Or if you're like me, and just hoard them in hopes to put them on your pets someday. XD

    So, this is where trading comes in. You see an item someone else has, and you have an item someone else wants. Simply put, you find an item you want, and trade an item you have with another user for the item you want. But sadly, NC trading isn't quite as simple as it sounds.

    Why isn't it so simple?

    When you trade regular neopoint items, you use the trading post, or you can send the item directly to the user you are trading with. Neocash items aren't that simple.
    You have to have a special little item called a gift box. These are not available anywhere on the site.
    You can only get them when you:
    Redeem a Neocash card
    Open a GBC - Gift Box Capsule

    Gift boxes will show up in your inventory just like a normal item. The only available option you have is to Select an NC Item to Gift. Through quick-stock, you can put them in your Gallery or SDB.

    When you have an NC item to trade, click the Gift Box FIRST. You cannot pull up a gift box option on the NC Item. From the gift box options, you can select your item you wish to gift.

    Then, after you have chosen your item, a page like this will come up asking you for the person's username of whom you are sending the item to. You can even choose a message that's so precious to add to your gift!
    After you click submit, a page will come up confirming the recipient and the item being sent. You will need to type your certain word (and PIN # if you have one) to confirm that you want to send the item.

    This is an excellent safety feature considering that NC Items are bought with REAL LIFE, REAL WORLD money.

    There, you've sent your first NC Item. If you would like to test this, because you're a hands-on learner, you're more than welcome to send me something worth 25 NC in the mall, because guess what! When you send an item to someone, they have the option to reject it. Which is what I would do to your item, so you didn't just waste a box.
    (By the way -- the boxes disappear after the user gets the NC item. I don't know where they go, or why, but they go to some great box heaven I'm sure.)

    The Nitty Gritty

    Alright so we've covered the basics about Gift Boxes, and the basics to sending an item. Let's talk about TRADING!

    *First things first... I'm the realest.*

    Heh, sorry about that. Okay, first things first. You need to know what items you want. Start looking around at other people's customisations, or if you just have zero idea, go to one of these snazzy places called Dress to Impress and JellyNeo's Wardrobe. These are two official Neopets Fansites which can easily be found by using your search engine. They both are database sites where you can use its built in wardrobe to search for items and see how they'd look on your pet.

    Anyways, you figure out what items you want. By this point you're probably to a place where you have no idea how to remember all the names of these items. They all look the same, are spelled the same, same colors, and even SMELL the same... 0_o.

    Put it on the WL !

    I guess that means it's time to make a... bun dun nuh duuuuuuhhhhh.... WISHLIST!!! As you can see, this is an example of my wishlist.
    There are two great sites where you an go to get your items all neat an organized:
    Dress to Impress!

    You can get nifty layouts anywhere, I'll add those places to the useful links section, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

    Now, you see the point. Get your thoughts organized. Get yourself organized. This way you can put your items in a neat list on a petpage that other users can read and view easily and efficiently.

    Get it off the TL !

    Oh No! You just realized. You have all of these glorious, wondrous, beautiful wishes. HOW WILL YOU GET THEM!?!?!?
    Okay okay, calm it down. Simple. Start figuring out what items you have currently you're willing to trade. Go through your SDB, closet, gallery, and inventory -- all the places you store your items. If you don't have any NC items, but do wish to spend money, just start collecting. Start with buyables in the NC Mall, and just build up your collection. Always go for Mystery Capsules and GBCs (when they're available). You can get multiple items from opening these. Then, begin to see what you don't want or use, and make yourself another list.
    You got it! A Tradelist!! You can create this the exact same way you did your wishlist. All you do is change the word wishlist to tradelist! Huhhh Huhh??? Easy right? :D

    If you don't want to create a tradelist, and instead want people to see the items you have up for trade, then you can do what A LOT of traders do and make your gallery your tradelist. I have a ridiculous amount of items so this is the route I chose.

    Now that you're organized, let's chat.

    The NC Mall Chat Board

    Now you are going to a place where you are ready to advertise your supply and demands. The NC Mall Board on the Neoboards page is the place to go. WARNING: It's very intimidating when you're fresh bait like yourself!

    It is a very fast moving board, much like the Guild Chat and the Avatar Chat boards. So, you really need to tread lightly. If any of those predators in there smell a newb, they'll pick you up, eat you, and spit you out so fast before you can even say fartenheimer!

    Therefore, The NC Mall board is very scary to say the least. Especially if you don't know what you're doing.

    To begin advertising your wishes and trades, you need to make a board. There are certain aspects to the NC Mall boards.

    As you can see, there are a lot of similarities with the board titles. You will see many board titles that have S: blah blah blah or O: blah blah blah.
    This is a perfect example of a basic trading board. S: stands for "Seeking", and O: stand for "Offering". This is a quick way for Neopians to show a list of what they want and what they have to trade. I suggest this type of board if you are new to the NC Mall boards.

    There are other boards, such as the "Casually Trading" title. This means the user has many items for trades, or many items they are seeking, but don't have a specific need for a certain item at that point in time. They are hoping to get some wishes and grant some wishes, but not in any specific order.

    There are other titles that have "WL" in the title. WL simply stands for Wishlist.
    So, now you know your way around the basics of the NC Mall Chat Board. As with any of the other Neoboards, you really just need to get in there and figure out what works for others and what works for you when chatting. Don't ask n00bish questions though. Use your guides and be confident in what you're talking about. You don't have to know everything, but if you show that you don't know what you're doing, that is the quickest way for you to get a rubbish trade, and ripped off out of your real life money.

    **Quick Jazzeh Tip: Do NOT accept Neomail offers if you are NEW to trading!! Always, always, always ask people to post only until you're more comfortable with trading. Neomail is the quickest way to get a rip off trade. -- If you do get a neomail trade, and it sounds decent, but aren't sure, you can easily post on the NC Mall board and ask if the trade is fair. Everyone is very willing to help!!**

    Valuing Items

    Alright so we've gotten through the nitty gritty basics of trading and how to get started. Now, lets get to the dynamics of a trade.

    So, hopefully by this point, you've made you're wishlist/tradelist and are in the process of bumping your newly created board on the NC Mall Chat. *GASP!* Someone has made you an offer! Wait... is it fair? Is that equal value? How do I value my item? What does this mean?!?

    Sloooow down. This is where things get easy, and technical at the same time. But it's very easy to understand.
    As you know, the Neocash items cost Neocash. Well, every item is a different amount while it is in the NC Mall. You can find items from 25 NC up to values like 900 NC.

    Caps on caps on caps

    When we value NC items, we value them by a term you'll see a lot -- Caps. The typical rule of thumb for "One Cap Value" is whatever the value of a Mystery Capsule or Gift Box Mystery Capsule is -- about anything under or at 150 NC up to 200 NC. (Jazzeh tip: I usually value up to 250 NC as being valued as 1 cap).

    There are many sites (listed under useful links) that can help you determine an agreed upon (by the Neopets community and based on trades, demand, popularity, etc) value. Go to these sites first.

    This is helpful instead of trying to come up with a value on your own. Plus, if you have an older item that is no longer buyable in the mall (aka: it's retired), then you probably don't know how much it cost while it was in the mall.
    The guides are very helpful for those types of situations, which is most of the time.

    *Clara and Saphronn haven't been updated in quite some time, but are still good resources if you need a 2nd opinion on an older item!.*

    *Korolie is updated daily!*

    But Jazzeh, why do I see items that are valued at like 30 to 29347829834 caps?!??
    GREAT question, young Nc Trader!

    The answer to that question goes into a LOT of details that we just don't have to go into. Really, those items are either A) original items when the NC Mall first opened, B) long time retired (see A), C) there aren't a lot of them around, D) they're absolutely perfect in every way, or E) all of the above.
    Really, there are a lot of reasons why an items might be valued high. It depends on the same things very expensive NP items do -- supply and demand, popularity, when it was released, how it was released, etc. Those are just things you learn as you get into trading more.

    Awesome! You've used some fantastic sites and have gotten a value on your items and the item you're seeking!!

    **Be sure to check out the Advice & Dictionary Section for more helpful tips, terms, and abbreviations used all over the NC Mall boards and by NC Traders!**

    The Dictionary of NC Trading Terms

    Now that you have been submersed into the world of NC Trading, you've learned there are a lot of new terms that you haven't come across in other boards or in Neopia before! Here is a small list of terms and abbreviations and their meanings to help you conquer this trading thing!!

    ** If you know of a term that I haven't listed, please let me know, and I'll add it to the list! :) **

    Basic Chat Speak

    UFT / NUFT: Up For Trade / Not Up For Trade. This abbreviation is used when you or someone is clarifying the trade status of an item (you can also see this used in the pound chat when talking about pet trades).

    WL / TL: WishList / Tradelist. Wishlist - items someone wants. Tradelist - items someone has to offer/trade. This is the abbreviation used for lists -- it saves a lot of space when making a board title -- or if you want to advertise it in your siggie.

    S: / O:: Seeking / Offering. Once again, this is used to save space when making a board title, or in a post where you are listing a lot of items.

    HTPW: Hard to Part With. These items are typically hard to nab from someone who has them labelled HTPW. They are either special to a trader or are valued higher to that trader. You might have some of those items yourself.
    **(Jazzeh tip: DO NOT put an item on your TL as HTPW if you are NOT willing to trade it. Don't put it on your TL at all if that's the case!)**

    Custom: This is a custom trade. People will sometimes offer this if they are willing to give up some of their Neocash as opposed to an item in their tradelist. In a custom trade, a trader will buy items available at that time in the NC Mall that total the value of their trade.

    BG: Background. These are NC items used to customise pets. You can add a delightful background instead of that simple white that is behind your pet!

    FG: Foreground. These are items used in customisation that go in front of your pet. They can take up different aspects of your pet's front customisation, so play with them and see what works and what you like best!

    RR: Re-release. Re-release items are exactly as their name says. They are once retired items, but are being re-release through the mall.

    Cap: Capsule. This can be used in reference to the value of an item or to the actual item -- aka. Mystery Capsule.

    MC: Mystery Capsule. These are nifty little NC items that you can trade as is, or you can open them up and get some themed items (depending on what theme the capsule is).

    GBC: Gift Box Capsule. Gift Box Mystery Capsule is the full term. These are special NC Items as they are only released at certain times in the NC Mall. They are wanted by every NC Trader ever for one thing and one thing only: the gift boxes to be able to trade NC.
    You're a good man, Charlie Brown, if you have these and they aren't in the NC Mall ;).

    LE / Retired: Limited Edition. LE items are usually items that you could have only gotten out of a NC Mall game, a Capsule, or a Superpack. Retired items are items no longer sold in the NC Mall.

    MME: Mysterious Morphing Experiments. These are fun NC Items that morph into different items before getting to the final item. You buy the first stage, and as time goes on it morphs into different items. When it is finished you get the last stage plus all the stages it went through before.


    Last Value Check: March 23, 2017

    Values are not law. Values fluctuate all the time, so do not heed this as a value guide!

    **This is in no way, shape, or form a full list of items and abbreviations. I took some the most popular and sought after items. Other abbreviations you'll come to learn, see in other guides/lists, or even make some up of your own!**

    AoTR: Attack of the Revenge Background -- Worth about 150-200 Caps

    BBoBF/BBoF/BoF: Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries -- Worth about 300-350 Caps

    Blooming: Blooming Garden -- Worth 3-5 Caps

    CBG: Cherry Blossom Garland -- Worth 25-30 Caps

    DVS: Dark Valentine Sword -- Worth 12-15 Caps

    FSS: Fancy Sparkles Shower -- Worth 10-12 Caps

    FitC: Feet in the Clouds Foreground -- Worth 10-12 Caps

    Gingy/Gingy BG: Gingerbread Dream House Background -- Worth 4-6 Caps

    Gingies/Gingy Wings: Gingerbread Wings -- Worth 2-4 Caps

    GMC/GMC Wig/Lulu's: Game Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig -- Worth ~30 Caps

    GULP: Gulp... Underwater Reef Background -- Worth about 3 Caps

    HSFG: Healing Springs Foreground -- Worth 12-15 Caps

    Isca: Isca Wig -- Worth 25-30 Caps

    Nutty FP: Nutcraker Face Paint -- Worth about 12-15 Caps

    NY in FL/MI/KI/TM...: New Years in Faerieland/Mystery Island/Krawk Island/Terror Mountain/ETC. Backgrouds -- World specific New Years Backgrounds. -- Worth varies depending on world.

    Phantom: Phantom of the Background -- Worth 40-45 Caps

    Stunning: Stunning Moon View Background -- Worth 25-35 Caps

    Robertas: Robertas Collectors Contacts -- Worth 6-8 Caps

    ToT: Trick or Treat Doorstep Background -- Worth about 5-6 Caps

    Zencos: Zenco the Magnificent Contacts -- Worth about 15-20 Caps

    My Advice to You

    We've gone through a TON of basics with NC Trading and I hope by this point you have some more comfortable thoughts about it than you did before! At this point, I leave this section with a little lasting advice:

    Go Slow. Don't just jump right in head first. Get your toes wet. Get used to the water. Trading takes some time to learn to maneuver.

    Be Patient. Take it one day at a time. Take a break from trying to get that coveted item. Work on updating your pages, make them pretty, or add/remove items. It's okay if you don't get that priority item TODAY. You have tomorrow.

    You be the judge. You're not just trading FOR an item, you're trading YOUR items too. Know the value and really gauge what you think is fair or unfair.

    It's okay to ask for help. The Neoboards were put in place to create a community of Neopians respecting each other, helping one another, and fueling relationships with one another. The NC Chat is no different. If you aren't sure, just ask. That's what we're here for :).

    If you have any specific questions or another tidbit of advice you'd like to see me add, please do not hesitate to shoot me a neomail!!

    GBC vs. GBCube

    A GBC (Gift Box Mystery Capsule) is a very special Neocash item. You can buy them in the NC Mall for 200 NC when they are available. When you choose to open your capsule, it will grant you with a current buyable NC item and some gift boxes.

    How many boxes?
    This question is what really leads us into the difference between GBC and GBCube!

    The NC Capsule Guide hasn't been updated in a while, but this is a great site that can give more a bit more information than what I can give. It also goes into actual Mystery Capsules, whereas; I'm just discussing GBCs.
    So be sure to check out this site as well!


    Gift Box Mystery Capsules have always been referred to as GBCs for short. This abbreviation is pretty much used for the older GBC that were in existence before Neo was bought by JumpStart in March 2014.

    Old GBCs tend to have an ovular shaped bottom, a box shape on top, and a pretty decoration for whatever theme it is.
    When opening one of the old GBC you were only able to get 1-2 gift boxes. If you opened enough of these, you had the possibility of getting up to 4 gift boxes, including a Limited Edition box. The LE box would have the same decoration as the capsule it came from.

    Now, don't start getting upset because you have some old GBCs laying around (if you're lucky enough). There are many, many, MANY avid NC Collectors who will gladly trade for that capsule. *cough* me.. jazzeh.. ehem.. *cough*
    Oh! Excuse me! Not sure where that came from. ;)

    If you think because they're old and out of date that you can no longer use them, they are MOST definitely still able to give you items and gift boxes.
    So, don't let them go to waste as they are still worth at least face value (200 NC)!!

    The last GBCs that were made and released before the new GBCube were the Altador Cup Scroll Gift Box Mystery Capsule and the Great Scavenger Hunt Gift Box Mystery Capsule.


    The new Gift Box Mystery Capsules are still referred to as GBC by some, but that is starting to confuse a lot of traders. Thus, the abbreviation GBCube (Gift Box Mystery Capsule/Cube) has become quite popular on the NC Chat.

    If you can't tell from the abbreviation, it's derived from the literal shape of the new capsules -- they are cubes! Which makes perfect sense, considering they give out gift BOXES! CHYEAHH!
    Anyway, these new editions of the GBC just keep getting better. The design, the decorations, and... wait for it... they give MORE gift boxes!

    Now, it's not much, but instead of the average 1 box per capsule, you now get an average of 2 boxes per cap!!
    Just like the old caps, if you open enough and get lucky, you can receive up to 4 gift boxes and 1 limited edition box that matches the cap's theme.

    The first GBCubes that were released after the new updates -- and switch over to Jumpstart -- were the Rainbow Watercolour Gift Box Mystery Capsule and the Glamourous Birthday Hat Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

    There you have it! That's really all the difference there is between old GBCs and new GBCubes! I hope this helped you understand the difference more than you did before!

    Useful Links

    Last link check: March 23, 2017

    NC Specific

    Hover the links for more information about each site.
    These are a bunch of sites that are widely used by the NC Traders. They are very helpful and can give you more in-depth help that goes further than my small amount of knowledge! :)

    For starters:
    This site lists a TON of resources and may have some of the same listed here, but definitely bookmark this one as well, as it's an all in one heaven of NC sites!

    Item Value Guides

    // Unwearable Values // NC Redemption Help Guide //

    Customisation Help / Guides / Directories

    Other NC Trading Guides

    Layouts, Organization, and Resources

    WL/TL layouts, Button Requests, and great web resources to make your Neocash Trading petpage become yours!
    *No hover on these sites.*

    Premade Petpage Layouts for WLs / TLs

    Beautiful layouts already made by the best of the best around Neopia for all your trading needs!

    // Satellite archive //

    Button Request Sites

    Buttons are a great way to link to your pages, and it also helps grab other traders' attention!

    Web Resources

    These sites give great quality resources (neomail signs, arrows, dividers, etc.) that help you organize your content!

    Layout Requests

    If you want something more personal and custom, request a layout from these amazing graphics providers!


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    all about jazzeh

    Jazzeh is a 25 year old, elementary school teacher in the real world. On Neo she is an avid NeoCash collector and trader. Her hobbies include reading, movies, binge watching the hottest tv show on N-Flix, and brushing up on the newest young age lingo to use in her classroom -- #shwag. Jazzeh loves helping other Neopians which is the reason for the creation of Myreso. Mixing passion with teaching others about her passion is also why she became a teacher. It is her hope that her real life talents and Neo talents can mesh to create something of use and enjoyment for everyone!


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